I really love you (a Twinj story) – CHAPTER 2

Hello guyzzz…
I m here wid my 2nd episode….
Thank you all those who commented and all d silent readers….
I m glad dat u all r loving the track…..

Soo here is the episode.

All were starting for d journey….
There were two cars….manohar was driving one and other one was by rt…

All 3 girls were with rt and leela…and yuvi was wid manohar as one cousin ws der with him…

The car journey was really good especially for mahi and twinkle…as they were of same age and they had developed a vry good bond…
Everyone reached delhi….
And went to the hotel where they were staying….one roon was fr rt nd leela one fr manohar and usha…and one for 3 girls and a last one for yuvi and his cousin…
Mahi and yuvi were attracting towrds each other….the first day everyone decided to stay at hotel..coz all were tired so they decided to go nxt dat for sight seeing….
Twinkle and mahi bcame vry good frnds and they started sharing everything wid each other….

This way they all enjoyed for 5 days in delhi and in this 5 days usha had liked twinkle a lot….
The 5 days ended and now they all returned back to amritsar…first they all went to sarna mansion….and there everyone bids bye to each other…mahi nd twinkle were sad…especially mahi as she had started liking yuvi…yuvi also was somewhat disheartened….bt asusual boys r boys so he didnt mind….while taneja’s were leaving….usha nd manahor said to rt nd leela that they send twinkle nd chinki to stay at sarna mansion during their vacations….
This way taneja’s also left by bidding them bye….
Now again everything was back to normal…


Twinkle and chinki’s vacation had started so they both were going to sarna mansion for few days….
Manohar came to pick them up and later they all went to sarna mansion…
At sarna mansion there were only manohar usha and mahi as kunj had gone for camping for a month…
Twinkle and chinki came and stayed at sarna mansion….usha loved them like her own daughters and was liking twinkle…
At night in girsl room chinki was quite asleep….as it was 12 am…
Mahi nd twinkle were still awake as they were talking….
During their talks….mahi many times asked twinkle about yuvi….twinkle thought that maybe mahi likes yuvi..but she brushed off her thoughts….
And during this time twinkle got to know dat mahi has a brother kunj..????

This way few days passes and now mahi goes to stay at taneja house….
She was excited and happy….
They all came to taneja mansion and mahi ws happy to see yuvi after soo many days….this way all enjoyed together…yuvi many times took the girls out for having chats and movies..nd all..
Mahi was now in love with yuvi……

This way few days passed nd now mahi also had to return…to sarna house….she was sad bt she had to go….
This way vacations also got over and alll was again normal…


It was january going on…
At taneja house….
All were sitting together at the dining table for brkfast…..
And then rt said..
Rt: everyone listen…we r going to paniar at my frnds house in february….as there is his son’s and daughter’s marriage…
And sarna’s r also coming….
And beta yuvi dis time you need to stay here as there is no one to look after in the office….i hope u understand…
Yuvi: no its completely alright dad…u all go nd enjoy i will take care over here…
Rt:thnks beta..
Yuvi: ohho dad plzz dnt say thnks now…

Twinkle: papa for how many days r we going….
Rt: 3 to 4 days..
Twinkle :Mamma we need to go shopping…i wanna buy new clothes for the wedding…
Yuvi: ye lo abhi bola nahi ki shaadi hai aur inko shopping yaad aa gayi..
Twinkle: oh please bhai….its our birthright to do shopping….haina papa..
Rt: hahaha yes yes..


Soo guyzz this was my second episode…sorry i didnt showed the trip in detail and no twinj scenes….but kya karu real life me bhi aisa hi tha…..and yes i wanted to tell u all dat whatever i wrote is alk true and is actually happened and yeah i showed everything fast forward….
But next episode me pakka kunj entry…..
Plzz keep commenting….
Love u all❤❤❤❤❤

Precap: kunj’s entry… twinj meet…..many more….

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar Fatima loved it too cute yaar hawwww eagerly waiting for kunj entry muahhh loved the epi ???? Twinj and yuhi both are together now ???
    Love u do cont soon …

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank u soo much sameera……
      And yeah twinj r together but yuhi are not….jaldi pata chal jayega…
      Keep commenting love u

  2. Hey fatimaa nice ? ❤??post soon as fast possible

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank u soo much kiya…
      Love u

  3. Sohi

    Episode was good
    Yuhi’s love story was sweet
    Do continue

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank you sohi..
      So sweet of u…
      Love u

  4. Hey fatima glad u posted so soon but yrrr true story interesting but in nxt part i won’t be able to comment bcoz my exms r going on…but now i got time…fantastic fabulous

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy adeeba…
      Thnks for commenting…
      I m happy dat u liked it..
      And yah i can understand dat exams r there….its ok but do give it a read….
      All the best for ur exams…
      Love uh dear

  5. Paavu

    yrr tere kunj ne bhi tuhe kitna wait karaya sach mein yeh ishq hai jo milta ji badi mushkil se hai and ya yrr tune kha na ki read dat 6 no need to read bcz main kabhi yeh stry bhool nahi payi it touched me

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy pavvu…thank u soo much….
      Tumhare comment padhke mere face pe 440 volt wali smile thi…and yeah ye kunj ne bohot wait karaya tha yaar….aur bhaav bhi bohot khaya tha….?????…
      Love uh dear

      1. Paavu

        bhaav khaya tha haww yrr tere wala kunj boht bhaav khaya ye opp hi hai srry srry kuch nahi nthng

      2. Fatimaa.

        Yaar i didnt understand opp..
        Kuch samjhao dear

  6. Chiku

    Wowww!! Its nice. Lovely❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Finally next episode mien hogi love story ki shurwaat???
    Post sooon
    Loads of love❤️

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy chiku…
      Thank u so much…..
      Love uh dear

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank u purnima…
      Love u

  8. Awesome fatimaa….
    Post soon….

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thank u sana….
      Love uh

  9. Presha

    Hey fathima awesome just loved it.. Bahut wait karaya yaar kunj ne… But waiting for his entry

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy presha…
      Truely bohot wait karaya….abhi to aur bhi hai tab dekhna ki maine kis had tak wait kiya tha…????…
      Thnks for commnting..
      Love u

  10. SidMin23

    It was nice and frankly love story will be shown from next episode as twinj meeting and of course kunj entry

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks sidmin23…..
      Love uh dear

  11. Baby

    Ohhh god fatimaa loved it…yaar 1 saal tak humare twinj mile hi nhi the ek dusre se….vry nice n lovely episode atleast enjoyed wid mahi n twinkle n chinki ka kya hua voh akele akele maze krti hai kya…..well loved d episode….post nxt soon..dear too cute…
    Lods of love ☆★♡♥☆★♡♥

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyya baby….thank u soo much…
      Ha yaar mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki kunj jaisa koi insaan bhi hai….voh to mahi ki meherbaani ki usne bata diya???….
      Aur milne ke baad bhi bohot bhaav khaya hai kunj ne…..
      I ll post soon….
      Love uh❤

      1. Baby

        Hahahhaaa well I will enjoy reading d bhaav khaane wala part kunj ka hahahahaa…. 🙂

  12. Ramya

    Awesome Fatima
    U r rocking dwar
    Story is so cute n I’m waiting specially fr ur one I don’t know y but I’m liking it a lot
    N does ur bro also handles office is great
    N u have great bond
    Love u keep smiling

  13. Fatimaa.

    Thank u soo much for ur lovely comment…
    Yah my bro handles office during my fathers absence….study k sath help bhi karta hai…
    Thnks again…
    Love u too dear???❤❤

  14. SidMin

    Loved it … Awesome …
    The story is so sweet and cute ek dam like fairy tales ….
    waiting for Kunj’s entry ….
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Fatimaa.

      thanks for the lovely comment dear…
      glad dat u liked it….
      love u too

  15. awsm..loved..it

    1. Fatimaa.

      Thnks maha..
      Love u dear

  16. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Fatimaa,
    I was silent reader of ur FF…i am really very very sorry for not commenting on ur previous part and CS….I have been busy with my cousin’s engagement from 2 days so couldNT comment or read any ff… Sorry for commenting late too…..I hope you will forgive me for it ( fingers crossed)….
    Coming to ur episode dear it was amazing superb lovely…Ur FF it’s tooooo cuteee & lovely.. I don’t believe yrr u are writing ur real life love story that’s Soo cuteee…
    So basically you are tw and who is ur KUNJ yrr??
    Are u guys together now??..So yuhi and Twinj are couple in ur FF….???
    Well u didn’t meet ur KUNJ in first trip and vacation too….So our real Twinj didn’t meet for one whole year….Hayee ur KUNJ babu really made u wait soo long nai…..Hehehe
    Twhi bonding is awesome…
    I m really loving ur FF….Post next one soon
    Loveeeeeeeee uuuuuu ???????????????????

  17. Fatimaa.

    Heyy amaya…..
    Thank you soo much my dear for commenting…and its ok i understand….so u need not to be sorry for not commenting on my previous one….n m glad dat u liked my story…????
    And coming to ur questions….
    Yeah i m twinkle….nd my kunj is …..i ll tell u soon….
    And yess we r together now too…
    And yes twinj i mean me and kunj r together now also but yuhi r not….dey were together…but….i ll tell in my story….
    Soo dear plzz keep commenting…..
    Love yoy tooooo……❤❤❤❤❤????❤❤❤????

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