You really mean a lot to me? Chapter 3

Chapter 3:
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I was discharged from the hospital I went to the resort in sports car without twinkle consent or knowledge because already she bear so much pain due to me and now I can’t hurt her anymore by giving her more tension. As her each tear stabs my heart I can’t see her pain and I am the only sole reason of it sometimes I feel like killing myself when I remind of what I did with her in past since 4 years she is bearing so much of pain inside her and that guilt is enough for me to kill myself. I can’t imagine that day when I break all relations and ties with her it hurts a lot. It did hurt a lot and now also her cries her breakdown everything cherishes in my mind. Why didn’t I believed her that time? If I did believed her then she didn’t have to face this much pain it is all my fault but why can’t twinkle see that I am repenting for my behavior since 4 years if she forgives at least little bit guilt would be gone but I don’t have any hope after seeing her behavior towards me in hospital still I won’t stop asking her forgiveness anyhow I will get her forgiveness and this time by hook or crook. With determination and confidence I went to resort and parked my car and went straight away to my room. I dialed the hospital number and the receptionist picked up the phone I enquired about her twinkle number and address at first she refused but later on agreed when I told her that I am twinkle husband. I hang up the call and sighed heavily I saved twinkle number in my phone. Phew! At least I got her number and address I can go to her place now.

Twinkle place:
-her perspective-
I reached to my house in scooter and parked it in garage and rushed to my house. I am roaming here and there still kunj breakdown were flashing in my mind. How much I tried to avoid him I end up thinking about him. Why can’t I forget you kunj? Why do you affect me so much and your tears your pain it hurts a lot I felt like someone stabbed my heart. But it doesn’t matter to me anymore I have moved on in life and I am sure he would do the same and that is not too far. Anyway why do I am thinking about him I don’t care right. I should ignore him it is a better option after what he did with me four years ago. When I was lost in thoughts I heard someone shouting. I rushed to gate and asked the security ‘what happened? Then before he opens his mouth I stopped and saw kunj standing beside the guard my eyes widen and my jaws touched the ground.
Twinkle: what the heck you are doing here kunj?
Kunj: my wish don’t I have the right to meet my wife?
Twinkle: no you lost that right four years ago. I don’t think I need to remind you what you did with me.
Kunj: who said I lost the right? I never did lost that right MRS twinkle kunj sarna not even four years back and not even four years after. For your kind information I know I did very bad with you but seriously twinkle I am repenting for my behavior since 4 years can’t you give me another chance?
Twinkle: how dare you Mr kunj and my name is ms twinkle taneja and ya I can’t give you another chance what if you leave me like you did four years ago?
Kunj: oh so now you don’t trust me fine but I will make sure that I will get forgiveness from you one day.
After arguing with me he leaves to his house in sports car angrily. Damn it he wasted my whole time anyway why the heck I would give a damn to him? Who is he to me no one just a betrayer who broke my heart and trust 4 years ago. I straight away went to my room and locked the door I cried for some time and then dozed off to sleep.

Kunj perspective:
I was damn angry on twinkle how couldn’t she even trust me for a second that she spoke what if I leave her again. Is there is no trust left us between no more? And why she did refused to give me a chance that time I was foolish to not believe her but now I realized that she won’t lie me no matter what. I will get her forgiveness anyhow and that to soon this is my promise to you twinkle. Then you would realize how much I am guilty for breaking your trust and heart. Anyway, now I need to take some rest so I lay on bed and pulled comforter and dozed off to sleep and switched off the bed lamp.
The next day:
I heard my alarm ringing I was about to switch it off but it fell down so I get back to sleep……………; then after sometime it started ringing again. I opened my eyes and switched the alarm off. Oh shit why the heck this alarm wants to disturb my sleep? I was getting damn irritated but composed myself and brushed my teeth and then took towel from my luggage and went to washroom to take a bath. When I came from washroom I changes myself into yellow shirt and black ragged jeans I combed my hair and breakfast was served. I finished having breakfast and started reading my diary………………;

~twinkle perspective;
The next day;
It was early morning and sun rays were falling on my eyes it was disturbing my beauty sleep I covered my face with comforter still some rays were falling on me. With having no other option I woke up from my beauty sleep and stretched my eyes and yawn………; I opened the curtains and take my towel to have shower……..; when I came out of washroom I changes myself into pink crop top and shorts and went to have breakfast…………; I had breakfast with my family and left to college……………….;

~kunj perspective~
I was sitting in my sports bike and chatting with my friends………………; when I heard a car sound I turned towards the gate and saw twinkle sitting in her sports car damn she was looking too hot wait a second what the hell I am thinking? Till yesterday I was fighting with her and now this dirty thoughts about her what she will feel about me? No I shouldn’t have bad thoughts about her…………..; control yourself kunj sarna……………… anyway I turned my face back and continued chatting with my friends…………; when I noticed twinkle going to her class don’t know why I run after her but the next moment I thought it will be an awkward situation still I brushed my thoughts and thought to start conservation with her maybe I will feel better…………….;
Kunj: hello twinkle!
Twinkle: hello kunj what’s up………………..;
Kunj: nothing much and what about you?
Twinkle: as usual nothing new anyway………let’s go to class……..;
We stepped in class together and sometime after the classes got over………………; we both left to our respective houses,………………….; days passes we both gradually became best friends maybe more than that………………….;
Episode ends…………..;
How was it minions……………..; love to all next episode you will see twinkle and kunj party and both are drunk confessions and many more yet to come in flashback and present emotional one…………….;

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