Realization of love – ishqbaaz ff part 10

After Rehaan leaves, the rest of the gang comes and Rudra tells them everything. They go to their class and Rudra is trying to think what he should do to make Bhavya realize that Rehaan loves her. Right now Rudra, Soumya and Bhavya are having class together. Rudra is thinking to take Soumya’s help.

Ar: yo Somu…
Soumya: hmm?
Rudra: mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai…
Soumya: ok..go ahead..
Rudra: yahan nahin…umm…caf mein? College ke baad?
Soumya: ok…lekin itna kya important hai?
Rudra: mein tumhe sab kuch bataon ga…have patience..

Shivaay and Anika are in library to collect some books for their homework and Om and Gauri are in the Cafeteria.

Anika: Shivaay..tumhe nahin lagta ki hume Bhavya aur Rehaan ko mila ne ke liye kuch karna chahiye? (She asked while flipping through a book)
Shivaay: yeh tum bol rahi ho Anika?? (He asked confusingly)
Anika: nahi mera bhoot bol raha hai…idiot!
Shivaay: mein toh sirf make sure kar raha tha…anyways tu pyaar mein kab se believe karne lagi?
Anika: arey yaar, meine kab kaha ki mein believe karti hoon? Mein toh sirf unki help karna chahti hoon!
Shivaay: ok…lekin kaise?

Anika tell him the whole plan, that’s in her mind. And Shivaay agrees to do that. They are not going to tell rest of the gang coz they think that, they will not agree to their plan coz they don’t believe in love. Shivaay and Anika don’t believe in love, but still they just want to get Bhavya and Rehaan together coz they love each other.

In Cafeteria

Om: lekin Gauri hum baki friends ko kuch nahin bataen ge…theek hai?
Gauri: why not?
Om: coz they don’t believe in love..
Gauri: hum bhi kahan believe karte hain?
Om: arey lekin woh log mane ge nahi hamari baat…
Gauri: I know…but what if they also want Bhavya and Rehaan to get together?
Om: then they will tell us…
Gauri: ok…

After college

Soumya: Di aap jaiye mein Rudra ke saath aa jaon gi…
Gauri: lekin kyun?
Rudra: she is helping me in some work!
Soumya: yeah… (She doesn’t know why Rudra said that but she agreed)
Gauri: ok…
Bhavya: ok then guys I’ll leave..
Anika: yeah I’m leaving too…

They bid bye to each other and leave. Rudra and Soumya go to the caf, and order coffee.

Soumya: Rudra, kya baat hai? Tum mujhe yahan kyun laye?
Rudra: relax Somu coffee pio…sab batata hoon..
Soumya: lekin mujhe der ho rahi hai..
Rudra: hmm…ok I’ll tell you. Do you remember when Rehaan called Bhavya on Muskaan’s Birthday?
Soumya: yeah…

Rudra: and she told us that Rehaan told her that he loves her and stuff?
Soumya: yea, Rudra tum puri baat batao na?
Rudra: ok let me come to the point. Mujhe tumhari help ki zarrorat hai Bhavya ko realize karwane ki woh bhi Rehaan se pyaar karti hai…
Soumya: but are you sure ki Rehaan use pyaar karta hai?
Rudra: of course…he really cares for her and I saw that this morning!
Soumya: and how can you say that, Bhavya also loves him?
Rudra: Soumya tumhari tabyat toh theek hai na? (He said while touching her forehead)
Soumya: Rudra mazak mat karo…
Rudra: tumne suna nahi us din Bhavya kaha tha that “She likes him”?
Soumya: ohh haan…ok I get it… I’ll help you lekin karna kya hai?
Rudra: woh toh mujhe bhi nahin pata…

Soumya: kal decide karein ge..Rehaan mujhe jaana hai…
Rudra: ok…and thanks!
Soumya: Rudra don’t say thanks to me…
Rudra: ok next time no thanks…and you know what?
Soumya: what?

Rudra: you are my best friend!!!
Soumya: awww , you’re my best friend too!! (She said while pinching his cheeks)

Rudra drops Soumya home. Now all of them are trying to get Bhavya and Rehaan together. Let’s see who is going to be successful in their plans.

Next day in college

All are quiet. Bhavya and Rehaan are there face to face. Bhavya doesn’t care anymore about Rehaan being in the same college. She’ll have to face him everyday anyways. Rehaan is sitting with them just because of her friends. They told Rehaan to join them. Nobody is willing to star a conversation. All they are doing is thinking about how to get these two together. But then finally Bhavya herself breaks the silence.

Bhavya: guys, tum log kuch bol kyun nahin rahe?
Soumya: k-kya bolein?
Shivaay: I think we should leave…we’re getting late for classes.
Anika: yeah let’s go..
Gauri: Shivaay, Anikawe still have some time left…
Rudra: Somu tum Bhavya ko kahin lekar jao na…toh mein Rehaan se kuch puch sakon? (He whispered)
Soumya: kahan lekar jaon? Di ne bhi bol diya ki classes start hone mein abhi bohot time hai… (She whispered back)

Rudra: kuch bhi karo lekin ise yahan se lekar jao please?
Soumya: Rudra…mein kya kahon gi use?
Rudra: ok forget it waise bhi yeh log yahan hai, abhi kuch nahin puch sakte…
Soumya: acha howa ki tumne apna brain right time per use kiya..
Rudra: what?
Soumya: nothing…

Today they couldn’t ask Rehaan anything, because of Bhavya but as days passed by they got to know him more. And they also made plans to get them together, but in some plans they failed and in some plans they were successful. One day Rudra, Shivaay, and Om along with their partners (girls) went to Bhavya’s house to find out if she really loves Rehaan. They all went at the same time but luckily they didn’t see each other. Bhavya was sitting in her room, and her room had like 4 windows. The boys climbed on different windows and caught Bhavya talking to Rehaan’s picture. As the boys heard her, they were all happy. They went to their cars and told their partners about it.

During all this, they also started having feelings for their partners. Like Rudra was having feeling for Soumya and same with other. They were getting closer day by day. The two who were the closest were Shivaay and Muskaan. To make plans for Bhavya and Rehaan they use to go for walks on the beach and stuff. They both know that they are in love, but they are afraid of confessing. Shivaay thinks that Anikadoesn’t believe in Love, so what’s the point in telling her, and Anikathinks the same about Shivaay. Not only Shivaay and Anikathink that but their other friends too.

Rudra, Soumya, and Om are not realizing that they are in love. Shivaay, Muskaan, and Gauri know that they are in love, but don’t want to confess.

They all are at Rudra’s house except Rehaan and Bhavya. They are sitting in a circle all quiet, coz they all are suspecting each other that they are hiding something.

Anika: tum log kuch chupa rahe ho humse?
Gauri: mein bhi yahi puch ne waali thi…are you guys hiding something? (She said while looking at Rudra)
Rudra: why are you looking at me Gauri? I was going to ask you the same thing…
Soumya: Rudra, I think inhe hum par shaq ho gaya hai…hume inhe sab kuch bata dena chahiye (She whispered to him)
Rudra: you know Somu…I think yeh log bhi hum se kuch chupa rahe hain…
Shivaay: Rudra, Soumya tum dono kya khusur phusur kar rahe ho?
Rudra: k-kuch nahin…nothing…and don’t try to change the topic?
Shivaay: I’m not changing the topic..

Anika: Shivaay inhe bata dete hai na? shayad yeh hamara help karein? (She whispered)
Shivaay: ok…I think you’re right…
Om: Gauri, inhe bata dete hain…
Gauri: tum batao…
Om: ok…
Rudra: hey guys I think hum sab ek dusre se kuch chupa rahe hain? So why not reveal the secret together? I’ll start…
Shivaay: nahin pehle mein bolta hoon..

Om: chillex Shivaay…mein bolta hoon!
Soumya: I think mein hi start karti hoon yeh log toh aise hi larte rehein ge… (She mumbled) guys listen to me! I and Rudra were just trying to help Rehaan and Bhavya get together and that’s what we were trying to hide.
Rudra: yeah, we didn’t tell any of you coz we thought that you guys won’t help us coz you all don’t believe in love!
Shivaay: hum bhi yahi chupa rahe the…mein aur Anika bhi unhe help kar rahe the..
Gauri: wow what a coincidence mein aur Om bhi yahi kar rahe the..
Om: guys hum kRehaan ek dusre se kuch nahin chupa te…toh Rehaan kyun chupa rahe the..
Gauri: relax Om, we all are still friends in fact BEST FRIENDS…right guys?
All: of course…

Anika: we were just afraid ki hum ek dusre ke baare mein kya sochen ge…we always thought that “Love” doesn’t exist…but now we do know that love is real.
Rudra: is it?

Soumya: Rudra!!
Soumya: just kidding…Bhavya ne hume realize karwa diya ki Love does exist, but now its our job to make her realize that she is in love with Rehaan.
Om: haan…you know ek din mein aur Gauri Bhavya ke ghar gaye the aur meine use Rehaan ki photo ke saath baat karte howe sun liya tha…
Shivaay & Rudra: meine bhi…

Om: wow….hum teeno wahaan saath mein the aur hume pata bhi nahin chala…

They all laughed and then had a group hug. Then they made a major plan on how to get those two together.

Rudra: don’t forget guys tomorrow at 6 pm, in caf…
Anika: lekin ek problem hai!
Soumya: kya?
Anika: hum un dono ko boleine ge kya? Aur unhe yahan kaise layen ge?
Shivaay: Muskaan, hum pehli baar kahin bahar thori na ja rahe hai…we can tell them that we are just going there to chill…
Om: exactly…
Rudra: ok…tum sab ko pata hai na kya karna hai?
All: yes!!!
Gauri: what if this plan doesn’t work?
Om: we can make another plan Gauri…don’t worry! Ab dekh te hai ki kal kya hota hai…
Soumya: matlab?
Rudra: let’s see how they confess, I’ve only seen the “love confessions” in movies hahaha..

They all laugh. None of them have seen love confessions in real, so they are pretty excited to see.

Who knew that the people, who had never believed or think about love, will help their own friends get together? And who knew that while helping, they will also fall in love? It’s all about destiny.


Hey guys…the eighth part is up. Hopefully you’ll like it. I’m about to end this FF in may be next 3 or 4 parts. I don’t want to drag it much. Please leave your comments and views. Suggestions and Criticisms are welcome. And welcome to all my new readers. And guys please comment good/bad, they mean a lot to me.

Love you all…

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