Then I realize my love a shraman OS ( ek duje ke vaaste )

Hy guys !! 😀
M back wid an OS on shraman 🙂 🙂
Hope u lyk it……..
So d story strts……
A beautiful house is shown—-
—– father n son were talking—–
( so d father is ram n obviously d boy is our handsome shravan….!! 😉 )
S: dad will u plzz tell me dat wats goin on…??
R: yes ofcourse beta…… I will get u married ASAP ( in a taunt way ) that’s it….
—shr mouth opens when he hear d word “marriage” ) 😮
S: marriage?? ( n bursts out laughing) 😀
—–ram give him a serious expression—-
—–n shr realizes—- 😮
No…no….no!!!! Dad plzzz no shadi plzzzz I beg u…
Ram: ok then don’t….. Waise Bhi I don’t care if u don’t care abt money…. ( he smiles) Maine sumo ke naam malhotra industries ki 5 companies kardi hain…..!
(Shr eyes widen n his mouth again open because of shock )
Shr: who d he’ll is she??? How could u do dis…??? I told u dat can hadle business papa……
R: yeah I knw u can hadle ( in a taunt way ) u can’t even handle ur self 😀 yesterday I came to ur room u were sleeping n ur room was ufffff!!! ( he gives a disgusting look) itna messy…… Yuck
Beta no matter wat if u want money dan u hav to marry….
Saying dis he goes out leaving shr hell confused ——
Nir : ap kya keh rahe ho??? Kya ho Gaya hai ap ko suman itni achi larki hai is pagal se uski shadi kar wake zindagi bar baad karo gai kya uski wo Anurag bhai ki ekloti beti hai apke best FRND n business partner ki……..or toh or ap ne is ko paise ka lalch dia hai…..!! 😮
—–Ram smiles…. It’s tym fr his test….. N goes to his room nor is confused—–
Days passes shr met sumo—-
—- she is very beautiful elegent & smart girl—–
—-Frst he WS mesmerized to see hr beauty—-
—-But den he cm to his senses n think abt his goal of getting 10 crores companies—-

Days passes they get involved in a very frndly relationship lyk….
When she needed smthng he WS always their fr her
He always helps hr with everything …….. ( frnds it WS not fr d goal it WS his feelings 😀 )

Finally engagement day came n both engaged happily —- 🙂 🙂
N the marriage date fixed just after on 2 months
—–Sumo is very happy when her happiness change into sadness —–
When she found sm papers frm shr lawyer in which it is clearly said that ”
he will marry her only when she name all companies on his name again is she did not do so…… He will break d engagement n her raputation will be doomed after all she belongs to such a rich family”
— sumo WS shattered hear reading dis n sits on d floor crying—
She reads further—–
” u want money this bad huh…?? Now see wat I did to u….. This is d result of taking panga with ( SHRAVAN MALHOTRA) ”
—-she is he’ll shocked to read this line n rushes to his company —-
—-he WS sitting in his cabin suddenly she enterd —-
Shr: oh u came…… I WS waiting fr u… have u signed??
S: did u do this is dis true?? Wat I just read…?? ( she has tears in hr eyes)
Shr: every single word in this file is true…..any doubt ….??
—–she slaps him hard across his face—–
( sorry guys slap WS needed wat as d result go wat he did —mafi–)
S: I never knew abt dis ??
—-shr WS very shocked—-
Yes I nvr ever knw abt it …….. She said in a loud tone— u r a most wicked person—- today I am ashamed of myself how can I even love a mean person lyk u….???
—shr WS shocked to hear d word “love”— he Luke at her wid tearly eyed—
— he WS lost in hr—

—-suddenly he cme to his senses—-
Jhooot !! Liar!! U knw abt dis that’s y u were marrying me..!!
—-Sumo WS hell angry on him takes d file frm lawyer’s hand n signed on him—–
—- leaving shr so shocked dat he can’t evn believed wat he just saw—
S: u want money this bad huh…???? She throws file on his face here is ur money!!!! ( she is crying very badly)
She takes out engagement ring frm her finger n puts it on d tables —-
Here is ur precious diamond ring is ko Bhi bhaich dena!!!! I will forget every thing !! Wat happend be us !!
——she leaves——
—–Shr then realizes that how much he loves her—-
“””””N ….——…..—-wat did he do just now he realizes dat money is nothing in front of luv ,frndship——…..—–“”””
He cme hm wid d file n ring—-
Sit in sofa in sofa in front of fireplace …… Thinking abt all d things dat happend bw dam in all these months ……..he cries he puts d file into fire n WS watching it burned…..
Ram cm there: kya hoa beta???
Shr is in guilt n is very yay sad n tearly eyed…. I……I…betrayed wid her I promised her that I always keep hr happy…he cries… I proved dati am d most…… ( he cries loud ) dad!!! I love her!!!!
Ram is upset—-

1 month later…..
Till now both haven’t saw eaChOther
(One day sumo is going somewhere so she sit in d car )
(She sit tied in front seat cause there was bags in back seat)
—–she go out wid driver—–
On d way she found dat d driver is actually shr—
She WS hell shocked—- wat d hell r u doin here….. N how u became driver 😮 ….???!??!
Shr: shhhhh! (He keeps a finger on hr lips) she jerks his finger awy
Listen ye I wanna talk to u plzzzzzzzz
S: no I don’t want……. Stop d car
Shr: no Frst we talk look I am sorry I…I… Realized dat I did a big mistake plzzz give me 1 more chance plzzz
—–sumo give wat d he’ll look——
Excuse me 1 chance (she laughs) wow mr shr malhotra everything has ended bw us got that??????!!!
No more chances fr this fake love!!!
Shr: no…noooo not fake I..I truly love u!!!
—sumo WS shocked—-
S:shut up n stop d car……else I will jump out…she opens d gate
(They r both arguing itne Mai a truck cm frm front)
—–shr saw this n he didn’t have much tym to stop or turn d car so he pushe her out of d car—–
She fall on d road n the car hit d truck—–
S shouts shr!!!!!!!!!!! 😮
She takes him to d hospital
She WS crying hard!!!!!!! I love him god plzzzzzzz plzzzz don’t take him awy frm me this tym….. (She prays)
(Doc cms n give hr good news dat he he fyn now after d operation) it’s a mirical
Shr has some internal injuries n sm fractors but after months he got well able to do evrything smoothly again…….
——they both realized dat they love eaChOther——
Sumo truly believes in him because he risks his lyk to save hr…..
After months they got married—-
—–n lived happily after—

So guys mafi if I bored u….but I want to shared dis wid u guyss….I knw it not romantic but it’s a lesson—–
Cause nowadays many people r money minded n fr money that can do any thing……
Revenge is also a vryyyyy bad thing it spoiled many lives …..
Some tym it’s tooo late to ask fr forgiveness after u hurt ur luv of FRND

I though to give u special gift on EID 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cause frndship or love is more impor than money or revenge….. 🙂 🙂 soooory again guys if a bored u…….
Plzzz do comment if u liked it ……. Plzz
Chappals tomatoes bad comments good cmmnts all r allowed… 🙂
N yeah I will post ep of my ff after EID
“Eid Mubarak guysss”
“Stay happy stay blessed”
By by
Love u all…!! 😀

Credit to: Maria


  1. sona

    Maria…it was very nice..amazingly..u portried the charectors..I loved it..☺☺??
    And who said that..its not romantic..
    I do believe that..being in sensible relation..or having smooth and sensible feelings for romantic..☺??☺☺?????
    And it that was we can feel it..
    Gud entertain us like this always..
    Love u dear..☺?????

    • maria

      Awwwww thank u sooooo much sona di…!!! 😀 m really glad u lyk it!!
      I will definately entertain u guysss!!!
      Love u toooo di..!!
      Keep loving me lyk dis always!! 😉 😉

  2. nikita

    it was beautiful maria di..!! loving it.. i’m very worried.. my ff’s are not being posted only.!

    • maria

      Thank u sooooo much nikki dear..!!
      M really glad u lyk it..! 🙂 🙂
      Dont worry dear i will definately read n cmmnt!! 😀

  3. ufaq

    Knock knock Mario kese ho mama kesi hain?????
    The os was a super duper hit but sweetu everything went hurriedly but I liked it
    Intact loved it
    Enjoyed eid????
    Eid Mubarak sweetu
    Money is like a soul for the people and I don’t think it should be but what to do
    Main b such rae Hun k likhon eid me gift ke for PR one shot
    PR bs such hi rae Han
    Anyway very gud amazing

  4. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Maria…’s superb and who says it boring ur imagination is so good dear…loved it and yes u r right friendship and love is far more important than money…..ur thoughts are so pure and pious love u dear

    • maria

      Thanks alot khushi yr
      😀 ur cmmnts always brings khushi fr me!!! 😀 😀
      just share my thoughts wid u guys yr!!! 😀 m really glad u lyk it……!!
      Love u tooo dear…!!

    • maria

      Awww thanks alot dear….. !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      M reallyyyyyyy happy u lyk it dear..!! 😀

    • maria

      Awwww thanks alot dear….!!!
      Fr such sweet compliments…!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Always lovinv me lyk dis dear….!!

  5. Angel_pari


    |Registered Member

    Wahhhh maira kya bat h sissy loved it itna asha tha k kya btaon i,ll give,200 from 100 to this love it to the core bs ese e post krte raha kro 🙂

  6. WeirdSister


    |Registered Member

    It was really good maria…in fact amazing….I loved wat ur story was based on…I loved ur theme….in short I lived everything abt it….

  7. Naina

    Its a nice story maria……actually i m also like shr money is imp to me than love bcz these days love is fake only fake there can be no reality in love its just a wonderful dream when u wake up from the dream everything is just as usual nothing imp than money but yeah that’s also true that i never hurt anyone’s feelings in the way of getting money

  8. Maria

    Yes naina I truly believe in every word u said dear evn my thought is d same bt smtimes u get saccha wala love so people smtimes hurts those who r their most beloved….!! Just fr mony n at d end when they realize it it is toooooo late…..!

    • Naina

      Maria i may sound a little sarcastic but this love can only be shown in love stories there is no such thing in real life i truly believe that no man loves a woman truly by heart these days and if they do so there must be any reason

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.