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New Delhi…

New city, a new life was waiting for Sanskar. Leaving his past, his love, his life Swara he entered in a new house.

“Kavita, we get home to live but what about food.”

“Sanskar… Buy something from hotel. I’m already very tired…”

“No, hotel food is not good for baby. U take rest. I’ll buy some vegetables.”

He left… Kavita was all alone.

“Hmm, Don’t know God I did right or wrong but I did it for my baby. I know Sanskar must be in jail.”

She arranged bed for herself. After dinner…

“Kavita u sleep in room. I’m going to drawing room.”

“Sanskar, no need to show that u r so much decent… And don’t think to come near me. It’s no ur farm house where I’ll shout then no one listen. I just need to shout at once then whole neighbour will come here.”

“Ok, I’ll not try… U sleep well and don’t stress yourself, it will effect baby.”

As soon as he left the room. Kavita immediately locked the room. The boy who haven’t saw a girl except his love was treating like a rapist… But if ur good then, ur deeds tells it to others. Days passed away.

“Kavita, u don’t worry I’ll search a job soon. I was thinking to open a shop but first I have to collect money.”

“I can give u 5 lakhs…”

“From where?”

“In my account. And don’t need to think I’m doing any favour. It’s ur money I stole because Sahil told me. He always wanted money, and my body. His fake love. And don’t expect I’ll say sorry to u.”

“I’m not angry. It’s good u stole them, else I don’t know what I would do then?”

With the passage of time. Kavita started feeling that Sanskar was good human.

It was nearly 8 months Kavita and Sanskar were together.

“Sanskar… Sanskar.”

Sanskar immediately rushed towards room.

“R u alright Kavita?”

“Ya, woh I want to eat something spicy… Please bring something…”

“U made me afraid. Wait I’ll made something for u.”

Sanskar made golgappa…?

“Ummmm… It’s too Yummy Sanky.”

“U liked it…”

“Too much…”

“U know Shona also likes golgappa made by me…” He stopped while saying this. “U eat I’m feeling sleepy.” He left.

Sanskar directly went at the terrace. He cried…

“Shona, while doing these things for Kavita. I always wished I would do this for u, For our baby. If circumstances would not change then…” He wipped his tears…


“U know my cutie pie, u r the best.”

Sanskar feed her golgappas…

“So, yummy ?. One more…” Swara noticed that Sanskar was angry… She sat on his lap.

“What r u doing?”

“I’m at my right place. It seems my hubby is angry.”

“No, I’m not…”?

“Haha look at u my cutie pie. Seriously my cute rasgulla… Tell me Y r u angry.”

“U don’t care for me. Sanku, I want this… I want this… And when Sanku gives u that things what he gets… Nothing… Not even a kiss.”

“Oh, my hubby wants a kiss. But I’m thinking to give him something more but it’s OK…”

“Shona, I was kidding.”

“No, now decided only kiss.”

Sanskar lifted her in his arms directly moved towards bed.

“Mrs Maheshwari, after showing me showing Rasgulla ur asking me to eat ladoo, then U r worng…”

“Leave me Sanskar… I’m feeling sleepy…”

“No way, today I’ll not leave u. One session for each golgappas…”

“15… No Sanskar… Kiss is OK…”

“Not OK.”

He slammed his lips on her soft lips. He knew her body, how to control her. Urge to get her, didn’t allowed him to show decency…

“Sanskar behaves like a desperate teen-ager boy, who doesn’t have patience.”

“U r the reason.”

He almost tore her clothes. Her boss*m, he started tasting them. The fire had ignited… They lost in pleasure of their love…



“I want a baby, u know my boss his little boy is too cute.”

“U don’t worry our baby, would the cutest baby among all. And I promise I’ll fullfill ur all demands…”

“Love u…”

“Love u too.”

Flashback end…

“I love u too Swara, I love u…”

“Sanskar…” Kavita came. “U r crying.”

He wipped his tears. “No, Kavita I’m fine… Y u came here it might rain.”

“U still love her Sanskar…”

“Kavita, it’s too late.” He left.

Time was hard for him. Though he showed him strong but more he hide more it hurts?.

Kavita was watering the plant… Suddenly she felt unbearable pain.

“Sanskar help me…”

He immediately rushed towards her. “Kavita, r u OK…”

“My stomach… It’s paining… Help me, my baby.”

“U don’t worry I’m here.” He took her hospital…

After Sometime doctor came.

“Congratulations, he is a boy.”

Sanskar immediately hugged him. “Thank u so much doctor…?”

He went inside to meet Kavita.

“Kavita he is too small… See his tiny, legs, hands but Y his eyes r closed.”

Kavita smiled. “Sanskar, he is sleeping. Little baby sleeps most of the time.”

Sanskar kissed on his forehead. “If u don’t mind can I give him a name. I know he is ur baby…”


“Chirag, he is the light of my dark life. My baby, papa will give u all happiness.”

More days passed… Sanskar found his happiness in Chirag.

Sanskar was playing with little Chirag.

“Chirag come it’s sleeping time.”

But baby hold Sanskar’s fingers.

Kavita tried to take him but baby grabbed Sanskar’s shirt…

“Let it be Kavita. He wants to play with me.”

“Sanskar can I say something?”


“U both r looking too cute.” She clicked their pic. “Don’t trouble ur dad.”

“No, my baby can’t trouble his Papa. I’m right Chirag.”

Baby started smiling and moving his hands and legs in joy.

Though little boy couldn’t help him to forget Swara. But seeing him he smiles… In these years first time he got happiness when he called him Dad. Baby was lucky for Sanskar from a small shop, he expended his business… Big clothes shop to shopping malls. Success gave him, respect, money but love???



“Tomorrow is my sports day. U have to come. I want to win this with my Dad.”

“I’ll come and we will win this.”

He kissed on Sanskar’s cheek. “U r the best Dad, I love u.”

“Love u too.” He left.

“Sanky, tomorrow is ur important meeting. U have to take care of it… Sports day is not that much important, he is in just 5th standard… Please focus on work I’ll go with him.”

“Kavita, I’m earning money for my son. Nothing is important than him.”

“U love him that much.”

“Ya, I love him a lot.”

“More than his mother.”


“And more than SWARA.”

Sanskar became quite.

“I have some important work.” He went inside the room and closed the door.

He fell on his knees and cried. This was the bitter truth of his life that he won’t forget SWARA.

“Swara, I can’t love anyone else more than u. I never loved anyone this much. I still miss u. I know u would be happy in ur life. Chirag gives me happiness… But this hearts still beats for u.”

He wipped his tears. “No Sanskar u have to be strong for ur son.”

Kavita was hurt. “I know Sanskar u still loves her.”

It was Chirag’s birthday… He was waiting for his father.

Kavita: “Chirag beta cut the cake, ur dad will come soon.”

Chirag: “No, I’ll not.”

He becomes sad.?

Rajat( his friend): “It seems Chirag’s father is busy. He have no time for him. He doesn’t love u.”

All starts laughing.

He became angry?. :”Shut up. My dad is best. He loves me best.”

Naina: “But where is ur dad? U know my dad, he loves me a lot never missed my birthday.”

Chirag threw his cap and knife… “U all r bad”

He was about to go…

“Akele hum akele tum Jo hum tum sang hain to phir kya gham.” (I am alone, you are alone, if you and I are together then what’s the pain?)

Chirag turned back and became happy seeing his dad. He immediately went towards him and hugged him.

Sanskar: “Tu mera dil tu meri jaan.” (you are my heart, you are my life.)

Chirag: “Oh! I love you daddy.”

He kissed on Sanskar’s cheek.

Sanskar(wipped his tears): “Tu masoom, tu shaitaan.” (you are innocent, you are mischievous.)

Chirag: “But you love me daddy.”

He cut the cake… And mischievous Chirag applied cake on Sanskar’s face.

Sanskar: “Yun to hai tu nanha sa Hai magar guru sabka Aur isi shararat se Dil jigar hai tu sabka.” ( you are little, but you are the teacher of everyone, and with this mischief, u r the heart and soul of everyone.)

Being a good father he fulfilled the every wish of Chirag. But still there was someone who had developed feelings for Sanskar… Sanskar was playing with chirag.

“Where r u chirag?”

“I’m here dad.”

Kavita noticed that Sanskar’s eyes were covered with cloth. He was searching Chirag. Her legs moved towards him. And he collided with her and fell on her. He removed cloth…

“Sorry, Kavita.”

“Mom, dad look here.” Chirag clicked their photo. Sanskar left.

“Is this love, with Sanskar I forget everything.”

Now Chirag is growing. He understood their relationship. Y they slept in different room?

“Dad, u don’t love mom.”

“Who told u this? I love my wife.”

“They Y u both slept in different room?”

“It’s Nothing like that, from today onwards we will sleep together… Is it OK Sanskar for u.” Said Kavita.

Looking towards Chirag Sanskar nodded yes.

Sanskar slept in couch. Kavita looked towards him. She went near him. And caressed his hairs. She moved closer to kiss him but Sanskar woke up.

“What r u doing?”

“Sanskar, u r not that rapist…”

“Kavita, u please go to ur place…”

He was about to go out… Kavita hugged him from back.

“I love u…”

He jerked her off. “R u in ur sense?”

He opened the door.

“Chirag is still awake…” He stopped. “Sanskar, look in to my eyes… U r a gem. Swara is biggest stupid in this whole world to reject u.”

“Kavita, don’t say anything about her.”

“Y u still love her? She never trusted u.”

“Topic end here.”

“If u love her then Y r u still here?”

“Enough Kavita…” He shouted…

Chirag who was passing through the room heard this…

“U r here only for Chirag because.”

“Because I rapped u… Did u heard it or not… I rapped u that’s why I’m here, I was repenting on my deeds. Now u please…”

He opened the door and Chirag was standing there…

“I hate u, I hate Mr Maheshwari…”

“Chirag listen…”

He showed him his hand. “The person who stole the virtue of my Mom… Is nothing for me. Police will deal with u.”

“No, Chirag.” Kavita stopped him. “I love him… Please don’t do it… I know he is…”

“Chirag, whatever would be ur decision I’m ready to accept.”

“For mom I’m leaving u but now u need not to show ur fake concern to me. U did a sin and I won’t forgive U.”

He left…

One more reason for his happiness left him. Now what he would do… Chirag never called him Dad again…

“Sanskar, I don’t know the truth neither I know Y r u quite? But spending these years with u. I realised u r not that rapist… U haven’t looked towards me. Not at once…”

“Kavita, I forgot it u please.”

“SWARA…. The only name in ur heart. I wish one day u will love me…”

“This is impossible. Now nothing is left in me. To give u. I respect ur feelings.”

“Y u love her Sanskar? Please move u… U have ur life, I’m with u. Please give me a chance I’ll fill her emptiness in ur life.”

“Kavita, I never loved her thinking that she would love me back… I love her since the time she even didn’t knew me. I never thought I would get her love. Those moments with her is enough for this life.”

“But Sanskar… At least try to forget her…”

“It’s not like that I can’t able to forget her… It’s I don’t want… I love her… And always, though in return I would get hate…”

“If she would come back in ur life… U will leave me.”

“This is impossible…”

“But if one day she came to know u r innocent… I know u r then.”

“I don’t want her in my life…”

“But u said u love her…”

“Yes, I love her. But now my heart don’t have strength to broke again because this time I won’t handle this… I’m living for Chirag… And Swara must be happy with Sahil…”

“Do u really think that? May be she still loves u…”

“She never loved me. Because loves means trust. For her it was mistake of her life…”


“Anything left…”

“Can I hug u? I want kiss but I know u will not give me. So only one hug… As a friend… Please.”

He smiled. “Ok.”

One more bad day in his life when, due to short circuit Kavita hurt… He took her hospital…

“Sanskar, take care of my son. Don’t let him to see me like this…”

“But kavita…”


She also left them.

“Mr Maheshwari where is my mom…”

“I’m sorry Chirag… She is no more…”

“At least, show me her body… U did all rituals without me… Now my lateness for u increased more and more…”

Living a life without meaning… Where no one loves u. Not ur wife, not ur son… Couldn’t be imagined. His pain… Only he knows not others…

Flashback end…

Precap: Swara’s entry in Delhi.

Hope u guys like it… I know it’s little bit boring ? but from next part reaming suspense will open. Ur friend nilu?.

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