realizing love for her


hello everyone, hope you recognize me, if not its okay well thankyou so much for commenting and liking my first ever one shot here it is another one shot hope you like it and please comment and do encourage me.

An isolated place was shown like a forest where swara was surrounded y group of men , one of which was satya the biggest drug dealer pointing gun towards swara.
Swara : you are coward to shoot a girl
Satya laughed and said “ i think so worls best female reporter and journalist miss swara has gone maid due to fear of dead”
Swara laughed a little and said “ afraid and me never you don’t know us , satya , we can lay our lives but will never compensate on any evil to our country”
Satya : say whatever but now no one can save you from death, you made big mistake by reporting about our drug dealing ,
Sawra : you know what i am not afraid of death
Satya : huh everyone say like this only , but truth is no one gonna save you from me
Saying this satya started coming towards her with lustful eyes, swara got little afraid seeing this as she was ready to die but will never lose her dignity, suddenly from no where she said a thing with such a confidence which she too did not know whether it will happen or not
“Might be someone coming to safe me” said swara
Satya got confused and stop moving steps towards and instead aim a gun towards her and said “if it is so then its better for you to die”
Swara closed her eyes on hearing a gun shot but after sometime when she did not fell any pain she opened her eyes to see that sanskaar her collegue and another journalist , who never give a damn to her and has always showed hatred towards her is standing in front of her sheilding her from satya but what further shocked her was he got bulliet on his shoulder
She got tears in her eyes and only this word escaped from her mouth “sanskar ”
Sanskar turned around and without making any contact with swara he pulled scarf from her neck and tied on his shoulder, then he started fighting with everyone including ssatya and beat them to their death.

He then turned to swara who was standing silently all this while and shouted at her
“are you mad or what , haan who told you to come over here alone, i have tolld you naa that i will come with you naa but nahi tum to jhansi ki rani ho , why would you listen to any one haan , and especially me, you have taken oath to troule me always, you know what how dangerous could it be , what would have happene if i have not come on time, agar tumhe khuch hojata toh”
All this while swara kept looking down, after sanskar got relaxed, he regretted saying so much to her, he walked towards her and lifted her chin and was shocked to see tears in her eyes but befor he could say anything she fainted in his arms , he carried her to his car and drove towars his house .
Swara opened her eyes to find her in different place but she realized it was sanskars room, her eyes were longing to see sanskar wheather he was fine or not
Suddenly door opened and sanskar came inside holding first aid box and food
He sit in front of her and started doing dressing of her scratches, everytime she hiss in pain, he blow air on them. After dressing her wound, he started feeding her food with his own hands , while she keep gazing him
Sanskar : are you fine?
Swara: hmm
Sanskar : dard toh nahi ho raha naa
Swara: hmm
Sanskar : dont worry everything is fine now
Swara: hmm
Sanskar : sorry for shouting at you earlier
Swara: hmm
Sanskar : have you hurt you tongue
Swara: huh
Sanskar : never mind
Sanskar : waise toh tumhari roz chatter chatter band nahi hoti, ab kya hua hai
Swara nodded her head in no
Sanskar sighed deeply and was aout to stand up to keep empty plates in kitchen but he felt sudden pain in shoulder and he dropped plates on floor and let a shriek “aahhhhhhhhh”
Swara looked towards sanskar with scary eyes and said sanskar what happened
Sanskar : ahh my shoulder ahhh
Swara: wait i will call doctor, no no he will take time , i will take you hospital but i dont know how to drive car, shit now what will i die , oh my god ,
Before swara panic more sanskar hold her hand
Sanskar : stop worrying , you know to drive scotty naa take me on bike
Swara: but how can i..
Sanskar : you can, trust me
Swara nodded her head in yes and help sanskar to go outisde
After they sit on bike, swara took a deep breadth and turned slightly to face him and said while cupping his face “ just hold me tightly ok, and dont let your control lose, i will not let anything happen to you”
Sanskar just nodded his head
Swara started bike and sanskar wrapped his hands around her arms and hold the bike handle along with her
Swara looked at him in surprise and tear rolled down her eyes but she started bike without saying anything
Soon they reach hospital and sanskar was taken in ot

After an hour doctor came outside
Swara: dr how is he , he is fine naa can i meet him
Dr: dont worry he is fine , we have operated and taken ullet out, you can meet him but still he is unconcious
Swara ran inside ward and sit beside him holding his hands and started crying vigorously
Swara: how could you do this, what was need to come there, to save me, to take bullet instead of me haan tum toh meri parwa bhi nahi karte, u dont care weather i live or die, you hate me then why why sanskar, if something has happened to you then i would have died, because i care for you, I LOVE YOU,i love you alot sanskar since wehave met but your hate did not let me come near you saying this she kissed his hand and kept her head on his chest ,soon sleep took over her unaware of fact that sanskar has listened all this
Sanskar is shown opening his eyes and tear comes out from his eye , he kissed slightly on swaras hair
Sanskar : i am so sorry, i diid not knew i have hurted you this much ,i will everything fine, i promise
Soon sanskar got well and was discharged from hospital, all this while swara took care of him alot, now both dont argue much
Swara came in his room and saw that sanskar was getting ready to go office
Swara: mr sanskar maheswari , care to tell me where are you going
Sanskar : sure, i am going to office
Swara: who gave you permission
Sanskar : i dont need anyone’s permission to go to my own office
Swara: yeah right, go to office, do work , hurt you shoulder, again admit in hospital, i dont care
Sanskar : ok
Swara: please dont go naa , you are still not recovered properly
Sanskar : office jana necessary hai, by the way you will be with me naa toh tum mera khayal rakh lena ok
Swara: you really know how to agree me
Sanskar smiles ,
Swara was about to go but she saw sanskar having difficulty in wearing coat, she went near him and helped him in wearing coat while sanskar keep looking towards her
Sanskar : thank u
Swara smiles and left from there.
Sanskar brushed his hairs with his hands and smiled brightly
Whole day went with sanskar trying to hurt his shoulder in every way but swara stopping him and taking care of him, everyone was dazed to see this and especially sanskar not shouting on her but everyone realized that swara love has conquered his heart.
Sanskar and swara were driving towards home but sanskar stopped the car on bridge and came out of car
Swara got very worried and went towards him and hold his face from one hand while his arm from other hand
Swara: sanskar what happened tum theek ho naa, shoulder pain kar raha hai,
Sanskar cupped her face and wiped tears from her eyes which have started to come from her eyes
“ i am fine , dont worry”
Swara: then why you stopped over here
Sanskar took swaras hand in his and sat on his knees
“ swara i am sorry , i am really very sorry, please forgive me , i never thought that my harsh behaviour and rudness can hurt you”
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar : please swara let me say , you thinks so i hate you
Swara nodded her head in yes
Sanskar : and why is that so
Swara: because you always shout on me and gets angry on everything which i do
Sanskar : woh to isliye keh tum koi kam dhang se nahi karti
Swara: what do you mean haan , i am useless
Sanskar smiled and cupped her face and said “ who said my swara is useless, my swara is most beautiful girl of this world who changed this beast with her love”
Swara smiled in tears and said “ my sanskar is not beast ok, he is best in the world”
Sanskar : for you only
Swara: i know
Sanskar : swara i never hated you, and i never can ok
Swara: hmm
Sanskar : I LOVE YOU
Saying this both hugged each other tightly , sanskar released her from hug and kissed on her forhead and said never leave me
Then he kissed on her both eyes and said love me forever
He kissed her both cheeks , then he kissed her passionately on her lips, ther parted away after some time and then hugged each other tightly
Tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara
O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

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