Realization RagLak ff (Episode 1)

The stroy strats from the track Laksh was cheating Ragini actually but chance is Ragini is pregnant now. Kavya has not entered still.

Ragini is feeling happy. From one month, her life has become so smooth. Laksh has started loving her. What she wants more than this. Now to the addition of this happiness, there is other happiness for her. She is going to me mother to her love.

Ragini looks at herself in mirror and places her hands on her belly. She puts pillow inside her saree and looks at her tummy and she laughs.

“How should I say this to Laksh?” She keeps thinking.

Just then Laksh enters the room with some papers. Ragini removes the pillow and throws it on bed.

L: are you playing with pillow?

Ragini bends her head and plays with nupital chain in her neck. Laksh laughs and comes to her, “what’s special? You are blushing?” Laksh asks.

Ragini hugs him. “I love you Laksh.” Laksh smile vanishes. He was actually cheating her and she is believing him blindly.

Ragini breaks hug and looks at him.

R: but Laksh.. you don’t love me.

Laksh shocks.

R: I know you don’t love me.

Laksh shocks: what r u saying Ragini. I lv u really.

Ragini laughs. Laksh looks confused.

Ragini cups his face, “aww mera bacha. I was joking.” Ragini laughs again. Laksh takes breath in relief, and he looks at Ragini who is laughing badly. Laksh pulls her back holding her hand. She falls on him.

L: joking with me, do u know the consequences for making fun on me?

Laksh holds her hand tightly. Ragini smile vanishes.

R: Laksh?
She asks confused.

L: now bear consequences..

He says again and starts tickling in her tummy, Ragini starts laughing. “Laksh., stop”

But Laksh keeps doing it, and Ragini falls on bed. Laksh comes over her. The papers in his hands falls.

Ragini was looking at Laksh and he too.

“I love you Laksh” she says again, Laksh smiles and kisses her forehead.

Ragini wanted to tell him about the good news, but she was too shy to say it.

The next day, Laksh proposes Ragini that he will marry again. Ragini feels extremely happy.

“I will tell this to Laksh after marriage.” She thinks.

To be continued………………

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