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Sanskar looked towards Swara, who was sleeping in her secure arms.

“My Angel, she know how much I love her. She is my whole family, my world. Thank you so much God. I’m happy that after knowing my name is also Sanskar Maheshwari she didn’t suspected me. She truly loves me. For that love I carved for a long. No doubt I got friend’s love and support but I need her. She fulfilled the empty part of my life. Mom, Papa I know u both r looking me. U know after u both leave me how much ur son cried. But now I’m happy, I know u asked God to send this Angel in my life.”

He felt some moment and he closed his eyes. Swara woke up and looks towards him. She smiled seeing her love sleeping. She started caressing his hairs.

“Sanky, u don’t know but it’s first time I’m feeling something like this. I thought those who falls in love r mad. But see now what u have done to me. Ya, I can’t see u with other girls. But I know it’s ur work they came in ur cafe for u. U know I’ll become most jealous wife.” She kissed on his forehead. “U r my everything. I know u felt bad when I stopped u last night, my body shivers whenever u kiss me. But u don’t worry soon I’ll talk to baba about us.”

She kissed on the corner of his lips and then cuddled him. “I love u Sanku.”

“I love u too Shona.”

She looked towards him.

“Haw? u heard everything!”

“Yup my jealous wife.” He winked?.

She got up from his embrace. And made angry pout.? Sanskar kissed on her pout.

“What u did?”

“U like it. I can do it again.”

“I’m angry.”

“Y Angel?”

“I don’t know.” She turned her face another side. He pulled her and she landed on his chest.

“U know angel when u made this cute pout. I just want to kiss u again and again.” She is still showing her fake anger. “When a beautiful girl throws tantrums, then she becomes even more beautiful.”


“No, Shona.”

“Bye, I don’t want to talk to u.” She came out of his grip. And moved back.

“Attitude, u don’t want to talk to me but still keeping my belongings.”

“For ur kind information Mr Sanky this ring was gifted by my boyfriend, my Sanku.”

“And this kurta, it’s mine. Before leaving give it to me.”

“Wait let me change.”

“I want it now. Give me else I’ll remove it myself.” Swara blushed and ran from there and went inside the car. Sanskar smiled.

Here Tanya got more tense since Swara didn’t reached home moreover her phone was switched off. She informed nikhil, sahil, and lucky…

“How can u so much careless Tanya?” Lucky roared. “What if something happens to Shona, that Sanskar Maheshwari if he… No…”

“Don’t panic lucky.” Nikhil tried to pacify him. “She will be fine. U know the Swara is brave girl.”

“No, lucky if that Sanskar Maheshwari did something with Shona.” Sahil said.

*Who will tell these idiots Swara is with Sanky.* Nikhil mused.

“I’ll find her. U both go home. And Tanu don’t inform Shekhar uncle about it.”

“How can u be soo cool Nikhil?” Tanya suspected him.

“Ya she is right. U don’t care for Swara. I’m going to search her.” Lucky left.

“Tanu, u take care of yourself. Nikhil I’m going with lucky. He is very angry.” Sahil also left. Tanya cried…

“Shona, Nikhil I’m afraid…” Nikhil hugged her. “Offo Tanu be brave once Swara came back u asked where was she?”

“U know where is she?” Tanya inquired.

“No…” (Nikhil u don’t have control on ur tounge…) ” Tanu I’m going bye.”

At swasan place.

Swara came out after changing.

“Sanky, I think I should leave. U too go. it’s opening time of ur cafe.” Sanskar hold her hand and kissed on it.

“I don’t want to go. I wish we both r together like this forever, far away from this world.”

“Sanky, I too want this. One I’ll catch that Sanskar Maheshwari. After that we both will be together as we want now let me go.”

“Ok, but promise we will meet tonight.”

She pulled her cheeks. “Promise my Sanku.” She kissed on his cheek. Then she remembered about AP.

“What happened Angel.”

“Woh, ur badi ma don’t like me.”

“I can handle it.”

“Sanku, can I take help from Sahil. He may help us.”

“Don’t tell him anything.”

“Y Sanku r u jealous?”

“No, Because he loves u Swara.” Swara became shocked.

“What r u serious?”

“Ya Swara. He loves u. Once I went in his room in the morning to wake him. Then I saw a letter in the floor.”

“What letter Sanky?”

“Shona, there was ur photo and something related to u was written.”

“What was written Sanky?”

“I love u SWARA, u r my life. I’m doing this crap reporter job for u. And once u will fall for me…”


“I can’t tell u. But I tore that page. After that Sahil asked lucky that whether he have seen his paper. Lucky denied, but Sahil still suspected him. Not only this both of them fought. And at last badi ma shifted them to separate room.”

“Sanky, it’s OK. I can’t stop other falling for me. It’s their feelings.”

“U have no idea Swara what he had wrote. U know my blood boils whenever I thought about it.”

Swara kissed on his cheek. “Then don’t think. Sanky I’m all yours.” She hugged him. “And think ur badi ma with u also.”

“It’s not like that Swara. What u r thinking about badi ma is not completely truth.” She looked into his eyes.

“What happened Sanky? She doesn’t love u.”

“U don’t know the feeling of being Orphan. She is double personality. I mean she is good front of me. Sometimes her words hurt me. She doesn’t like the fact that people praises me more than sahil and lucky. And it’s common, she loves her sons more than me. For her their need is priority. Whenever I saw them happy I missed my mom and papa. The things would be different if they r with me. Sometimes she cares for me also but it seems fake as now I earned good. But I still know in childhood when I got fever she gave me medicine and went in her child’s room. Leaving me alone the whole night I cried for mom, she would definitely cared me full night.” Sanskar himself didn’t knew while narrating his past his eyes filled with tears. “I just a want a little love.” Tear drop fell from his eyes.

Swara wipped his tears. And hugged him. “I love you, I love u Sanky. I promise to love u. I’ll fill this incompleteness in ur life. Ur Swara will give u love. Which will heal ur wounds.”

Sanskar hugged her more tightly. “Please don’t leave me at any cost. Because I couldn’t able to survive then.”

Swara placed finger in his lips.

“Sssh now no more crying. Now get back to work.” She kissed him. “Bye Sanku?.” She left.

In Swara’s home 8am…

As Swara entered in the house. Tanya hugged her.

“Thank God u r safe. Y ur phone switched off?” Swara reminded how she jumped in water to save Sanky and mobile was in the pocket of her dress.

“Woh, Tanya I need to buy new phone. It’s not working.”

“Leave this where were u? U know how much we all were worried.”

“We!! did u tell baba about it.”

“No, actually Sahil and lucky was very much tense. Then Sahil said he is going to search u.”

“Oh.” (So this Sahil loves me but let me make him clear l’m not going to be his. Because I belong to Sanky.) “Tanu, I want to tell j something.”

“U please forget Sanky.”

“Y? U know I love him.”

“Ya, but he loves Angel. U know he is going to marry her soon.”

“How do u know about it Swara?”

“Last night I saw him with a girl. They were ??? no I can’t tell u.” Tanya became sad.

“My love, ? God if u r hearing me. Then I wish if that girl marry to my Sanky, she would never be with him. I wish both of them would separate.”

“What r u saying Tanya? Don’t say like this.”

“U r saying as if I’m talking about u. I can’t give blessings to that girl who stole my love, even if u r that girl.” She left

“How can I tell this stupid Tanya that I’m that girl.”

In the office. 9pm

As soon Swara entered in the office. Lucky hugged her. And starts caressing her back.

“Thank God u r OK. U don’t know how much worried was I?” She broke the hug as she was feeling uneasy in his touch.

“I’m fine lucky.” She was about to leave towards cabin, but lucky hold her hand.

“Where were u since last night?”

“Woh, I went hoogly to meet baba.” She left.

“I know Swara u lied. Because last night I met to ur baba. But no matter Swara once I marry u, then I won’t let u go away from me. But the first thing I will do, to kiss u before that Sanskar how dare he to love u. U r mine forever.”

Someone pats on his shoulder.

“Lucky… Where u lost.” Ragini caressed his cheeks. “Thinking about me.”

Lucky jerked her hand. “I’m thinking that where is Sahil, and u need not to drool over me.”

“Lucky but…”

“Ragini see, I have lots of work. So please leave my way.”

He left and ragini cried. “One day I’ll make u mine lucky. My love is very strong.”

In room. 10pm

“Aww… Baby…” A girl moaned in pleasure. “Ya, like this.”

“U r liking it kavi.” He kisses on her lips.

“Yesssssss.” He increased the strength and they were in the world of pleasure. After a long course of pleasure they became tired.

“Baby.” Kavita caressed his hairs.


“Till how long we will hide our relationship from the world. For u I’m working in cafe, till how long we will meet like this. Please let others know about it.” He cupped her face.

“Soon, but firstly let me do my complete work.” He smirked.

“No, baby I’m tired.”

“Kavi, yrr don’t act silly. I need u.”

“If u need me then where were u whole night. U know how much I missed u.”

“Sorry baby, I was doing something important. Now please don’t tease me more.” He started sucking her bosoms. Soon he entered in her. And she gasped.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star.” The clocked sounded.

“Eeehhhh.? how many time I have to tell u I hate this clock.”

He was still busy in kissing her. “Leave it kavi… Don’t break my concentration.”

Kavita pushed him. “Enough for today, now I’m seriously tired. It’s ur fault u came in morning. Now suffer for it.”

He holds her hand. “Please…”

“Ok, then marry me. I’ll talk to AP aunty about it.”

He became angry. “Go, kavi…?.” Kavita kissed on his cheeks. “Bye my cutiepie.” She left.

“This kavita, is too much. Here my full concentration is on Swara. Kavita is my time pass. Stupid doing this job in cafe for me. I need Swara, she is pretty moreover, rich also. But after our marriage Swara I will still continue my relation with kavita, these girls r making me crazy. Now go back to ur work to impress Swara. It’s already 12pm.”

In the office. 1pm.

Sanskar came with flowers and coffee.

“Bhai where r u going?” Sahil asked.

*huh, this cheapo again came between me and Swara.*

“Nothing, Swara… I mean Swara mam ordered coffee.”

“Ok, but Bhai where were u last night ma was worried?”

“Sanky, Y u came in my office.” Lucky said in cold tone… “There is no work of, cook here. And give this coffee and flowers to me I’ll give it to Swara.”

“Lucky, is this a way to talk with Bhai. He is elder than us and u r taking his name.” Sahil said.

“So what, it’s my mouth and I know to whom I have to give respect.”

“Enough.” Swara shouted. “Lucky, Sahil go back to ur work and u Mr Sanky come in my cabin.”

As Sanskar entered inside the cabin he noticed nikhil was already there.

“Hey nikhil u r here.”

“Ya bro actually Swara called me to ask something important.” Swara gave him angry look and he became quite.

“What important Shona?”

“Nothing, bro I think I should leave.” He left. And Sanskar looked towards her.

“So.” He moved towards her. And she was shifting backward and finally her back was collided with wall. He blocked her completely.

“Sanky, want r u doing?”

“Actually shona, u forgot something in the morning.”

“What I forgot?” She asked innocently.

“Kiss, my morning kiss.”

“But I kissed u.”

“Not like that I want.” He rubbed this thumb on her lips. “U r so tempting Swara. And ur lips…”

“Please Sanky don’t say anything I’m feeling something.”

“This feeling is love Swara. The same feelings arised in me for u.” He kept his hand on her waist and pulled her by waist. She hold his shoulder tightly… He smashed his lips on her, and started tasting her sweetness. She had already given herself to him. They were completely involved in kiss. Forgetting that door wasn’t closed.

Lucky opened the door but before he could say further. The scene before his eyes stitched his mouth. His broke seeing how much Swara lost herself in kiss. He went from there but the smooching sounds, were still echoing in his mind. His first love was now stolen by his cousin brother. Thousands of thoughts he had for his first kiss with her but now all scattered.

“Lucky what happened? Y r u tense?” Lucky stared at Ragini. “Y u…” Lucky didn’t let her say anything. He captured Ragini’s lips. All the staff including Ragini became shocked… For Ragini it was kiss but lucky was showing her full frustation. Ragini was pleading him to leave but he became mad. He left her with a jerk. And left.

“Did lucky really.” She touched her lips which were bleeding but she didn’t care.

Inside the cabin.

Swara broke the kiss.

“Sanky, I think we should stop. See this is office.”

“With u I can’t able to stop Myself.” He cupped her face. “U r my only love.” And kissed on her forehead.

“Sanky, this much u love me.”

“This is trailer, once u marry me. I’ll show u my true love.”

“If u do this sweet torture daily, I’ll marry u tomorrow.”

“Really,” he smiled.

“No, now let me do my work.” She was about to sit in chair but he sit before her. “Sanky please now I’m serious I have to do my work.”

“Then who is stopping. U can sit here.” Pointing towards his lap. “Please, let me spend some more time with u. I promise I won’t tease u.”

“Ok.” She agreed. Swara sit on his lap. And started doing her work. But Sanky wasn’t kept quite.

He encircled his arms around her. And nuzzled his nose on her hairs. He was continuously disturbing her. She was trying hard. To control herself, and concentrate on work but he was not letting her did that.

“What r doing sanku?”

“I’m doing my work u do your work.” He slided his hairs on one side and kissed on her nape. “Shona.” She turned and kept her head on his chest.


“Ur father is very big business man.”

“Yes, but u don’t worry. He loves me a lot for me he will agree for our marriage.”

“I trust u. So u had very big house, a beautiful separate room.”

“Yup, u also come with me I’ll show u my room. But before that I want to see our room.”

“Our room!”

“Yup, our room. Sanku, u know when u r with me I feel complete.” Sanskar got a message form kavita.

“Swara, I have to go.”

“Where Sanku?” He kissed on her cheek.

“Important work bye Shona.”

Swara noticed something in his neck. “Sanky what’s this? It seems nail marks. Do u?”

“U r suspecting ur future hubby. It’s nothing it’s Lucky’s cat. She scratches all of us. Now I have to leave. He left.

“Huh, just few minutes ago he was not ready to leave me and now!” She made faces now I won’t talk to him. ?

Then swara noticed the bouquet. And there was a gift with it. She found it was a mobile. A letter was also with it.

“I’m sorry shona, I know because of my stupidity. U phone got damaged. So this is small gift and my sorry to My Angel. With lots of love.”

Swara smiled. “How my Sanky loves me?. Now it’s my turn to fill his life with love. My Sanku suffered a lot, not it’s ur duty Swara to fill that part of his life. Sanku now u don’t worry ur Shona is with u.”

Sanskar reached to meet kavita.

“Kavi, Y u messaged me. I was busy.”

“Come with me I’ll show u something.” She looked towards his mark on his neck. “In morning I told u to apply medicine on it but u.”

“Leave it u tell what u want to show” kavita took him with her.

Tanya who came in cafe to meet Sanky saw this.

“So, this kavita ?. I’ll not leave this cheapo. Sanky is mine. I know u r doing job in his cafe for him.”

She left in anger.?

Done with another chappy. Hope u liked it guys. Ur friend nilu ?

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  1. OMG????? what wast that !!! I can’t take this much suspenses . Awesome marvelous dr love this story with awesome writing & suspenses pe suspenses. Plzz clear this Confusion ASAP , I know sanky is not bad . I think sahil or lucky is behind all this hope so……… Continue soon………Take care …….

    1. Nilu

      Thanks a lot dear. U r liking the story… It’s means a lot to me. I’ll try to post as soon as possible

  2. Nice but everything is confusing. Pls clear the confusion. Is sanky the real devil. Y i m feeling that real devil is Lucky? Pls reveal the suspense soon.

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    I can’t believe that Sanky is that rapist Sanskar Maheswari…..but in previous he told swara that he is not that Sanskar Maheswari

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