Realization of love- ishqbaaz ff part 3

Part 3

The Next Day at Mehra’s House.

It was around 2 pm and the gang had reached Mehra’s House for studies. And they started studying for their exams.

It’s almost 5:30 pm and they haven’t taken any break yet. Rudra and Anika couldn’t handle it any more…they really needed break, coz they haven’t studied continuously like this before. They were getting bored now and wanted to have some fun.

Rudra: hey guys?
Everyone looked at him…
Shivaay: kya hua?
Rudra: woh….umm…..chalo na kahin bahar chalet hain?
Anika: arey wah rudra, tumne toh mere dil ki baat keh di…kya idea hai…mein kab se bore ho rahi hoon!
Om: tum dono pagal hogaye ho kya….exams aarahe hain, aur tume bahar jaana hai?
Gauri: have you both lost it?
Rudra: Common yaar…humare paas kal ka bhi din hai studies ke liye..
Soumya: lekin aise toh bohot time waste ho jayega…kyun na hum ghar per hi koi game khele aur phir reviewing continue karein?

Shivaay: Soumya? Yeh tum keh rahi ho?
Soumya: actually, continuously studies kar ke mere sir mein dard hone laga hai…I think we need a break!
Rudra: Thank You Somu…that’s a good idea…now do you all agree?
Om: ok whatever…
Gauri: arey lekin konsa game khelein?
Anika: mein bolu?

Shivaay: nahi…
Rudra: bolo…
Anika: Antakshri?
Shivaay: No….
Gauri: aree hum who game khelte hain jis mein music start kar ke pillow pass karte hai…aur jab music stop hota hai toh jis ke paas pillow hota hai use hum jo bole karna parta hai…..mein is ka naam bhul gayi yaar…
Anika: Passing the pillow…I think!
Om: great…then lets play!

Soumya: lekin hume music control karne ke liye kisi aur ki bhi zarrorat hai…
Rudra: apni mom ya naani ko bula lo simple!
Soumya: who nahi maanein gey…
Rudra: mein unhe maana sakta hoon…
Soumya: theek hai…jao aur un mein se jo mane unhe maana kar lao..
Rudra: ok…fine
Gauri: somu kya tum humare room mein se kuch CDs lekar aaogi please?…mein yeh CD player set karti hoon tab tak…
Soumya: ok di…

Rudra: chalein?
Soumya: chalo!

Rudra and Soumya had to go in the same direction, so they went together.

Rudra: Somu woh dekho cockroach!
Soumya: kahan???? (she got scared)
Rudra: mazak kar raha tha…(he laughs)
Soumya: uhhhhh….Rudra your too much!!

Simran mehra-Soumya and Gauri’s mother.
Raj mehra- Soumya and Gauri’s father.

Soumya went to her room and Rudra went to simran’s room and luckily Naani was there too. Naani and Simran were having their Tea.

Rudra: Hello Beautiful Ladies!!
Simran: Rudra beta…aao?
Naani: studies hogayi tumhari?
Rudra goes and sits between them.

Rudra: woh toh mein baad mein karonga, per phele aap mujhe yeh bataiye ki aap ko kisi ne bataya nahi ki aap ki aankhen kitni Khubsurat hain?..aur aap aunty kya Raj uncle ne aap ko kabhi bataya hai ki aap ki smile kitni sweeeeet hain??
Simran: hat badmash…
Naani: hmm…tu hamari tareef tabhi karta hai jab tujhe kuch puchna hota hai ya chahiye hota hai…
Rudra: aap dono mujhe kitne ache se jaantey ho…I love you both! (he gives them hug)

Mean While Anika was trying to pull out the rug from a closet, but she couldn’t, cuz there were like 3 blankets on that rug and Anika didn’t wanted to take them out first she just wanted to pull out the rug. Om and Gauri were moving the table aside so they can sit on the ground and play. And Shivaay was just sitting there. Gauri tells Shivaay to help Anika. So he went and stood behind her, before he could say anything, Anika pulled the rug soo hard that she lost her balance and fell. She was surprised that she didn’t got hurt, but when she looked down she saw Shivaay. Anika fell on top of Shivaay.

Shivaay: Anika!!!! (He screamed in pain)

Anika quickly stood up and starting laughing.

Shivaay: Anika tujhe sorry bolna chahiyeh aur tum has rahi ho??
Anika: larkiyon ki tarha kyun chilla rahe ho??(she laughed even more)
Shivaay: tumhe toh mein choron ga nahi…

Anika walked away laughing. Shivaay got up and followed her. Rudra came in with Naani, as Simran was making Coffee and some snacks for them.

Finally they started the game. Naani had turned on the music. The song was Larki kyun na jaane kyun larko si nahi hoti.

Larki Kyun Na Jaane Kyun Larko Si Nahi Hoti
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai

Naani stopped the song right there. And the pillow was in Anika’s hand.

Anika: not fair yaar…phele hi round mein out hogayi??
Shivaay: everything is fair!!
Om: so guys…kya karwaien hum is se?
Shivaay: Dance?
Rudra: yeah it’s a good idea…
Gauri: chal Anika shuru hoja…
Anika: uhhh…theek hai!

Naani started the song and Anika danced on it.

(Guys im not gonna write the whole song thing…I’ll just write down the punishments)

After Anika’s dance, Naani continued the music. This time the pillow was in Om’s Hand and they told him to sing. Om sang Kar gayi chull song. And they continued the Game…it was Shivaay this time and they told him to dance on “Pappu can’t dance saala” song. It was really funny cuz Shivaay doesn’t know how to Dance properly. After Shivaay it was Gauri and they told her to Make Italian Dinner for them tonight. And now the game was complicated. Rudra and Soumya were left. The song started and they quickly started to pass the pillow to each other. After a while the song stopped, and Soumya was the Winner. She had to punish Rudra now.

Gauri: Somu kya karwana chahti ho?
Anika: soch samajh kar bolna..
Om: Soumya…tum ise apni notes banane ko bolo!
Soumya: nahi Om mere dimaag mein kuch aur hai…
Rudra: k-kya hai…tumhare dimaag mein? (Rudra asked curiously)
Soumya: tumhe….hum sab ke liye chocolate cake banana hoga!
Rudra: What????
Shivaay: wooo great…
Anika: Italian food ke saath chocolate cake bilkul free…
Rudra: Somu lekin mujhe Chocolate cake banana nahi aata..
Soumya: woh tumhari problem hai…

After the Game they continued studying. Rudra couldn’t concentrate on his studies; he was just thinking about how is he going to make the cake? Then he went to the kitchen to get some water and he saw Simran there. He asked her how to make the cake and she told him that she will help him. Rudra was now happy and could concentrate on his Studies.

Around 8 pm Rudra and Gauri went to the kitchen to make their items. Gauri started her work and Simran helped Rudra to make the cake.

And finally everything was ready and the dinner was ready to be served. Everyone ate and give complements to Gauri and Rudra. Rudra told them that Simran helped him and they were disappointed with him for some time but then they were fine with it. Before they could go back and study Simran and Naani told Rudra, Shivaay, Anika, and Om to sleep over but, they said that they’ll go home and come back tomorrow.

It was 11 pm now and they were still studying. After an hour Naani went to the study room to tell them to take some rest and continue their studies tomorrow, but as she went in there she saw that everyone was sleeping. Soumya, Anika and Om were on the table. Soumya had her head on her book; Anika still had her note book in her hand and Om had his pen in his hand. Rudra and Shivaay were on two different couches. Rudra had his book on his face and Shivaay had his note book on his chest. Gauri was on the rocking chair, her head was tilted on the back and she also had her book in her hand.

Naani went in to the living room and started laughing. Padma asked her what happened and she told her about the gangs sleeping position. They both started laughing. Then they both went their and took all their books, note books, and pens from them and put them aside.

So they studied and had fun at the same time. Their exams went really good. After their exam week, a new student comes to their college.

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