Does she really love me? episode 17

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It was nearly 7pm when Sanskar reached home, as soon as he entered inside the home Sanchit hugged him.

“Dad, mom. She is still missing. Please bring her home.”

“Sanchit my son, please calm down. Dad is here.”

But he was continuously crying. “It’s all because of me, I’m ominous for everyone. First u left us now my mom.”

“Who told u this rubbish? Look at me Sanchit. U know ur dad. He loves u a lot. I promise I’ll bring her back. Now u take rest.” He calls Chirag. “Take him inside the room.” They left.

Sanskar noticed a new lady there.

“I’m Shivani. Swara’s friend.”

“Did she said anything to u, I mean where she is going? At least she should inform us.”

“R u in ur sense Sanskar? What do u mean by she went somewhere? U should search her instead of making these excuses.”

“Ok, sorry it’s my mistake.” He left.

Here in the office, Rosey realised that Sanskar left without checking the contract papers.

“Hey, Raman. I need ur help. Actually Sanskar sir, forgot to check these papers. Can u give him?”

“Sorry, Rosey I’m busy here. I’ll give u Sir’s home address u can go there.”


Here Sanskar was searching Swara. “It’s enough Swara, Y r u doing this? At least u should think about ur son.” He got a call.

“Ya Rosey.”

“Sir, actually u forgot about contract papers, I came to ur home but ur watchman said u r not in the home.”

“Rosey, we will talk about it later.”

“Sir, please u look it. After this I’ll send them. Don’t delay else we might loose it.”

“Ok, I’m going to Vasant kunj sector 6. U come there.”

“Fine sir.”

After two hours.

“Sir these papers.” Sanskar checked them.

“It’s fine Rosey.”

“Ok, sir.” They sit in car and left.

Rosey was continuously observing something weird in his behavior.

“Sir, R u fine?”

“No, I mean it’s alright.”

“U can tell me. I can help u.” She kept her hand on his hand. “Trust me Sir, say what is in ur heart u will feel good. Sir u solved my problem now it’s my turn. Please sir.”

Sanskar took a deep breath. “SWARA.”

“Swara.” Rosey felt that she is familiar to this name. “Sir who is she?”

“My everything, she was the one who gave light to my life. In my whole life I loved only one girl and she is Swara. But like others she left me.” He told her everything that had happened, first time he disclosed his heart feeling with someone.

“Now, she again came in my life, I can’t throw her away from my life because my son he can’t live without her.”

“And u sir? Do u still love her?” Sanskar didn’t said anything. “Answer me sir, what she meant for u?”

Sanskar immediately hugged her and cried. “I… Love her. I can’t live without her, but…” He broke the hug. “She broke me. We can’t be together. Anyways, don’t know where she went and I promised my son to bring her back.”

“Did u complained about it.”

“Shivani did.”

Just the Sanskar got a call he picked it up without looking at the number.


“Sanskar, what I heard ur jaan Swara is missing.”

“Rajat stop ur drama I’m already very tense.”

“Oh poor boy. I’m also searching her and if u find her before, then I’ll not leave her.”

“Rajat I’ll kill u.”

“Just saw her pic, I must say she is a mother of a 17 year boy still looks too hot.”

That was enough for Sanskar. “Rajat don’t u dare. If anything happened to my Swara. Then U will die, and I mean it.”

Rosey was continuously observing him, his anger, his restlessness for Swara. “Sir, I think we should check, JJ colony.”

“What? How u know about that it. U said u just came Delhi.”

“Actually sir, once a customer from Delhi came. He was very talkative and he said when he need a girl his worker kidnapped them from station, road and they took it there. He even invited me there but I said when I’ll come Delhi then…”

“My Swara is very brave, nothing can happens to her, she must be somewhere else.”

“But we should not take any risk. If u want we can take help from Govind kaka.”

“Fine, I’m going but I’m sure she would not there.”

“Hope so.”

So finally they reached there but cop was already there. People were gathered there, a little girl nearly 3 year old was crying. Cop arrested a man.

“Sir he is the same one.”

That mam saw Rosey. “Jenny u r here. See our bad luck.”

“Do u know him mam?” Cop asked her.

“Sir, she is with me.” Sanskar replied. “What happened here? And this cute girl.”

“Mr Maheshwari, actually this man tried to kidnapped this girl and when he was forcing her a lady saved her.”

“Lady!! Where is she?”

“There in ambulance, actually her she got a injury in her head.”

“Can I? Sure sir. Actually, we got missing report of that lady. We informed her family.”

“Her name is Swara.”

“Ya, how do u know?” Sanskar immediately rushed towards the ambulance. Swara was lying on stretcher nurses were cleaning the injury.

“Sir, she is ur SWARA.” Rosey asked.

“Yes.” He hold her hand. “Sister how’s she?”

“Sir u please leave. We r taking her hospital. U cam meet here there.”

“Please sister let me in. She is… She is my wife.”

Rosey looked towards him, he was crying.

“Ok, and she?” Pointing towards Rosey.

“I’m her daughter.” Rosey replied.

They sit inside the ambulance. Sanskar was holding her hand. He was just looking at her without blinking his eyes. His eyes which were filled with lots of emotions.

After two hours.

Sanskar was hugging Sanchit. Who was weeping badly. Shivani, Chirag and Rosey were sitting at a corner silently.

“Dad, is she alright? Mom is not saying anything. When she will get conscious.”

“U don’t worry, she is very brave. She saved a life today.”

He reminded that man was addressing Rosey as Jenny. He went towards her.

“Come with me.”

They move aside. “Who is Jenny?”

“Actually sir, Jenny is me.”

“Then Rosey.”

“Sir, Rosey is not my real name not Jenny, new city new name.”

“What’s ur real name.”

“Mr Sanskar.” A nurse called him.

“Yes sister.”

“She is calling u.”

Sanskar went inside, he wiped his tears and sat beside her.

“San…sk…ar…” He said in a feeble tone.

“Ya, Shona I’m here.” He hold her hand.


“He is outside.”

“And naina. Where is Naina? Please call her.”

“Naina, who is she, Swara?”

“Call Naina, Naina…” She fainted.

“Shona… Open ur eyes.”

“Mr Maheshwari, she is fine u may leave and bring Naina.”

He went outside.

“Dad, what she said? How is she?”

“Sanchit, u take rest. She is fine.”

Rosey came towards Sanskar. “Sir, Y r u tense?”

“Nothing, she is saying call Naina. I’m fed up of her drama. I’m tired of her. She is…” Before he could say further, Shivani slapped him.

“Enough Mr Maheshwari.”

“What the!!!”

“How could u say this a drama, have u seen her. U know who is Naina. She is ur daughter. Ya Mr Maheshwari they were twins.”

“What!!! My daughter. Where is she? Y Swara lied to me? I want to meet her.”

“Swara didn’t lied. She even don’t know.”

“How this can be possible. She lied she said that we have only one child.”

“Swara told u truth but u slept.”

“I heard everything, Rajat and all.” Then he reminded something. “Ya, she told me that she thought they were twins but report was wrong.”

“Report was right.”

“She lied.”

“No Sanskar, u don’t know what she gone through. She didn’t said anything about ur badi me.”

Sanskar was shocked.

“She was the main culprit…”

Flashback back.

It was Swara’s last month, she never went back to her father. She stayed with AP. She was very happy because of twins. But that night she came to know about the real truth. When in midnight she saw she heard some noise. She was someone coming inside the house, Swara followed the shadow. He was none other than Mohan, Nikhil’s father. She didn’t understood what he was doing there. Swara followed him and he went inside AP’s room. Swara thought might be he came to hurt AP. But the next moment she saw was beyond her thinking.

Mohan was lying on the top of AP.

“Mohan, what r u doing here?”

“I had be more than 8 months we r away from each other.”

“U please go, what if Swara come. U know she is pregnant, due to mood swings She can wake up any time.”

“I don’t care, now let’s get married.”

“Not so easily. First I’ll do what I wanted. I took revenge of our son. My Nikhil, our son. He is not with us.”

“Annu dear, think about me also.”

“Ok, but promise u will go back soon.”

Swara was shocked to see this, she moved backwards but pot on the stool fell down. AP immediately came out.

“Swara, beta u r here.”

“Woh, badi ma. I was feeling thirsty. Then I heard a voice… U r talking with someone.”

“Ya, I’m talking with Durga’s soul. He daily came to meet me. Our love is so pure.”

“Badi ma, I think I should leave, baby needs rest.”

AP kept hand on her tummy, Swara felt disgusting to be touched by such a cheap women. AP talked with babies. “Come soon, so that ur Grandma complete her incomplete wish.”

Swara left to her room. She cried.

“How blind was I, Sanskar? This lady, how one can be so cheap. He destroyed my whole life. Because of her I lost u, now she wants to hurt our babies and I can’t let this to be happen.” She called Shivani and told her everything.

Swara kept her hand on tummy. “Mumma promises u, she will not let anything happen to u.”

She went towards Sahil’s room, Sahil was crying holding Kavita’s pic.


He immediately got up. “Swara u r here. If u need anything then U can call me, u know it’s ur last month.”

“I need ur help. May be Kavita’s soul will forgive U after this.”

“What u want Swara? I’m very guilty for my act. I’m ready to help u.”

“I can only trust u because like me u lost ur love. Ragini and Lucky is busy their own world. Leave them. Ok do as I’m saying.”

Next day Swara and Sahil was ready with their plan.

“Badi ma, I’m going to hoogly to meet gynecologist Mrs Smith. If u allow Sahil can come with me as it would be hard for me to go alone.”

“Ok, but take care of babies, they r my last hope.”

“U don’t worry. Their mom knows how to protect them.” She said in cold tone. AP reacted on her different tone. But Swara covered up it. “Actually, badi ma, we will return tomorrow in afternoon.”

A glint came in AP’s eyes. “Ok, take ur time.” They left. AP immediately called Mohan.

“Dear, I was missing u. Yesterday that Swara spoiled our moment.”

“Don’t worry Mohan, today she is not here. Come soon. I’m waiting.”

Afternoon, Mohan reached there. He hugged AP.


“Mohan, did u do all arrangements.”

“Ya dear.”

“Soon Swara give birth to a girl then, we will do our work.”

“Fine dear do whatever u want? For u I gave money to doctor also.”

“Ok, come.”

They went inside the room. But after some time someone knocked the door. It was cop.

“U r underarrest Mrs Anupurana Maheshwari and Mr Mohan.”

“But we r just talking.”

“Don’t worry we have ur all recording.”

AP and Mohan got arrested and got imprisonment for 3 years, for their illegal work and also that doctor also got arrested.

After this Swara gave birth a beautiful girl and cute boy. Swara was feeding milk to little baby boy. While little girl was crying.

“Don’t cry my doll, mumma will feed u to.”

When baby boy got satisfied he slept. Swara carefully kept him beside her and hold baby girl. She tried to feed but she refused. She became angry. Her mom did partiality, though she was 8 minute older than her bro. So it’s her right to get feed first.

“Ok sorry my princess. Mummy is saying sorry.” But she was still not satisfied by her mother’s efforts. “Totally stubborn like ur dad.” Little baby girl started giggling. “Oh, now u r laughing at mumma. Go, now mumma will not talk to u. She will give her all love to my boy.”

Little baby girl started crying. “Ok, sorry. Mumma loves her princess most.” Swara kissed on her forehead. Baby became happy and then she feed her. Swara was just admiring her. She was totally like her father. Her lips and eyes reminded her, Sanskar. Tear drop fell from her eyes, to baby cheek. Baby left her boss*m and looked towards her with tinny eyes. She extended her hand as if she want to touch her cheeks. Swara lifted her up, with her little fingers she wiped her mother’s tears. Swara smiled seeing the effort of little life. Baby girl started clapping with her little hands. A mother is most happiest when her child understands her. Baby again holds her boss*m and sweetly sucked her nutrition.

It has been 6 months. Today Swara arranged a function in the home, Sahil was helping her, as baby was very happy with their uncle. They were pulling his moustaches.

“Oh, sweet princess don’t tease ur chachu. Look at ur brother he is so quite.” But arrogant baby took her revenge by doing her work.

“Eeehhhh, u r too mischievous. Swara come here…”

“What happened Sahil? Can’t u hold them for a minute.”

“U know ur Prince is very good, but ur princess is very bad. See what she did?”

Swara started laughing. “Princess why u did this?”

Baby girl made faces. Swara took her in her arms. “I guess she didn’t like u.”

“Even I don’t like her, very arrogant. I’ll play with Prince.” Sahil left with baby boy.

All guest came, Shivani, Ragini with Sahil. Shivani took baby girl in her arms.

“How’s our princess?”

“She became very mischievous day by day. Don’t know what will happen when she grow up.”

Baby girl didn’t like this, she turned her away from Swara and hugged Shivani.

“Look, at her anger.” Shivani smiled.

Swara gave them beautiful name. “My princess her name is Naina, and my cute Prince is Sanchit.”

Naina started clapping. She liked her name while Sanchit hugged her mother.

Swara giving bath to them. Sanchit was sitting silently but our mischievous Naina. She was playing with tap water.

“Naina, don’t do this.” But more Swara warned her but she did it more. Sanchit took her bath silently, Swara kept him bad. And surrounded pillows around him. She never gave bath Naina first because she know, the most mischievous girl couldn’t sit quite.

Here Naina was playing, with tap water, the tub was kept under tap and Naina was sitting there peacefully, no she was trying to turn the tap but immediately flow of water increased, she started crying. Swara immediately rushed towards her. She took in her warm embrace. But Naina was still crying.

“Hush, princess. Bad water mumma will beat it.”

Swara act to hit water. Naina was waving her hand to tell her mumma, he was bad beat it. Swara gently rubbed her hand on her back to pacify her. But she was still crying. She bring her inside the room.

“Princess u need milk.” She tried to feed but she refused. “Uff this girl is too much.”

Swara was trying hard to pacify her, but no result instead Sanchit also started crying. He hold both of them. Her every effort failed but then she showed them Sanskar’s pic. They stopped crying. Swara placed them on bed. Her little girl slept holding her father pic. For a mother the greatest feeling was to become mother.

She loved both the child equally, one was too quite and another one is very mischievous.

“Naina, who is he?” Shivani asked Pointing towards Sanskar’s pic which she holding.

“P…a…ppa..” She spoke. Swara who was arranging the clothes immediately rushed towards her.

“Princess say it again.” But she refused. “Baby, say papa…” She nodded her head in no. It wasn’t not so easy. “See princess mumma is requesting u.”

“Swara, she is too clever. She wants something.”

“I know what she wants.” Swara gave her more pics she became happy.

“Pa…paa…” Swara lifts her in her arms.

“Say it again.”

“Pa…paaa.” Swara kissed on her cheek.

“Ma…” Sanchit who was playing with toys called her. Swara became over excited. She gave Naina to Shivani and lifts her son.

“Call me mumma again”

“Ma…” Swara started crying… She kissed on his cheeks. Seeing this Our Naina started crying. Naina, didn’t like if anyone tried to ignore her.

Swara hold her in other hand. “Love u too my cute princess.”

Shivani smiled seeing this, at the Shail was crying, seeing this.

It had been two and half years. Sanchit was sleeping peacefully but someone didn’t want to sleep.

“Naina, please baby sleep.”

“Park, park.” It had been daily routine for Naina. She never slept until Swara took her for walk. Today Swara was not feeling good, due to little fever. But Naina made pout.

“Ok, fine but only two round.” Naina became happy. Swara asked Sahil to take care of Sanchit.

Swara took for walk. Swara was holding her hand, but tried to freed her grip. “Don’t, be with me.”

Suddenly she saw someone and freed her hand. Swara knew, ishu daughter of Mr Sunny who just shifted here 2 weeks ago.

“Hello Mrs Maheshwari.”


“They r very good friend. U know Ishu, she never slept until or unless she met Naina.”

“Same with Naina.”

Baby engaged in playing. I had been a hour. “Ok, Naina come.”

Suddenly Swara heard a voice. A motorbike rider hit an old Lady. In park there was only Swara and Mr Sunny, a couple who was engaged in themselves and an old man.

“Swara u go help her, I’m with them.”

Swara helped lady. “Aunty ji, r u OK?” Lady was in veil. “I’m fine. U took care of yourself and your daughter.”

“Daughter.” Swara turned back to see Naina but no one was there. She went there.

“Naina, Naina baby where u? Naina.” She noticed even that lady was not there. “Naina…”

She noticed an old man she went towards. “Uncle my…my little daughter, she was two and half year old. In pink frock… Did u saw her.”

“I can’t see, in night.”

She went towards the couple. “Please help me… My daughter did u saw her. She was two and half year old, in pink frock.”

“Sorry lady, I was fully engaged in my jannu.”

“Please help me, a man was with them.”

“Sorry we didn’t saw.” They again engaged their work. Swara slapped that man.

“R u blind? Can’t u see my daughter. She was so small.”

“Look Miss, u have to take care of ur own daughter. Come dear this lady is stupid, Y u gave birth her if u can’t handle her?” They left.

Swara searched her everywhere. Her doll was missing, now who would do those mischievous antics. Whole night she roamed in her search. Shivani found her.

“Swara, what r u doing here? Sahil said u didn’t returned back to home.”


“Where is Naina? She came with u?”

“I…don’t know… I’m very bad mother my princess don’t know where she went.” Swara told her everything.

“Did u checked Sunny’s home?”

“No one was there. His room was locked. My princess is OK.”

“Ya, Swara she would be fine.” They complained in police station.

“Please sir, bring my daughter. U know she won’t eat until I feed her. She even don’t know eating by her own self. She is very little. I know she is little mischievous. She is punishing her mother.”

“Calm down Mrs Maheshwari. We will find her soon.”

“Promise.” She asked so innocently.

“I’ll try my best.”

It had been two days since Naina was missing, Swara became lifeless. Without her. She tried her level best to find her.

“Swara, police will soon find her.”

“Shivani, my princess would be hungry. Please tell her to come back. I promise I’ll not scold her.”

Sahil came home. “Swara inspector called u.”

A ray of hope arised in her eyes. “Did they found my princess.”

“U come.”

They left police station while Shomi was with Sanchit. Cop showed Swara something.

“Mam, this frock is…”

“Ya, it’s my princess clothes.”

“And this pic.” It was Sanskar’s pic half burnt.

“Yes, my Naina always kept her father’s pic with her. But Y her belongings r half burnt. Is she alright.”

“Mrs Maheshwari be strong.”

“I’m listening.”

“Actually we got a body of baby girl. And she is ur daughter. She was forced… And that Sunny is a broker.”

Swara slapped him. “Shut up ur nonsense, I know my Naina is alright.”

She ran from there. She again went to same place she was again and again reminding the situation. She was imagining what if she would not go to help that lady, she was with Her princess. Then again she thought if, she won’t agreed to bring Naina in park. She was trying to recreating the past.

Few people saw her there.

“We heard, someone rapped her little daughter.”

“It was all her fault. First she suspected her husband now her daughter… She is an ominous.”

Their worlds were continuously revolving in her minds. Her mind was creating the image, of scenario. Her daughter was crying, a man was forcing her. He opened his jeans. Swara started throwing things…

“Leave my princess. I’ll kill u.”

“Swara what r u doing.” Naina tried to pacify her. Swara took a knife and stabbed that man’s illusion.

“I’ll kill u.”

“Swara look at me. No one was there.” Swara was not able understood anything.

“Save my princess.” She fainted. Shivani checked her. She was burning in fever. In all this Sanchit suffered, her mother was not looking at him.

Next morning. Swara was happy she took Sanchit room after giving him bath.

“Swara how’s u feeling?” Shivani asked.

“I’m fine Shivani. U please changed Sanchit’s clothes. U know Naina is too mischievous, I’ll soon.”

“Swara.” Shivani called her but she went inside the washroom.

She was shocked to see. Swara was talking to someone but no one was there.

“Princess, stop playing with water. Let mumma do her work.”

Swara was pouring water though mug but there was no one. “Now my princess is ready.”

“Swara, with whom u r talking.”

Swara turned back. “Shivani, u go see my princess is feeling shy. See she hide behind me.”

“Swara, there is no one. U r talking to yourself.”

Swara threw mug on Shivani.

“I said leave…” She shouted. “My doll is afraid of u. Go from here.”

Swara turned back. “Hush, princess mumma is here.” She hugged her.

It didn’t ended here. It was night time. Sanchit was playing with Sahil. Shivani thought to talk Swara about her condition. She heard giggling sounds from Swara’s room. She slightly opened the door.

“Sanskar, now stop. U know our princess. She is very mischievous. If she would see us like this.”

Shivani kept hand on her mouth.

“Ok, but it would last wish, then we will go out for dinner with Sanchit and Naina.”

“Swara…” Shivani called her.

Swara immediately covered her and Sanskar’s illusion with sheet. “R u blind, Shivani? Don’t u have manners, u shouldn’t come in couples room without knocking. Go.”

“Swara, Sanskar…”

Swara threw pillow towards her. “Don’t look at my hubby.” Swara hugged him. “He is mine.”

Shivani left from there. Swara started hallucinating… In dinner table she used to serve food for Sanskar. Sanchit was not able to understanding anything. So, all decided to send him with Shomi and Shekhar.
“Swara, Sanskar called u somewhere, he wants to give u surprise.”

“Really. Let me change. I know Sanskar he loves me a lot. Come Naina we both go to meet ur dady.”

After sometime they reached to hospital.

“Shivani Y u bring me here? Where is Sanskar.”

“U see that room he was inside that room. U go alone.”

“Come princess.” She left. Shivani cried seeing all this.

“I’m sorry Swara all this is for u.” She took nearly two years to recover.

Shivani took her home back, but they went Sanskar’s farmhouse because she didn’t want her to be be hurt.

“Shivani, where is my baby.”

“Actually Swara.”

“What was I doing in that hospital. I felt pain in my tummy. Where is my babies. R they boy, or girl or both?”

Shivani lied to her. “Sanchit come inside.” A little boy holding Shomi’s hand came inside.

“Ma, who is he? He is so cute.”

“Swara, he is ur son. Actually u met an accident. So u forgot some part of ur life.”

“What? But u I was expecting twins.”

“Actually Swara, that wasn’t ur report. Actually I did a mistake. He is ur only son. Ur and Sanskar’s symbol of love.”

Sanchit hold Swara’s hand. “Mumma where u went leaving me.”

Swara hugged him. “I’m here baby. Ur mumma is here. Now I’ll not leave u.”

Flashback ends….

“Sanskar that time Naina left us, Sanchit was very small so, he forgot about her. Shomi aunty and uncle only told him that he has only his mother. Swara even didn’t knew anything. But after watching same incident happened with that little girl she reminded her daughter. May be or it was just for few moments memory I don’t know. U wants to punish her. I know she didn’t a mistake but she suffered a lot. Now tell me Mr Maheshwari what punishment u wnat to give a mother, who already lost her daughter. Still ur ego matters for u, then fine she doesn’t need u.”

Sanskar broke down on his knees.

Done with another part. Another part may be last part. Ur friend nilu?.

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