Realization Of Love RagLak OS

Ragini – she is nerd but is really pretty all the boys drool over her but she ignores everything and only concentrates on studies and she never talks to anyone just stays in a corner she only has one friend

Laksh – he is basically new in college.. He is very kind hearted and but he always hates people who hurt his EGO and can do anything to win he never looses


College Campus

A boy enters in his bike making a grand entry and all girls look at him

Boy – Girls!Girls!Girls and Girls I know Laksh Maheshwari is really hot but no need to drool over him and I will soon meet you all in the mask party

Yes the boy is Laksh?? And gives all girls a flying kiss and moves

Other side

Girl – hey Ragini see na he is so hot I’m burning I wish I get to dance with him yaar

Ragini – hmm good but I’m not coming there okay

Girl – but please you are my BFF please please please

Ragini – okay kavya but last time I’m doing this okay

Kavya – okay

They hug and get into the class for lectures


Break time

Laksh and friends are chit chatting and suddenly a girl hugs Laksh

Laksh – Aww Kavita baby

Yes it’s Kavita?

Kavita – Aww finally you are here I missed you baby

Laksh – me too today at night we are going for the prom right

Kavita – yeah

Namish (Laksh friend) – wait up guyzz Laksh challenge time

Kavita – yeah my baby can fulfill any thing so give it fast

Namish – you have lure a girl make her propose you and break up with her

Laksh – wait I’m not doing this

Namish – loser you can’t fulfill it

Laksh ego was hurt and says – ok fine

Kavita kisses his cheek and gets up from his lap And goes from there

Namish – okay see that girl Ragini date her

Laksh – fine


After School

Laksh sees Ragini waiting for an auto and Remembers his challenge and goes to her with his car

Laksh – hello miss can I help you

Ragini – no thank you you can go ahead I can help myself

Laksh – listen to me it’s not safe get into the car or else I will get you in (smirks)

Ragini has no other option she gets in

There was an awkward silence and Laksh breaks it

Laksh – I am Laksh and you

Ragini – Ragini

Laksh – so are you coming today in the prom

Ragini – yes any problem!! (He nods in a no) that’s better and Plzz stay away from me and thanks for your help..

Ragini leaves the car and Laksh thinks

Laksh – I have to lure her any how I don’t care how but it will happen for sure come on Laksh lets go home and get ready!


Party -:

Laksh enters in black and wears a red mask and Ragini enters in Red dress with golden Mask on

DJ – wow hot guys and girls come on the dance floor rock this evening

All youngsters get in and Ragini uncomfortably gets in soon Raglak dance together but don’t know that they are dancing with each other

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun
Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Raglak dance romantically forgetting the environment first they do salsa and her close as Laksh pulls her by her waist and she puts her hand on his shoulder
Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

he bends her down and holds her head and brings her up and does fast dancing with her and then he moves her to left and he himself moves to right side
Baadalon ki tarah hi toh
Tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai
Baarishon ki tarah hi toh
Tune khushiyon se bhigaya hai
Aandhiyon ki tarah hi toh
Tune hosh ko udaaya hai
Mera muqaddar sanwara hai yoon
Naya savera jo laaya hai tu
Tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko
Mere saare janam re
Sanam re, sanam re sanam re..
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re sanam re..
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re karam re..
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re sanam re..
Tu mera sanam hua re
O ho…
Mere sanam re mera hua re
Tera karam re mujhpe hua ye
Mere sanam re mera hua re
Tera karam re mujhpe hua ye.
they look at each other and Laksh pulls her towards him and they go close and join palms and foreheads and they switch

Before switching Laksh whispers in her ears – BEAUTIFUL

She hears this and blushes hard and moves up.. And soon the day ends blissfully


Next Morning : Ragini Residence

Ragini is getting ready for the trip the college organized she thinks – who will be my partners O krishna God Plzz keep some good partner

And she leaves to college for the principals cabin

Ragini – sir may I come in

Principal – ha ya Ragini aww he is your partner

The boy turns and he turned out to be Laksh ☺️



Laksh – so Ragini see destiny made us partner

Ragini – hahaha very funny I don’t care about it

Laksh – okay god chill down

Ragini – very funny

Laksh – Bux bunny?

Ragini – shut up and drive

Laksh – Bandar kya jaane hottie boy ka swaad?

Ragini – I heard that ??

Laksh – you better should

They keep fighting and finally reach the spot

It’s a village the people welcome Raglak and the kids take them to the river

Ragini while playing falls into the water and shouts for HELP Laksh panics d f jumps into the water and gets hold of her

He gets her out like a hero and makes her lay down

Laksh – Ragini get up please come on

He thinks for a while and kisses her to give oxygen?

And she gets up and gets shocked

Ragini – Laksh

Laksh – don’t think a lot you know science I did that to provide oxygen

Ragini – thanks s lot

Laksh – can we be friends

Ragini – yeah friends


After that incident Raglak are great friends they always used to meet after school and spend time Ragini had totally fallen for him some where Laksh loves her but never realises so Ragini decide to propose him

One Day

Raglak meet again

Laksh – come lets gave golgappa today

Ragini – no

Laksh – Why?

Ragini – because I want to tell something

Ragini – Laksh I love you I know it’s early I accept your any decision

Laksh suddenly kisses her lips she first resists but then kisses him back he kisses her wildly and gets into her mouth and kisses her and bit her lower lip? close you eyes guys?
And they hug each other

Laksh – I’m sorry but I have to do this breaking you


Next Day In college

Ragini is searching for Laksh and she dashed with Kavita

Kavita – hello

Ragini – I’m sorry

Kavita – oh Laksh didn’t tell you yet okay I’ll tell you

Ragini – what

Kavita – Laksh never loved you I am bid GF he did love with you for a bet now get lost he is braking up with you

Ragini was all broken up she runs away to her house


Namish – she is such a fool yaar she fell in love with you hahahaha

Kavita – you should have seen her face it was like KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM lol hahahaha

Laksh was silent suddenly they heard a sound

“Yeah Laksh Maheshwari you won”

Laksh – kavya

Kavya. – yeah me you won congratulations Ragini is leaving this city forever you won

Laksh – what no

Kavita – let her na why do you care

Laksh – I love her dammit

Kavya – you have time yet go to the railway station and stop her

Laksh without thinks runs to reach there


Railway Station

Ragini is weeping and crying and suddenly she feels a tap and she turns and sees Laksh

Ragini – what are you doing here??

Laksh bends down with a ???

I know I hurted you but I love you truly I loved you please one last chance I love you so much

Ragini happily hugs him and he hugs back.. He nuzzles his nose in her neck s do in end he kisses her forehead and she kisses his cheek!!

after college they get married and have a great life ahead!!!



Guyzz this is my first ever OS so it’s short! Plzz comment on this!! How is this!!??

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