I really love you (a twinj story) chapter 12

Heyya everyone…
Firstly i m so sorry for not posting these days…aaj bio ka paper khatam ho gaya..ab sirf ek baaki hai…
Well so thank u all so soo much for commenting on my previous episode and also on my os..i was overwhelmed by your comments..thank u soo much…

Before episode on request of Aamu here is the summary of my ff till now…

The story starts with…rt and manohar are good friends and they decides to go on a trip together..for the first time…twinkle chinki and yuvi are sibblings and mahi and kunj are sibblings…on first trip kunj dosent come…on this trip yuvi and mahi gets attracted towards each other….after they return..there is a leap of a year and then both families goes to a wedding together ….there for the first time twinkle and kunj meet…twinkle falls for kunj during the wedding….but kunjs feelings are unknown….after a month rt and monohar decides to go on trip this year too..kunj was coming this time but yuvi was not….on the trip twinj becomes good friends….

twinkle gets to know that kunj and mahi fights a lot….the trip too gets over and then all return back to amritsar….after a week there was leela and rt’s anniversary and it is also known that kunj too loves twinkle…they all go for dinner on their anniversary…sarnas also come…and while returning mahi comes at taneja mansion for vacations….at night both mahi and twinkle tells each other that they both likes each other’s brothers and twinkle tells mahi that she wud ask yuvi about her……..(hope u understood)..

Episode 12


It was morning…all the 3 girls wake up and gets ready and goes down for breakfast…while going down yuvi also comes and mahi and yuvi passes a smile to each other…twinkle sees this and winks at mahi????…

All together have breakfast and then rt tells uv that…
Rt: yuvi beta just now u have to come with me to our office…some work is pending so i need ur help..
Yuvi: yah dad we lk go after breakfast..
Listening this mahi and twinkle’s face fell…
After breakfast yuvi went with rt and leela and chinki had gone to the neighbours house…
At home..twinkle and mahi were talking..
Mahi: yaar twinkle yuvi to chala gaya..ab
Twinkle: dont wrry mahi bhai will come till afternoon…i ll talk to him today only…
Mahi: pakka na..
Twinkle: arre ha yaar…tension mat le..
Just then twinkle’s phone beeped…twinkle took her phone and had a bright smile on her face…it was kunj’s message..
Kunj: hi.

Twinkle: hii.
Kunj: what u doing??
Twinkle: jus had bf and now was jus talking wid mahi..
Kunj: u all must b having fun na…and see i m here all alone???
Twinkle: ohh to tum bhi aa jao na….
Kunj: no yaar i cant come…my extra classes are going on…

Twinkle: ohh…so sad
Kunj: koi nai…extra classes are till this saturday only..then i have holidays..
Twinkle: oh this saturday….i m coming to ur house for staying..
Kunj: ohh dats nice( man me toh laddoo phut rahe the???)
Twinkle: achha ttyl…i have some work..
Kunj: okay bye..

Twinkle: bye…
Mahi asked twinkle that wat was she doing from sometime…
Twinkle showed mahi her phone and it showed her chat wid kunj..
Mahi: wah lage raho….
Twinkle: haha so funny…yaar i dnt think ur bro likes me…actually he is very confusing…uske man me kya hai kuch pata hi nai chalta..
Mahi: i know kunj bhai k do teen dhile hai..
Twinkle: mahi not again..
Mahi: oh achha srry….srry bhabhi….hahaha
Twinkle: ruk tu yuvi bhai ko ane de fir dikhati hu tuje….

Mahi: achha leave all dat….leela aunty wud b cming..
Twinkle: ha thik hai chal..
After sometime….it was afternoon…leela twinkle chinki and mahi were waiting for rt and yuvi to come for lunch..just then rt came….yuvi was not seen…mahi signed twinkle so she asked..
Twinkle: dad where is bhai..
Rt: vo yuvi got his frnds call..so he has gone wid them…lunch karke hi ayega.
Twinkle: oh okay..
Mahi sadly sat with all and all had lunch…(yaar uss din ka to timing hi kharab tha….bhai par itna gussa aa raha tha ki puchho hi mat)…

After lunch…twinkle told mahi ad chinki that they wud watch a movie as mahi’ mood was off..
The trio sat in the room and watched movie..after sometime they slept…

It was evening…the girls woke up…
Mahi: twinkle look its 5 pm….yuvi might have come…
Twinkle: ha lemme see..
Twinkle went downstairs and saw yuvi in the hall…she signed mahi that she is going to yuvi as he was alone…twinkle went near yuvi and sat beside him..
Twinkle: heyy bhai
Yuvi: ha…
Twinkle: voh bhai i wanna ask u something…
Yuvi: ha bol
Twinkle: bhai do u like mahi???
Yuvi: what..
Twinkle: dont act shocked…i know u like her…u just confirm it…
Yuvi: but y r u asking jus now..
Twinkle: b coz mahi loves u…soo i m asking u..
Yuvi: kya…really…she likes me..

Twinkle: ha….now come to ground and tell me ur ans..
Yuvi: ha yaar i like her ofcourse…
Twinkle: ok fine…so ab i will go and tell her..
Yuvi: wait twinkle..tell mahi to msg me i wanna talk to her..
Twinkle: ohk..
Twinkle went in the room and told mahi…magi was on cloud nine…after that she msged yuvi
And they both said i love you to each other…(yaar ye chat pata nai..mahi ne nahi dikhaya tha…sirf itna pata tha i love u bola tha dono ne)…

After this at night all were present at dining table for dinner…at the table…yuvi and mahi were seeing each other and smiling…
Twinkle’s self talk: yaar yeh dono to marvayenge…ese dekh rahe hai ek dusre ko jaise aaj khane bajaye ek dusre ko kha jayenge??..agar mom dad ne dekh liya to lene k dene pad jayenge…

Finally dinner got over and then twinkle sighed of relief????..
And then all went to their rooms…
In the room…mahi was chatting wid yuvi…twinkle and chinki were watching movie…after sometime they both slept..but mahi was still talking to yuvi…


Precap: some fun…and twinkle going to stay at sarna mansion ?????

Hope u all liked it…plzz do comment..
Love u all❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. Sohi

    Aww di kya setting ki apne
    Is really jiju confusing?
    Waiting for more twinj scenes
    Do continue and post soon

  2. Simiyy

    Hey dear
    It was really cute
    Post soon

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous funny epi

  4. Sameera

    Awwww yaar sachiii sooo cute episode
    Ye kunj b nah ????…
    Excited for next one …
    Do cont soon …

  5. SidMin23

    It was nice and do post soon.

  6. Presha

    So sweet kya setting krwayi aapne jake sidha bol diya bhai kahi loves u??

    Di is jiju really confusing.. Do tell ha??
    I just loved it… ??
    Amazing.. ??
    Love u… ???

  7. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb
    Fatima lovely
    I mean u have asked directly u both bro sis share great bond
    N so sad dear jiju is so confusing for u
    Awesome episode
    Love u keep smiling

  8. Amaazzziinggg ????woh Wala line ki jigs ke do teen dhile hain?????sabse mazaedar tha…..Post next soon ??

  9. Oh god fama aap logo ki luv story na kisi film se kaam nai.Jhakas tha aaj ka epi. Finally yuhi ki setting mil he gayi. Man may laddo futa.Seriously mujhe yeh line sunke hashi aagayi kyu pata nai.Aur kya kahu the epi was awesome amazing fab mindblowing.Precap ne toh intazaar bada diya.God di u r just too gud.
    Post soon…

    Loads of love

  10. Aww mari piyari piyari di di epi is awsm i have no words to tell how is epi beyond my words wah di kia setting karvaiya love it

  11. SidMin

    Aww So you were the match maker for your brother set karde Unke Love story Wah ji wah 🙂
    Loved it 🙂
    Love you Post soon 🙂

  12. Api epi was mindblowing….
    Ur and ur kunj chat….
    And ur brother and mahi setting uff yr it was too much awesome….and ur going to meet ur kunj excited for nxt….
    Luvd each and every part of it….
    Bcz i luv u and ur story….
    And api i wanna tell u something….secret…luv u and post nxt asap….. Plzzzzz

  13. Bangaram sry for late comment
    Episode was awesome
    Loved it

  14. _Manu_

    Yehhhh fatima di kya auperb setting krvai h very excited for yhe nxt epi tw will sray at sarna masin yes yes plz post asap cant wait

  15. Purvi128

    Ayy hayyy jaan….. Matlab kya epi tha… jhakkas… mindblowing…. superb… excellent… yarr? Amazing… yarr matlab mere pass words nhi hain… ???? sweetheart.. meri jaan kya likha hai tu ne… teri love story toh bht interesting hai… hayeee yuhi ki setting ?? .. too cute.. nd twinj’s talks… nd the precap is so interesting… yarrr ??? waiting eagerly for it….
    Plsss meri jaan next kal post ker dy.. plsssss… i request u…
    Love u loads ????❤❤?❤ jaan

  16. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Fatima,
    Amazing epi dear….
    Aakhir tmne apne Bhai or mahi ki setting krwa hi di…. Too good

    Jiju saachi m itne hi confusing h Kya yrr…
    Sorry late cmmt KRNE k lite….Wo tmhe TOH PTA hi h aaj m bsy thi…Tym no Mila yrr….
    Post soon
    Love you

  17. Baby

    ohhhh god fatimaa di…. aapki love story kitni cute hai….. ☺
    jst like a firytale as I said before…….☺
    loved it soooo cute finally yuhi are together…..☺
    loved it…lods of love….☺

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