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Sanskar’s POV.

I was sitting at the corner. My wife, my Shona she was still unconscious. I was afraid how would I face her.

“Sir.” Rosey called me. “She is calling u.”

“How can I face her Rosey, she will ask about our daughter from where I would bring her. It was me I’m responsible for all this.”

“No, sir it’s not ur fault.”

“I was so much blind in ego, I just thought what she did with me. In these years I hadn’t even tried to know what happened to her. I know one day she would came to know the truth but I thought to give her pain. If I would at least try to know about her, then today I would be my daughter. I hurt my Swara, I don’t even deserve her.”

She kept her hand on my shoulder. “That was past now she needs u the most. Ur love will cure her pain.”

“What kind of love is this? I snached a daughter for her mother. I should be punished badly for this.”

She wiped my tears and hugged me. “My mom and dad left me. See how unlucky am I sir? Still I never loose hope. I’m living for those who loves me. Swara loves a lot. The first thing she spoke is ur name. Sir she loves u more than anything.”

“But what would I say to her? If she would ask me about her daughter.”

“U first go, I know sir u will find some way to pacify her.”

“Ok.” I got some courage to face Swara. Rosey also got call.

“Sir, I need to go. Govind uncle came to pick me. U know my Amma would be very much tense.”

She left. Rosey always gave me support thought this little girl suffered a lot.

“Sir, ur wife is calling u. Please sir.”

“Ok, I’m coming.”

I went inside the room.

“Sanskar.” I hold her hand.

“Shona, how’s u feeling now?”

“I’m fine I want to…” I kept finger on her lips.

“Don’t say anything, just take rest.” I know what she would say.


“I told u, don’t stress yourself. If u love me then U will not ask me anything.” She blinked her eyes.

“Doctor, when she will discharge.”

“Nearly one week.”

“But doctor… U can make all arrangements in my home too.”

“But still atleast she has to stay here for three days.”

Next day Sahil also came to Delhi. He hugged me.

“I’m sorry Bhai. I’m sorry for everything.”

“How u came here?”

“Woh, Shivani was talking to Swara then I heard about u. So I came here. Please forgive me.”

“I’m not angry on U but I don’t have any right to forgive U. What u did with Kavita?”

“Dad.” Chirag called me. “Dad, Swara aunty is calling u.”

“Ok I’m coming. And how’s Sanchit.”

“He is fine dad.”

“Who is he? Sanskar and Y he is calling u dad?” Sahil asked. Before I could say anything.

“Uncle, I’m dad and Kavita mom’s son.” Chirag spoked.

“Chirag u go back to home.”

“Ok dad.” He left but Sahil was looking at him. I know he guessed everything.

“Sanskar, he is my…”

“Sahil, I think u didn’t heard properly. He said mine and Kavita’s son.”

“His age is same of Sanchit’s. As far as I know. U love Swara.”

“Sahil, in these years I was with Kavita and we were in physical relation. He is my son. Ur son is dead.” I went inside, I know Sahil wasn’t satisfied with my answer.

“Sanskar, I want to meet my child.”

“Wait let me call him.” Ii know she will ask me about Naina.

“Hello Sanchit beta how’s u.”

“I’m fine dad.”

“And Naina, what she is still sleeping. Ok u take care of her.”

“Sanskar, I…” Swara tried to say.

“Shona, Naina is sleeping. I promise, she will talk to u in the evening. Now u take ur soup.”

I know it was very difficult to hide truth from her. But I can’t lose her now. I slowly kissed her.

“Is it still paining Shona?”

“It’s better now.”

“Ok, I’ll come soon.” She hold my hand.

“Don’t go, please Sanskar. Stay with me.” I sit beside her. She hugged me. “Promise me you will not leave me.”

“I promise, Swara. U r my everything. I love u.”

“I love more…”


“Sanskar I want to meet Sanchit and…”

“Swara, they r in college. Wait me call them.” I kept phone in speaker.

“Hello Sanchit how’s u?”

“Mom, I’m good. But u know na college. But tomorrow u r coming I’m so happy.”

“Sanchit and how’s…”

“Oh, mom Naina she is good. Wait let me call her.”

“Hello mom. I missed u a lot.” I was crossing my finger. Rosey agreed to help me. Swara was looking at me.

“What happened Shona? U don’t want to talk to my princess.”

“How’s u? U take care of yourself and Sanchit too.” I got relived when Swara said this.

“I’m good mom, Bhai is also good. Now bye mom.”

“Bye.” She disconnected the call.

“Now, happy Shona.”

“I want to go home.”

“Wait for tomorrow.” I hold her both the hand. “Shona, u know I missed u so much.”

“Me too.”

Next day after completing all formalities I bought her home.

“So, this is our bedroom. Look there our big picture.”

“Sanskar it’s so beautiful.”

“Not more than my Shona. Now u sit here.”

“Sanchit and…”

“Wait Shona. I’m calling Sanchit and Naina.” I made her sit on bed.

They came inside.

“Shona, he is our son Sanchit and my daughter Shona.”

“Mom, ur Naina missed u a lot.” Rosey hugged her. I know I was doing wrong but I couldn’t let my Swara suffer.

She talked with them a little then. They left. But another problem was Sahil. I know he was suspected about Chirag. I was passing through kitchen then I heard their voice.

“Chirag, I want to ask u something?”

“What uncle?”

“R u sure, that Sanskar is ur father?”

“What do u mean?”

“I mean. Kavita I mean ur mom loves him, u know Sanskar loves Swara then how u and ur mom?”

“That thing I don’t know, but one thing I know that mom loved him.”

“But Chirag…”

“Enough uncle.”

“Mr Sanskar Maheshwari is my dad, I know only this.” He left.

I was scared one day Sahil will get to know about the truth.

“Chirag, R u OK Son?”

“Dad, what r u doing here? Swara aunty needs u.”

“And u. U r also my son. I know these day I can’t able to concentrate on U.”

“It’s alright dad.” He turned his face. He was hiding something. I kept hand on his shoulder.

“R u OK, Chirag?” He immediately hugged me.

“I’m sorry dad… I’m so sorry. I blamed u. I called u a rapist but u, u never said a single word. U r the best, best dad in the world. I know Sahil uncle is my biological father but I don’t consider him my dad. U r my everything dad. U r my dad not him.”

I consoled him. “Hush, u r my son. No one can change this truth.”

“Dad, now u get ur own son and wife, please don’t forget this boy.”

“What rubbish u r talking to me? U r the one who gave me hope in my hard time. But who told u truth.”

“Dad, in the hospital when uncle asked me about mom. I thought something is still hidden. Then I checked Sanchit and my date of birth, dad I’m one week elder than him. As far as I know u love Swara aunty a lot and if u tried to move on then also u take time. I saw mom and u also stayed different room.”

“I’m sorry Chirag, to hide the truth.”

“No, dad u need not to. I know Sahil uncle used my mom. Shivani aunty told me the whole truth and I’ll not forgive him.”

We was unaware that Sahil was listening everything. He came inside the room.

“Don’t say like this Chirag. Only I know how much I carved for u and Kavita.”

“Enough Mr Sahil. And please stay away I don’t want to see ur face.” Chirag left the room.

“Sahil, u r suffering for ur doings.”

It had been nearly two weeks. Now Swara recovered. I asked Rosey to stay in home most of the time. She only left in the night. I went inside the room. Swara was arranging the clothes.

“Shona, what r u doing? Doctor told u to take rest.”

“Sanskar I’m fine. Actually I want to say something.”

“No more talking. U take rest. Ur daughter is same like u. Totally stubborn. Wait let me call her.”

I was about to leave but she hold my hand. “Sanskar, she was like u.”


“Our daughter she was totally like u.”

“Shona, she was meaning.”

“I know u r lied to me. I remembered everything. U r doing this for me. I know because of me I lost her. I’m a bad wife and bad mother.”

I hugged her. “No, I’m worse dad. My Shona is best. It all happened because of me. I’m sorry Swara. Sorry because of me u also our daughter.”

I bend down on my knees. “I don’t even deserve ur forgiveness. I’m ready to accept ur all punishment. If u want then U can leave me.”

“Enough Mr Maheshwari.” She also sit beside me. “If one more time u talk about separation. I swear I’ll kill. These years r enough. Now I can’t stay a second away from u. Promise me, whatever be the condition, no matter how worse it would be, u won’t leave me. Even if I want then U can slap me. Or locked me in the house but don’t leave me.”

“I… I promise Swara.” She hugged me. “I promise, even death tried to separate u from me then, next moment I’ll die.”

“Sssh, we will die together. Because our soul is one.” She broke the hug and wiped my tears. “Sanskar.”

“Say Shona.”

“Kiss me… Please. This time not forcefully but with ur willingness.”

I moved close to her. My nose touched her cheek and she closed her eyes. “I love u SWARA.”

I smoothly smooched on her lips. Slowly slowly, we kissed each other, her hand automatically shifted on my hairs. This was the first time after these years we felt our love. Then I felt something wet. I broke the kiss.

“Shona, hey Y r u crying?”

“I don’t know…” She hugged me. “Please don’t leave me.”

“Never…” I replied.

Just then I heard a loud sound of breaking of glass. I looked towards my windows. People r shouting outside. “R u OK, Shona.”

“Hmm.” We went outside. My whole garden was filled with people, those were my neighbour, some were from city. And off course media too.

“What is this? Is this a way. Go away else I’ll call the police.”

“Then who stopped u.” Rajat came out. How could I forget him.

“What’s the matter Rajat?”

“Listen people he is behaving like saint. Without any relation u r living with a women. This is high standard colony not a red light area. Where u could live with a prostitu…”

Before he could say further I punched on his mouth.

“Not a single word about her.”

“Sanskar… Leave me.” Swara hold my hand.

“No Shona, not this time.” I kept hand on her waist. “She is my everything, my life my wife Mrs SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.”

Everyone became quite.

“But u married to Kavita.”

“I don’t want give any explanation to u. Swara is my wife. I’m afraid to accept it before everyone. We married and Sanchit our son.”

“And Chirag and Naina to.” Swara spoke. “We r a family. I’m happy with my husband and my three children. After a era I got this happiness. Please let me live peacefully. One because my stupidity I lost him. It was me…”

“No Swara. We will not give any explanation to this society. Tomorrow I’ll officially marry u.”

“But I saw this girl. This Naina I know what she do, her real name is Rosey and she is…” I was about to say but this time my better half took initiative.

“Mr Rajat.” She went towards him. “She is my daughter. I don’t know Y r u blaming my family.”

“I can show u prove.”

“But false proof can easily formed. She is my daughter.”

“Do u have any prove.”

“Mr Rajat do u have prove, that u r son of ur mother or she… Leave it. I guess of u get ur answer.”

Rajat left disappointed. Today my Shona prepared lunch.

“Sir, I should leave my work is over.”

“Naina, but u r our family.” Swara asked.

“No mam, actually sir said me to do acting. I have my family my Amma she is my life.”

She left. I looked towards Swara she was crying. “Shona…”

She hugged me. “Sanskar, don’t know Y but I’m attached with her…”

“Sssh, she is good.” I told her everything about Rosey.

She hugged me more tightly. “I’m very proud to have husband like u. But please request her to come here frequently.”

“Ok, my princess. Now come we have to do preparations for wedding.”

“No, I don’t want any hustle bustle. Just simple one. We r marrying for us not to show society.”

“But Shona.”

“No, I don’t want u to waste your time in preparations. I want your all time only for me.”

“As u wish.”

Next day we again married. It was just a piece of paper for we were one. Rosey came to wish us.

“Congratulations sir.”

“Thanks Rosey.”

“Sir, my Amma and Govind uncle came to congratulate u. Actually yesterday they saw u in TV. So, I told them everything about them.”

“Where is she?”

“There.” She called a lady. “Amma come here.” The moment she turned back. I was shocked.

“Congratulations Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.” She was my badi ma. The lady who spoiled my life and I wasn’t shocked seeing Mr Mohan, Nikhil’s father with her.

“Sir what happened. Actually Amma, sir is paying for ur treatment. Sir is very good.” Rosey kept talking.

“Gudia, I think ur sir is not happy to see me.” She said in mocking tone.

Then I looked towards Swara who was just staring Rosey with fraction of seconds I got know everything.

“Sir what happened?”

“Naina she is…” Before Swara could say further I hold her hand.

“We r happy to meet u Mam. What’s ur name?”

“Anapurna, I’m only guardian of Gudia. Still she miss her parents.” She took a pause. “Mostly her mother.”

“Amma, don’t talk about them. I hate them, from the core of my heart, I wish they would never stay happy.” My Shona was in the verge of crying listening all this. Her grip increased on my hand.

“Don’t talk like this Gudia, about ur parents.” I know she was intensionally doing this to hurt my Shona.

“So called parents. God is watching everything I wish they will suffer hell.”

“Enough…” I shouted. “We need to go… Come Shona.”

We left. As soon as reached inside out room. Swara hugged me. And Start crying.

“She is our Naina. Sanskar our doll. Y u stopped me? Please bring her here, I’ll die without her.”

“She hates us Swara. That Lady spoiled my whole life. My daughter hates me.”

“Y Sanskar? Y it’s all happening with us? Are we that much bad?”

“Sssh, who told u this? Till then ur Sanskar is alive u need not to cry. I know that cheap Lady. She is still hiding truth that’s mean she want something.”

“Sanskar, I want my daughter please bring her.I want my complete family.”

“I promise Swara. U do as I’m saying OK.”

I new that lady would definitely call me.

“How’s u Sanskar?”

“Stop ur nonsense, tell me what u want.” I signaled Swara. “Y u did this.”

“Poor boy. Sanskar tomorrow at chor bag metro station. Come alone.” She disconnected the call. I was hoping might be our work would done. After sometime Swara came. “Shona.”

She hugged me. “Yes, we did.”

“Ok, princess now take rest. I need to…”

“Please don’t do anything. Today I need my hubby’s arms.” We slept hugging each other.

“Swara, R u sure our plan will work.”

“I trust my Sanskar.”

We were ready. She came as she said right time.

“I don’t want to waste time.”

“Not bad Sanskar. I want ur whole property. Whole… U know. Ur daughter is too innocent. She did everything for my convinces.”

“Y? What she did?”

“Not Naina but Swara her so called mother. She snached my son my Nikhil. Then I want to give same pain to her. I kidnapped her and made her believe that her parents hate her, child r so innocent easily believed us. For me she slept with many people. How it’s feels Sanskar when ur own daughter asked u to sleep with her.”

Naina slapped her. Yes she was with us. Since yesterday during our call Swara called her and asked her to see Anupuran. She was still not convened, so we called her here.

“Gudia, u said u r going to office.”

“I never thought, never ever in my dream. I gave u the place of God. Because of u I cursed my parents.”

Cop arrested her. “Don’t be shocked Mrs Anupurana Maheshwari. Ur partner is little greedy for money he told whole truth now u both stay there happily.”

“Haha ?.” She started laughing. “I got my punishment but look at ur daughter. She is a dirt. A used material for men. Now this will always attached with her identity. She is a sl*t…”

Swara slapped her. “Not a word against my princess… She is a pure soul. I trust her one day whole world will respect her.” They took her but my Daughter was crying. She bend down on her knees.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m so bad.”

“No, Naina. U r my life.”

“It was who daily prayed that my parents never stay happy. Because of me u both separated. I’m very bad. Ma I’m very bad daughter.”

“Say it again doll. Ma, say na. Please.” Swara was crying. They hugged each other.

“I love ma. Please forgive me.”

“Good, I think u don’t need me.” I was feeling jealous.

“Dad, even in sorry for everything.” I hugged her.

“I’m not angry on daughter.” We three came back home happy family.

We told the truth to Chirag and Sanchit but we didn’t tell them about Naina’s work. I want my daughter to get rid of past memories.

In the night. Swara came after changing the clothes. I hugged her from back.

“Now everything is fine Sanskar. We get whatever we want.”

“Not we, still one thing is left that I want.” She turned towards me.

“What is left Sanskar?”

I slided my hand on her waist and pulled her towards me. And unzipped her top.

“Sanskar… I think we should sleep. It’s too late.”

“Not, soon Mrs Maheshwari. Tonight I won’t let u sleep. Not tonight now for every night…”

“Sanskar, u r shameless.” I moved towards her but suddenly someone knocked the door. Swara immediately made herself presentable.

She was Naina.

“What u want doll?”

“Ma, I want to sleep with u. U want the love I missed please. I want to sleep with my parents.”

“Sure my doll.”

It was very beautiful. My doll is sleeping peacefully hugging her mother. I was just staring them.

“What r u looking?”

“Shona, I’m so happy today. Look at our doll she is sleeping peacefully. But what that Lady did with our doll. I’m feeling bad… It’s all happened because of me.”

“No, Sanskar. Please forget this. U will one day people know because of her success.”

“I know, my daughter.” I kissed on her forehead. “Good Night, my doll.”

Sanskar’s POV ends.

Everything sorted in Swasan life but Sahil still carving just to hear Dad word from Chirag’s mouth.

“Swara please help me.”

“I tried to talk about it, u don’t worry I’ll help u. U deserves a chance.”

“Really….” Sahil became happy.


Sanskar came inside the home. He looked towards Sahil. To be Frank he didn’t like his presence near his family.

“Hi Sanskar…” Sanskar didn’t replied to Sahil.

“Sanskar u came so soon.” Swara asked.

“Y? U don’t like my presence then OK, I’ll go back again.”

“No, I mean u went office 9am now it’s just 10:30am.”

He went inside his room. Sahil thought he might be angry because of his presence.

“Sahil, u want tea. Actually I’m going to prepare for Sanskar.”

“No Swara, I should leave now.” Sahil left.

Swara went inside the kitchen and started making tea. She felt two arms around her waist. Someone hugged her from back, removed her hairs aside and started kissing on her left shoulder. His hand were crassing her tummy.

“Sanskar….” She moaned. But he was busy kissing her. “What…r u doing…” He bite on her shoulder. “Ahh.”

“U don’t dare to questioning to me.” He started opening her pallu…

“Sanskar…” She spoked Sweetly. “I’m making tea don’t tease me. He immediately closed the regulator of cylinder. And lifted her in his arms. And directly went inside the room. He placed her on bed and started madly kissing on her neck…

” Sanskar u forget to close the door.” He closed his eyes on frustration. She smiled seeing him but hide. Sanskar directly closed the door and took a lock and locked the door.

They he went back to do his incomplete work. He was very much desperate, he kissed her hardly. He couldn’t control much. He’d cleavage was filled with his saliva… Soon their clothes were lying around. He was busy sucking her bosoms.

“Sanku…” He cupped her face.

“Spread ur legs.” She did followed his instructions. His hands started massaging her thighs. He moved his fingers near her core but she hold him.

“I want to feel u. Please Sanskar.”

“As u wish my Shona.” He adjusted himself. “Hold me tightly.”

“It’s not my first time.” He tired to move inside her but she was indeed tight for him, as it had been an era since they consummate. With a force he slammed inside her. “Sans…ka..rrr…”

“Sorry, I was very much desperate.” He kissed on her forehead.

“I love u.”

“Love u too.” They engulfed in passionate love making. The whole room was filled with their moans.

“Sanskar, it’s 2pm I’m feeling hungry.” But Sanskar was lost in his own world.

“Even I’m hungry…” He sucked her bosom. “Let me satisfied my hunger…”

After sometime Sanskar was lying on Swara and she was caressing his hairs. Swara gets a call. She was about to picked it but Sanskar hold her hand.

“Leave it Swara.”

“Sanskar, now please stop. Naina is about to come. What she will think?”

“She will not come before 6pm. I gave my whole work to her.”

“So rude my littel doll is doing so much work. So u came here for this.”

“Hmm, since u got ur doll u forgot ur hubby. So it’s punishment for both of u.” He winked. He rolled and took her in his arms.



“R u angry with Sahil?”

“Offo course, I came here for my wife but he…” Swara kissed him.

“I want something…” She again kissed him.

“What…” While kissing her.

“Promise u will not say no….”

“Promise.” Swara kissed him. AMD hugged him.

“Please say Chirag to forgive Sahil. U know Sahil helped me in my hard time. I know he did wrong but he is guilty. He deserves a chance.”

He got up and wore his clothes.


“I’m going to office.”

“But…” He left without saying anything.

Swara became unhappy. She thought she hurt him. In the evening. All came home except Sanskar and Chirag. Swara got a call.

“Hello Sanskar where r u?”

“Come in the garden.”

When she came outside she saw Chirag and Sahil hugging each other.

“I love u dad.”

“Love u to son.”

Swara became happy. Sanskar hugged him from back. “Now happy.”

“So much.”

“Dad.” Naina came outside. “How’s ur meeting with Mr Roy.”

“Which meeting Naina.” Swara asked.

“Ma, Dad went for meeting too long meeting 10:30 am to 4pm. Dad actually they called me for meeting. But Y again meeting dad u met them.”

Swara giggled. “Give answer Sanskar.”

“Actually Naina. Mr Roy is aged so he forget.”

Chirag and Sahil came towards them. “Sahil, Chirag is still my son. So from now onwards u can live with us.”

“But Sanskar.”

“It’s OK Sahil.”

Sanchit also came. They all hugged each other. “Now my family completed.”

Happy ending.

Sorry if episode is not up to mark. Thank to all those who love it, who comment in this story. Ur friend nilu?.

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