Does she really love me? episode 2

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Sanskar’s POV.

I had stopped expecting anything from the life. The day Kavita left me. It was very hard for me to handle Chirag. He didn’t like me. For him I was only Mr Maheshwari a rapist nothing else. But I wasn’t angry on him. He was right on his place. I tried very hard to get his love, everything he wanted I gave him. Still the effect was null?. But I didn’t lost hope and finally my son called me Dad. For listening this from his mouth I’m ready to die again… I thought I got everything in my life. But It wasn’t end here my heart got happiness when I got Sanchit My son.

“Papa… ” he said in a crying tone? and he immediately hugged me.”papa where were u? I missed u a lot. Mom thought u r dead. ” what was he saying? I didn’t understand

“Beta who r u? ” I asked.

“Papa I’m ur Sanchu… I know u don’t know me. Mom said that u r dead.”

“Who is ur mom?” I asked.

“Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…”

“My……. Son …. U” I hugged him.”Sanchit… “I was crying a lot. The tears of happiness were flowing from my eyes… Was I dreaming? No he is my Son my Sanchu. I kissed all over on his face.

” Papa, let me call to mummy she will be very happy.” He called Swara. My Swara the reason of my existence. “Hello mummy I have a surprise for u.”

“Offo Sanchu, i’m busy na tell me what Surprise.” He gave me phone and signaled me to talk.

“Hello…” She spoke in her melodious voice. My Swara was speaking to me. “Who is this?” I closed my eyes. For me time just paused. This heart stopped beating, Swara still controlled this Sanskar like she always did. What to say? I didn’t know. I don’t know when the tears made the way. I took sigh.

“Sanskar…” She still knew my breaths. There was a complete silence. She knew it was me. We were joined bu soul but still incomplete. “I know it’s u… I really love u Sanskar.” Now this was unbearable. I cut the call. And moves towards my room.

“Papa, what is this u even didn’t spoke a word. Y? She loves a lot and u.” I turned back.

“Does she really love me?” I went inside the room and closed the door. ‘I hate u Mr Sanskar Maheshwari…’ Only these words echoing in my mind. Now this heart doesn’t have strength to handle itself again. I don’t want her because this time if we again separate, it will definitely stop forever… I’m happy in my life. I have no complaints from anyone… Because I know for some mistakes there is no forgiveness.

Sanskar’s POV ends…

Characters of story

Sanskar Maheshwari: 23 year old. Owner of a cafe. Loves his family a lot. His parents RAM and Sujata died.

Swara Gadodia: 22 year old news reporter. Daughter of Shekhar and shomi.

Lakshaya Maheshwari and Sahil Maheshwari: Sanskar’s brother. Works with Swara. Sahil is 8minute elder than lakshaya.

AP: a widow of DP and mother of lakshaya and Sahil.

Let’s starts the story.

A girl was lying on the side of road in a very Pathetic condition. It was clearly seen someone brutally snached her virtue. All people around her were gossiping about her. Reporters were clicking her pictures… That girl was trying hard to hiding her body but no one cared. But still humanity left. A girl in scooty came and hide her body with a sheet.

“stop taking pictures.” But no one listen. “I said STOP…?” she roared.

“Swara come fast…” Lucky said and they took the girl to the hospital. Doctor tell them about her condition and after a long wait they allowed her to meet the girl.

“What’s ur name? How’s u feeling. ” Swara looks clearly towards the girl. She saw her yesterday. In the shopping mall. When lucky and Sahil gave her birthday treat.

“I’m manshi. Didi don’t leave that bastared.”

“Who was he? Tell me.”

“Sanskar Maheshwari.” She said. Swara came out of room In anger. She punched her hand hard.

“What happened Swara?” Lucky asked.

“It’s 18th girl. That Sanskar Maheshwari. The day I’ll see him. I’ll kill him. Don’t know what’s police is doing. “? She was burning in anger. Just then sahil came.

“Swara, how’s the girl?” Sahil asked.

“Bro, she need rest. Swara u go home Bhai and me will handle this.” She left.

“BREAKING NEWS… New victim of Sanskar Maheshwari’s lust. A sixteen years old school girl. Don’t know when this monster stop. What police is doing? Girls r not safe in the city.”

“See bro this news I’m saying u to change the name of cafe.” Nikhil said.

“Yrr… But ”

“Sanskar my bro I believe u. But this cafe is ur dream. Just write Sanky Maheshwari in place of Sanskar. ” but Sanskar did wanted this.”offo Kavita u told him.”

“Ya Sanskar, nikhil is right… Trust me na…” She said with hope. “No matter what others say’s I’m with u.” So finally he agreed.

After one week. Swara came out of bathroom listening Tanya was badly crying.?

“Offo now what happened my tanu…” Tanya hugs her.

“My crush. My sanky… That kavita always roamed around him. I don’t like it.”

“Enough yrr… Ur sanky’s drama what’s so especial in that guy. For him ur doing waitress job in his cafe.”

“If u met him u will get to know about it. Any girl can dies even in just his single looks. His cafe is the most crowded place in the city. All girls just go there to see him.”

“Eeehhhh?? enough this Sanky, Sanky… One side this rapist eat my brain and now ur Sanky…”

“Don’t say a word against my Sanky. If u see him then U will also become mad for him. Then ur evening, morning, night will pass in his cafe.”

“Huh?. I’m confident, ur Sanky will become mad when he will see me.”

“Ok, then bet just make him fall in ur love. Then I’ll leave his job not only this I’ll not take his name.”

“It’s so simple…”

“Not so simple, make him urs completely.” Tanya winked??.”u know what I mean. ”

“R u mad? I’ll not do that only love is OK not more than that…” Tanya smile.

“Joke dear… ” they slept. But swara is busy in her thoughts.

“Now this Tanya will stop for few days… Sorry kissan ji I lied but I don’t have time for her Sanky. I just wanted that Sanskar Maheshwari??.” She too slept.

Here Sanskar is watching news in laptop… As Nikhil comes in his room he closed the laptop.?

“Offo So Sanskar, what r u hiding? Let me see…”

“Nothing yrr…” Nikhil snached the laptop. And plays the news. “I’ll not leave that Sanskar Maheshwari…”

“Give it back…” Sanskar takes the laptop.?

“U r mad for this news reporter… Swara Gadodia.”

“It’s nothing like that I’m just watching the news…”

“Then let me call ur badi ma she will tell the truth… Aunty ji… See…” Sanskar closed his mouth.

“Ok fine… Yes ” he blushed. “I like her. But only like nothing more than that.”

“Offo only like.” Nikhil pulled his cheeks. ” nothing more than that… Offo she works in ur brother’s office… ”

“Yrr, he is just like an angel… Don’t know when she will meet this begger…”

“Hope God will listen ur prayer and she will come in ur cafe. But yarr what will happen to those girls.”

“Girls???” ??

“Sanky bro… Who come in cafe for our cutiepie…” Sanskar gave uninteresting look??. “Ok baba… What Y r u listening this news. See yrr she hates u lot… She said she will not leave Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Be positive… Yrr I’m looking at her lips when she takes my Sanskar Maheshwari. My angel my Swara.?”

“Haha Sanky u r mad.”

“Huh? don’t disturb me my Shona is waiting for me…”

“Wao Shona… U gave her pet name also…”

“No yrr… I listen when lucky is calling her that in phone. Now yrr I’m already late to meet her.”

“Nikhil where u will meet her?”

“In dreams?…” Nikhil left and he slept.?

Precap: Swasan first meet.

Hope u guys liked it. And be happy ur friend nilu?.

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