Are we really Married ? OS last part by #trisha

Hello guys trisha here back !
As I promised guys I will continue an ff so I already posted its teaser ! Few of my readers wanted me to write a sequel of my last OS “are we really Married?” So here it is guys !

Last but not least thankyou so so so much guys for such rain of love nd constant support !

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PART 2 (last part)

Recap ; kanchi fights ; romance !

Kusum Kabeer and Saachi finished the dinner ; kusum went for sleep while Saachi too heads upwards after being done with the kitchen !

@in Kanchi’s room !

He was *no need to tell* busy in his laptop while she was searching something in her almirah !

Saachi (putting few dresses on her)- hey see which one will work for tomorrow !

Kabeer- anything will look good on you !
He replied without looking upwards even once !

Saachi- Hm nd saree ?

Kabeer- perfect !

This time her anger reached level 2 ??!

Saachi- wow this one will work right ?

Kabeer- yeah yeah baby sure !

He again replied without looking at her once !

She angrily stepped towards him nd shut his laptop with a shut sound !

Kabeer (looking towards her)- what did you did ?

Saachi- couldn’t you even look at me for once ?

Kabeer- I saw !

Saachi- really that mean u know what I decided to wear right ?

Kabeer- yeah yeah ofcourse !

Saachi- good then tell me !

Kabeer- baby what are you taking you look so beautiful in every dress !

Saachi- sometimes I think that khduus Kabeer was better than this fake cheesy one !

She gave a smirk !

She continued towards her mirror !

Kabeer- did u just …. just called me cheesy !

Saachi- not a new thing !

He rolls his eyes over her !

Saachi- by the way u agreed upon one piece so I am wearing that for tomoroww ….!

She continue with her body lotion sitting in front of mirror while he was still on couch ; and ofcourse a little angry now !

Kabeer- what ? No way u can’t wear a one piece !

Saachi- better u concentrate on me from next time !

Kabeer- I am serious !

Saachi- I already decided !

Kabeer- no way ! Only I can see you in one piece … either wear a Kurtis or some jeans top and that’s final !

She was trying hard to hide and control her laugh while adjusting the bed !

Saachi- (mind) ab aya unth pahad ke niche !

Saachi- good night pati dev !
You may sleep whenever you remember you are married !

He tried his best to give strong glares but ….
….she was already slept !

*good morning*

She was getting ready while that one piece was on her bed …. when his all warnings failed he headed down to find for her mother in law !

Finally he found her near dining ordering some servants !

Kabeer- maa see your daughter in law is little sister of hitler !

Kusum- what ? She is the WIFE of hitler !

Kabeer – maa you too ?

He stood there just helpless !

Kabeer- pls stop her from wearing that stupid dress !

He observed his mom looking towards the stairs while he too did the same nd was a little bit surprised to see her in jeans top !

Kusum- (signalling Kabeer) she’s looking fine then ?

Saachi too reached downstairs by then ! Both saas nd bahu found hard to control their laugher seeing his situation !

Kabeer -? cheaters !

Some time skips to kanchi in hospital …. he called her in his cabin she turned to go but he holded her from arm !

Saachi- what ?

Kabeer- ssh wait !

He pulls her towards him with a jerk when her arms were lying on his chest…her breaths fastened as they always does whenever he is around…he removed tangles nd tucked behind her ears …. leaned onto her ears and whispered …”Be ready at 6 pm !”

She excitedly asked “date ?”

He replied calmly taking away all her exciting looks…”a very important meeting with foreign clients” !

She immediately took few steps eventually parting!

Saachi (murmuring)- idiot khduus hitler stupid how could I expect something from him huh !

Kabeer- (teasingly)- did You said something ?

Saachi- yes I was actually thinking of medicines made for irritating husbands wanna have one ? No ! Fine I might leave !

Kabeer- what did I did now ?

Saachi- nothing ? How could you even do ! Infact I just hope our baby shouldn’t be khduus like you !

Kabeer- what ?

She bites her tongue hard on realising what she just said !
She left his cabin still murmuring passing through the corridor !

Veer (from behind)- what happened miss golgappa ?

This time it was useless to wait for the reply after all she was as red as an hungry tigress !

Veer- oh understood ! Hitler again gifted you an oxford dictionary like your first weekly anniversary ????!!!

She turned gave him a deadly glare nd again continued towards cafeteria where all gang was !

It was evening kanchi were done with the meeting nd were in a restaurant…..!

Kabeer- what would u prefer ?

Saachi- something really chatpata !

He eyes her but then agreed !

They came bck home !

After few hours

While having dinner both kusum nd Kabeer were there with Saachi !

Saachi-umm… that’s so tasty you were right maa home made picks is amazing with chapati !

Both kusum nd Kabeer looked at each suspiciously but then continued !

Kanchi headed upwards in their room !

He was engrossed in his laptop while she was done with night outfit nd was arranging the room ! He was rolling his eyes over her constantly in the middle that didn’t go u noticed by her !

Kabeer (pretending to be busy in work)- Saachi ….. I was asking if …. I mean if u….

Saachi (interrupting)- I am not pregnant !

Kabeer- how did u know I was abt to ask this only!

Saachi- like I didn’t knew you will give me a medicine dictionary on our first nd obviously last date !

Kabeer- don’t know till how many generations your tauntrums will go on !

Saachi- even god would have thought a hundred times before landing you on earth if anyone would be able to tolerate such a boring person and that’s why they strictly need to create me. !

She gave a smirk !

Kabeer- that’s why I love you this much !

All she could do was offer him his coffee nd roll her eyes !

The end

This was it guys pls pls drop a comment if you guys like this nd silent readers do comment that really means a lot.

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    Trisha it was a fantastic and entertaining article.. it was so interesting to see SANCHI & KUSUM Combo..and especially i live Sanchi and Kabir’s love fight.. plz next time bring some romance between them .. Serial main to pata nahi kabhi dekh bhi payenge yaa nahi.. Trisha ki writings main to naseeb ho ??
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    omg Trisha, I felt like I was eading a romcom episode….& dear I just couldn’t stop laughing when “Kabeer- maa see your daughter in law is little sister of hitler !
    Kusum- what ? She is the WIFE of hitler !”………..too good……….I enjoyed it too much…….u just left me speechless as alwz………..kya bol rahi hoon, I’m also confused…………ok ok aur tumhare dimaag ki o my mata nahi karoongi………………luv u a lot my Cutie pie dherrrrrrrrr saara…………

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    It was really entertaining but overall it was a cute episode, can’t wait to read your ffs

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