I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 20


Hello everyone….
I m back wid my episode 20..
I m sorry guyzz for again getting late…

And thank you soo soo much to all those who commented and all the silent readers too

So here is the 20th chapter…


It was evening….
Twinkle was in her room….she was sitting on her bed nd ws smiling to herself…
Chinki came inside and saw her nd came to her…
She checked twinkle’s forehead and checked her neck as if she has fever..
Twinkle: chinki…kya kar rahi hai….y are u checking me like dis??
Chinki: no twinkle di…aaj aap boht alag behave kar rai ho isliye…q ki hamesha aap to sirf rote rehti ho…aaj smile kiye jaa rai ho…dats y muje laga kahi aapko bukhar to nahi…
Twinkle: huh…aisa kuch nahi hai….u know wats the reason of my smile…
Chinki streched her brows asking twinkle the reason…
Twinkle told her abt her talk with kunj and dat he doesn’t have any gf…
Chinki gave a sly smile nd told her…
Chinki: i told u na di….par meri to koi sunta kaha hai…aap ko to sirf mahi di ki hi sunni hai na..kaha tha na ki kunj bhai ki koi gf nai ho sakti…but aap thehri dukhi aatma…..aapko to sirf mauka chahiye gam manane ka..
Twinkle: ohh please chinki…tu zyada udd mat….what would i do…..when mahi told me about dis…i was not in a condition to handle dat….and jab matter kunj se realted ho to mujhe kuch samajh nai ata…
Agar mahi ne jo kaha tha muje woh sach nikalta to shayad i wud hav…i wud hav…
And she started sobbing…
Listening to her sobs chinki came to twinkle and held her hand and wiped her tears..
Chinki: di please stop crying….ab sab thik ho gaya na…toh fir aap kyu ro rai ho….dekho di….aap bohot weak ho…itna weak padogi to aapse kuch nai hoga…u need to b strong…if u will stay like dis then koi b apka fayda utha lega….
Aur haan aapse ek aur baat kehni thi….kisi bhi baat par jaldi trust mat kiya karo…aap hamesha logo ki bato me aa jati ho…mahi di ne apse kaha aur apne maan liya aur sara stress apne dimaag pe liya….ye baat sahi nahi hai…..sirf khud par trust rakho…okay
Twinkle nodded her head in a yes nd smiled within her tears…
And then both of them went downstairs…

This way days passed….twinkle was now happy but she always lived with a doubt in her heart dat if kunj loves her or not…
But she consoled her heart with a hope dat one day she wud get together with kunj…..

It was 7th december…..and the next day it was kunj’s bday….
It was quite late at night….by 11:30 pm….and twinkle was still awake…she was sitting on the bed with pillow in her lap and her face resting on her hand….
She was in a deep thinking just then chinki turned to her side and saw twinkle….she tapped on her shoulder and asked her why was she awake..
Twinkle: chinki….i m in a problem..
Chinki: ab kya hua di?
Twinkle: kal kunj ka b’day hai aur abhi 30 mind me uska bday start ho jayega…and i wanted to wish him first..but i dnt have any means to do it..
Chinki: q?? Where’s ur phone di…u got it back from mumma na..
Twinkle: vo actually uss din khnj se baat karne k baad i returned my phone back to mumma..aur ab me wapas phn le bhi nai sakti varna mumma doubt karengi..ab afsos ho raha hai…kaash mene nai dia hota phn wapas..
Chinki: oh god di…who told u to become great…..khud jake phone de diya….aapna bilkul stupid ho..
Twinkle(with a sad tone): abb….kya karu..
Chinki: now what…kuch nai ho sakta…leave it now…soo jao ab..goodnight…(saying this chinki slept)
Twinkle was staring at chinki and den again sat back…

Twinkle’s p.o.v…
I soo wanted to wish u kunj…but i cant….yy god…aap hamesha aisa hi kyu karte ho mere sath….

Thinking this she looked at the clock it was 12…

Twinkle smiled and took out kunj’s photo from her drawer….she looked at it and spoke in her heart..

“Happy birthday kunj….i hope dat this bday of urs brings lots of happiness in ur life and u always stay happy….she looked up said…please god kunj ko hamesha khush rakhna….uss par kabho koi musibat mat ane dena…if u want den u can give all his pains to me and in return give my all happiness to him”…..
She spoke with tears in her eyes nd again looked at kunj’s pic with tears….and said
“I love you kunj….love you alot….miss you so much”…..and tears flooded out from her eyes…she kissed kunj’s pic and kept it back at its place and then laid on bed….and after sometime she slept…

At sarna mansion
In kunj’s room…
Kunj was still awake and was constantly looking at his phone..
Kunj’s p.o.v
Please twinkle ek msg to kardo…i want u to wish me first…..
Uss din ke baad twinkle ka koi msg bhi nai aya….ab kya karu….mujhe kisi aur se pehle wish nai hona…

He was staring at his phone screen…just then his phone beeped he got happy thinking it was twinkle’s msg but again got sad as it was his cousin’s msgs wishing him and fb notifications he dint saw any and kept his phone aside and laid on bed…

He had a deep urge dat twinkle would wish him but dat was not the case…thinking all these he slept…

Next day morning twinkle came from washroom after having shower….she was happy as it was kunj’s bday but sad coz she had not wished him yet…

Here at sarna mansion kunj woke up and very first he checked his phone if there was any msg from twinkle but there wasn’t any… his face went sad later he went to have shower and after sometime he came back and got ready and went down….in the hall manohar usha and mahi wished him and he took blessings of his parents..

This was the day passed and it was evening….but still twinkle had not wished kunj…
Twinkle was sitting in hall just then leela came to her and gave her phone saying mahi had called…twinkle called back to mahi…
Twinkle: hello mahi…
Mahi: heyy twinkle…howz u???
Twinkle: yeah m gud…kese yaad kiya..
Mahi: bas aise hi….achha bata did u wish bhai…
Twinkle: no yaar…nahi kiya..
Mahi: what…abhi tak wish nai kiya..muje laga u wud have wished him first…
Twinkle: no yaar actually na……and she told mahi everything about her phone matter..
Mahi: ohho to kya hua khud ka phone nai hai to iss phn se kar do na…leela aunty ke phone se…
Twinkle: kya…mumma k phone se..
Mahi: haan usme kya hai…wish hi to karna hai…konsa i love you bolna hai tujhe…
Twinkle: yah u r right….me bhi na pura din waste kar diya….achha tell me kunj hai kaha…
Mahi: voh he has gone out with his freinds…
Twinkle: ohh to ab…call karu ya nai..
Mahi: arrey gadhi call kar de na…isme kya hai….
Twinkle: achha thik hai me call karti hu…..
Mahi: ok then….buhbye…
Twinkle: yup byee….and thank u..
Mahi: u r most welcome bhabhi…
Twinkle: yah…bhabhi..haha..
And they hanged the call..

After dat twinkle took the phone and dialed kunj’s number….and called him…
Her heartbeats increased as the call was connecting and then after 3 rings kunj picked up the call…
Kunj: hello..
Twinkle: hii kunj….happy birthday..
Kunj(smiling deep): ohh twinkle…thank u so much…
Twinkle: kya kar rahe ho.
Kunj: partying wid friends…..
Twinke: ohh good…enjoy…
Both wanted to talk but both were lacking of words…
Twinkle: ohk den bye…u enjoy…
Kunj: hmm yah bye…
And they hanged the call…
Twinkle kept the phone and smiled..

Here kunj was smiling endlessly…he kept the phone near his heart and whispered..”i love you twinkle”…


Precap: twinkle’s bday….☺☺☺☺☺

Hope you all like it..
Please comment karna…
Love you all…

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  1. Sohi

    Aww such a cute yet emotional episode
    Birthday wish was short yet awesome

    Waiting for twinkles bday

    Do continue and post soon

  2. Supriya18d

    can’t wait….for next one….post ASAP….awsm epi

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    Awesome Fatima
    So cute lovely
    Love u keep smiling

  5. SidMin23

    Love it do post soon

  6. marvellous episode
    fatima di
    too lovely and cute
    post soon
    lots of love

  7. Ur_fan_biggest fan

    Hii fatimaa…..
    This was amazing….
    The way you describe ur and ur kunj’s feelings is just commendable….
    I wud surely say that till now i have read all ffs and os’s of tei on TU……but in all of them….. This ff of yours is my favourite of all..
    I just love it like anything…..
    I love your love story…
    And i m really in love with twinkle…(dats you)?????

    Dont get me wrong….i know u r only of ur kunj……
    Par i also love you…..

    Please post soon….

    1. Fatimaa.

      Hmm well thanks for ur comment…
      M glad u like my ff this much…
      Hmm and coming to ur last past…i got a big laugh reading it…..m not making a joke of u….but really…u r a different person…
      Well thanks again

      1. Ur_fan_biggest fan

        Ohh well then i m happy dat i brought a laugh on ur face…
        I m glad about it
        And there’s no big happiness in this world then to bring a smile or laugh on the ones face u love❤

  8. Awww…… So sweet and cute epi love it and tell me did you enjoy this last one week
    your lil sis
    love you so much di

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heya lovey..
      Thank u so much for ur comment
      Hmm yeah i enjoyed alot last week??????
      Love u too my baby sista…?????

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hii Fathima!
    I wanna tell you that itna sweet episodes math diya karo! kahin hame diabetics na ho jaaye! haye haye! kya likha hai yaar! its so Amazing and beautiful! Aur ek baath puchhun? tumhe Kunj ki side ki saari baathien kunj ne hi bathai hai? Aur ek baat confession kab horaha hai yaar! I can’t wait! waiting for next! Plz plz post soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy tammy…
      Thank you so much for ur comment..
      And to ur question…yess kunj ki side ki saari batein usi ne batayi hai mujhe actually me jab ye episodes likhne bethti hu to me usse call karke pareshaan karti hu ye sab puchhne ke liye????
      And vo mujhe mana to kar nai sakta so sab bata deta hai????

      And confession is coming soon….maybe in next 2-3 episodes…

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    This was superb???????????????????

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    Hey dii….
    Its just awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Love u..
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  16. Heyy fatimaa
    The episode was amazing
    Kunj’s bday haha u wished him so late

    Excited for twinkle’s i mean ur bday
    Post soon
    Love you

  17. Farwah fathima

    Heyy fathima
    The episode was amazing and fabulous as usual… just loved it kunj’s POV was really amazing and kunj ka tumhare wish k liye intezaar karna all that part was really good hope k kunj would b the one to wish u first on ur birthday ….waiting for ur next epi plz post asap…
    By the way main tumhare ff ( tumhari love story) ki sabse badi fan hoon aur haan silent reader bhi din mey shayad kitne he baar hota hain k main website open karke tumhare ff ko dhoond ti hoon, m reading this ff from the first epi and m fan of ur love story ….and today it made me comment and from now on I’ll comment on all ur episodes .
    Im from bangalore will u b my friend …???

    1. Fatimaa.

      Hello farwah….
      Firstly thank you soo much for braeking ur silence and commenting on my ff..
      And i m gald that you like my ff and u r a fan of it..dat really means a lot to me…
      And i would love to be ur friend…
      Thanks a lot again..
      Lots of love???

  18. _Manu_

    Fatimaaa diiiii i love uuuuuuuu and ur story i was waiting for ur ff like anything it was superbbbbbb plzz nxt jaldi se post krna u know jab mai aapka ff padhti hu na toh essa lagta h khatam hi na hooooo superbbbbbbbbbbb this is my fav ff i like all the ffsbut urs is my favvvvvvvv and about the episode its was superb..but tw can wish from chinki’s phone also did she having her phone?? Cant wait for the nxt part post asap plzzzzzz and i really love kunj’s dialogues he is sooo good now byee post asap…will be waiting

    1. Fatimaa.

      Awwwh manuu…….my baby
      Loveee youu tooo…
      M gald dat u liked this….
      Hmm actually chinki is younger than me na to she didn’t had a phone….

      Well thanks for ur sweet comment..
      I ll try posting soon..
      Lots of love???

  19. Fatimaa..
    This was just lovely
    U r soo emotional baby
    I know i m commenting for the first time but trust me i ve read all the 20 episodes of your ff and also the os written by you
    I just love the way you show the mixed feelings
    And goshh that line”give kunj’s all pain to me but in return give all my happiness to him” this really depicts your love for him
    I would just say that the boy whom you love is the most luckiest boy in this world because he has got a girls who has a golden heart and who loves him unconditionally

    Update the next part soon dear
    I ll be waiting☺
    Loads of love??

  20. Fatima?
    How r u?
    Did u Enjoyed ur Trip?
    (Surprised??How I know)
    Actually Last week I messaged u on watsapp n ur sister replied??
    That it wasn’t u & her??
    N U r out of City or Town (don’t remember properly??)
    Chalo buhat bak bak karli ab episode ki baat??
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    N plz can u give link’s of ur Last Few Episodes… like of after episode 14… cause I quit TU for my exams so didn’t read them??
    N aise comment cause I am not logged in??
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    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy aamna….
      Hmm i m good…..howz u?
      Hehe yup i enjoyed…hmmm i got to know dat u shared a talk wid my sissy…hehe well i wasn’t on a trip but i went to ur jiju’s place??????

      Hmm well my bday is on 30th jan…
      I ll try posting soonish…

      And haan here is the link…tumhe saare episodes mil jayenge….

      Lots of love???

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    lods of love dii…..♥
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    m srsly very blessed to get to read ur cute love stry…….♥

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