Does she really love me? episode 8

Hello friends, from now we r moving towards disclosing the truth. Now let’s starts the chappy.

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Swara’s POV

What I had heard was unexpected. The person to whom I loved, was the rapist. My whole dreams were scattered. I slapped him.

“U lied to me. U r Sanskar Maheshwari. That Sanskar Maheshwari.”

He cupped my face.

“No, Shona try to understand.” I pushed him back.

“Don’t touch me with ur dirty hands. I hate u.” I cried and ran from there, he too followed me.

“Swara listen to me… Swara.” He was continuously imploring.

I turned back. He immediately hold my hand. “Swara, it’s all lie I really love u.”

I jerked his hand. “No, u obsessed with me. I can’t believe. U… U destroyed everyone’s life. U rapped them. U r not a human Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Try to understand. I never saw any girl like the way I see u. I can do anything for u.”

“If u love me then don’t follow me. Let me go.”

“Ok Swara, I know this time u r angry with me but soon u will come to me. I’m waiting for u.” He left.

I directly went to home. I couldn’t explain what was I going through? My first love…?

“Hey Swara, where were u? I also came to meet u.” Tanu came towards me and looked towards me. “U r crying.”

“Tanu, I want to spend sometime alone.” I was in the verge of crying. I immediately ran inside the room and Started crying badly.

“Shona, what happened tell me did anyone said anything to u. Tell me I’ll send them behind the bars to hurt my Shona.”

Bars I remembered about Nikhil and called him.

“Hey Swara.”

“Nikhil, I know who is that rapist.”

“What? I mean who?”

“Sanky, ur friend Sanky is Sanskar Maheshwari. Please arrest him else he will…” I started crying.

“Where r u now Swara?”

“Home, but u please.”

“Relax I’m coming…”

I looked towards Tanu. Who was shocked to listen all this.

“Sanky is… That… Sanskar Maheshwari.”


“No, he is not that Sanskar Maheshwari.” Ragini came inside.

“What r u saying Ragini u heard na. He himself said he is Sanskar Maheshwari. He lied. He hide this from me. He said this name is Sanky.”

“Look Swara. Think it clearly.” I thought she was saying this because she wanted me to keep me away from lucky.

“U think Ragini.”

“Swara, u know his brothers. Lucky and Sahil r also Maheshwari. Y he would hide this? Use common sense. Ok u tell me did he ever tried to miss behave with u. U know lots of girls drools over him but he never gave them a look. He truly loves u.”

I deeply thought about her words. He got many chances but he ever did anything. Even when I said him to stop he didn’t force me.

“Swara, name may be same. And if he want to hide this then he can say his friend not to call his complete name.” She wiped my tears. “I know u love him. These tears r showing ur love. Now u r his wife at least trust ur husband.”

“Swara, u married to Sanky.” Tanu was shocked.

“Tanya, yes today lots of thing happened I will tell u afterwards. Tanya get something for her.” Tanya left. Nikhil also came. “Sanskar is not that rapist.”

“Swara, Ragini is right.” Nikhil supported her. “He is my friend, I know him. And this Sanky’s cafe name I suggested him.”

“Look, even Nikhil know this. If he is bad then Y he would support him.”

“That’s mean I was worng. He trusted me but I… I’m very bad now he will not talk to me. I’m very bad wife.”

“My friend loves u a lot. Just say sorry to him. He will forgive U. And how dare u both to get married without informing me. But first u both solve ur problem then I’ll not leave u both.”

“Nikhil, come with me. Let her call Sanky Oops he is Sanskar. Swara’s Sanskar. Bye dear and call him fastly because don’t know about u, but lots of girls r ready for him.” And they left.

What u did Swara?? I reminded his words. “I love her and I mean it.” When all were against me he was with me. “Please don’t leave me at any cost. Because I couldn’t able to survive then.” I was feeling guilty, but I didn’t have courage to call him. How could I face him. I switched on my mobile. There I saw baba messages and miscall. A little memory of past came front of me.

“Baba Y u drink? I don’t like this.”

“My Shona beta. Whenever I want to express my feelings, but in my complete sense I can’t able to express it then, this helps me.”

“Does it really work?”

“Yup, I always try this whenever I want to apologize ur mother.”

“That’s nice…”

I thought to try this. I went down and saw Tanya who bought some drink. I took bottle.

“What r u doing Swara?”

“I need this…” After that I don’t know how much I drunk.

Swara’s POV ends.

Tanya was just staring at Swara who was continuously busy in drinking. She left from there and went inside the room. And cried

“I hate u Swara for this. U know how much I love Sanky. But u married him. U lied to me. Now I know Y u told me to forget Sanky. I wish Sanskar will never forgive U to mistrust him. I know I’m selfish but this is what we called love.”

Just then Swara came inside the room.

“Now what is ur problem.” Swara hugged her.

“Sanku… I want my Sanku… Will he forgive me Tanu.”

“No, he will not.” Swara broke the hug…

“U r bad?. My Sanku loves me a lot.” Swara fell down on bed and took her mobile.

“Swara, it’s too late what r u doing. Please sleep now.”

“I’m missing my Sanku. I’ll call him.” She called him.

“Hello, Shona please.”

“Sanku…” She took hiccups.

“U r drunk.” Tanya took her mobile.

Swara started crying. Give my phone… I want to talk my Sanku.

“Hey, Sanky.”

“Tanu give her phone.”

“Sanky, she is not in sense. U please sleep.”

But Swara continuously blabbering. “Sanku… Tanu give it to me.”

Tanya disconnected the call. “Enough Swara now sleep.”

Swara made a pout. “I hate u.” She laid down and took a pillow and hide her face. “Don’t talk to me.”?

“Swara, I’ll never forgive for this. One day u Sanky will leave u permanently. U know Y because u r like ur father believes in proof rather than person. And ur this nature will automatically destroy u and ur love.”

“Sanky u this time.”

“Where is Swara?”

“Bedroom but u…”

Sanskar directly went inside the bedroom. And look at Swara’s condition.

“Swara… Get up.” Swara removed the pillow and looked towards Sanskar.

“Sanku, u came… ? My Sanku.”

“Ya,” Swara tried to get up. And immediately hugged him.

“Sanku… Take me with u.”

Tanya came with juice. “Sanky this is for u.”

“I don’t want it. Come Shona.”

“Sanky how could u? I mean she didn’t believed u. And u…”

Sanskar picked up Swara in bridal style. Swara hugged him. “Tanya she is my wife and u need to give ur free advice. I know what I have to do…”

“Ok take her, but she suspected u now may be in future she will again repeat this. Then u will ask yourself Does she really love u or not?”

“If u r done then let us leave. Let’s go Shona.” Swara kissed on his cheeks.

“Ok, my Sanku…?”

In the Maheshwari house.

Lucky was throwing the things.

“How dare this Sanskar. Again he became good in front of Swara. Shitt my whole plan got spoiled I thought after defaming Swara, I’ll show my sympathy and convince Shekhar uncle for our marriage Shona but this Sanskar again spoiled my mood. I’ll not forgive him this time.”

Lucky called someone. “Ok, I send u vedio, I want this news in all newspaper and also mentioned that this news is given by Sanskar urf Sanky.”

Lucky disconnected the call. “Hahah Sanskar this time I’ll win not u.”?

In the terrace.

Swasan r sitting at the corner. Swara was playing with his shirt button and Sanskar was caressing her hands. It was full moon night. Swara looked at his eyes.

“What r u thinking love?”

“I’m thinking how to apologize.” She caressed his cheeks. “Sanku, sorry. Please forgive ur duffer, stupid, idiot wife.”

“Shona, I’m not angry. U did this because u misunderstood me. I should be careful while saying truth to u.”

Swara pulled his cheeks. “So sweet.” But she again became sad.?

“Shona, now what happened?”

“I’m feeling hungry.”

“U didn’t ate anything.” She nooded no. “Wait I’ll bring something for u.”

Swara hold his hand. “Don’t go Sanku.” She hugged him tightly. “What if that Sanskar Maheshwari kidnapped ur wife, then what will u do?”

“Then ur sanku, will marry with another girl… Lots of girls r ready.”

Swara hold his collar. “I’ll kill them. Sanku is mine.”

Sanskar smiled. “Pagal.” He called Tanya.

“Ya Sanky.”

“Tanu we r in terrace please bring something to eat.”

“Ok, I’m coming.”

Swara kissed on his neck. “What u did Swara?”

“Here” pointing towards neck. “That cat hurted u. My kiss will heal this wound.”

“Oh, is it so? Then there is lots of place where that cat scratched me.”

“Where Sanku let me check.” She started examining him. “I’m not getting it.”

She made pout. Tanya came with food.

“So sweet of u Tanya.”

“Anything for u.”

“How sweet Tanu?”

Listening this Swara made more bigger pout.? after sometime Tanya left. Sanskar looked towards her and hide his smile.

“Now let’s eat.” He took a bite. “Open ur mouth Swara.” But she didn’t responded. “What happened to my cutie pie.”

“U can’t see I’m waiting.” She again made pout.

“For whom. I’m here… Then.”

“Idiot Sanku I’m waiting for kiss. U told me when u made this pout u want to kiss me.”

Sanskar started laughing. “Haha ?? u r damm funny Shona.”

She started crying. “Now Tanu became ur sweetu not me.?”

“Arey, Shona I only love u.”

“Lair… ?”

Sanskar took a bite of food and tried to feed her. “Shona, eat this.”

Swara jerked his hand. “No?.” But Sanskar continued to feed her in the result food spoiled Swara’s dress. “Chii, dirty dress. I don’t want this.”

Swara removed her top and threw it from the terrace. Sanskar become shocked to see this?.

“Shona, what u did? Now what will u wear.”

She hugged him. “Ur shirt…”

“Wait let me call Tanu she will…”

“No… If u will call her I’ll removed everything.” She started undoing his shirt. But still she couldn’t able to undid buttons properly.

“Let me do it.”

Swara smiled ?.

“This girl will surely kill me one day.”

Sanskar finally removed his shirt and helped her wearing it. But her perfect body curves were continuously distracting him. “Control Sanskar.” He was admiring her beauty. She is the mixture of innocence and perfection. And finally he did.

Swara sit on his lap. “Sanku see. It’s belong to me.” But Sanskar was still staring her. “What r looking? Is there something on my cheeks?” She started rubbing her cheeks.

Sanskar hold her hand. “Swara u know, u r soo beautiful. So innocent. How one can be so perfect.”

Swara took a rice. “Sanku, u don’t like moustaches.” She started arranging rice piece and made a moustache of rice. “Yepii…” She started clapping. “Sanku, haha u become old. Ur moustaches r white.”

Sanskar was just watching her cute Actions. “Swara God gave u old hubby. Now I’ll die soon.”

Swara kept her finger on his lips. “Quite, see now I’ll make my hubby young again.”

She kissed him and started licking all the rice pieces. Swara didn’t knew what she did. Sanskar lost all his control. Whenever her lips were crushing on his skin. His desired increased more and more. One by one she removed all.

“See now done. My hubby again became young. Now…”

Sanskar didn’t let her to say a single word and kissed her. Though she wasn’t in her sense completely but she responded with equal passion. They broke the kiss and Swara hided herself in his chest.


“Sanku I’m feeling sleepy.” She slept…

Next day?

Lucky came to meet Swara. He rang the bell. Just then Lucky saw something.

“It’s Swara’s top.” Tanya opened the door.

“Lucky, what happened? And this Swara’s top. Wait she wore this yesterday…”

“So, what???”?

“She was with Sanky last night That’s mean…”

Both of them shout… “Nooooooooo.”

They immediately ran towards the terrace. And saw swasan were sleeping peacefully. And Sanskar was shirtless, and Swara was in his shirt. Lucky closed his fist in anger.

“Now, he crossed the limit. Sanskar may be Swara loves u but Shekhar uncle will hate u.” He smirked thinking about his evil plan.

“Swara, u will pay for this? God will definitely separate u from my Sanky.”

They left. After sometime Swara woke up. She looked towards Sanskar and reminded how she suspected him. What she did with him? She cried and her tears fell on Sanskar’s hand. He woke up.

“Angel… Hey Y r u crying?” He wiped her tears.

“I’m sorry Sanskar. I’m ur wife but I…” Sanskar kept his hand on her lips.

“Sssh Shona, u need not to cry. I hate tears. But promise me u will not repeat this.”

“I promise Sanskar. I’ll prove my best wife. I spoiled last night but tonight I’ll…” She blushed.

Sanskar hold her chin. “Night is quite far Swara. But if u r ready now…”

“I have to… I have to bath.” She left.

Breaking News.

“A normal boy slapped big business tycoon Mr Shekhar Gadodia.”

News reporter were continuously showing the scene when Sanskar slapped Shekhar… They added some spices in the news.

Shekar boiled in anger.?

“Uncle, my brother intensionally spread this news just to defame u.”

“How dare he????”

“Ya uncle now he is using ur daughter just to blackmail u. He needs ur money uncle and he knows ur weaknesses is Swara. Not only this yesterday’s all drama was done by him only. And at last he saved Swara to impress her.”

“Now I understood everything. U don’t worry now I’ll separate Swara from ur brother. I’ll show him who is Shekhar Gadodia.”

Here Swara was busy in doing packing.

“What r u doing Shona?”



“Oh, stupid after marriage girl should live in her husband’s home. So, from now I’ll be there where u r.”

Sanskar thought something. “Swara, u first go to ur office then in the evening I’ll pick u OK.”

“But Sanskar yesterday we got married and today office and I don’t want to go u know what they did yesterday?.”

“Trust me Shona, forgive them. U know badi ma needs time to accept u. So I’ll take to my farmhouse and I need to do some preparations.”

Swara kissed on his cheek. “Ok my hubby as u said.”

Sanskar got a call. “Hello.”


“Ok, I’m coming.” He looked towards Swara.

“I need to go now.” He left. Tanya came inside the room.

“Swara Y u did this? U know I love him”

“Tanu, I love him and he also love me.”

“Ok, all the best for ur new life don’t forget me.” They hugged each other.

“Tanu u r so sweet.”

*I’m sweet that’s why u took my benefit…*

Here Sanskar reached in his house.

“Lucky, badi ma… Lucky… Come out…”

Ap came out. “Sanskar he went to office but where were u last night.”

“Enough, is enough badi ma… Because of u I’m quite. U know na what he did yesterday, those photographs… He did this I know but u stopped me. Only for u I’m quite else I’ll not leave him.”

“Sanskar beta now what he did?”

“I face a loss. I don’t know how he got to know the private information of my cafe but I’m damm sure ur son did this. ?Warn him to stay away from me because this time if he did anything I’m not going to forgive him.”

“Sanskar, I’m sorry for his deeds.”

“One more thing. I’m leaving this house. Now onwards I’ll live with my wife. I married to Swara.”

“What? When?”


“Bring my daughter in law here.”

“She will not come here. Ur both the son r here to trouble her.”

“But beta.”

“Sorry badi ma. But I love her more than anything. More than u also but I respect u. Now I have to go.”

Outside the cafe…

“Sanky Y u called me.”

“Nikhil, I need to make my farmhouse ready for Swara.”

Nikhil pulled his cheeks. “So, everything is OK… Good and today ur first night…”

“Don’t tease me. I have some work here.”

“Ok, I’ll send someone there to clean the house.”

“Here is the key.”?

Precap: may be first night ?

I hope u like the chappy ur friend nilu?

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