I really love you ! And I do (Episode 1)

This story starts at the the time of swalak marriage.
Many were happy but some were not.

Scene 1
At sanskar room
Sujahta: chora get ready soon baraat will leave in 1 hour
Sanky:ok mom
Sujata was about to leave
Sanky mom I want to confess something
Suja what
They talk something which was muted

Ragini pov
Am I doing right.I love laksh but he doesn’t .Will he ever love me.I don’t know but I can’t let come swara between us.I will do it.I will surely do it.
Sumi happily comes there
Sumi:rago what happened.come swara is calling u (yes sumi is rags real mom and swara aunt)
Swara room
Swara was thinking deeply
Rags came
Swara :rago close the door
Ragini I want u to tell me truly u love lucky or not.I have asked u before too but u said u are happy with this marriage. U are like my sis.I can’t see u sad plz say na
If..if u say I will not marry but plz say na
Ragini:swara I have told u before I don’t love him I am happy for u
She hugs her happily

Scene 3
Maheshwari mansion
Ap was very happy
Adarsh was checking arrangements
Sujatha was tensed
Parineeta:what happened kaki.
Suja: ha nothing
Pari:so why are u not picking ur phone
Sujatha:oh I was about to.I am going to lucky room to see weither he is ready or not
Lucky room
Lucky was very happy he was jumping happily.
Sujatha:chora are u mad why are u jumping
Lucky hugs sujatha and said:Kaki riya is coming
Sujatha:have she told u
Lucky : no kaki she have messaged me she is on the way
Sujatha was happy now
Sujatha:when she call plz tell me
Lucky :ok and see I am ready how am I looking
Sujatha:just like hero
Lucky:love u swara ohh I mean kaki
Sujatha:I know what u mean

Ragini:swara let’s go to temple
Swara: chal
Dadi thumbs up

Scene 5
Ladies: baraat a gayi
Ladies do rituals
Lucky was now sitting on sofa suddenly his phone vibrates
Lucky: kaki let’s go to room Riya is calling
Sumi:beta u go to ragini room as it so noisy here let me show u her room
Dp sees them going
Dp: where are u going
Suja and lucky in unison:riya is calling
Dp:really I also wants to talk with her
They goes in room

Scene 6
A girl is shown wearing a beautiful peach lengha
She video calls someone
Lucky:hi bhootni
Lucky : wait a minute where is our riya.have u kidnapped her
Girl: hey maa Dekho Na Ye mujhe tang kar raha.ek Tu is Ki shaadi attend Karne itni door se ayi hoon.ye mujhe riya ko tang kar raha hai I will see u pagal
Sujatha:lucky don’t tease her
Lucky:kaki see na.she is wearing traditional dress and is talking from mandir that’s why I doubt
Riya:oh hello.wo to maa ne kaha tha ate hue mandir se pooja kar Ke ana.wese how am I looking(she calls sujatha mom)
Riya:thanks dp yar wese ur are also looking good
Sumi is shocked
Sujatha:sumi ji ye easi hi hai ye dp jiKi ladli hai
Lucky:aurkaki Ki bhi
Riya ye sumi aunty hain swara Ki massi
Riya:hi lucky wese swara dukhti kesi hai
laksh smiles:wo wo kaki se poncho
Riya:laughs and says oh chora tumesharm Nahi ati bado Ke samne larki Ki Tarah sharmate hue
Dp:riya wo tumhare peche shayad swaragini hain
Riya:is Ka tog banta hai so ko Kyun wo nazar a rahi hain
Lucky :oh dumbo tere peche paani Ki Taraf jo red lehnge mein ja rahi hai wo swara hai
Aur yellow Mein rags
riya: woh lucky chalo UN ke paas chalte hain
Ragini takes swara on a bridge at other side of temple
There was no one
Swara:ragini tum mujhe yahan Kyun layi
Rags swara I am sorry
Swara:sorry for what
Rago:I loved laksh like mad.he rejected me.I make chailender fall on u but he saved u. I gave u drugs in milk to spoil ur name.I did all bad thinks to u but his trust was so strong it did not broke.
Rags pushed swara In water and went
Ragini:laksh is mine and his property is also mine love u dadi for giving me this idea
Ragini went

This all was recorded on Riya iPhone
All were shocked
Riya:I am going to save her but listen I will call u until then don’t take any step
Riya jumped in river and saved swara but swara head hit a rock and she faints
Riya put her in car and took her to nearby hospital
Riya called laksh:lucky listen carefully
Sumi was crying
Lucky was very angry
Lucky:today I will not leave that ragini
Riya:laksh for swara plz calm down
Lucky:not even for swara I will not leave ragini
Riya:for me plz
Laksh calm down
Riya told them something which Is mute
Revelations….a big turn in swalak lives….Sanky hiding something
In this fan fiction ragini is sumi and shekhar daughter
Swara is sumi cousin cum sister daughter living in New Zealand and came here to meet sumi fell in love with lucky and getting married under sumi blessings because her mother can’t come because of some issues swara loves all gadodias
Gadodias are gold diggers exept sumi
Dadi shekhar want ragini to marry laksh to usurp their property
Shekhar and sumi had not good relation Riya is lucky cousin
Sujatha loves Riya more than anything
She is everyone favourite.
Lucky and Riya have strong friendship.she can forgive anyone but can’t one who hurts Lucky.
Sujatha is good
Gadodias are villain
Maheshwari are opr minded family
And one good news sanky is not villain

It’s just a story of love and friendship
And of complicated relations
Hope u like it

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