Realization of love- ishqbaaz ff part 2

Part 2

Soumya: Rudra! (She smiled)
Boy1: nahi chodonga?kya kar lega?

Rudra punched him on his face. Om joined rudra and other boys joined and started fighting. Om called the cops. After a while the cops came and arrested those boys. Rudra got a cut on his hand, it wasn’t that deep but it was bleeding.

Gauri: Rudra you ok?…aur tum yahan?
Rudra: yes Gauri?I’m fine!..actually madam (pointing at Soumya) apna phone meri car mein bhool gayi thi toh socha de doon..
Soumya: Thank you!
Rudra: your welcome..
Gauri: agar tum dono time per nahi aate toh pata nahi kya hojata?
Om: don’t worry hum aagaye hai na?…mein tum dono ko ghar chor deta hoon!
Gauri: arey Rudra tumhare haath se khoon nikal raha hai..
Rudra: kuch nahi hai..its ok
Soumya: mujhe dikhao? (Asking worriedly and looks at his hand) ab jaldi se ghar chalo aur papa tumhe dressing kar denge..
Gauri: haan Rudra chalo
Rudra: ok?chalo!

They go to their house and tell their dad the story and then he do the dressing on Rudra’s hand and thank him and Om for saving his daughter’s life.

Next Day in Elite College

All six of them are standing in the corridor and were talking about what had happened last night.

Anika: agar mein wahan hoti na toh ek zor ka chata marti un logo ko..
Shivaay: chata??? kya?
Anika- Arey chata! aapko chata nahi pata..(shows him her hand….and Shivaay terrified moves back)…isse chata kehte hai! Shivaay- Anika tum. …

Before they could continue the argument, Om changed the topic.

Om: guys, guys hum class ke liye late ho rahe hain!
Soumya: arey haan?new professor remember?
Gauri: haan jaldi chalo warna late hojayein ge..

They go to their class and take their seats, Soumya was sitting between Rudra and Om and Gauri was sitting between Shivaay and Anika so they don’t fight. The professor wasn’t there yet, but as soon as he comes all the students greets him.

Students: Good Morning Sir and Welcome

Rudra (whispers in Soumya’s ear): To hell..
Soumya: Rudra! Behave…

Prof: Good Morning students I’m Shubhankar your new Biotech Professor.

He explains them his class rules and regulations and he gave them free time, as he was busy making guidelines for them.

Gauri: he doesn’t look strict..
Anika: chalo acha hai?

They talk for a while and then the bell rings.

Soumya: mujhe library jaana I’ll join you guys later?
Om: library kyun?
Soumya: kuch books collect karne hai?exams ki studies ke liye..
Rudra: oh haan?mein bhi chalta hoon..mujhe bhi kuch books lene hai!
Om: theek toh phir hum log tumhara cafeteria mein wait karte hai..
Rudra&Soumya: ok?

Rudra and Soumya go to the library. Soumya was trying to reach for a book that was on top of the book shelf and she losses her balance. She closed her eyes in fear of falling down. She was surprised to find herself in air, and then she opened her eyes slowly and saw Rudra holding her. He saved her from falling. Rudra was staring at her? he was mesmerized by her beauty. She was looking Beautiful. They both were lost in each others eyes, and after a minute they came back to reality, as they were interrupted by the Librarian.

Librarian: you guys need any help?
Soumya was now standing properly.
Soumya: n-no ma’am its ok…
Librarian: are you sure?
Rudra: ye-yes ma’am?
Librarian: ok?good luck (she smiled at them and left)
Rudra: good luck??
Soumya: for what?
Rudra: whatever chalo..

Rudra and Soumya both were feeling awkward after what had happened 5 minutes ago. They signed out some books and made their way to the cafeteria. While going they were thinking about the incident.

Rudra (thinking): woo, what was that?? Somu was looking so beautiful?I’ve never seen her like this before!!..omg what am I thinking?? Yeh mujhe kya hogaya hai?? Focus Rudra?.Focus.

Soumya (thinking): aww..he looked so cute!
His eyes are adorable?gosh yeh mein kya soch rahi hoon?? Why was he staring at me like that though? Whatever I need to focus!

They reached cafeteria and joined the gang. Everyone was talking but Rudra and Soumya were quiet?they were still feeling awkward.

Shivaay: hey Gauri tumne Ms.Keerti ka project start kiya?
Gauri: nahi ?lekin aaj zarror karongi!…and Rudra please aaj kahin nahi jaana bohot kaam hai..
Om: haan yaar Rudra?mujhe bhi 2 projects complete karne hai aaj?
Anika: projects toh hum sab ko karne hai?better hai ki hum aaj kahin nahi jaye..

Rudra wasn’t listening to them.

Shivaay: Rudra!!…Rudra!! (He shook him) Rudra?!
Rudra came back to reality.
Rudra: huh?…kya howa?
Om: kahan kho gaya tha tu?
Rudra: k-kuch nahi?aise hi
Om: anyways?hum yeh keh rahe the ki aaj hum kahin ghum ne nahin jayenge..
Rudra: kyun?
Anika: Rudra tumne suna nahi kya?hum sabko hamare projects finish karne hai!
Rudra: theek hai?mujhe bhi kuch notes complete karne hai?(he smiled)
Soumya: ab toh exams ke baad hi ghum ne jaa sakte hai!
Shivaay: haan?bohot saare preparations karne hai..

The Bell Rang and they left for their classes. This time they were in different classes. Anika and Soumya had same class, Rudra and Gauri had same class, and Shivaay and Om had same class.

After college they met at the college gate. They wished each other good luck for their projects. They don’t have college for next two days, coz they were having exams after these two days. They decided to meet at Gauri’s and Soumya’s house the next day as they have a special Study room, so that they can study together and ask each other questions.

Ok guyz this waz the second part..hope you enjoyed it!! Please leave your Comments and tell me your views. Suggestions and Criticisms are always welcome. Your comments means a lot to me soo please leave your comments good/bad and Thank You soo much for reading my FF.

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