Does she really love me? episode 7

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Swara’s POV

I’m very happy I’m blessed with Sanky’s love. I just saw him few days ago but I became mad for him. For loving anyone it need not to know him since years, the thing matter is that he should be faithful. My Sanky trusts on me blindly. Today after Sanky left, left to met a victim of Sanskar Maheshwari. Her name was also Manshi (she is the first girl to whom swara saved from road). Hopefully she was the first girl who were in condition to talk to me. I went to her home.

“Hi Swara ji, My daughter in her room.”

“How’s she aunty ji.” Lady wiped her tears.

“Better than before. Today she told me that she wants that rapist behind the bar and she only trust u.” She hold my hand and requested. “Please, don’t leave that criminal.”

“Anuty u don’t worry.” I left to meet her. As I entered in her room, she was looking outside the room. “Ahem ahem.” She turned back.

“Swara didi please come.”

“How’s u dear?”

“This is not the time to talk about my health. Didi I want him behind the bars he spoiled my life please help me.”

“Trust me I’ll help u. I promise. U tell me. What happened that day? I saw u in shopping mall that day.”

“Di, that day I saw u with two boys. I think they were giving u birthday treat to u.”

“So what? I mean how lucky and Sahil is related to this case?”

“Di, I know u ordered Rhubarb Cheesecake but before u got it. I took the last peice.”

“I’m not getting u.” I asked in confusion. Seriously that time I wasn’t understanding her words.

“Di, that day when that beast kidnapped me, and when he was eating my virtue he was continuously saying. ‘How dare to eat my Angel’s Favorite dessert.’ He slapped. And said ‘if u ever eat Rhubarb Cheesecake I’ll kill u. No one can make my Angel unhappy.’ He brutally ruined my everything.” She cried I gave her hanky.

“Don’t cry dear. Ya it’s true I love Rhubarb Cheesecake but.”

“Di whosoever is he, he is obsessed with you. May be he is one of them.”

“Did anyone one of them followed u?”

“Don’t know di? That day police was in the mall so I don’t think they followed me.”

“Anything left.”

“No, di.”

“Ok, then U take care.” I was about to left but she called me again.

“Di, one more thing. The place where he took me. Was very dark even I didn’t saw his face but.”

“But what???”

“There was a clock in that house which sounds ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star.’ This thing might help u.”

“Thanks, now I have to leave. Bye.”

I left to the hospital. Perhaps, kavya may also know about it. Doctor told me that she wasn’t in the condition to talk but still if I got any sort of clue. Nikhil also calling me but I ignored.

“But the main thing is that how this Sanskar Maheshwari knows me. I mean how he could be this much obsessed? Now I have to talk each and every girl.”

In the hospital.

“Mam sorry u can’t met her.”

“But Y I’m her friend.”

“Mam try to understand. She is in coma.”


“Ya Swara.” Nikhil came there. “Today Dr Mohan informed me. I also called u but u didn’t picked the call.”

I cried and hugged him. “Nikhil she is my childhood friend.”

“Swara, she is mine friend too.” Then I saw Sanky in the hospital.

“Sanky.” I called him but he didn’t listen due to noise. Then I called him. “Hello Sanky.”

“Shona, I told you I’m busy.”

“But Sanky…”

“Offo Shona I’m with Nikhil we both r doing something important.”

I looked towards Nikhil. “Where r u right now? I mean is Nikhil is with u?”

“Yes I’m with Nikhil right now and we r out of city, now u please stop suspecting on me. If u love me then please trust me. Else…”

“Else what Sanky?”

“Swara, I’m not in the mood of fighting I’m already very much tense… So bye.” He disconnected the call.

“What happened Swara?”

I ran from there and Nikhil too followed me. I didn’t knew but his word hurt me a lot.

“Swara say something.” I bust out crying.

“Nikhil, He lied to me. He said he is with u. Moreover he wasn’t this much rude with me. But today he talked to me very rudely. Nikhil I really love him a lot but.”

“Swara, he loves a lot. It may be he is very much tense.”

“But he lied.”

“May be some reason behind it.”

“So, he should tell me the reason. And if he started hiding the things from now, then what will happen after marriage.”

“Marriage, not bad. I thought only he loves u, but look at u. U r angry with him, u r hurt but still want to marry him. This is love Swara.”

“Woh… Nikhil I mean.” I started blushing.

“Aww look at blushing girl. Swara, relationship needs trust and u should trust him. Don’t know much about it but one thing is clear that Sanky can die for u. He loves u this much.”

I smiled. “I knew it. I think I should leave.”

“Ok, go and take care. And don’t cry.”

I left for the office. Ya Nikhil was right if I love him, then I should trust him. No matters what happens but my feelings for him not going to be change. As entered inside the office all staff members were staring me as if I committed any sin. Then I saw baba.

“Baba u r here.” He slapped me.

“Uncle don’t beat her. It’s not her mistake completely.” Sahil came and helped me. “Uncle that boy was cheat and Swara is so innocent. She blindly trusted him.”

“Is she a KG girl, that anyone can fool her.” I wasn’t able to understand what was happening.

“Ya uncle. Please don’t be so rude with Shona. Forgive her.” Lucky also came.

“No, now onwards. She will not going to work here.”

“Please tell me baba what is happening here? What I did?”

“What u did see these photographs.” Baba gave me an envelope. I saw the photographs inside it. These were my pictures with a boy in intimate position. The picture of boy was blur… But I never did this.

“Baba trust me that’s not me. I don’t know who did this?”

“Shut ur mouth Swara. This not enough. This pregnancy report. U slept with him. Who is this guy.”

I saw the report. I was imploring baba. “Please baba, trust me. It’s all lie.”

“Pictures don’t lie Swara. I’m ashamed u r my daughter.”

“See how cheap.” One of staff member said. All were against me. Even our boss fired me.

“Sorry, u can’t work here it’s a reputed organization.”

“Sir trust me… I’m innocent. Someone intensionally did this.”

“Swara, u know I feel ashamed that u r my daughter. It’s better I would die before seeing this. How could u do this? Without marriage how could u. While sleeping with him u haven’t thought about me. Even u went hospital to abort this child. If this u want this then, it’s better u go for prosti…”

Before baba could complete his words someone slapped him.

“A word more Mr Shekhar Gadodia. I’ll forget u r her father.” He was Sanky My sanky.

“How dare you to slap me?. U know who am l?”

“U r a cheap father…”

“And who the hell u to tell me this. U don’t know what my daughter did? She defamed me…”

He hold my hand. “I trust her. These photographs can lie but my Shona’s eyes never lies. I can read them, she is pure by soul. I know what marriage values for her.”

“Then these pictures.” Sahil asked.

“Pictures can be morphed. She is innocent and I’ll prove it. Raman come in.” A boy came inside. “He is a Raman a photographer. Raman show them the real photographs…”

Then he showed the real photographs. I wasn’t in that. He disturbed the photographs.

“See it clearly. Someone morphed Swara’s face. This is the real pic.”

“Then, what about this report.” Sahil asked.

“This is a fake report. Come on yrr this is very easy in this time. Wait let me call the doctor. Dr Riddhi, come inside. Tell me how much money u took for this fake report.”

A lady of nearly 35 year old came.

“Answer them dammit…” Sanky was almost shouting on her.

“50 thousand. I’m sorry. I became greedy.” She cried a lot.

“I have proved whatever I said. Mr Gadodia I don’t know about u, but I trust My love. And yes I love ur daughter. She is my life and I can’t see if anyone say a word against her character I’ll not tolerate this. I’m sorry Mr Gadodia I slapped u.” He looked towards me and hold my hand tightly. “I love her and I mean it.”

There was complete silence. Then baba came towards me. And joined his hand. “I’m sorry Shona ur baba is very bad.”

“Ya Swara we all r sorry.” Everybody apologized.

“Sanky, please take me from here.” Baba hold my hand.

“Shona.” I jerked his hand.

“Sanky come.” We left. We went in his car.

“So, Angel where u want to go.”

“Our place.”

“Ok, as u say.” He was driving the car and me just admiring him.

I was very much hurt. I almost imploring everyone but no one trusted me. ‘I love her and I mean it.’ Even I asked him to trust me but he was with me. For loving someone it need not that u must know him since years, all u just need to trust. And he trusts me not only this he proved me innocent.

“We reached Shona.” I came in reality. “I know I’m very smart but staring is bad.”

I went towards river I looked towards my reflection. My tears were dried. I washed my face. How easily baba declared me characterless. Sanky gave me hanky.

“Don’t worry I’m with u.”

I hugged him and cried a lot. “Baba, I said him that was not me but he believed on photographs. And u… Sanky I even said u to believe me…”

He broke the hug and cupped my face. “My Shona need to say anything to her Sanky. These are blessings of God. That I meet you. It’s my luck that I meet you.”

“No, I’m lucky Sanku. U r my everything.” He wipped my tears.

“And everything came after you for me. U r my priority.”

I kissed him. This time more than passion the pain was filled in it.


“Ya Shona.”

“Marry me.”

“Really OK then first me talk to ur baba then my badi ma.”

“Marrry me now Sanky.”

“What? I mean so sudden u what about Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“For me u r priority. U r my world now I don’t know anything. Marry me, if u also want to leave me…”

He placed finger on my lips. “The day I leave u alone will be my last day. We will marry today.”

We left to registrar office. He was Sanky’s friend. For witness Ragini and one if Sanky’s cafe worker came. I didn’t called others because no one trusted me.

“So Miss Swara r u sure, u don’t know Sanky he is a big trouble.” Registrar said.

“Ajay yrr, stop it. Shona don’t listen him.” Sanky and Ajay r childhood friend.

“Swara, I’m happy u r marrying him. All the best. Now don’t delay.” I know Ragini said this because she was little bit possessive for lucky.

“So Swara sign here. And u too Sanky.”

So we singed and officially became husband and wife.

“So I declare u husband and wife. Mr and Mrs SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.”

“Wait what u said. Sanskar Maheshwari… I… Mean his name is Sanky.”

“Swara u r too much. U don’t know we call him Sanky his real name is Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Sanky came towards me.

“Ya, shona I…” I slapped him.

“U lied to me. U r Sanskar Maheshwari. That Sanskar Maheshwari.”

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