I really love you SSEK OS – happy b’day radha dii

Wish you a very happy b’day radha dii
You had supported my each ff , os and few shots thank you for your support
Its a short os by my side for you
Hope you like it

St.marry college , mumbai

Yuvraj is talking with his friends
Nikhil – hey yuvraj you won we gave you a dare to make suhani shrivastav fall in love with you and you really did it
Yuvraj – yes nikhil i completed my dare
And nikhil, yash and yuvraj laughs

Suhani who was listening all this was very hurt and left from there quickly

Yuvraj – but yaar i really fell in love with her i dont know how but she is really good
Nikhil – congrats bro
Yash – yeah congrats bro
Yuvraj smiles

Yuvraj was searching for suhani as he hadnt saw her since morning
He sees her frnd pihu
He runs to her
Yuvraj – hey pihu did you saw suhani ?
Pihu – yaa she came to college but i saw that she left the college in break time yuvraj she was crying badly anything happend btwn you ?
Yuvraj – no pihu anyways i will see her . I will catch you later

Yuvraj pov…
Where is suhani ?? Did she heard my half conversation with yash and nikhil… yaa may be
Ohh now where i will find her ??
End of pov…

Yuvraj runs to parking area of his college, takes his car and leaves for searching suhani

He was really very worried about suhani
He was now outside the city

Where he saw suhani walking on the road in her own thoughts
He stopped his car and went to her
He just hugged her tightly but suhani didnt huged him back
Yuvraj – where were you i was so worried for you
Suhani broke the hug
Suhani – no need of this drama anymore yuvraj i know it was just your dare to make me fall in love with you
Yuvraj – yaa it was a dare…
Suhani started leaving
Yuvraj ran behind her
Yuvraj – hey just wait let me complete
Suhani – i said naa no need
Yuvraj – yeah it was a dare

Suhani – i know yuvraj now can you plz leave me alone( sternly)
Yuvraj – no i will never leave you alone
Suhani – just go to hell
Yuvraj – come with me in hell i will live there also
Suhani – plz shut you dont love me and i know that now plz or else…
She felt to arms on her
Yuvraj just pulled her and kissed her on her lips
Suhani tried to push him but it was not easy
After few minutes
Yuvraj – it was a dare but i really fell in love with you i really love you
Suhani looked in his eyes and felt that he was right
She hugged him tightly
Suhani – i love you too
Yuvraj hugged her tightly
Yuvraj – thank you for coming in my life

YuvAni smiles

Sorry guys because of my studies i didnt gave a long os but next time i will try
Plz share your birthdates with me

Once again happy birthday radha dii

Bye and plz drop your comments..

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  1. awesome os avani…. nd happy birthday radha di…
    u asking for birthday so 16 august is my birthday…

  2. super os i like it very much …..happy birthday radha and my birthday 14 july

  3. Nice one avani..It is amazing like ur other works..Happy birthday radha di..May god bless u..
    My birthday is 1st february.When is ur birthday avani?

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and my birthdate is 29 september

  4. Yuvani

    You are so sweet avni, you gave amazing gift ti radha sis, os is so sweet,.just loved it…
    My birthday is on feb 24, when is yours?
    Happy birthday radha sis

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and my birthdate is 29 september

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    amazing os….16th july is my bdy date

  6. Loved it Avani sis!!..amazing bday gift!!..happy bday radha sis..15th august is my bday..let me know urs

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and my birthdate is 29 september

  7. Srilakshmi-Sri

    You gave a wonderful gift avni to radha sis… really its awsome… mine birthday is sept-15 and your’s also i think same month.
    Radha sis many more happy returns of day and i wish god to fullfill all wishs.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and my birthday comes on 29 september

  8. superb u r so nice.. my bday s on 31 dec

  9. os is super cute and my birthday is 2 nov

  10. Wooo short heee lekin kamal heee…..sach superb thii..28 Nov mere birthday

  11. Thank u sooooooooooooooooo much avani sis and thaq u guys.i am very happy.luv u avani dear.ff is short and sweet.but pls try to all ur other ffs whenever u find time.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and love you too sis

  12. Once again thank u soooodear.all d best fr ur studies

    1. NAPSHa J

      happy belated birthday radha.. 🙂

  13. NAPSHa J

    it was cute.. my bday is on 13th sep..

    1. Thank you

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