Does she really love me? episode 3

Hello friends… ? In the flashback I’m including POV also… It’s the POV of people at the time of flashback time OK.

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Swara’s POV…

Now our city isn’t save for girls… Seriously I hate this Sanskar Maheshwari. How one can be so much blind in his lust? blo*dy beast.? His face is still hidden from the public, blo*dy coward. I was doing my work…

“Ragini, what is this? Where were u since 3 days?” Ragini works under me. Uff big dramebazz. Mad for lucky. And lucky even didn’t gave her a single look.

“Sorry, Mam? I was not feeling bad.” I knew the reason of her illness. It was because she saw lucky talking to model.? Stupid. I mean, how one can can be that much mad? But I was happy that I was far away from this.

“Ok…” I said but the next moment… She started crying?. “Y R u crying? Tell me what happened?”

“Mam, lucky…” Offo again drama started. I hugged her.

“Sssh,ragu… Wait I’m sending u both out OK. Now stop crying.” I called Lucky.”Lucky, I think u r feeling bored. What about a cup of coffee☕.”

“Ya sure.” He smiled…

“Ok, Ragini u go with lucky…”

“What?? I mean u can also join us.”

“No, she will come with me…” Sahil came.

“Sahil, I can’t…”

“Please swara u too come na…” Both of them requested a lot then I agreed.

“Ok, But where?”

“Sanky’s cafe. It’s best cafe.” Ragini suggested. But lucky and Sahil’s reaction wasn’t good. So finally we went there.

” OMG, it’s too crowded place… Where we will sit.”

“Ok, let’s move out” Lucky said. But as soon as I turned a girl collided with me. And by mistake coffee in her hand were poured over a guy.

“Aww…” He cried. Oh God his hand… Coffee was too hot. His shirt also became dirty.

“I’m soo sorry.”

“It’s OK…” He looked towards me. He was soooooooooooo smart. I became statue. He continued his talk, but stupid me just staring him like mad.?I was feeling there was only two people. But just then I heard a familiar voice.

“Swara, u r here.” Oh the girl to whom I collided was kavya. We greeted her. I turned my gaze towards him.

“I’m sorry Mr…”

“Mr Sanky. ” A guy came. Oh he was Nikhil. I was feeling it was school reunion.

“Inspector sir u… OMG is it a college reunion. All r here lucky, me, Sahil, kavya, Nikhil anyone left.”

“Ya me… Tanya came…” Then I realised Sanky oh… Mr Smarty… I looked towards but he left. After that we left to office. But since the time I have seen Sanky I was only thinking about him. I knew that it was just attraction. Like what happened to other girls. I returned to home. My dear tanu was ready with dinner.

“So how’s he?”

“Who?” I asked.

“Sanky” I spit out the food.

“It’s nothing like that. Stupid Sanky was just staring me like mad. Huh? I didn’t find anything special in him.” I lied but, Y?

“Really ur so weird… But now onwards I’ll not talk about Sanky.” She was sounding low.

“Y? I mean it’s good. But what happened so sudden.”

“Sanky loves someone else. Today when I was returning I saw Nikhil and Sanky talking about that girl. He said she is Angel. I hate this Angel.” She started crying. ?

“Don’t cry. That angel is very unlucky to have that stupid Sanky.” ‘Really, angel is unlucky my mind said. Definitely no she is very lucky… Eeehhhh?. Before sleeping I went to bathroom. I looked towards mirror.

“Who is this Angel? Is she prettier than me. Definitely not… Mr Sanky didn’t saw this beautiful Swara clearly… Offo Swara u r mad.”

In the midnight, when I was sleeping I felt someone caressing my cheeks. And then sOmeOne kissed on my cheeks. I opened my eyes. He was Mr Sanky. ‘What my mind say’ I turned to switched on the table lamp. In the next moment he wasn’t there. What was happening to me. I looked towards Tanya she was sleeping peacefully. Uff was I dreaming about him. What he did with me? I looked towards the window.

“No, I’m not dreaming. He came here. I think he is a vampire. Like Edward came in Bella’s room through window. Ya.” Then I hit my head.”Y? He would came here he loves Angel. Eeehhhh.” I was hell irritated and I slept. But next morning another surprise was waiting for me.

“Good Morning… Good Morning…” Uff this alarm⏰. As I closed alarm. The big hologram image came before me. Music started playing.Tanya was also woke up. We looked around its all dark and we were surrounded by stars.?✴✴✴✴✴ As if we were in space. Then a saw some floating words.

“Happy Birthday My Swara.” What he said my Swara. Then suddenly it became dark… A beautiful princess came, with a prince… They started dancing.

“What is happening Swara” Tanya spoke.

“Sssh…” After that Prince and princess entered inside the castle…

“I want your every day to
be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness with me.”

“Angel I want to give u most unique gift just turn on the light.” I was waiting for another surprise. Then Tanya turned on the light. I was shocked to see the room.

“Oh my God.” My whole room was filled with bouquets.?????

“It’s not flowers angel just looked towards left.”I turned my gaze at left. Mirrors… I moved towards mirror. As I kept my leg on floor. Oh God this boy… my floor was filled with balloons…???. I noticed something written in mirror. “Sorry I didn’t find anything beautiful than this girl” I was blushing?.

“Hey swara see this.” I looked towards the chits on bouquets. ?

“You are my unquenched thirst, now my heart mad for you at least now come to me, this is a request..” I checked another one.

“The status of my heart is tight, now get colored in my hues Just walk along with me, it’s a request..” Offo if read all this then it would take whole day.

“Hey swara, see this.” It was a beautiful dress. Now this boy was making me mad. I was feeling like princess. “Please switched on ur mobile, I want to hear ur voice.” Even I was mad to listen his voice.

“Hello, who r u? Tell me!!!”

“Many many happy returns of the day my Angel. Sorry this begger troubled u.”

“Who r u?”I asked.

“My princess just wear this dress today, and sorry I switched off ur phone as I wanted I would the first one to wish u.”

“Hello… Please tell who r….” He disconnected the call… I looked at the dress. ‘It’s the color of my love.” Red.?I wore it. But who did this then I remembered the last night. Oh so Mr vampire did this. No no he loves another girl. Perhaps that Angel is me.

“Swara, who did this?” Tanya asked.

“Sanky, after seeing me he became mad.that’s why…” She started laughing.

“Haha??? poor joke. He loves Angel not u. Sanky hates news reporters. That’s why I gave u that challenge. U go to office.” Oh shit ? she caught my lie. But if I saw him last night. Or it was a dream.? I came to office, all r ready with their gift. But as soon as I entered lucky and sahil started fighting. That who will first gave me gift. As a result whole office was messed with their cakes?. All said that I was looking pretty in this red dress who gave me this.

“So, tell na swara who gifted this.” What to say? He is Mr Vampire or someone else.

“Swara, Y u switched off ur mobile.” Lucky and sahil asked.

“Leave them swara where r we going for party?” Ragini asked. I knew she didn’t liked lucky was talking to me.

“Sanky’s cafe.” I didn’t knew Y I said this? Or I wanted to see Mr vampire’s reaction I knew he did this for me or I was just keeping myself under a false hope. So finally we went there. Omg he was in black shirt. I was dam sure he was Mr vampire. I haven’t seen him in sunlight as Vampire can’t came in sunlight, but It had only one day I saw him. But he is so fair. His look was making me mad This desertedness was disturbing me continuously.

“Swara where u lost.” Sahil asked.

“Nothing.” Then Mr Vampire came there. He was standing beside me.

“Mam ur order please.” As he spoke these words. My heart started beating fast??… Oh faster?… As if it would come out. ‘Control Swara.’

“Show me ur menu.” I asked. He Moved closer to my ear and took the menu card. His one hand was on my chair and other on card.

“Mam, here it is…” I could sense his hot breath when he said this. Now I know Y girls were crazy for him. He moved more closer to my ear. “Mam… Order.”

“Bhai, u should say this from far also.” Lucky said. What he said Bhai. I mean how Mr Vampire could be his brother. Just look at Mr Vampire and them. No match. “I mean it’s her birthday so give us something especial.” He left.

“Happy birthday swara.” Nikhil was also there then I came to know he is Sanskar’s friend. All gave me beautiful gifts but in the whole party my eyes were searching only him. I was feeling jealous when other girl were drooling over him. ? my heart and mind was in Battle. Was Mr Vampire same person who did all that? But after knowing it’s my birthday he even didn’t wished me. I think I was worng.? when we were about to departure he came. Not for wishing me but to take bill.

“Happy Birthday mam.” He said. And I automatically extended my hand.

“Thanks.” Or I wanted to touch him. A desire was aroused in My hearts to touch him. We sharked the hands. I returned back to home in night. All I was thinking Mr Vampire. In just one and half day he made me crazy. My Mr Vampire what I said my. Today, Tanya was also sleeping in another room as my room already filled with lots of things or I say she was just crying for Mr Vampire.

“He knows some kind of magic. Off course he is. After all he is a Vampire.” I was blabbering all these stupid things. At the last I gave up and slept.?

In the midnight, again I felt. SOmeOne caressing my cheeks. This time I switched on the table lamp without turning my face. I don’t want to miss him. I pressed the button. Mr Vampire was siting besides me. I didn’t knew but I hugged him. I smelled his aroma.

“Is it a dream?”

“No…” He replied. I broke the hug and directly looked in his eyes… Deep brown. I touched his face with my hand.

“Kiss me, it’s my birthday.” I didn’t care what I said. He smoothly peaked my lips. But something in me forcing me to get more. I was becoming mad. We r kissing each other, more passionate then turning to wild. I haven’t did this before in my life. I wasn’t This much if desperate for anyone. Clutching his shirt and pulling him more on me. I was sensing his hand on my bare waist. He bite my lower lips, I opened my mouth to allow him enter inside but he was making it more hard. He just sucked the blood. My blood This is what a Vampire wants.

“Relax.” He spoke. He kissed on my forehead, turned off the light.”good night.” And left.

Swara’s POV ends…

Third person POV…

In a house. A man is standing near the window. His face wasn’t visible. He looked towards his burned hand. Suddenly it turned 12 O’clock.

“Twinkle, Twinkle little star… How r wonder what u r….”

“Leave me please, please leave me.” Man slapped her. The girl was lying on bed. Her both hand and legs were tied.

“Mrs kavya, when it’s 12am devil arises… I won’t took u here to leave u. U have to pay for ur mistake. To burned my hand.”

“Y u bring me. Since yesterday night I was here. Please leave me. ?. I’m sorry for what I did.”

“Sorry, is not enough. U have to bear the punishment.” He took her hand. “U hurt her na, My Angel.” He bite on her hand.

“Aww… It’s paining.”

“It’s also pained me when u poured coffee on me. I can give u punishment yesterday night itself, but I don’t want to give any tension to my love on her birthday.”

“Who r u? Sanky…is that u.” He slapped her harder. Blood came out of her mouth.

“Not Sanky I’m Sanskar. The devil Sanskar Maheshwari. Tonight I gave u. Symbol of ur punishment in ur womb.”

“No… Please leave me. I’ll not do this again. Please…”

“No, baby…” He tore her dress. She was begging for her virtue. But devil didn’t stopped. He chewed her lips brutally. Kavya can’t protest against him. As he already tied her hands and legs. He ate every part of her body. And left the marks of his lust. He cupped her face.

“Now, baby it’s time for giving u the symbol.”

“Please, I’m begging u.”

“Trust me, u will surely enjoy it.” With this he entered in her. She screamed with a pain. But there was no one to listen her. Except silence and a dog who was barking outside. He was badly ruining her virtue. After satisfaction the devil left her. But now she turned into lifeless body. He took her in his car and threw her outside on the main road. He left. The girl tried to walk but before that a big truck hit her. She fell unconscious.

POV ends…

Swara’s POV…

As I woke up. I immediately ran inside to washroom. I noticed the love bites on my lips. Love bite of Mr Vampire. I started dancing. ?

“Yes, I’m right. He was there. Yesterday night and also night before yesterday. Yeh Mr Vampire.” I was touching my lips. All the flashes for my first kiss coming in my mind. Ya my first kiss. To Mr Vampire. My love bite was looking as beauty mark defining the others that Mr Vampire marked me as his. I wasn’t feeling any shame with it. It gave me feeling now I belong to Mr Vampire ya… I love him.

“R u listening Mr Vampire. I love u. This Swara Gadodia falls for u.”

“Swara Y r u shouting.” This tanu… I came out to give her good news. “Oh swara what happened to ur lips.”

“Mr Vam… I’m mean Sanky came last night and he kissed me.”

“Haha ??. Omg swara u lost the bet. U fall for him. Actually no one came here. U just dreamed about him. I also saw this time fews day ago. U yourself bite ur lips I’m dream and thought MY Sanky kissed u.” I slapped her how could she said her Sanky. He is mine my Sanky. Shona’s Sanky.

“Sorry. Mosquito.”

“Be careful swara. Don’t worry yrr. I had already left the job. But don’t think about him. U know what if u wear short dresses he would come in ur dream. Kiss u, Love. U know last week I also wore shorts.” Then I remembered one night she was moaning his name. My anger? increased I again slapped her.

“Mind ur language. We r girls she should not think this stupidity about boys. Be in ur limits…” If she wore shorts. Then tonight I’ll only wear inners of red color his favorite. But was he the same guy who did this much for my birthday? Uff so much tension. Then I left for office.

Precap: Swara’s and Anapurna’s fight.

How’s the chappy guys… I know it went too fast but. I will not drag this story too much. Ur friend nilu?.

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