I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 19

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And haan this chappy is dedicated to the”TALKATIVE GIRLS GROUP”(☺☺☺☺☺)

Here is the chapter 19.


Next day morning…
It was 10 am and still twinkle didnt came down for breakfast so leela told yuvi to go and call twinkle from her room…

Yuvi went to her room and saw dat twinkle was still sleeping….
He tapped on her shoulder nd called her name….she was sleeping facing the other side….yuvi again called her name but she didnt respond..
So he moved her and made him face her and got shocked as the pillow was soaked in blood and there was dried blood through her nose… and she was burning with fever…
Yuvi panicked and called leela…

Leela came hurrying as yuvi was shouting tensed..
Leela came to her room and was shocked to see twinkle’s state…
Yuvi called rt and he told him to bring twinkle to the hospital and rt wud directly reach there…
Yuvi and leela took twinkle to hospital and rt also reached there…
Doctor came and took twinkle to the ward and did her checkup….. nd then injected her body with the glucose and blood drippings..
Rt leela and yuvi asked the doctor abt twinkle’s state…

The doctor said dat there is nothing serious…..its all only because of stress and anxiety… and the nose bleeding was also due to this….
They all got relived that twinkle was safe but were still worried of her health…

It was afternoon and twinkle had got concious…. leela fed her food and gave medicines….
Just then leela’s phone rang…..it was usha’s call… twinkle was sleeping…leela picked up the call and talked to usha…
She informed her about all these things and then sometime later she hanged the call.

At sarna mansion usha told mahi about twinkle….kunj was also present there and he listend everything…..kunj went to his room nd sat on his bed with his head in his hands…

Kunj’s p.o.v.

Ohh godd…..ye twinkle ko kya ho gaya….kal tak to thik thi…achanak se use kya hogaya…..kahi meri wajah se to nahi..
Shit…me kya karu ab… twinkle must have felt so bad yesterday…..i behaved so rudely with her…damnn kuch samajh nahi aa raha…..

End of p.o.v.

Just then usha came to his room and told him to take her to meet twinkle at hospital… listening to this kunj got happy as he wanted to see twinkle…

Kunj nodded in yes and then he and usha left for hospital…
They reached the hospital in half an hour and they went inside…
They asked for twinkle’s ward and then followed the latter..
Kunj and usha reached the ward and went inside….twinkle was having soup…
As soon as twinkle saw kunj…..tears automatically started to form in her eyes…but she controlled her tears….

Usha came and talked to twinkle..
Usha: twinkle beta….ab tabiyat kesi hai tumhari….
Twinkle: i m better aunty…
Usha: par leela ji ye achanak kese hogaya
twinkle ko…..matlab kal tak to theek thi

Leela: pata nahi usha ji……doctor ne kaha ki stress ki wajah se use ye sab hua hai…
Usha: twinkle beta itna stress mat liya karo….dekho kya halat ho gayi…
Kunj looked at twinkle and smiled at her and she too reciprocated a confused smile….
All the time twinkle was stealing kunj’s glances and kunj was doing the same but both didnt noticed dat…

Sometime later kunj and usha were leaving usha bid bye to leela nd twinkle and kunj passed a smile to twinkle nd said “get well soon” twinkle smiled nd nodded….
Soon they left…..
As kunj left the room tears made their way through twinkle’s cheeks…..
It was the hardest thing for her to bid bye kunj….??

After 2 days twinkle was discharged and she came back home……chinki had also come back from the trip….
She went to her room and chinki asked her alot of questions….

Twinkle told her everything dat all happend……chinki was shocked as she expected dat kunj wud say a yes but twinkle’s story was all different…
Twinkle was crying by now…..chinki consoled her saying all will be good…

After this 1 month passed and twinkle had recovered……everything was still same…..
Twinkle talked to mahi everyday nd yuhi’s relation was getting bitter day by day as their fights were increasing and twinkle would solve their fights and bring dem back together….
It was usha’s birthday and sarna’s had invited taneja’s for dinner that day…
Twinkle was happy dat she wud see kunj but got sad as kunj’s feelings were different according to her….

In the evening all got ready and taneja’s and sarna’s left for the hotel….
All reached the hotel….
Twinkle and chinki came out of the car and first wished usha and then went to meet mahi….
Twinkle saw kunj nd passed a smile to him…..
Yuvi nd mahi also met each other…..
Later all went inside the hotel and had dinner….
After dinner they sat in the garden area….

Twinkle and mahi were sutting on swing and were talking….
Twinkle asked mahi if kunj had asked or told her anything about that incident….
Mahi replied a no…
Then mahi said

Mahi: twinkle bhai has a girlfriend..
Twinkle was numb listening to this…..the world seemed stopped to her….with lot of difficulty she asked..
Twinkle: whose the girl..
Mahi: i donno par i think bhai has a girlfriend on facebook..

Twinkle didnt respond nd just nodded…
She got up but mahi called her back nd asked where she was going…
She said dat she was going to washroom….but mahi stopped her by seeing tears in her eyes..
Mahi: twinkle please abhi rona mat…..sabko shak ho jayega…..please.. look me tujhse sirf yahi kahungi dat just remove bhai from ur mind…. hum dono jante hai usne kya kaha tha jab mene use tumhare bare me puchha and also now i have a doubt dat he has a gf…. so just forget this..
Twinkle: yah mahi…

Dats all she said bcoz mahi’s one sentence was revolving in her mind nd dat was “bhai has a girlfriend”…
Later it was time for leaving so all got up to leave nd bid bye to each other…
While leaving twinkle didnt saw kunj once she just said a bye to manohar usha and mahi and sat in the car…
Kunj felt strange of her but let it go…

Later taneja’s reached their house and all went inside…
Twinkle and chinki left to their room….
Both changed their clothes nd laid on bed…

Chinki was sleeping facing the other side…just then she heard some sounds of sobbing….
She moved to twinkle’s side nd removed blanket from her face and switched on the light…
She saw dat twinkle was crying like hell…
Chinki made her sit and gave water to her and asked her what was the matter…
Twinkle told her all dat which mahi told her…
Chinki was not ready to believe this…

Chinki: twinkle di…. i dnt think dis is true…kunj bhai ki gf aisa nahi ho sakta..
Twinkle(sobbing): no chinki….ai…aisa hi hai….ma..mahi ne khud kaha hai muje…
Chinki: twinkle di….just get one thing….jo mahi kahe wahi sach nahi hota….please aap ye sab dimaag pe lena bandh karo…. just look at u kya halat bana kar rakh di hai aapne apni…mahi di ne kaha she has a doubt…. so dat does not mean its true…
Plase di ye sab sochna bandh karo…
Twinkle nodded and told chinki to sleep…

They both slept…..but still twinkle did not got over her thoughts….

It was 2 days now……but still twinkle was at the point dat kunj loves someone else…it ws hard to belive the thing….she had no option then to cry by herself…
It was the 3rd day….and twinkle brought her phone back from leela for some days…
Twinkle was just checking her whatsapp…she saw dat kunj was online…first she decided dat not to msg him but then she did..


Kunj: hello….u back
Twinkle: umm yah for some days..
Kunj: dats good..

Twinkle:hmm soo kesa hai sab??
Kunj: yeah all’s good.. what about you?
Twinkle: yah all good..

Twinkle: well ek baat puchhu??
Kunj: haan tell
Twinkle: i ve listened dat u ve got a girlfriend….aur tumne mujhe bataya bhi nahi…(she wrote it with cold hands nd was shiverring thinking abt his ans)
Kunj: what!!! My gf….who said dat…

Twinkle: pata chala muje…..but tum bhi bata do na…
Kunj: twinkle….aisa kuch hai hi nahi…i teally dont have a gf….actually me to zyada girls se baat bhi nahi karta…..

Seeing the msg twinkle was on cloud 9????????….she got relived dat all her thoughts were wrong..

Twinkle: ohh is it so..
Kunj: ofcourse yaar….aisa kese soch liya tumne..
Twinkle: well bas suna tha to puchh liya…

Kunj: galat bato ko sun kar ansuna kar dena chahiye..
Twinkle: haha….well ab ansuna kar dungi..
Kunj: heyy i ll talk to u later…gotta go
Twinkle: hmm yah okay byee
Kunj: yup byee..

Twinkle’s p.o.v.

Thank god finally…kunj ki koi gf nahi….m soo happy…uff i was so tensed…..☺☺☺☺☺

Kunj’s p.o.v

Yaar ye twinkle to heart attack dene wali thi….meri gf ko kaha se le aayi…..me to khud use gf banane k chakkar me hoon????…

I m sure ye sab mahi ne hi bataya hoga use……hmm par ek baat to pata chal gayi…twinkle has some feelings for me….nd i know somewhere she loves me..but me abhi use kuch nahi kahunga…i will wait for her……(he had a smile on his face while thinking dis)


Hope you like it guyzz…
Please do comment….
Love you all???????????????????????????

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  1. awesome fatima di
    please post the next episode as soon as possible
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  2. Purvi128

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    Ohh meri Jaan kesi Hai Tu…Ohh kya hua Teri health ko…!! Jaldi theek hohaa yarr…
    The episode was awesome.. yarr Tu ne Kitna suffer kya…!! Felt really bad for u.
    Waiting for next. Post soonest…!!!
    Love u loads ???

  3. Sohi

    U know what di, I literally crying ? now.
    Aah these tears are not stopping.
    I felt very sad after the condition which happened to u and u ended up in hospital,
    It was a very emotional episode
    I can’t say anything more
    Do continue

  4. Sameera

    Loved it sooo much yaar ???finally everything cleared btw u both ??awwww tune itna dil pe leliya tha sooo sweet wanna see kunj pov more ???..
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    Nice finally twinj misunderstanding was cleared as kunj is single hope soon kunj will proposed her and have happy ending

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  13. Fatima api today epi was awesome….. First sad…. Then emotional when u see bhai…. Then shocking when mahi told that kunj have gf….. Then little bit releaxing for me when saw kunj pov…. And excited for nxt …. Today i was happy to see kunj pov…. And can i ask u one question ka kya yeh ” TALKATIVE GIRLS GROUP” ap ki frnd ka ha ya kisi or ka…. Luv u and do post nxt asap….

    1. Fatimaa.

      Anayali baby…
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  18. Nice episode dear

  19. Hey api i have a group of same name but how can be this epi dedicated to my group thata why i asked…. And khadija why u wanna make me ur frnd…. And i dont feel necessary to tell that from where i belong… And api plzzz tell who’s group is this whome u dedicate this epi….

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    awww so cute and emotional too! just loved it to the moon and back! It was Beautifully written! Amazingly awesome! post soon
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    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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    Fatima u gave me heartatttack by saying twinkle condition was worse n kunj have gf but everything sorted of its cool
    N srsly ucry alot I don’t kniw what happens in love but I just know I hate iif any of person who related to me cries n u my best frnds yaar it’s so difficult to even think dat u cried alot
    But ha end wala part bohat acha tha dat ka pov
    Amazing awesome superb
    Love u keep smiling

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