Realization of love- ishqbaaz ff (Part 1)

All six of them are sitting in the cafeteria and discussing about what are they going to do after college.

Rudra: so, aaj ka plan kya hai?

Gauri: ghar ja kar sona hai..

Om: common gauri…kya har waqt soti rehti ho..?

Gauri: aisa zarrori nahi hai ki, hum everyday kahin ghum ne jaye?

Anika: oh common gauri..waise bhi ek week ke baad toh hum busy ho jayenge exams ke preparation mein!

Om: haan gauri…Anika bilkul theek keh rahi hai..

Soumya: haan di..chalo na?

Gauri: ok…ok!…lekin jaana kahaan hai?

Rudra: how about beach?

Shivaay: good idea…aaj weather bhi kaafi acha hai..

Anika: Great!

Shivaay: toh phir milte hai shaam 6 baje?

All: Done!!


They meet at the beach. The weather is really good. The sun was about to set and the wind was cool. It was a perfect place to relax. They ran into the water and started splashing water at eachother.

Soumya: Rudra stop it..(trying to hide her face)

Rudra: no way somu!…tum ne mujh pe pani kyun splash kiya?(he stopped splashing)

Soumya: I was just playing..(she moved her hands away from her face)

Rudra: I’m also playing..(he started splashing the water again)

Anika: Hey guys…listen?

All: yes?

Anika: ab bohot masti ho gayi…now lets go and eat something?

Om: hume is halat mein kon restaurant mein enter karne dega?

Gauri: yea…hum toh pure bheeg chuke hai..!

Soumya: hmm…

Om: ek kaam karte hai..mein, Shivaay aur Rudra jaakar kuch le kar aate hai aur phir meri car mein hi beth kar kha leinge?

Rudra: haan, yeh theek rahega..

Shivaay: theek hai hum chalte hai..tum teeno yahin ghumo?

Anika: ok..


While the guys went to get some food, the girls decided to take a walk. While walking the girls saw a couple sitting there, holding each others hands.

Anika: I wonder how these people fall in love?

Gauri: I know..inhe pata bhi kaise chalta hai jab pyaar hota hai?

Soumya: mein toh iske baare mein kabhi sochti hi nahi..

Gauri: aur sochna bhi nahi chahiye!

Anika: it’s all about getting hurt…maine dekha hai apni ek dost ko hurt hote howe..

Soumya: ok..ab choro na in sab baaton ko!

Anika: hey kal college mein naya proffeser aaraha haina?

Soumya: haan, hopefully woh ziada strict nahi hongey..!

Gauri: haan yaar..

Anika: chalo boys aa gaye..


They went to the car and got settle. After eating and having lots of fun, they decided to go home. Om told Rudra that he will drop him. Shivaay will drop Anika home, as she lives near him, and Soumya and Gauri goes home together.

While going home Rudra notices that Soumya forgot her phone in his car, so he tells Om to call Gauri and tell her about the phone.

Soumya and Gauri were on their way, but their car breaks down and they are trying to find help but there aren’t any stores near them. Gauri’s phone battery is also dead and Soumya now remembers that she had left her phone in Rudra’s car.

Soumya: di, ab kya karein?(asking in a scared tone)

Gauri: pata nahi Somu..ek toh mera phone bhi dead hai! (she said it in a confused tone)

Mean While they saw a car and tried to ask for help, but the car didn’t stop. And few seconds later they saw that car coming backwards. The car stopped and 3 boys came out. Soumya and Gauri got scared, coz the boys looked at them in a wrong way. Gauri holded Soumya’s hand tightly.

Boy1: Kya item hai..

Boy2: woh bhi do(2), do..(they laughed)

Boy3: chalo tum dono gaari mein betho!!

Gauri: nahi..!

One of the Boys went and held Soumya’s hand. Before Soumya can try to free her self a Guy came.

Guy: uska haath chodo….abhi!!

Soumya and Gauri were shocked to see him there.

So this was the first part guys…Please comment good/bad if you liked it..and suggestions are most welcomed! And please excuse my mistakes i’ll try not to make…..any mistakes in other parts…i know this part was kinda boring but i’ll try not to make it boring next time!

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  1. Di could u please write in english plz I don’t know hindi properly but whatever I read I thought it’s nice but not boring as I know hindi thoda bahut

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thank you so much……and I will try to use less hindi in next part

  2. Surbhi Sharma

    Wow !! It’s amazing . I loved it . ??
    P.s , if I am not wrong this story is there in wattpad . By healing love66 . Are u the one ?? I just love her stories or is this a copy right .
    Post soon ?

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Yup you guessed it right…i m Healinglove66 and thanks for reading my stories….actually my real name Is sanjanagarg only

  3. Nice one dear…love ur story till now

  4. Awesome

  5. Amazing one…..liked the beach scene

  6. Ananyagour

    Nice and it was not at all boring……intresting……..?

  7. AMkideewani

    Superb and it’s not boring, it is awesome

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    Childish college love with some care, concern and friendship with a glint of innocence . I felt this only from this part.

    1. Sanjanagarg

      So u like it or not

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Sanjana..I don’t like this story. see the reason here…
        Ha ha ha..why will I write comment for a story I didn’t like!!! I “LOVE” it so only put my comment here. This is my way of writing comment for every story I read however I rarely read a few stories except for stories by
        Shraddha-DBO and Haarika(VHM).

    2. Sanjanagarg

      ???? firstly I got terrified that u dont like the story then thank u so much for saying that u love it…u can read my other stories on rumya and other ishqbaaz couples on watt pad. …my profile name is Healinglove66

  9. Dhar

    Awesome episode ??

  10. Awesome di. Loved it. ?

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  13. Haridhra

    Awsm start di … Superb waiting 4 next one..?

  14. Sam-99

    Love it drr

  15. Arthi

    Different story and all six doesn’t believe in love and this is superb dr……jus superb..

  16. Aashi26

    Awesome sanju di…and I think the guy is rather shivomru or saumri’s brother…post as soon as possible di…?

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thank u so much aashi

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