Realization of love- ishqbaaz ff part 4

Part 4

In College

All of them are having Keerti’s class first. She gave them a research project on Neurology and Developmental Neuroscience. For this project she had decided that she will put all the students in groups of 3-4 students.

Kr: ok students I have a project for everyone. You all will have to do a research about Neurology and Developmental Neuroscience. I will give you the procedure and I will assign 5 groups of 3-4 students and then I will allow you to either go to the library or the computer lab. This is group work so make sure that you guys help each other.

Group 1: Neha, Sunil, Tina, and Adi.
Group 2: Anika, Gauri, Janvi, and Shivaay.
Group 3: Sonia, Diya, Arjun, and Amit.
Group 4: Pooja, Dia, Samar, and Nazish.
Group 5: Rudra, Soumya, and Om.

Ok, so you can go to the library or computer lab. On your way out you can pick up the procedure paper from my desk.

As she finished talking Professor Rohit came in the room with a girl.

Rohit: Hi Keerti!
Keerti: Hi Rohit?tum yahan? Kuch kaam tha kya?
Rohit: kaam? Oh haan aap ki class mein ek new student ayi hain. Her name is Bhavya Malhotra!
Bhavya: Hello Ma’am (she shook her hand)
Keerti: Good Morning!
Rohit: ok toh mein tumhe baad mein milta hoon?
Keerti: theek hai?bye
Rohit: bye!
Keerti: Bhavya yeh log ek project per work karne keliye library jaa rahe hain?you can join them, I’ll put you in a group just give me a minute?(she looks at her students list)
Bhavya: yes ma’am?
Keerti: aap Group 5 join kar saktin hai?wait a minute..

(Bhavya-She is very sweet, charming, and beautiful girl. She is very friendly and she loves making new friends. She came from Delhi due to some personal problems. And now she is in Xavier’s college. She was going to finish her 2nd year of college in Delhi, but she couldn’t control the problems anymore and she didn’t want her career to be ruined, so she decided to move. Her parents use to live in Mumbai before, but after Bhavya was 12 they moved to Delhi. They still have their house in Mumbai, and that’s where Bhavya lives now. Bhavya’s parents died in a car accident when she was just going to turn 15. And since then she lived with her Uncle and Aunty and with some cousins. She lived with them 3 years and finally she moved to Mumbai. Bhavya strongly believes in love and she is waiting for her Prince Charming to come.)

Rudra, Soumya, and Om were about to leave for library, but they stopped when keerti called Soumya.

Keerti: Soumya!!!
Soumya turned around.
Soumya: yes ma’am (she walked up to her, Om and Rudra waited at the door)
Keerti: Soumya yeh hai Bhavya Malhotra, our new student aur yeh aap ke group mein hai…meine inhe project explain kar diya hai!
Soumya: ok ma’am..
Keerti: You may leave now! (she went back to her desk)
Soumya (to Bhavya): Hi I’m Soumya (she offered her a hand shake)
Bhavya: And I’m Bhavya (she smiled and shook her hand with her)

Rudra and Om couldn’t wait anymore so Rudra shouted out Soumya’s name)

Rudra: Soumya!!!!!

Soumya answerd back: I’m coming!!! (To Bhavya) Bhavya hume is project ke liye library jaana hai..toh chalein?
Bhavya: yeah lets go (they walked to the door)
rudra: Somu tum kya kar rahi thi? hum kabse wait kar rahe hai..(he hasn’t noticed Bhavya yet, but Om did)
Om: Hey Soumya… yeh kon hai?(pointing at Bhavya)
Rudra now noticed her.
Soumya: Yeh Bhavya hai new student aur yeh humare group mein hai..
Om: Welcome Bhavya…I’m Om..
Rudra: Hi Bhavya I’m Om..
Bhavya: Hello..
Soumya: ab chalein? sab chale gaye..
Rudra: hmm..chalo

They starts walking towards the library.

Soumya: so Bhavya tumhari mid year exam hogayi?
Bhavya: haan Delhi mein ho chuki 2 weeks phele..
Rudra: toh tumhara Delhi se yahan kaise aana howa?
Bhavya: its a long story phir kabhi bataongi..
Soumya: its ok..
Om: Hey guys tum dono ko yaad hai na ki Anika ka Birthday aa raha hai?
Soumya: Haan!
Rudra: Kya??kab??
Om: next week..
Rudra: thank you sooo much Om..agar tune yaad nahi dilaya hota toh woh toh mujhe maar hi daalti..
Soumya: tumhe toh kuch bhi yaad nahi rehta..
Rudra: aisi baat nahi hai Somu…pata nahi Anika ki birthday ke bare mein mein kaise bhul gaya?

They have reached library now.

Bhavya: yeh Anika kon hai?
Rudra: chatter box..
Soumya: Rudra!! (to Bhavya) woh hamari friend hai..umm (she looked around the library to find her but her group wasn’t there) Om yeh log kahan gaye?
Om: pata nahi…ohh shayad computer lab gaye hongay!
Soumya: hmm okk…well bhavya mein tumhe baad mein introduce karwati hoon!
Bhavya: ok…that’s fine!

They took their seats on a round table which had four chairs.

Soumya: Aisa karte hain…mein aur Bhavya books mein se info collect karte hai, aur tum dono computer mein se info collect karo..hows that?
Rudra: Great! As usual..
Omp: ok so let’s start working.

They started working. Soumya and Bhavya were taking notes from books and Rudra and Om were doing the research on the computer. While doing the research Rudra went to check his e-mail. And Soumya saw that. Rudra looked around to see if Soumya wasn’t around but unfortunately he got caught.

When it came to work Soumya wanted everything to be perfect and in groups she expects her partners to do work and only work nothing else. Rudra saw Soumya giving him a Do-The-Work look and Rudra immediately signed out and started working.

Bhavya observed this and noticed the bond between their friendship is really strong. And then she thought that Rudra and Soumya’s Friendship’s next step would definitely be Love. But she doesn’t know yet that they don’t believe in love.

On the other side in the Computer lab, Anika was having trouble in finding the right Info.

Anika: Shivaay is mein se kon si info ko print karon? I’m so damn confused.

Anika asked Shivaay, as he was sitting next to her.

Shivaay: Jo important points hai wohi chahiye hume…(he was typing something)
Anika: important points? lekin yeh info toh puri important hai..

Anika needed an explanation. Shivaay starts explaining her and Anika listens to him. While trying to understand what she exactly has to do?she looked up to Shivaay and got lost in his eyes.

Aww he looks so cute while explaining?she thought. Anika always thought that Shivaay has a unique way of explaining things, not only to her but whoever he explains thing to; there is no way that the person he is explaining something to, would not understand. He explains in such a great way that people can understand everything in one explanation. He explained things in an easy and a simple way.

Shivaay was done explaining, he looked at Anika who was still staring at him.

Shivaay: Ani-Anika!! (He tried calling her but she kept staring)…..Anika!!!! (Now he shook her and Anika came back to reality)
Anika: h-haan?
Shivaay: tumhe samajh aagaya?
Anika: umm?haan thanks!
Shivaay: any time… (He smiled and continued his work)

Shivaay was thinking why Anika was staring at him, and then he thought she must be thinking something. Anika didn’t even bother thinking why was she staring at him like that.

After few minutes the bell rang and they went to their other class. They had different classes. Bhavya had class with Om and he told her about how their gang is and what they do and stuff. Bhavya couldn’t wait to meet Shivaay, Anika, and Gauri. She was going to ask Om if something was going on between Rudra and Soumya but she kept quiet and decided to ask Soumya about this.

After the second class they met in Cafeteria. Om introduced Bhavya to Shivaay, Anika, and Gauri.

Bhavya: hey Soumya yeh wahi Anika hai na jiska Baare ( she was cut off by Rudra)
Rudra: Anika tu chal mein aaj tujhe burger dilata hoon!!
Anika: buger?? Wow?par ek minute Bhavya tum kuch bol rahi thi na?
Bhavya: haan mein yeh?(she was cut off again, but this time it was Soumya)
Soumya: Anika tum burger lekar aao phir baat karte hai!
Anika: ok?(she said confusingly and followed Rudra)

Others were confused too about Rudra and Soumya’s behavior only Om knew why they were behaving like this, but then while Rudra took Anika to get a burger….Soumya told them that Anika’s Birthday is coming and they would give her a surprise birthday party. Om told them to pretend like they don’t know that Anika’s birthday is coming. Then they understood why Rudra and Soumya were behaving that way.

Gauri: so that means hume abhi se preparations shuru karne honge..
Shivaay: haan?lekin preparations ke waqt hum Anika ka kiya kareinge?
Soumya: woh hum baad mein sochengey Rudra aur Anika aa rahe hai..
Rudra: (whispers to Soumya) Somu tumne inhe bataya surprise party ke bare mein?
Soumya: (whispers back) haan?hum iske bare mein baad mein discuss karte hai..
Rudra: ok?
Anika: Bhavya tum kuch bol rahi thi na?
Bhavya: umm?.nahi mein toh bas yunhi..
Anika: sure?
Bhavya: yes of course!

They talked for little longer and then they had a class. It was a math class, which they hated except Soumya and Om. They didn’t hate it nor like it. They were fine with the class.

When they went to the class, they found out that their professor was absent and they had free time. They were really happy and they decided to go to the Bowling, but sadly it started raining heavy so they decided that they would go bowling tomorrow.

Gauri: see you guys tomorrow?
Om: ok?bye!
Anika: hey Gauri …soumya kahan hai?
Rudra: baarish mein bachon ki tarha khel rahi hai?(Rudra was constantly looking at her)
Gauri: OMG yeh larki bhi na?(she went to call her) Somu!!!!…chalo gaadi mein baitho..
Soumya: thori der aur di…..pleaseeee??
Gauri: no Soumya you can get sick!! Mom aur naani mujhe dante gey?
Soumya: ok?lets go (she was already drenched)

They said bye to each other and left. Bhavya was already part of their gang. She was really glad that she found friends like them. She smiled and laughed after so long that she doesn’t even remember when did she laugh or smile last.

She really thinks that something fishy is going between Rudra and Soumya. She had noticed them in library and then in cafeteria whispering to each other and then now she noticed Rudra staring at Soumya while she was playing in rain.

Is she going to ask Soumya what’s going on? Or will she try to pair them up as couples? What will happen when she is going to find out that they just don’t believe in love?

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