Does she really love me? episode 1

Hi friends I’m back with new story… Does she really love me?

I was in the collage canteen when someone called me.

“Chirag… U dad met an accident.” I was blanked. I mean in the morning he prepared breakfast for me and now. I slapped him.

“Shut up… Sanchit.” But he managed me and took me to the hospital. I went to met him.

“Yes sir how can I help u.” Receptionist asked.

“Mr Sanskar Maheshwari… I’m his soon”

“Room no 203.” Me and sanchit immediately moved towards the room. Doctor told me he need blood.

“Take my blood. But please save him… ” I was imploring… But my bad luck.

“Sorry ur blood group is not matching…” I was wondering what kind of son am i? I never gave him any happiness. Never called him Dad. For me he was only Mr Maheshwari. But Y l was cruefor him.

“Sanchit, what I’ll do? Dad…”

“Don’t worry!!! I’m here.” Yup he came there as an angel. Luckily his blood group matched. Finally dad saved. I went inside the room he was lying before me. I held his hand “Dad, …” I was crying. “I’m very bad dad… Very bad. Please forgive me.”

“Chirag… Say again ‘Dad’ please” his eyes were filled with tears. I hugged him.

“Dad I love dad… ”

After a week he got discharged. I arranged everything. Not alone with Sanchit… As we r best buddies. Dad loved all this a lot.

“Finally, u accepted him!” He said.

“Ya sanchit, after all I’m his son. But this also can’t changed the reality that I’m a son of a person who stole the virtue of my Mom. A Rapist… ”

“Stop it chirag. After ur mother left u. He cared u a lot. He fulfilled all his responsibility. I always cried for a father. ”

“Undoubtedly he is a good father but he wasn’t a good husband. I saw my mom crying in night, when he slept in couch. He cried a lot for his love. But… ”

“Leave the past… ” just then his mother called him. “Ya mummy, I’m with chirag… ”

“Sanchu beta, I send some sweets for u and ur friend. And please go to hostile in time.” I snached the phone.

“Don’t worry swara aunty. Sanchit is with me, My dad is not well so I need him.”

“Ok, chirag… But don’t trouble ur father…” She disconnected the call. Swara aunty is very sweet. Always pampers sanchit a lot. I felt jealous of him. And missed my mom a lot. After lunch we both sit with dad…

“Sanchit beta, thanks a lot for saving my life.”

“Offo uncle no need to say thanks after we both r Maheshwaris’. ” this is a coincident that me and sanchit both both r Maheshwaris’ even his father name is Sanskar Maheshwari. Like same pinch.

“No, dad u take rest. Tomorrow all r bandages will removed. Then I’ll show Sanchit the face of my handsome dad.” He smiled but it’s true my father is undoubtedly handsome than me.

“Ok, u both take care.” Me and Sanchit slept together… It had been just one week before dad’s accident Sanchit became my friend. But we both became best buddies so soon. He came Delhi from Kolkata. Even my Dad and mom belonged from Kolkata. Oops I forgot to tell my mom’s name Mrs kavita Maheshwari. But she is no more? I missed her a lot. I need a mom and Sanchit need a dad what if dad and swara aunty got married… But I know my dad he won’t agree.

Next morning nurse removed his bandage..”Sanchit come here see my dad. I told u that my dad is handsome than ur dad I know I haven’t seen him but I’m confident. ” but he was blankly staring my dad.

“Papa… ” he said in a crying tone? and immediately hugged him.”papa where were u? I missed u a lot. Mom thought u r dead. ” what he was saying.

“Beta who r u? ”

“Papa I’m ur Sanchu… I know u don’t know me. Mom said that u r dead.”

“Who is ur mom?” Dad asked.

“Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…”

“My……. Son …. U” dad hugged him.”Sanchit… “He was crying a lot. The tears of happiness were flowing from his eyes… This much happiness I didn’t saw in his eyes when I called him Dad.”And how Sanchit can be his Son. Like kavita mom. Did Dad rapped Swara aunty?…

Hope u guys not at all bored. Actually this chappy is little bit Boaring but I try my best to improve this in next part. Ur friend nilu?

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  1. Monaa

    No no no.. Its not boring.. Its so unique story.. Plz continue soon.. Loved it..

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    Nice…. Waiting for next chappy

  3. Awesome . its unique story..update soon

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    Awesome dear…. Continue soon


    loved it…..
    it’s a different story…….. 🙂
    eagerly waiting for next episode… 🙂

  6. Nice…… Interesting

  7. awesome…………..

  8. Rabia

    Awesomeee dearrr ????

    1. Rabia

      But dear plz in next epi use name properly i didnt understand who is kavitha son and who is swara’s sonn it is confusing

      1. NDSG

        Chirag is kavita’s son

        Sanchit is swara’s son

  9. awesome .continue soon

  10. Interesting

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    Waiting fr the nxt prt
    Update soon

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    It was fantastic and reading first part i was confused is it really swaragini or any other story i was very excited it was a different story already u r rocked ur previous ff and this is also amazing eagerly waiting for next episode update soon nilu

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  20. Wowwwww…. quite different n unique concept

  21. Oh.. Nilu.. This is awesome.. Something different…
    And i think chirag is not sanskaar’s son… I’m not sure, just think so..
    Update soon dear.

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    Thanks for all ur love???? frie

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