I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 14

Hello everyone…
How r u all….i know i know i m late but wat to do i was really bzy these days and moreover i dnt feel like writing this anymore..thats a truth guys…i donno i think u all r nt liking dis anymore dats y day by day the comments r decreasing…if u all r nt liking den i ll surely stop writing dis ff…nd m srry guyz i cant show any type of romance jus nw coz its a true story so i cant add anything..
Well im again srry if u all felt bad…and i m writing dis epi u all can take it as my last epi…i donno guyzz i dnt feel to write nw…

Thanks to all those who commented on previous one….love u all..
Here is episode 14


It was night all had completed their dinner and all the girls were sitting in mahi’s room and gossiping…kunj was nt there…after few mins kunj came and asked them..
Kunj: guyzz m getting bored..chalo na kuch khelte hain..
Mahi: yah bhai…cmon…
Twinkle: but what will we play..
Chinki: can we play red hand..
Twinkle: chinki dats a child game….think of something else..
Chinki: oh plzz di i know y r u telling no for dis game…should i tell everyone( chinki said wid a smirk)

Twinke: chinki jus keep quite or else u r gone..
Kunj: areey twinkle y r u denying…i also like dat game..lets play na..
Chinki: kunj bhai i ll tell u y di is telling no…bcoz di is scared of getting hurt…vo uss game me zor se hath par marte hai na so di ko dar lagta hai…hahaha…u know di always try to beat harder but unka naazuk hath lagta hi nai…

Listening to dis all were laughing…
Mahi: offo twinkle kyu dar rai hai…its a game onle..chal ab sidhe sidhe aja..
Kunj: ha twinkle plzz na..( now wud twinkle hav refused to kunj??…so she gave in)
All sat on the floor and then started d game( if anyone dose’nt know wats d game den…in red hand its like all sit in a group and then one keep its palm on the ground the other keep its palm on the first one and like this all keep their palms on each other in an order and then they start from the last hand which is at the down..the one has to remove his hand and then put it back on the upper one but he/she should beat very hardly on the upper hand…and the hand become red by beating…like this all keep on beating)..

So now all plced their hand it was like..shreya(payal’s sister) kept her hand first….chinki kept her hand on shreya’s hand after dat payal on payal’s hand twinkle kept and then kunj suddenly placed his hand on twinkle’s hand twinkle was looking wide eyes open at kunj…atlast mahi was left so she kept her hand on kunj’s…
The game started first shreya removed hwr hand and beat hardly on mahi’s hand…mahi shouted loudly…after dat chinki beat shreya den payal beat chinki…then it was twinkle’s tirn and as usual she beat hard but payal didnt got hurt…?????

And then it was kunj’s turn he lifted his hand and raised it fastly but jus kept it on twinkle’s so dat she didnt get hurt..twinkle looked on…and kunj smiled at her…
In all the rounds kunj was just keeping his hand and nt a single tym he beat twinkle….
After sometime all were tired so they all thought to sleep just then kunj said..
Kunj: heyy girls listen..tmmrrw is sunday…wanna go on d beach..
All girsl got excited and then they decided to go on the beach the next day….
Kunj said gn to all and went to his room..

Mahi twinkle and payal were in one room and chinki and shreya in another room..
In mahi’s room..twinkle had gone to washroom and payal had gone to bring water …twinkle came out of the washroom and saw mahi talking to someone on phn…twinkle asked her who was dat nd mahi said dat it was yuvi..twinkle smiled and sat on the bed thinking abt the moments wid kunj…
Just den payal came and she saw mahi and smiled twinkle saw her and arched her eyebrows payal came and sat next to her and whispered in her ear.
Payal:i know abt her..

Twinkle: what!!! sachi..??
Payal: yeah mahi told me..
Twinkle: ohh…thats nice..
Just den mahi came and told twinkle dat she told payal abt her and yuvi…
Twinkle signed mahi dat shld she tell payal abt her too..
Mahi blinked her eyes assuring her..
Mahi: payal u know twinkle also likes someone..
Payal: what..whose d guy???
Mahi: twinkle batao na..
Twinkle smiled and said “kunj”

Payal looked on and said ” kya kunj…u mean our kunj”
Mahi and twinkle nodded their heads in a yes..
Payal was vry happy abt both…
Later mahi was chatting wid yuvi and payal with her bf..twinkle bechari slept???…

All had gathered at the table for bf..
Twinkle was in kitchen wid usha helping her in making bf..all then sat and ate…
Later manohar went to office and told kunj to take all the girls safely to the beach…
All were going on the beach in the afternoon…
It was an hour left to go at the beach…
All were getting ready…

Twinkle got ready so she went downstairs..she was wearing a loose black shirt tucked in wid faded denims paired wid her brown ballies..
She went down and saw kunj putting his stuff in his bag…twinkle went to him and kept her bag aside on table and saw his stuff…there was towel and extra t-shirt and all..twinkle thought to tease him..
Twinkle: kunj…u forgot something..
Kunj: what??
Twinkle: umm sunscreen…hehehe..
Kunj: ohh plzz..me tum log ki tarah nai hu..

Twinkle: arre tum to bura maan gaye…mene to isiliye kaha..coz i thought ur skin wud get tanned…itne gore jo ho..
Kunj: ohh..i wud take dat as a compliment…but i don need any sunscreen…
Twinkle(not in her senses): well u wud look better if tanned..
Kunj with mouth open and wide eyes: ohh really..
Twinkle realised what she said nd said”vo i was…i was joking” and she went…
Kunj smiled and packed his bag..after sometime all were ready and then all sat in the car and went to the beach…


Precap(if u all want): ON THE BEACH..

Hope u all liked it..if not den i m sorry…
Plzz comment…
Love u all❤❤❤❤❤?????????

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  1. _Manu_

    Nooo diii how can u think that we r not liking ur stry u know i was waiting like anything for ur post everyday i use to think maube today fatimaa di eipl post and finally today u posted but what u have written this i it last epi and u will not post from now noo diii it is my fav ff u know i loveit soooo much becuz it is not imaginatuon its the real stry and this is the best part about ur ff which make me go crazy for ur ff and its ok i understand then u cant pit romance but then also i love this ff a lot and u will not end it its a order from ur little sis ok? And todays epi was just too good awesome loved twinj scenes waiting for the nxt post soon love u but not more then ur ff hehehe just kidding byee

  2. Awesome episode dear
    And don’t u dare to stop this ff
    Who said that we are not liking this ff infact we love this ff
    So don’t stop dear plzzzzzzz
    At least for ur Di plzzzzzzz bangaram
    Love u ????❤❤❤

  3. Sameera

    What’s is this yaar Fatima huh dont u dare discontinue it samjhiiiii next episode jaldi chahiye and this episode was amazing shandaar and jhakassss and red hands awww sooo cute kunj ????….
    Do cont soon (or else I’ll not post my ff too)
    Comment me b black n white mailing ???????…
    Love u ..Bye

  4. Presha

    Didu u cant do this to me….
    Plz continue this…
    Dont stop..

    Its awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Too good…
    Post soon…
    Pl dont stop..

  5. Anshikajainn

    Yrrr it was awesome..

  6. Di what is this you can’t end the ff plz continue for me i am lil sis plsh plsh plsh plsh plsh plshhh……. For your sweetheart so now coming to epi it is awsm love it

  7. Wah wah …very good ….taaliyaan bajaou ??????????bahut accha kar rahe hoo end karke…bekar hai likhna .do you want me to say that haan ????very bad……????you can’t do this…and let me tell you this episode is not the last one….pata hai kab se wait kar rahe hoon ….dekha aap ko samjhane me chakkar mein episode ke baare mein bhool gayi..well amazinggg episode??????.post next soon???OK…..??

  8. Purvi128

    Wah wah.. excellent .. good.. hats off to you. For Ur decision… U should not continue it . Hai na… Ye sunna chahti hai…???
    I won’t talk to you.. hoe could u even think that.. i m soooooooooo angry on you that i want to beat you ????????????? bht gussa aaraha hai mujhe…. I hate you… ????? Wanna beat up blue Nd black… Such mein matlab… Tu aesy soch rahi hai…
    Janti hai kitna pagalon ki tarah wait Kerti Hun me tere ff ka… Or tu end kerny ka bol rahi hai… Such mein matlab . ..I hate u for that…
    I just love Ur ff lyk anything.. becuz it’s a true story. Or me ne romance ka bolA bhi nhii. .. bht buri hai Tu… Please I beg u end mat ker… Plssssssss…
    No i don’t beg u..
    Its an order from Ur Jaan… Samjhi…. Or else… Acha nhi hoga… Warning u… Smjhi??

  9. SidMin23

    Nice do continue

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic epi….plzzz post next part asap…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Hey fatima api what r u saying…..
    U r going to end noooooooooooooooooooooo ??????…… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……??????…. Api i really really wanna read ur ff from the bottom of my heart i am asking u to continuo ur ff bcz its mindblowing…..awesome….i dont even want any romance i just want ur story ur’s and bhai’s real and pure story u dont have any need to put any fictional part i am ok with it…..api plzzzzzz if u really consider me ur little sis then continuo ur ff and dont again think of ending ur ff…..and come to the cmnts i always try to cmnt in ur ff and will always do if i ever miss any epi in future till last epi in which i dont not cmnt u can punish me but plzzzzzzzz dont end this ff? plzzzzZz…..?
    Luv u api soooooooo much??? once again dont end ur ff and come to the today epi it superb and bhai na ap ko hurt nai kiya wow ?? luvd it and i want nxt part asap ….luv u As much as bhai luvs u??….

  12. Hey fatima api what r u saying…..
    U r going to end noooooooooooooooooooooo ??????…… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……??????…. Api i really really wanna read ur ff from the bottom of my heart i am asking u to continuo ur ff bcz its mindblowing…..awesome….i dont even want any romance i just want ur story ur’s and bhai’s real and pure story u dont have any need to put any fictional part i am ok with it…..api plzzzzzz if u really consider me ur little sis then continuo ur ff and dont again think of ending ur ff…..and come to the cmnts i always try to cmnt in ur ff and will always do if i ever miss any epi in future till last epi in which i dont not cmnt u can punish me but plzzzzzzzz dont end this ff? plzzzzZz…..?
    Luv u api soooooooo much??? once again dont end ur ff and come to the today epi it superb and bhai na ap ko hurt nai kiya wow ?? luvd it and i want nxt part asap ….luv u As much as bhai luvs u??….

  13. awesome dii

  14. fabulous

  15. fantastic

  16. cute nd sweet

  17. marvellous

  18. This comment is deleted.

    1. Ramya

      Oh hello shilpa
      Tumhara aur koi kaam nahi hai kya bashh karne ke alawa apne kaam se kaam rakho na n how dare u to say something abt my frnd just ur mouth
      N ha vo sympathy ke liye kuch kar nahi rahi hai she is just saying her feelings
      Aur plsss for God sake sabke ff per bash karna band kardo
      When everyone likes IT den I don’t know what’s d prblm wid u
      Plsss stop bashing others
      N fr ur kind information she writes amazingly so u better don’t interfere n stop using ill language got it

    2. Hey mind ur tongue…u r not allowded to say like that…it’s her real love story…we love it…if u don’t waana read then stay out of it…if u waana read then u r most welcome to read cmt n be a part of our twinj family…u have no rights to discourage anyone did u get that…n who is forcing u…u may leave n for ur kind information she is not trying to get sympathy…Aur inki true luv story ke bare may tum kaun hote ho bolne wale…we love her writing…may be till now u haven’t written anything jab tumare writting pay kaam cmt ahyega tab pata chalega kesa feel hota hae…N mind ur language…

    3. Presha

      Hey issshilpa
      Cut the crap . ok
      If u r not intrested its fine
      But u r knowone to say anythig to di…
      Diduget that..
      Nd know shu ur mouthnd dot to dare say any bullshit to di…

      1. Presha


    4. Fatimaa.

      Heyy shilpa..
      How dare u speak ill about my life..
      Look i donno wat do u all bashers get by doing dis..but mind u dis is not a fictional story its my own..nd d one whom u r telling bullshit…my kunj..he has nt done anything..dont u just dare to say anything abt him…if u want to bash okay den bash me…but not my love and my life(kunj)..
      Just get that in ur cross mind…

      I m srry if i got rude..really srry for dat…but plzz dont do did..u r doing nthing den jus hurting someone

    5. Aashiya

      Ah you are back. Back to show your standard. You know what,u blo*dy people are really unfortunate. God has not given you common sense. If he would have given you that,then you wouldn’t have done such a cheap thing. Can’t you just see the beauty of her writings. Can’t you appreciate others work? You know what,you blo*dy bashers don’t have feelings. Or maybe you are jealous. Because you even in your dreams can’t write so well. U call this a bullshit. You damn idiot,your heart is a bullshit. You are the world’s most mad person in the world. U know why? Because you ain’t got feelings for others.
      Hamare TU ko tum log entertainment stage samajhte ho kya, jab life me adventure ki kami hui,aa gae yahan or apne aap ko entertain karna shuru kar diya. Nd you miss basher,tumhare to har do teen months ka hai ye. Har do teen months ke baad apnI shifty talks karne aa hi jaati ho.
      But you know,we tu people have such a big heart. We are happy wid ur bashing ,bcz we don’t give a damn to your words.We don’t give a damn to you. So do whatever you wanna do. Just take a small advice;go and get a life. Will be better for you .

    6. Oh phir see aa gayi shilpa whatever?????how dare you use offensive language here????I think you need to go to a mental hospital?mad woman……..what is your problem??noo actually you are the only problem here??…….stay in your limits?otherwise you are going to bear the consequences of your stupid folly….take it as a warning……yeh hamare air Fatima dii ke beech ke baat he lafango ko beech apni naak , tang aur kuch bhi adane ki jarurat nahi hai…. Get that and haa ham logon mein itna fellowship aur apnapan hai ki hum hamare dii ke nakhre utha sakee….get that bloddy cheapo??get on straight path…. Sudhar jao…its a friendly advise rather warning and apnee tashreef ka tokra uthao aur yaha hamari Twinj world mein mandraana mat…???

    7. SidMin

      No ones asking your opinion she hasn’t told you to believe her well she does not actually need your opinion or views so it would be better if you stay shut for the rest of the episodes of the ff 🙂 It would be good for all of us you won’t waste time on commenting and we won’t waste our time to prove that you are wrong 🙂
      Well take care … coz you are actually sick 🙂

    8. Amaya_bhardwaj

      Hey Shilpa,
      U blo*dy b*t*h…i know u do such thing just to gain attention…..
      How dare u speak such thing about our Fatima….
      It’s her story who the hell do u even think u are to pass comment on her and to interfare in her personal life…
      Listen u idiot jst stay in your limits….
      Nd I don’t get one thing don’t u have any work other than bashing everyone….
      U have a mental problem and u need a sycatrist girl…..
      Tujhe chudail bulana v chudailo ki bejati hogi…..u are worst then them u kamini….
      JST go to hell u blo*dy idiot…..
      Don’t u dare show ur face again….
      Or else I will scratch your face u b*t*h…..

    9. Shaani

      O halo.. If u don’t like this.. Why the hell u r reading this… Stop ur nonsense n stay away… How the hell u r to tell stop writing to Fatima….. They r so may ppl..who like her writing style n all… So u just stay out of it.. Don’t read this if u don’t like ….. U r an idiot na… If u don’t like her story why r u reading..
      Don’t think much about that comment Fatima… Keep writing

  19. Ramya

    Fatima sweetheart
    It’s just awesome amazing
    Hayee kunj kitna caring hai
    I mean so cute
    N u know hum dono ki ek baat milthi hai mai bhi jab red hands khelti hu na mai kisiko bhi Maru unhe CHOt hi nahi lagta aur mujhe bohat gussa aatta hai n y u thought to end ur ff ha
    I said na I just love ur ff aur tum apne frnd ke liye iss ff ko end mat karona
    Apne frnd ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakto
    Plssxss sont end it I really love dis alot
    Frm start to its so lovely
    N ha us shilpa ko koi importance mat Dena
    Aur uske baatho ka bura tho bilkul nahi
    She is just a girl who knows only to bash

    Aur ff ke baare mai tu tho janti hai
    I loved it
    Love u keep smiling

  20. Hey di
    Just ignore ignore ignore that basher…We love ur writing ur plot…muahhh kya story tha…ufff marhe dala aapki writing ne…saachi mardala aapki writing ne…itna acha kya baat hae aur precap toh mast tha on the beach or if u all want ka matlab kya hae…hum want nai karenge aisa hosakta hae kya never…I was waiting for ur ff aur yaad hoga I had requested u to post it in PM as well as cmt…U wanna stop writing that’s totally unfair may na aab justice paneke liye court may apeal karungi hah…aab jaldi post kariyo warna court ke chakar katne parenge…Post soon di

  21. no it is not true who told we are not liking it it is just that you donot post it we love yours a lot

  22. you shilpa how dare you to say anythi about my di and our jijo you know jijo is not bullshit you are bulshit and don’t you ever dare to talk about my sis and jijo like this or else i will kill you did you get dat if you not want to read my di ff so not read we and our di don’t need need your sympathy now plz don’t cmnt on this ff bcuz we and di don’t need your bl**dy comnts and sorry if i say smthing wrong and you get hurt bcuz i didn’t meanto hurt anyone i said all this bcuz i can’t hear smthing about my di and jijo again sorry

  23. Aashiya

    Hey gummie bear,
    It’s ur chotu baby. First of all,don’t give that shipa a blo*dy damn. Her words are of no importance. She is a mad and psycho.
    And well meri jaan,my life,first give a big smile. A big one for ur chotu baby ? ?
    And a bigger smile for my jeegs,afterall he won’t be happy to see you sad. He would be even more sad na.
    And the epi, I have no words. I an just ???????????????????
    I wish I could write so well. God didn’t give me this skill??? Nd I was just so happy to read this after so long. Thanks for posting it gummie bear. Ur the best sissy in the world. I’m just getting even more crazy for the next. PoSt soon,ur chotu baby is really waiting. And let me just clear 1 more thing,even if gujrat and delhi are distant from each other,chotu baby and gummie bear are always close to each other’sheart. Ain’t this true? Even if I have to shift to another planet, I can’t ever forget you. Bcz you are locked in my heart and I’ve lost the key???????????????
    Nd a warning for you; don’t say again that we are getting far.
    Buhbye gummie bear,
    With all my love,
    – ur chotu baby ?

    1. Fatimaa.

      Love u more❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was just too good …
    Well why will you not continue …. I love your story yaar it’s the sweetest story without the filmy villains
    Loved every bit of it … it just so real … well we all know now one has the serial type loves story and yours is completely different …
    Its really amazing that you felt like sharing your love story with us so don’t you want to continue it ???
    Love you post soon 🙂

  25. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey Fatima
    Doll don’t pay attention to those bashers …………
    Amazing epi yrr
    Do continue
    LOVE u???

  26. Baby

    fatimaa diiii………
    plsssssssss don’t stop writing dis kaali naagin wont stop dis utter nonsense…….
    plsssssssss………………….well srsly luvd it it was beautiful episode….
    too cute wow red hand n jiju nt hitting u hard……..
    haye how sweet☺☺
    loved it…………♥ love u lods………..♥
    n meeee………..I literally cant w8 for d beach mastiiii……..☺
    post nxt asap diii………………………♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Fatimaa.

      Next 2 episodes already posted baby☺☺☺☺

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