You really mean a lot to me? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As I was sleeping peacefully I heard my alarm ringing. I literally fell down on the floor due to sudden jerk. I open my eyes and rubbed my head ‘ouch’ it was paining like hell but I composed myself and went to have shower. After I came out from washroom and changed into a black shirt and ragged jeans I heard the bell sound. I immediately rushed towards the door and a lady came in with a tray in which breakfast was kept. I thanked her and she walked out of the room. I had some pancakes and a coffee for refreshing myself. I take the diary and my past cherished in my mind. Guilt came all over inside me again I am repenting since 4 years and still I am not able to overcome my guilt by asking forgiveness from twinkle don’t know where is she? I tried to find everywhere possible but no trace of her. It was my fault that I have to bear so much pain and guilt but twinkle you really mean a lot to me why can’t you understand this? I want to meet you and ask for forgiveness even if you don’t forgive me I don’t care but I will show my true love and care till you believe me once again. Anyway I have to go to temple for praying to god that I can meet you once again and beg for forgiveness like every day I pray to god. I went out of my room and locked the door. I kept the keys in my pocket and came out of resort and went to temple in my sports car. When I was driving the car I was lost in thoughts I didn’t notice and was about to dash a scooter but by luck I came into reality and applied sudden brake. I get out of my car to ask forgiveness from the girl she was lying on road with scooter I offers a hand to her and she got up as she got up my heartbeat stopped for a second. Tears start flowing from my eyes guilt came inside me yes! It was twinkle after 4years I was meeting her I didn’t knew how to ask forgiveness my mind became blank and next moment I fainted in the road.

When I opened my eyes I found myself lying in hospital bed and twinkle was standing beside me looking me with full of hatred and anger I felt as someone stabbed me when I saw my twinkle hating me I couldn’t bear that hatred I couldn’t tears flowed from my eyes I hold her hand and said ‘twinkle I am sorry’. I said with tearful eyes and she jerked my hand and spoke’ who I am to you mr I am no one so from which right I forgive you.’ she replied and I felt someone snatched my soul from me guilt occupied my mind. ‘I am sorry twinkle I am repenting for my behavior since 4 years please don’t hate me I can’t bear that I am really sorry for not trusting you yes twinkle you really mean a lot to me? Even if you don’t forgive me I have no problem but please don’t hate me’. I said with hopeful eyes. ‘no kunj you shouldn’t be sorry I should be sorry for loving you and by the way you only told me that loving me was biggest mistake of your life so now I am telling you mark my words I hate you kunj sarna loving you was biggest mistake of my life and don’t try to cross my path again.’ She replied back with full of rage and hatred she left from the ward I wiped my tears and closed my eyes. I decided no matter what I will surely get forgiveness from her I don’t care I will get forgiveness from her anyhow because she really means a lot to me.

Why kunj you are following me? Why can’t you let me live peacefully? First you say me all bad words and then beg me for forgiveness I am a toy for you? whenever you want you will use me play with my feelings and then beg me for forgiveness from which right I forgive you ha! You only broke all ties and relations with me then from which right you are asking forgiveness from me. Maybe we were never meant to be together. Why can’t you see my happiness what I have done to you? four years since you left me alone with so much difficulty I get up and move on in my life by becoming a world class neurosurgeon but now also you are following me kunj. Till you follow me till then my past will haunt me why cannot you understand such simple thing? It is no use of kunj how much you follow me? Now I will not fell in your trap I can’t face one more heartbreak enough is enough. With determination I went to my ward and continued treating my patients. After my work get over I stepped out of my ward and went to kunj room he was not present in ward. I asked the receptionist where kunj is present she told that he is discharged already. I sighed heavily and left from the hospital with my scooter. Oh shit it is heavy traffic jam this kunj isn’t enough now traffic jam too.

When twinkle and kunj leave in different paths! All people sighs seeing their fight and pats her hand on her head. Kunj was chatting with his friends in backbench when twinkle stepped in the class kunj bright face which was having a wide smile turns into dull and pale face. Meanwhile the teacher also steps in the class and twinkle rushes to take her seat but all seats were full except one she couldn’t think of seating beside the person because it is kunj sarna! But having no other option she seats beside kunj. The classes begin and kunj twinkle gets an idea to bunk the class. They talk in sign language and when teacher left from the class twinkle and kunj slowly step out of the class before teacher steps in they leave. As soon as they both get out of the class they sigh heavily and leaves from the college backside tip toed. They both enjoy with each other they have pani puri chat noodles and ice-cream then leaves to their respective houses. The day passes like this! They slept thinking about each other.
Flashback ends!

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Hope you liked this long update! Phew! Finally finished and some of you asked me about my previous ffs I can’t continue them as they have been deleted from my lappy and phone. Love to all.

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