Does she really love me? episode 9

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Third person POV…

Lucky was full of anger, ? he was burning? in jealousy seeing morning scene. But still he had hope from his evil plan. Might be Mr Gadodia could separate them. After yesterday’s incident Swara was also not receiving his calls.

“Shona, I know u r angry with me, but at last u have to come to me. Because my love is pure than Sanskar’s.”

He was lost in his own thoughts. Suddenly everyone got up. Lucky noticed that everyone was apologizing to Swara. Even the Owner of the company was also guilty.

“Swara, we r really sorry. Please give us a chance. Please.”

“It’s Ok sir, if my father could mistrust me than Y would I blame u. I’m not angry. I came here to do work.”

Lucky got relived. Now he could be near her. Swara directly went inside her cabin.

“Hmm, welcome back Swara. I think I should inform Sanskar. But What I’ll tell him. He might be busy.” She made a pout. “But I’m missing him. It just 2 hour before I saw him.”

She took her mobile and saw Sanskar’s pic. “See what u have did to me, after marriage my love for you increased more, don’t know what will happen after tonight.” She started blushing. She kissed on his pic. “Love u my Sanku.”

“Ahem ahem.” Swara found Ragini was smiling seeing this. “Ohoooo, Shona what will happen tonight.”

“Nothing Ragu. Tonight we r shifting to our home, nothing else.”

Ragini came towards her. “Many things can happen in Night. I mean u and Sanky…”

“Y u came here?”

“Ya, Shona where is ur sindoor (vermilion.) U r married now.”

“Yesterday so many things happened and we forgot about it. U don’t worry I’ll buy it.”

“Ya, buy it. It’s very necessary because it keeps u near ur hubby else other girls can snatch him.”

In a house, almost in the forest. It was noon time. Some love making sounds were coming from a room. Room was dark as all windows were closed. Kavita was making love with a guy.

“It’s feels too good with u.” He kissed on her lips.

“Kavi, u r just awesome. I wish I could love u full day, full night.”

“But where were u last night. Since two three days u r ignoring me.”

“No kavi, how could I ignore u. I love u dear.”

“But we rearly talk. I mean u just come then make love then left. I want to spend time with u. I did whatever u said. I really love. Please marry me. Yesterday I went to talk AP aunty about us.”

He got up. “What? R u stupid or what How could u do this without informing me.”

“Relax, I didn’t said anything. As you were not in home. Where were u?”

“I was out of station, some important work. Now I have to go… Kavi.”

“OK but please next time when we will come here u please throw this stupid clock. I hate it’s sound.”

“Anything for u.” Kavita left.

“This kavita is getting into my nerves. I need to do some permanent solution. Before anyone could get to know the reality. Now go back to mission. I just want money for my business. I’m coming Swara.”

In the office.

Swara was tense. She was continuously calling Sanskar.

“Where r u Sanskar? I hope u r fine.”

Ragini knocked on door. “Swara boss is calling u.”

“I’m coming.”

In boss cabin.

“Swara, u and Sahil r going to Goa for covering a story.”

“What sir I mean me and Sahil. He is not here?.”

“I’m here. Sir sorry for being late. I have collected all information regarding it.”

“But sir.” Swara tried to deny.

“No if no but u both have to go today.” He left

*How could I go there. Today is very special day for us.* Swara thought a solution.

“Sahil, I don’t want to go… Please go with Ragini.”

“But Swara…”

“Please… I’m requesting u.”?? so finally she convinced him.

In the evening Sanskar came to meet Swara. Swara was sitting near window, looking outside. She was feeling bored in the office. She was lost in her own thoughts. Sanskar came inside and hugged her from back.

” Sanku, u came.”

“Yup, but where r u lost Shona.”

“Nothing, let’s go…”

They left. Swara took her luggage from her house.

“U take care of yourself Tanu.”

“U take care of my Sanskar.” Sanskar gave weird look to her. Tanya moved towards Sanskar. “Sanky I love u. I know u love Swara but I wanted to confess this. All I want is ur happiness.” She hugged him. “Please don’t forget me. If u ever in ur life need my help just call me at once.” She looked towards Swara. “I’ll not suspect on u like others.”

“Swara, I think we should leave. Come shona.” He took a pause. “And yes Tanya, I need not ur help because I know my love will not leave me. I respect ur feelings. Take care.”

They came outside. But Shekhar was standing there. He noticed the luggage.

“Swara, where r u going?”

“Baba, I don’t want to talk to u.”

“R u both… live-in. Shona how could u. I trust u.” He snached the luggage from Sanskar’s hand. “I know ur intension. But I’m not stupid like Swara.” He told them about the news. “U think through my daughter u will get money. But u r worng.” He slapped him. “blo*dy womanizer.”

“Baba.” Shouted on Shekhar. “I respect u it doesn’t me I will listen anything about my husband.”

Shekhar became shocked. “Husband, u both married…”

Swara took her luggage. “Please leave our way. I know u won’t give us blessings. So please? let us go. I don’t need ur fake concern. Baba how u think I’ll live with any guy without any relation.” She hold Sanskar’s hand. “Now he is my life.”

They left.

Nikhil came in office to meet Swara but she wasn’t there.

“She is not here…” Lucky said.

“Where is she? With Sanskar.”

“No, my colleagues said that boss send Swara Goa with Sahil for some story.” Lucky looked towards him. “Why r u asking about her?”

“I got a clue regarding that rapist.”

“Oh.” Lucky left.

“What is this? How Swara can go I mean today is Sanskar and she. Don’t know what is happening.” He too left.

Sanskar was driving the car.? They entered in the forest area. It was dark also. Swara was looking outside.

“Sanskar, where r u taking me? I mean forest.”

“R u afraid?”

“No, it’s quite far from the city.”

“Swara dear once you will see the house u will surely love it.”

She placed her head on his shoulder. “I’m excited.”

“Excited for house or something else.”

“What do u mean? Off course for home. Nothing else.”

“R u sure.” He again asked.

“200℅ sure Mr Maheshwari.”

He just smiled. “Here we are.”

They stopped near a house. Swara looked towards name plate. Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.

“I think we should change it.” He whispered near her ear. He gave her new nameplate. “How’s it Mrs Maheshwari.”

“Miss Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Sanskar it’s beautiful.” He kissed on her cheeks.

“So placed it at its right place.” They together changed it.

The house consisted of a small garden, with beautiful flowers. Swara was admiring the beauty of house. Sanskar unlocked the door. “After u my lady.”

“Ok my hubby.”

As she forwarded her leg and placed it on floor she felt something soft. Suddenly the light the light on and flowers falls on her. And the whole path was filled with rose petals…

“Sanskar u did this it’s so beautiful.” He saw glint in her eyes.

“If know u will like it then I would surely do this.”

“U didn’t.”

“No Swara, actually I told Nikhil to make house ready I think he did this.”

“He is so sweet. He always helps us.”

“Ya, but forget him. He kept the luggage a side and picked her up in his arms. “Now I’ll show u my no our house.” He was busy in narrating the hole description of the house. “Not only this there is a swimming pool in the backyard. So how’s our house.”

“Firstly it’s not house it’s our home.” She kissed on his cheek. “It’s so beautiful Sanku.”

“So now let’s move to the main part of our house.”

“Main part.” She asked.

“Yup, our bedroom.” She blushed and hided herself in his chest. He picked her to the room. “Stay here I’ll bring our luggage.” He left.

Swara looked around the room. Then stood near the mirror. The she found. “Vermilion is missing. And I forgot to tell Sanskar about it.”

Sanskar came behind her. And kept his chin on her shoulder and hugged her tightly. “What r u thinking Shona? Don’t think about others.” He turned her. And cupped her face. “Just focus on me.”

“But I…”

He kept finger on her lips. “Sssh, tonight these lips only kiss me. They will only took my name nothing else.” He smooched on cheeks. And guided his hands on her waist. “I want this night memorable for us Swara.” He moved forward to kiss her.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star…” Clock sounded.

Swara became shocked. She stopped Sanskar.

“What happened Swara? We r married now.”

“Sanskar this clock. I mean from where u bought. Did anyone else u know have this watch.”

“Swara, what’s the matter? This is the only one piece. Papa bought this for me from US.” He cupped her face. “Leave this watch Swara.” He was about to kiss her.

“No Sanskar, I’m not feeling good in this room. Don’t know I’m feeling restless because of this watch. There something weired in this room.”

“So this room is ur problem. Ok then.” He hold her hand and took her outside the room. She knew he was damm angry.

“Sanskar, I’m sorry woh I.” He was not saying anything. He took her inside another room. “Sanskar listen…”

“Swara… See now no clock in this room. Is it OK now for u… Or else…” Then he realised his cold tone. He calmed himself. He cupped her face. “I love u. Please don’t do this. If u don’t want this then, I promise I’ll not touch u till my whole life.”

“No Sanskar…”

“Let me complete Swara. This night is special for me. I have waited for u a long. But it seems u r not interested on me. U married to me because u were angry on ur father. It’s OK I can understand, u don’t love…” She captured his lips, not allowing his to say anything. She knew how to pacify her hubby. Her hands moved towards his shirt button and she undid them. And completely removed it.

“Sanskar…” She roamed her hands over his chest then over his muscles. “Make me urs.”

“As u say my love.”

That moment was special for them. They were ready to take their relation to next level. It was their first experience. Whenever he was touching her body, her desires were raised for him. Slowly slowly removed all the barriers between them. The room had a beauty that was its big window and mirrors due to which room was filled with moonlight. He was amazed to see such a perfection of God before his eyes.


He guided her to lay down. He kissed on her neck. He was giving her the best feeling. He left marks on her body. He was dominant. She felt his lips on her bosom. He was tasting them. He ignited fire in her body. She could sense growth in his size. Her fingers felt his love for her.

“Sanskar… It’s…” He could see the fear in her eyes. Would she able to handle him. Was she able to match up his expectations?

“U made for me, I made for u. Trust me.” She noded her head to give her confirmation. With slow pressure he tried to enter inside her, but it wasn’t that much easy for them. After so much struggle he made it. He did it with so gently that it won’t hurt her but still her soft body felt pain. He kissed on her tears. Fighting with her pain, she finally felt the completely his. She was enjoying that moment of being marked his. Not that night ended nor they stopped. Now she was only his officially, from her soul and body.

Next morning.

Lucky went to meet Shekhar. Lucky sipped tea.

“Uncle, did ur plan worked?” He asked with hope.

“No, they got married.”

“What.” Cup broke down into pieces. “Uncle what r u saying? Y u didn’t stopped them. She is ur daughter.”

Shekhar told lucky everything. “Last night she went with him.”

“But mom lied to me she said Sanskar went out of Station. Sanskar is not good.”

Shekhar grabbed his collar. “It’s only because of u and ur brother.”

“He is not my real brother. He is my cousin.”

“So what, at least his father could teach him some manner.”

“He is Orphan. His father died in car accident when he was very young. Nearly 15 or 16 year ago…”

Shekhar thought something. “What was his parents name?”

“Ram Parsad Maheshwari and Sujata Maheshwari.”

Shekhar became shocked. “U leave.”

“But uncle.”

“Just leave.” Lucky left.

Shekhar went inside a room and took a photo of Sujata and Ram. “So Sanskar is sujata’s child.”

He remained a past memory.
( “Shekhar, I love Sujata. I’m so happy.”

Shekhar face turned pale. “But Ram suddenly. U never told me anything.”

“Yarr, I just realised it. Since two days I didn’t saw her. This restlessness, this feeling is love. And I’ll confess my love to her.” He left.)

Shekhar wiped his tears. “We were good friend but ur love destroyed everything, Ram. Now ur son. My daughter loves him. She is angry on me. But if she came to know about truth she will hate me forever and I can’t let this happen. Sanskar U have to go from my her at any cost.”

In swasan house.

Sun rays disturbed Sanskar. He woke up. And found a divine beauty cuddling him. Last night he was in heaven with her. He gently placed her head on pillow. And kissed on her forehead.

“Good morning my love.” She was just smiling. Perhaps she might thinking about him. He left for kitchen.

Swara’s hand searched for him. But he wasn’t there. Swara woke up. She heard the sound from kitchen. She gave a look to whole room, which were messed with heir clothes, Pillows. She took his shirt and wore it and went inside the kitchen.

She hugged Sanskar from back. “Good Morning, my Sanku. What r u doing.”

“Nothing, just preparing tea for my love.”

Swara broke the hug and noticed her struggle on his body. Sanskar turned back saw her lost. He undid the shirt buttons. And touches his dominance on her.

“I’m pathetic. I should kept control.”

She hugged me. “But I’m liking it Sanskar.”

“Thanks for the last night Swara. That was great, u r just awesome. Thanks for giving me this beautiful experience.”

“It was fist time for me Sanskar. I don’t know whether I matched with ur expectation.”

“U were beyond awesome Swara. I know it was ur first time, but I have lot of experience of it.” He winked…

“What?” She beat him with her tiny hands. “I’ll kill u.”

He hold her hand. “U already killed me. My wild cat.”

She hugged him. “I can’t share u Sanskar. If U had any girl in ur past life so please forget her. Now my love for u increased so much that u can’t survive without u.”

“Swara, My love. U were, u r and u will be only girl in my life.”

Here lucky was continuously calling Swara. But her phone was Switched off. AP came inside the room and shocked to see the condition of room.

“Lucky what is this?”

“U keep quite it’s all happened because of u. U lied to me, I know they got married.”

“Beta I don’t want to hurt u.”

“Hurt mom, u snached my soul. Mom u know I love Swara. Last night she was with Sanskar. And he marked her his. U don’t know what I gone through last night.”

“Lucky, forget her. She lives Sanskar.” She tried to hug him.

Lucky pushed her. “Don’t show ur crocodile tears, u love that Sanskar more than me. May be he is ur and Ram uncle’s illegitimate child.”

AP slapped him. “U r not in ur sense.”

“U slapped me for him. I know Sanskar is ur and Ram uncle’s dirt.” He left.

Ap cried a lot.?

Swara came out from bathroom. She was in bathrobe. She searched for her mobile. And found it was Switched off. Sanskar took mobile from her hand.

“Swara, I don’t want anyone between us. I want ur one day no calls no work.”

“Ok my hubby.” Just then she reminded something. “Sanky I want some money .”

Sanskar gave her purse. “It’s all urs. Swara I’m going backyard we will take breakfast there. Come soon.” He kissed on her forehead and left.

Swara took money then her eyes fell on his ID card. She became shocked.

“Sanskar didn’t tell me.” She immediately went backside.

Sanskar was sitting in chair waiting for Swara. She came and directly sit on his lap. And encircled her arms around his neck…

“Y u hide this from me.” She made pout.

“What Swara?”

“It’s ur birthday.” She kissed on his cheek. “Happy Birthday Sanku. I’ll throw a party tonight.”

“Swara I don’t like celebrating birthday. So please.”

“Y? Sanku. We will celebrate na. Please.”

“I said no… And no means no.”

“Y tell the reason.”

“Because my parents died on this day. I never celebrate this day.”

“Sanskar I’m sorry.”

“Swara get up.” She got up from his lap. “U eat the breakfast. I don’t want to eat anything.”

Swara was about to come with him. “Please Swara, leave me alone for sometime.” He left.

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