Does she really love me? episode 16

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Room no 415

Phone ringed. ??

“Hello, Mr Maheshwari.”

“Hello, Mr Rajat Kumar. I’m surprised u called me.” Sanskar said in a mocking tone.

Rajat Kumar was Sanskar’s business rival. Sanskar was a tough competition for him. He wanted to win over him by any hook and crook.

“I called u to remind, that this year best businessman Award is only for me.”

“All the best from my side. U need it. Because I do my work.”

“But u r forgetting, not only ur work, ur nature, ur character also matters. But I must say that lady in ur house, she is dam hot.”

“Shut ur mouth, I’ll kill if u said a single word about her.”

“Oh God, love. I guess Kavita was unaware of ur illegal relation. Poor girl.”

“Look Rajat don’t drag Swara in it.”

“Swara, aha? nice name. I’ll be grateful to meet her.”

“If u tried to go near her, I swear I’ll kill u.”

“Bye bro.” He disconnected the call…

“Hello….” Sanskar threw the phone. He brushed his fingers into hairs.

Knock knock…

“Come in.” He said without looking at the door. He turned back when he heard someone locked the door. “Yes.”

“I’m Rosey. U have only 3hours.” She switched off her mobile?.

“What r u doing?”

“Some customer don’t like any disturbance. Sir if u have any especial demand then tell me. Actually I’m new to here.”

“Who send u here?”

“R u afraid of police? I never understand, Y the coward people like u calls us? See I came here so, I want money.”

“Rosey, come here. Sit here.” She followed his instructions. “What’s ur age?”

“Y? U want to marry me.” He smiled.?

“I’m married. I have two son.”

“So what’s new u? Man like u, never gets satisfaction from ur wife and calls us?.”

“My two son, they r of ur age.”

“So, u want to make me ur daughter in law. So that u can…” Sanskar started laughing. “What’s so funny???.”

“Nothing, u know I like ur attitude. But beta Y r u doing this job?”

“Sir, it’s my personal life. Ur my first customer in Delhi. Before this I was in Mumbai.”

“So, u roam here and there. It’s means u know different languages?”

“Yup, I know English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, with this French or German also.”

“Everything is OK. But French and German??”

“It’s because man will be man either they r Indians of foreigners. When I was in Goa, then Amma told me to learn these language as per new customer demand.”

“Fast learner good. R u graduate?”

“No, I studied till 6th. Then…” She stopped. “Y I’m saying this to u?” She looked towards the watch. “See u have wasted one hour. I’ll charge extra for more time.”

“Y u do this work? U should study.”

“What will do after studying? Huh, graduate people like u do this, and I’m also doing this. See sir I know 2+2 is 4 and this is enough for living.”

“I didn’t get my answer.”

“See sir…”

“Wash ur face.”


“Go to washroom, clean ur face remove this unwanted make-up.” She was about to say further but he cut her words. “Go, I’m ur customer and u have to follow my orders else I’ll not pay…”

She made irretated face and left for washroom. Sanskar got a call.


“Sanskar…” She was Swara.

He thought to disconnect the call. “Please don’t disconnect the call. Sanskar my friend Shivani. She is coming here so, can u allow her stay with us. I know she is…”

He disconnected the call. Swara felt bad. Then Swara got a message from Sanskar. “Ok.” Swara became happy. Though it was too short message but at least he said something.

Rosey came out of washroom. “Now u r happy.”

“U look better without make-up.”

“U have to tell me this before. At least, I won’t waste my time in doing make-up. Even hate it.”

“Then Y r u doing this?”

“Uff, I told u. This is my personal life. And I won’t share it with my customer. No do whatever u want. I have to leave with in a hour.”

“Ur duty is to fulfill ur customer demand too. And don’t lie.”

“Ok fine, I’m doing this for my Amma. She loves me a lot.”

“What kind of love? She is forcing u to do this?”

“Shut ur mouth. I can’t hear a word against my Amma. U don’t know how much she suffered because of me. My parents always wanted a boy, that’s why they sold me to a man but my Amma saved me. For this her son and his wife threw her out of the house. She alone looked after me. But when I was in 6th class Amma got heart attack. We don’t have money for surgery so, govind kaka(uncle) showed me this solution.”

“Who is Govind?”

“Amma’s friend. He find customer for me.”

“But after surgery, u could continue ur study.”

“No, doctor said Amma needs time to recovery. Cost of hospital, medicine. After that Amma suffered from skin cancer. Then we did surgery. Then blood Cancer. U don’t know she is surrounded with lots of disease. She is my life.” Rosey started crying and hugged Sanskar.

“It’s OK. Don’t cry I have a job for u.” She broke the hug and wiped her tears.

“What job?”

“U know, we need to sell or deliver our products throughout the country… So, language is a barrier. Ur work is just to translate our words.”

“Y r u helping me?”

“It’s just, it’s not right for u. See ur Amma feels bad to see u like this. If u do this job then she will be happy. And we provide medical facilities to our employees family.”

“Really, it’s mean. My Amma will be fine soon.”

“Yup, u can continue ur study too.”

She became happy, then again became sad. “I know u r doing this just to use me.”

“Is it so? But till now I didn’t touched u, see even u hugged me.” Sanskar gave his number. “Think then tell me ur decision.”

“Ok, but what’s ur company name.”

“Chirag Enterprises.”

“Ok, I’ll soon tell my answer.” She left.

Sanskar looked at time. He informed Mr Roy to come in his home for meeting. Sanskar directly went inside his room…

“Sanskar.” Swara called him but he ignored. He took his clothes and turned towards bathroom, but Swara blocked his way.

“U have decided that u will not talk to me.”

He remained quite. Swara hold his hand, and took it on her shoulder then, removed her pallu. His face’s expression was still neutral. She forced his hand to pulled out the pleats of sari, and threw it. She hold his hand and took him inside the washroom, and turned on the shower. They were completely drenched with water. She tore his shirt. Sanskar, turned to leave but she hugged him from back.

“I love u, Sanskar and I know u also.” She came in front. “Look into my eyes can’t u see the love in them.”

She cupped his, and kissed him. Sanskar tired hard to resist but she fully controlled him. She knew his weakness, her proximity made him week to loose his control, his determination. Her heart gave winning smile when Sanskar’s hand moved on her back and undid her upper while he was completely involved in kiss. When he broke the kiss they were gasping badly. Sanskar was staring her curves. His hand completely removed her blouse. Swara was blushing, seeing his excitement. He pulled her and she locked her legs around his waist and they directly went inside the bedroom and landed on the bed. He was madly kissing her, their body were carving for this a long.. Swara got everything she wanted. Sanskar bite on her shoulder. His hands were massaging her bosoms over the inner, his desperation forcing him to increase the force on them…

“Easy Sanskar.” Sanskar moved towards her cleavage, which were rising and falling. He slided his hands on her back and unhooked the inners.

–Tring Tring–

His hand stopped and he looked towards what he was doing. Swara and he? How could he? He tried to move but she insisted him not to.

“Please.” He jerked her and attended the call.


“Mr Maheshwari, come out. We r waiting for u in the hall.”

“I’m coming Mr Roy.” Sanskar took his clothes and went inside the bathroom, then after changing left the room. But Swara was still there as is it. What was happening with her, she was feeling dejected. It was worse feeling. She got a message.

“I’m sorry.” It was of Sanskar. Her husband was feeling sorry to touch her. Wao how lucky was she?

Sanskar continued his meeting. It extended too long.

“Mr Roy I guess u r late. So u won’t mind to have dinner with us.”

“Not at all, what’s say Megha.”

“It’s totally fine dad. Let me inform my daughter.”

Sanskar went inside the kitchen to prepare the dinner.

“Sanskar dinner is ready.” Swara said. Sanskar simply kept food in bowl and took it outside. Chirag and Sanchit also came.

“Mr Maheshwari I must say, it delicious. Who made this food?” Mr Roy said.

“I made it.” Swara replied looking towards Sanskar.

“Learn something from her Megha.”

“Oh, please Dad. By the way who is she?” Megha asked. Swara was looking towards Sanskar.

“She is Sanchit’s mom.” Swara felt bad.?

“Oh, but who is Sanchit.”

“My son.” Megha was like, what was that?

To change up the situation. Sanchit switched on the TV. He knew that his parents was feeling embarrassing seeing Megha’s reaction.


“This is big time, for all the businessman of Delhi. Who will get the best businessman Award this year. So let’s begin our session with our guest Mr Rajat.”

“So Mr Rajat, what u think will u able to beat Chirag enterprise this year.”

“Rajat, ya definitely.”

“So confident.”

“Ya, I’m launching My new product, which will beat every company.”

“What product? And when will u launch.”


Sanskar expression changed immediately.

“What is this SWARA? Mr Rajat, explain our viewers.”

“They understood well I think, I just need one thing for this. And soon I’ll get it.”

Sanskar switched off the TV. “I’m done.” And he left.

Here Rosey entered in his house. She was continuously knocking the door.

“Amma.” Govind opened the door. “Kaka, where is Amma?”

“She is bathing.” He replied.

“But what were u doing here this time?”

After sometime her Amma came out. Rosey hugged her.

“Amma, here is ur money.”??

“Where were u, Gudia (doll). Ur customer complained.”

“Amma, u sit here.” Rosey started dancing. “Amma I got a new job.”

“New job?.”

“Ya, Amma. Now I need not to do this job. U know Amma his company also provides medical facilities for the employee. Amma soon u will be fine.”

“But how could u trust anyone. May be he will tried to…”

“Relax, Amma. He is a gentleman.” She smiled. “Amma, I want u to be fine. U r my everything.” She hugged her.

“Gudia, don’t trust easily.”

“Please, Amma give me permission. I really want to do this job.” Rosey started crying.

“Hush, don’t cry. Ok do it.”

“Thank you Amma. Now everything will be fine.”

“Tell me name of company.”

“It’s some Chirag… Now, I’m going to inform boss.” She left.

Govind stared the old lady. “Why u said yes.”

“I have no reason to say no. She is very innocent.”

“And now what about money?”

“We will think about it later.”

After dinner Mr eand her daughter left. Sanskar was very tense after the Rajat’s interview. One side the was happy as Rosey agreed for job. But Rajat, he was very dangerous. This time his target was Swara.

“Coffee☕.” Swara came inside the room. Sanskar took his blanket and slept on couch.

“Sanskar, I know u r guilty for whatever happened. But trust me I’m not like before. U don’t want to talk me, OK. I just came to inform u that I’m going to pick Shivani.” She left.

Sanskar immediately went behind her. It was his heart which was not ready to leave her. Another reason was that Rajat. Sanskar found something fishy, when Swara turned to different path. He lost her way. He came out of car. His eyes were desperately searching her. He was man there.

“Hey, did u saw a lady here.”

“Lady, how she looks?” He was fully drunk ?.

“Fair in color. Short in height. She in blue dress. Did u saw her?”

“Kidnapped. My wife also got kidnapped and never returned back. If I’ll gets urs she will become mine.” Sanskar slapped him.

“Shut ur mouth.” He continued to search her. He even dialed her number.

“SWARA… SWARA… ” he shouted.

“Haha, they also take urs.” Sanskar took his bottle and broke it.

“If u speak this shit. I’ll kill u. Nothing can happen to her, she is my life. I love her.” He confessed.

“If u love me this much, then Y r u hiding?” Sanskar turned. She came towards them.

“Sanskar I know u love me.” Sanskar didn’t spoke a word. “Still u won’t speak. U don’t need me.”

He was quite and signaled her to come with him, back to home.

“Y, I’ll go with u. If u don’t talk to me. U don’t love me.” She turned towards that drunken man. “U want a wife and u will love her then take me.”

“Wao ? u r so beautiful. More than my wife.” He hold Swara’s hand. Swara saw Sanskar closing his fist.✊ “Come, to my house.” He took her.

Sanskar just saw then going. “Biwi, my life is empty with u.” He kept his hand on her waist and pulled her towards him. “Be close to me.”

Swara was feeling uncomfortable. On the next moment that man was on the road.

“With this hand u touched her.” He pressed his hand under his shoe… The man was screaming badly. Sanskar beat him black and blue Swara even tried to stop him but he wasn’t.

“She is mine… And if anyone tried to come near her I’ll kill them.” Sanskar took broken bottle and was about to stab him but Swara stopped him, drunker ran from there.

“U don’t care for me, then this. Neither u stay with me nor u let me go Y? What ur problem Sanskar.”

“U…” Finally u spoke. “U r my problem SWARA. U made my life… A big mesh?. I was happy without u.”

“Sanskar I only want ur happiness.”

“Then please leave me.”

“Sanskar, what r u saying. U r guilty for doing that.”

“I’m feeling ashamed, to touch u.” He joined his hand. “If u want then U can file a molestation case against me.”

“No Sanskar. I love u.”

He gave her her car keys. “Please, leave me alone. Hi away from my life, for God sake please Swara. I want peace in my life.”

He left from there, but Swara she kept crying??. Sanskar came back to home and took his blanket and slept. Next day, he saw his car from balcony.

“Huh, she is still here.” He prepared the breakfast and took the keys and left.

It was first day of Rosey, as she entered inside the office all started laughing at her.

“Hey, what ur problem. Haven’t u saw a girl. Stupid fellows huh.?.” She went inside the cabin.

As Sanskar saw he couldn’t able to control his laugh???. “What is this Rosey?”

She became sad?. “U r also laughing at me. Am I looking like a joker.”

“No, but who told u to wear this.” Rosey was in coat and pant. But it was oversize.

“Amma gave me. She said in office people wear clothes like this. See first day I made mistake??. I’m good for nothing. My old works suits me.”

“Don’t u talk about that, come with me.” He took her inside the Stoke section. “U can wear whatever u want.”

“But sir, how can I?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll charge this from ur salary. Ok. Now come fast.”

“Thank u sir.”

Sanskar left. Rosey select proper dress for her and came out. She heard some gossiping.

“Seriously yrr, there was a time when u thought Sanskar sir us very decent.”

“Me too Simran, but that Lady. I think, that Sanchit is sir and that lady illegitimate child.”

“Correct dear, after so many years at sudden his son came and that Lady. Oh, God these people.”

Rosey felt bad as they r working for him and and also saying ill about him. She directly went inside the cabin.

“Oh, Rosey come. I’ll explain u ur work.”

“Sir, u know ur employees what they r saying about u.”

“Leave them. Rosey.”

“Y, sir? They don’t deserve to be here.”

“It’s doesn’t affect me. I do my work. U also ignore them. U have to concentrate on ur Amma.”

“Ok sir.”

They were fully involved in their work. In the evening Sanskar git a call.

“Ya Sanchit.”

“Dad, mom is not at home.”


“Ya dad since Morning she is missing. We have searched here, even Shivani aunty came but mom.”

“Ok, u don’t worry. I’m coming.”

“Any problem sir.”

“Nothing serious. I’m just coming.”

He directly went to home.

Preacp: Shivani slapped Sanskar.

Two or three chapter more. I’m ending it soon. Ur friend nilu?.

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