I really love you (a Twinj story) – CHAPTER 6

Heyya everyone….
Glad that u all enjoyed the previous episode..
Thnks those who commented and silent readers too….
Soo here is the 6th episode…

It was morning….
Today was the second day of the trip…
Leela rt manohar and usha were ready as
they had different rooms…
In another room…mahi had gone for shower….kunj was banging bathroom’s door to tell mahi to come outside fast????…twinkle was ready nd watching kunj…(haha yaar bada cute dikh raha mera kunj….mahi par itna chilla raha tha….????)
Chinki nd payal were talking…
Mahi came finally nd then kunj went to bath cursing mahi under breath..hehehe

Sometime later all were ready nd then went down to have breakfast…
All had bf…nd then went to see udaipur….
All went nd sat in d car nd went to udaipur mahal…
When they reached there…
Kunj called everyone for a group selfie…
Twinkle was standing beside kunj…she was very happy….(afterall pehi selfie thi ??)…
Then all went to see mahal…

Sorry guyzz for short update..
Bzy in studies…
Next wala long hoga pakka…
Plzz comment karna..
Love u all❤❤❤

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    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks kiya..
      Love uh

  1. Presha

    hey fathima awesome but it was too short

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy presha thnks dear..
      Srry yaar studies me bzy thi so i cudnt give long one….but next one will long…
      Love u dear

  2. Sohi

    Fabulous and cute

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks sohi dear..
      Love uh

  3. Paavu

    nic short epi bt yrr itna shrt ye shhuru hone se prhle hi khatam

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy paavu thnk u dear..
      Next one long post karungi…
      Love uh

  4. Simiyy

    Hey Fatimaa
    It was really cute but short
    If you dont mind me asking how old were you when you met your kunj for the first time?
    You dont have to answer it if your not comfortable
    Anyway Post Soon
    Take Care
    Loads of Love

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy simiyy…thanks dear..
      Nd yeah i was 17 wen i met my kunj….
      Love uh dear

  5. Episodee chotuu tha par cutee that????
    Post next soon and long????

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks cp….
      Srry for short one….i ll post nxt one really fast nd dat too long…
      Love uh

  6. Episode was short but amazing…..jyst loved it…
    Post soon..
    Luv u…..

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy adeeba..
      Thnks dear…
      Love uh

  7. Chiku

    Wohoo. Its sooo sweet. Lovely. Loved it❤️❤️??❤️
    Post soon love u

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks chiku…
      Love uh dear

  8. Mia12

    He he fatima just lovely episode,,?? its OK its short,,☺☺ n u told na that ur giving long epi in next time so its ok my cuteii,,☺☺☺ well update soonish OK..??
    Love you,,muaah..??

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy mia…
      Thnks dear…
      I promise nxt one will b long…
      Love uh

  9. Sameera

    Hayee again cuteness loved it too cute post next soon ????

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnx sameera..
      I ll post soon…
      Love uh

  10. It was an awesome episode but it was little short

    1. Fatimaa.

      Hey arju..
      Thnks dear…srry for short epi..
      I ll post nxt one long..
      Lov u

  11. Aashiya

    Hey fati di,
    umm this chotu sa epi was too cute….
    jiju nd u in d selfie?????????
    such a Cute love story (ye to mai roz bolti hu???)
    nd jiju banging d door for mahi to cm out was epic…..
    I don’t have problem wid short epI. .coz what matters is dat though u were busy ,u posted…..
    Love u dher saara????????
    – ur chotu baby ?????

  12. Fatimaa.

    Ohh thnx my chhotu baby….
    Love u for sweet comment…
    I ll post asap

  13. Fatima it was nice

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks nishu di

  14. Di it’s nice but too short 🙁

  15. Or kitna maza aya jiju ka sath during first selfie bada maza aya hoga ha na batao na or wo bhi side by side

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks lovey…
      Yah maza aya tha selfie lene me…
      Love uh

  16. Phir kab dikha rahi hain jijo ki pic

    1. Fatimaa.

      Patience darling…..jaldi bataungi…

  17. too..cute..lovly..update

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnx maha..
      Love uh

  18. Aamna_2690

    Oohoo… jiju key saath first selfie??episode was too cute??loved it❤❤Though it was short but chalta hai…studies r more important☺☺post next one soon ??
    Loads of love ??

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks aamna….
      So sweet of uh?????…
      Love uh dear

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks sidmin23…
      Love u

  19. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    Aur jiju ke saath I mean ur kunj ke saath pehle selfie
    How was d feeling dear
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnx ramya..
      Nd yah i felt really happy for d first selfie…
      Love uh

  20. SidMin

    Aww Just Loved it 🙂 Post soon can’t wait for the next episode 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing cute

  22. Baby

    Ohhh god fatima dear luvd it sooo mch srsly too cute…. 🙂
    Lods of love ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆

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