I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 23


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Now here is the chapter..
I know you all must’ve forgotten the track so just a glimpse of previous chappy.
Recap: twinkle proposes kunj and he accepted the proposal…. (i know it was a lame recap… Lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

Okay so here you go..



It was the time for dinner.
Yuvi was back from office and went to change and twinkle was arranging the table for dinner.
As twinkle’s phone’s battery was low so she kept her phn in her room to charge.
Yuvi was going downstairs for dinner and was passing from twinkle’s room so he heard twinkle’s phn ringing continuously so he got in to check it… He saw there were 4 missed calls from mahi… And some messages…. Yuvi thought they were mahi’s messages so he checked in and there it was twinkle and kunj’s chat….
He read whole chat and his anger knew no bounds…
He kept the phone back and went down for dinner..

He went near table and sat down…. Twinkle saw him and felt weird of him but dint say anything as chinki was presemt there…
The three of them silently had their dinner and then chinki and yuvi left after eating and twinkle arranged everything in the kitchen back…
Yuvi came there and told twinkle to come in his room… Twinkle said a yes and yuvi left from there..

Twinkle reached yuvi’s room and there yuvi was sitting with twinkle’s phn in his hands….. Now twinkle got scared and jyst hoped dat he dint saw anything but it was late already…
Yuvi asked her to sit beside him and showed her phone…
It was her chat with kunj..
Twinkle was shocked and scared..
Yuvi: twinkle ye sab kya hai… Mana kiya tha na tujhe maine… Phir kyu??
Twinkle : bhai vo…vo
Yuvi: vo kya twinkle(he shouted)
Twinkle started crying and was looking down bowing her head..
Yuvi: itni bhi kya jaldi thi twinke…. Jab kaha tha maine ki ye sab me mat padna to phir kyu haan…
Twinkle: bhai but i love him…. Me sirf janna chahti thi dat he does or not…. I know mujhe apse nahi chhipana chahiye tha but trust me bhai me apko ye baat zaroor batati..
Yuvi: no twinkle mujhe koi explanations nahi chahiye…. Me bas ye janta hu ki tune mujhse itna bada sach chhipaya… Tum batao mujhe mene tumhe warn kiya tha ya nahi ki aisi vesi chhezon me mat padna… Batao i told you right…
Twinkle was crying bowing her head..
Yuvi: bol na twinkle… (he shouted loudly)
Twinkle shivered and looked up to him..
Twinkle: bhai please i m sorry…. Mujhse galti ho gayi… Mujhe maaf kar do please… I m sorry bhai
Yuvi: mujhe kuch nahi sunna twinkle…. Tu bas chali ja yaha se… Mujhe koi baat nahi karni tujhse..
Twinkle: bhai please aisa mat karo please bhai…
Yuvi: mene kaha na jaa twinkle… Ye le tera phone(handing her phone in her hands) and just go..
Twinkle looked at him crying but yuvi turned away and then twinkle left tge room crying…

She came to her room and started crying…. Just then her phone rang it was kunj…
She dint pick the call… Again it was a call from kunj and this tym she cut the call… Kunj called her numerous times but she cut them all…
Here kunj was tensed as twinkle wasnt receiving his calls so he came to mahi and asked her to call twinkle..

Mahi called twinkle…..and twinkle received it..
Mahi: hello twinkle!
Twinkle: mah…. Mahi
Mahi: twinkle kya hua ro kyu rahi hai….
Listening to this kunj snatched the phone from mahi and spoke..
Kunj: twinkle kya hua tujhe… Mujhse baat kyu nai kar rahi..ro kyu rahi ho..?
Listening to kunj twinkle started crying harder…
Twinkle: kunj… Kunj vo….vv…voh bhh… Bha…. Bhai
Kunj:twinkle please rona bandh kar please aur shanti se bata kya hua…. Yuvi ne kya kiya…
Twinkle: kunj bhai ko sab pata chal gaya…. And she started crying again..
Kunj: kya…. Kese kab pata chala..
Twinkle: vo jab me………… (And she narrated him everything that happened) …. Kunj ab kya hoga…. Bhai kabhi mujhse baat nahi karenge…. And vo kabhi ye accept nahi karenge……
Kunj: achha twinkle just calm down first…. Stop crying ok and go and drink some water….
Twinkle did as he said..
Kunj: now listen to me…. Tum zyada mat socho abhi ok…. Yuvi bas naraaz hai….. Jaise hi uska gussa kam ho jayega vo tujhse baat zaroor karega… Iss waqt yuvi ko kuch mat keh….. Vo khud hi tujhse baat karega…. Aur jahan tak baat accept karne ki hai…. Abhi ke liye usse mat kaho ki we are together…. Jaise waqt ayega hum use bata denge..
Twinkle: nahi kunj…. Bhai nahi samjhenge… Me janti hu vo bas yahinkahenge ki me tumse koi baat na karu…
Kunj: twinkle… Aisa nahi hoga…. Dekh.. Yuvi bas yahi chahta hai ki tu ye sab me na pade aur tu hurt na ho…. Vo uski jagah par sahi hai…. Bas use time de thoda vo maan jayega… I know usse mujhse koi problem nahi hai…vo sirf yahi chahta hai ki abhi ke liye tu mujhse koi rishta na rakhe aur aage jakar jo hoga vo hoga..
Twinkle: to kya tum mujhe chhod doge kunj? (she whispered with heavy voice)
Kunj: mene aisa kaha kya? Me kyu tujhe chhod dunga? Me bas yeh keh raha hu ki tu yuvi ko abhi hamare baare me kuch mat bata okay..
Twinkle: hmm ohk.
Kunj: achha sun mahi ko tujhse baat karni hai me use phone de raha hun…. Okay and usse baat karne k baad me call karta hu tujhe..
Twinkle: yah okay.
Kunj gave the phone to mahi…
Mahi: twinkle sab thik hai na
Twinkle: mahi bhai bohot gusse me hai… Kunj ne kaha hai ki bhai baat karemge but tum janti ho na bhai ko….
Mahi: relax twinkle…. Yuvi ka gussa zyada der nahi rehta…. Tu bas shant ho ja aur bhai ne jesa kaha hai vesa kar..
Twinkle: haan… Achha sun tere aur bhaink bich koi baat hui ya nahi?
Mahi: nahi hui…. Vo bhi koi baat karna nahi chahta to me kyu karu usse baat… Huh
Twinkle: ohho tu bhi na mahi…
Mahi: nahi yaar twinkle…. Usse abhi rehne do…. Hum baat karenge to bhi jhagda hi hoga usse accha hai dat we stay away…
Twinkle: achha thik hai.. Jaisa tujhe sahi lage..
Mahi: yah chal bye…tu bhai se baat karle..
Twinkle: haan okay… Byee.. Love you
Mahi: love you too..

Twinkle kept the phone and then chinki came… She saw twinkle and asked her what happened….
Twinkle narrated the whole thing to her too..
Chinki: dii… Aap kitni dumb ho… Aise phn kyu rakh k chali gayi thi… Aur rakha bhi tha to chat to delete kar deni thi…
Twinkle: yaar mujhe kya pata ki bhai achanak se phone dekh lenge..
Chinki: achha kunj bhai se baat huyi… Kya kaha unhone..
Twinkle: he said dat abhi bhai ko kuch mat kaho and let him calm down
Chinki: chalo achha hai… Dono me se koi to smart hai…. Varna aapki love story to hone se rahi and she laughed..
Twinkle: huh what do you mean… Me smart nahi hu..
Chinki: of course you’re not…. Yeh bhi koi puchhne ki baat hai..
Twinkle: chinki teri toh… Abhi se kunj ki side le rai hai…
Chinki: ab jo smart hai me usi ki side lungi na…. Aur vese bhi aap ko kuch samaj nahi ata agar kunj bhai ne apko mana nahi kiya hota toh aap to nikal padti yuvi bhai ko sab batane..
Twinkle: haan to galat kya hai usme..
Chinki: dii aap..
And they were disturbed by twinkle’s phn which started ringing…. It was kunj.. Chinki saw dat and picked up..
Chinki: hello kunj bhai..
Kunj: ohh hello chinki… Kesi ho?
Chinki: me to always achhi hi hoti hu…. Apki dukhi atma ki tarah nahi… Hahha
Kunj laughed at it and said: hmm abhi tak ro rahi hai kya?
Chinki: haan haal to vahi tha vo to mene akar baato me uljha diya…
Twinkle was passing death glares to her and chinki was laughing at her…
Chinki: achha aap baat karlo apni dukhi atma se…. Kahi mujhe aakhon se na maar de..
Twinkle:tujhe to me dekh lungi…
And she snatched the phone from her..
Chinki went away to washroom and twinkle started talking..
Twinkle: hello..
Kunj: hii… Mene kaha tha na rona mat… Phir bhi..
Twinkle: i m sorry kunj… Vo bas aise hi…
Kunj: aage se aisa mat karna or else i wont talk to you.. Okay
Twinkle: okay… Nahi karungi bas..
Kunj: yup……aur sab kuch kesa hai..?
Twinkle: yah sab thik hai…achha ek baat puchhu?
Kunj: yup say na.
Twinkle: tumhari sachme koi girlfriend nahi thi na mujhse pehle?
Kunj: hahaha tu ab tak vaha par hi atki hui hai twinkle… Mene kaha na koi nahi thi….. Meri life me sirf aur sirf ek hi ladki aayi hai aur ek hi rahegi..
Twinkle: aur vo kon hai…. (she asked teasingly)
Kunj: hmm…. Vo.. Vo to abhi mujhse baat kar rahi hai… Aur ye sunkar smile kar rahi hogi..
Twinkle smiled listening to him and said: baate banane me to expert ho tum…
Kunj: achha ye bata jab mene bataya tha tujhr ki meri gf hai…. Tab kitna jali thi??
Twinkle: huh… Me aur jalan… Bilkul bhi nahi…
Kunj: haan vo to janta hu me… Iss jalan ke maare hi tune mujhe propose kar diya…varna tujhse to ye kabhi na ho pata..
Twinkle: okay fine mujhe jalan hui thi bas… Aur har ladki se hogi jo tumhare aas paas ayegi… Samjhe
Kunj: ohho meri sweet si bachhi to lioness ban gayi… Hahaha… Relax tujhe kabhi jalne ka mauka nahi dunga…
Twinkle: i know that… Achha suno ab raat bohot ho chuki hai… So jao jakar… Okay.. Kal baat karenge..
Kunj: itni jaldi… Yaar abhi to baat start ki..
Twinkle:kunj tumhe saari baate aaj hi karleni hai to aage ke liye kya chhodoge… Ab zid mat karo aur so jao okay..
Kunj: okay fine…. Bye then..
Twinkle: ab ye muh mat fulao…. Chalo smile kardo jaldi se..
Twinkle: kunj… Pleaseeeee jaan..
Kunj smiled widely and said: i love youuu twinkle…. Love you alott..
Twinkle: i love you too… Goodnight…. Take care…. Bye
Kunj: good night take care… Bye..

And they hanged the call.
They both were smiling endlessly remembering their talks…

Twinkle changed into comfies and laid on bed… She was feeling different…. She had a reason to cry this night too because yuvi hadn’t forgiven her… But there was another reason which overpowered her reason to cry….. It was kunj…. That was making her smile like an idiot…
She was feeling all new… Her hands went cold when she thought about him…the words which kunj said her echoed in her ears…
Slowly thinking all she drifted to sleep…. Not with tears but with a smile๐Ÿ˜Š.

It was morning…. And a new day….
Twinkle woke up and saw her phone…. There was msg from kunj..
Kunj: “good morning sweetheart! Have a nice day… Jusy keep smiling..
Yuvi kuch bhi kahe rona mat…. And dont worry sab thik ho jayega… Dont panic okay….. Love you!”
Reading the msg twinkle felt happy and blessed to have kunj….
She replied to hi msg and then got up and got ready and went downstairs to prepare breakfast…
Chinki and twinkle were sitting having bf… Just then yuvi came and sat on the chair for bf..
Twinkle looked at him but he dint look at her once..
Twinkle got sad…. After some time chinki went back to hall… Yuvi was sitting and twinkle got uo to keep the plates…
Yuvi called her..
Twinkle: yes bhai..
Yuvi: twinkle i m sorry…. Mene tujhe kuch zyada bol diya tha…
Twinkle: its okay bhai…
Yuvi: but fir bhi me tujhse yahi kahunga kunj ke sath abhi se koi relation mat rakhna….. Agar future me tera uske sath hoga…. Toh i will be the happiest… Par abhi mujhe ye sab nahi chahiye teri life me… Okay
Twinkle: ok bhai…
Yuvi: hmm thik hai.. Achha sun kal raat ko mahi ka msg aya tha..
Twinkle: what… Mahi ne msg kiya apko… Matlab sab thik ho gaya ap dono ke beech…thank godd finally..
Yuvi: arre arre ruk… Zyada khush mat ho… Sab vese ka vesa hi hai.. Usne mujhe isliye msg kiya tha dat… Me tujhe maaf kardu and all..
Twinkle: ohh.
Yuvi: haan… Aur tu ye chhod de sochna ki mere aur mahi k bich sab theek hoga… Coz ab kuch nahi ho sakta..
Twinkle nodded and yuvi went away..
Twinkle was happy that yuvi had forgiven her but she still felt guilty of hiding the truth from yuvi…
She msged kunj dat all was okay and yuvi got normal..

After sometime leela and rt came back… Twinkle went and hugged them and they all sat in the hall.. After talking for sometime all left to their rooms..

In the afternoon after lunch twinkle went to her room…. She had left her phone in the room so she first went and checked her phone… There were msgs from kunj..
Kunj: heyy twinkle….
I needa tell you something important…
Its urgent..
Twinkle thought what it must be after that she replied back..
Twinkle: yes kunj… What happened?
Kunj replied after a while..
Kunj: twinkle i wanted to tell you an important thing..
Twinkle: yah tell na..
Kunj: twinkle i m sorry…. It was all a prank yesterday… I was just joking with you..
Twinkle: tum konsi baat kar rahe ho kunj.. Say it clearly na..
Kunj: twinkle i dont love you… I was just joking with you yesterday… Aisa kuch bhi nahi hai mere man me..
Seeing the msg twinkle was numb…. She went cold..
Twinkle: kunj… Ye sab kya hai… Jhut mat bolo okay.. Aisa mazak mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai..
Kunj: Twinkle me mazak nahi kar raha ye sab sach hai…. Me tujhse pyaar nahi karta… Kal sirf me mazak kar raha tha…
Twinkle: ye kya bol rahe ho tum… How can you do this….
Kunj: i m sorry Twinkle….. Please forget it ok…. Hum friends hai na..
Twinkle: kunj…..tum aisa kese kar sakte ho… Meri feelings ke sath khelkar kya mila… Do you think i m toy…. Jisko khel kar chhod diya….. Mujhse kabhi baat mat karna….. Please… Go away.

And she threw her phone on the couch…. And she fell on the bed crying….. She was crying bitterly thinking about all that happened…… It was hard for her to believe that kunj did all this to her…..
Just then chinki came in the room and saw Twinkle curled up on the bed crying like hell…
Chinki slapped her forehead and hurriedly took twinkle’s phone and saw that there were soo many msgs from kunj saying sorry….. She called him and kunj picked up instantly….
Kunj: hello Twinkle i m sorry yaar….
Chinki: kunj bhai its me… Chinki..
Kunj: chinki twinkle kaha hai sab thik hai na…
Chinki told him Twinkle’s state…
Kunj: mene kaha tha na tum dono ko… Aisa mazak mat karo par tum log meri baat to sunte nahi…. I told you na she would not be able to handle this…. Vo pehle se hi itni sensitive hai….
Chinki: sorry kunj bhai… Mene aur mahi ne socha dat di ko april fool banayenge to mood light ho jayega mujhe nahi pata tha ki vo itna seriously le legi…
Kunj: achha leave all this aur twinkle ko phone do jao… Jaldi..
Chinki said yess and went to twinkle and asked her to get up… But Twinkle shouted at her and asked her to go away..
Twinkle: chinki.. Pl… Plzz ya.. Yaha.. Ss. Se chali jj.. Jaa…. Mu.. Mujhe… K. Kk. Koi… Ba.. Baa.. Baat nahi… Ka.. Karni…
Chinki: diii… Nahi aap galat samjh rahi ho… Aisa kuch nahi hai…. Voh me mahi di aur kunj bhai apko april fool bana rahe the… Aaj 1st april hai na…. Isliye mene aur mahi di ne plan banaya tha apke sath prank karne ka aur kunj bhai ko kaha ye sab karne ko…
Twinkle got up with a jerk…..chinki was shocked to see her condition…. Her eyes were red and swollen nose and cheeks were rashed badly and her face was totallly red…
Chinki: di apne ye kya halat bana li apni… Lo pehle kunj bhai se baat karo… He’s on call..
Twinkle took the phone and spoke..
Twinkle :he..hel.. Hello
Kunj:twinkle i m sorry yaar… I m so so sorry… Mujhe itna bura prank nahi karna chahiye tha… Mene mana bhi kiya tha mahi aur chinki ko par vo mane log mane hi nahi… I m sorry twinkle…
Twinkle: its o….Ok..Okay kunj… K..kk..kkoi baat nahi..
Kunj: twinkle please rona bandh karde…. Please….
Twinkle took a deep breath and sighed lowly…. And spoke: yah i m okay… Dont worry..
Kunj: twinkle tu gussa nahi hai mujhse…
Twinkle: nahi…. Nahi hu me gussa..
Kunj: to gussa kar na…. Plzz mujhe dant de…. Par aise baat mat kar…. Mujhe aur guilty feel hoga…..
Twinkle: kunj…. Tumne jab kaha mujhse ki tum mujhse pyar nahi karte…pata hai… Me.. Meri kya halat ho gayi thi… Aisa laga jaise hazaaron sui mujhe aakar chub gayi…. Kunj aisa mazak fir kabhi bhi mat karna…. Me seh nahi paungi…. Tum jante ho na ki tum kitne important ho mere liye… Jante ho na.. She asked sobbing..
Kunj: shhhh… Twinkle bas kar… Ab chup ho jaa… Plzz… And i promise aaj ke baad tujhse aisa mazak kabhi bhi nahi karungu…. I m sorry…
Twinkle: ita okay kunj… Ab sorry mat kaho..
Kunj: chal ab jaa washroom..
Twinkle: whatt… Kyun… Washroom me kyu jau..
Kunj: arrre just go and wash your face…. I know pura laal ho gaya hoga…
Twinkle laughed lightly and said ” yah i ll be back”
She came back after washing her face and took the call…
Twinkle: hmm yah i m here..
Kunj: ab pani bhi peele..
Twinkle smiled and drank water…
Twinkle: aur kuch…
Kunj: hmm aurrrr…. Haan.. Ek badi si smile karde…
Twinkle smiled wide listening to him… And giggled slowly..
Kunj: yah now its perfect….
Kunj: thanks twinkle.
Twinkle: thanks kyu.?
Kunj: itni aasani se maaf karne k liye… Teri jagah koi aur ladki hoti to 2 din tak baat bhi nahi karti….
Twinkle: haha aisa kuch nahi..
Kunj: arre sach me… Tu mahi ka example le le… Vo hoti toh shayad baat bhi nahi karti kabhi…. Par sach bata itni jaldi kese maan gayi…. Mujhpar gussa nahi aya..
Twinkle: nahi aya gussa…. Bas thoda bura laga tha…aur fir tum itna sorry bol rahe the to mujhse suna nahi gaya… Isliye..
Kunj: tu itni achhi kyu hai twinkle… Yaar.. I just love you…. Love you love you love you sooo much..
Twinkle: haha… Bas bas… And i love you too..
Kunj: achha twinkle ab tu soja teri aankhen dard kar rai hogi…
Twinkle: nahi its fine… Thik hai..
Kunj: mene kaha na so ja… To bas so jao..
Twinkle: achha ok then so jati hu… Khush!
Kunj: bohot….ok byee…. Love you jaan..
Twinkle: byyeeh… Love you more!!!!


Finally completed….
I know it was super long..
Hope you all liked it…
Comment zaroor karna guyzz..
Love you all๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜šโคโคโคโคโคโค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ž

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    1. Fatimaa.

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      Aur if you want to talk to me or want my num then go in my previous episodes…. May be in episode 7 or 8 vaha pr comment section me mera number mil jayega…
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