Realization by Amore

Hello Allies… I am back FOR NOW… #for_the_champion_os_competition
This is something I had on my head since long. I so badly wanted to pen it down. So when we have our competition now, I am posting it. It is pretty long and is on Ishqbaaz. Hope you like it. And yeah do tell me how do you feel this story to be? And let me tell you again this is super long… uh-huh… super duper long… Hope!!! I don’t bore you… and will get feedback too… (Negative or positive… all accepted)

The story starts after Tej tries to kill Jahnvi but there are some changes here. No Buama, no Svetlana, no Tia drama, so Shivaye and Anika are hubby and wife, Sahil is in hostel, OmRi have cleared all misunderstanding and so have Rumya. AND YEAH SHIVIKA, OMRI AND RUMYA ARE HAPPILY MARRIED. And Ranveer is not negative he loves Prinku immensely.
I have divided it in different phases…

New Characters
1. Ahana Krishna Surya (Mouli Ganguli)
2. Suryavanshi Vardhaan Rao (Krip Suri)

Scene 1
Tej throws Jahnvi on the floor making her skin bleed and wishing “Why don’t you die Jahnvi? I wish to kill you and have my freedom”… Without giving a thought he breaks the bottles and the alcohol damps her. He lights the matchstick wanting to burn her but Gauri saves her (Like she did in DBO but here she did as Gauri only).
He angrily looks at Gauri and pushes her. He then lights the matchstick again, it was when he was slapped CHAAAAATTTTAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK tight by Dadi. Tej cupped his slapped cheek and stares dadi with rage filled eyes.
Dadi: (Angrily) how dare you tej..!?!? Are you even in you even in your senses???
Tej: (Equally raging) you should not interrupt in husband and wife matters maa. I have the right to do anything with her. If she is not ready to leave me, then she must know how a husband should be.
Dadi: GET OUT … shouted dadi and moved towards Jahnvi and helped her get up whereas Tej moved out of the mansion furiously. As dadi was trying to make Jahnvi stand she REALIZED that Jahnvi has fainted.
Dadi: Jahnvi!!!… Billu! See what has happened to her (referring Jahnvi).
Shivaye takes Jahnvi and makes her rest in her room where everyone follows. Om’s leg was heavily bleeding too. Rudra moves to call the doctor whereas Anika and Shivaye aid Gauri and Om respectively.

Scene 2
Here Soumya goes out of the room with a worried face and pulls her cry baby to the kitchen after he ends his call with the doctor and makes him sit on the slab. She then starts aiding him without a word with angry face as he was also hurt because the glass pieces pierced his legs but he didn’t let his ‘Superhero’ or ‘O’ know as they were already stressed. But this did not go unseen by his Sumo. The moment Tej pushed Om making the glass piece tear Om’s skin, it was not only Om who was in pain but Rudra too who had stepped in to the glass to protect his ‘O’ from falling and volunteered his arms for him (Om).
Rudra smiled at her antics and gave his best puppy face look but she was hell angry with him. She neither smiled nor spoke a word.
Rudra: (Angrily and making faces) what? Why are you showing me this face?? Can’t you take care of yourself..?!?
Soumya who was band-aiding him, looked at him shocked. She wondered “Did her Cry baby was gone insane?” She was wondering in her own world when she was pulled back to the real world when he said “If you are in pain you can at least let a shriek but no… you want to be THE GREAT KHALI”
She now understood why Rudra was acting so weird… The corners of her lips were forced to curve upwards watching his antics but she didn’t let him see. He was mimicking her to provoke her and make her talk to him so not to fall in his talks and childishness which she always admired in him, she turned to go but he caught her wrist and she could move, no more…
He slowly pulls her making her crash on his chest. Then turning her he sees her bowing her head which he raises with his forefinger on her chin making her look at him. That is when he feels more pain watching her tears.
He cups her chubby cheeks and keeps caressing her cheeks adjoining his forehead with hers. She sobs whereas he keeps wiping her tears with his nose tip. “Sorry!!” he spoke over her eyes and she felt the touch of his lips lingering on her forehead. “Please don’t be upset with me Sumo. I know I should have not stopped you from telling Shivay bhaiya and O, but what to do dear, Mom fainted and O was bleeding profusely. If they would get to know about me then they would have been more tensed.” This was what he said and Soumya felt her chest widening like a balloon. She felt so proud of him; proud to get such an understanding husband who loves his brothers immensely. She was not angry because he saved Om but the way he hid the pain made her upset but now when he told his reason, she fell for him once more.

Scene 3
*Jahnvi’s room*
Doctor checks Jahnvi who is motionlessly lying on the bed. He looks toward the family defeated and nod his head helplessly. Dadi sat down with a thud. Shivaye blankly looks towards Om who was numb. Anika puts her hand on his (Shivaye) shoulder to stop his breakdown. Om goes out of the room with tears followed by Gauri. Gauri barges inside their room before he closes the door and here Anika stops Shivaye to move forward. She (Anika) holds him and he falls on his knees helplessly watching his FIRST CHILD broken.
Here Rumya stood still as if they are permanently pasted on the floor. Rudra looks towards Soumya and tries to smile but fails miserably. Soumya slowly moves towards him and tugs her hand over his biceps conveying him that “She is here, here with him” and locks her hazel eyes with his dark brown encouraging him to be strong and she will always be with him. He lets a couple of his tear droplets flow and steps towards his motionless mother with a determined face.

Scene 4
*Inside GauRika room*
Om reaches his room running followed by Gauri. He stands there with tear filled eyes. Even those tears were unable to spill out of its dam. Om was unable to get anything on his head. Doctor’s words were running all over him. Gauri was all scared watching his broken state. She slowly made him sit on the edge of the bed and made him drink water which he did senselessly. He was all taken by the doctor’s words and so badly that he didn’t even REALIZE his beloved wife making him drink water. He was pulled in his senses when he felt his warmness fading. He all of a sudden pulled the warmth and the glass which was on Gauri’s hand fell making noise.
Gauri made him drink water and was moving towards the table to keep the glass that is when he pulled her with force making the bronze glass fall in the marbled floor. She landed on his lap with the forced pull. That is when she REALIZED that his eyes were threatening to flow but he was unable to do so. He gripped her tight as if she will vanish in the thin air. Understanding his situation she hugged him and kept caressing his back comforting him. She could feel his warm heavy breath and a slight wetness on the crook of her neck indicating his emotional war. She kissed his temples deeply to make him feel her presence. Feeling her care from her act he tightens his grip more digging his face more and more and wetting her crook with his silent tears. She was still sitting on him and he was still fighting with himself. She knew how frightened he was but she surely could not sit like that because of his injured leg. She slowly stood up from him and lied on the bed without breaking the hug. She was pecking his temples softly and almost after an hour he slept on her embrace feeling her warmth. This was all seen by Shivika and Rumya who had come to see Om. They were relieved to see Gauri beside him and left the place closing the door.

Scene 5
Shivaye leaves after making sure Om was okay and ask RuMya to move “Rudra?” calls Shivaye “Go to badi mom Rudra. I have some work with Khanna” saying this he leaves without giving him any chance to question so that he doesn’t break down. Rudra watch the retreating figure with painful expression. “You are really a superhero, bhaiya!” he murmured barely audible and started moving. After walking some steps, Anika stops and taps her forehead saying “Phail gaya raita!!! (Oh shit!!!), Rudra I forgot my phone in my room, you go I’ll just be back” saying this she turned back and started walking as if she had to participate in The Olympics.
Rudra sigh heavily watching Anika go towards the direction Shivaye went. He very well knew where she was going. He chuckled remembering her excuse. She had her phone in her hands and room was on the other side of the corridor but she went towards another end of corridor following her Billu Jii. He was proud to call her his Superwoman. He halted his thoughts when Soumya said “She is really a Superwoman too” and he REALIZED that she had heard him some moments back. He smiled at her and hugged her thanking god for giving Gauri bhabi to his O and his Superwoman to his Superhero.

Scene 6
*Corridor and Pool*
Anika reaches to the end of the corridor and finds her Billu Jii lost. She tries to put her hand but takes it back. Shivaye feels her presence but does not speak. She then pulls him abruptly shocking him and takes him and he silently follows because he knows that whatever his Pannika does, she does that for him. She brings him to the pool and sits dipping her legs. She motions him to sit and he complies without a word. They remain in that comfortable silence for almost 10 minutes and he spoke in the contempt to break the silence.
Shivaye: Umm… What happened?
She casually shrugged her shoulders on a NO. He looked lovingly at his wife who was glowing in the moonlight. He felt himself lucky to have her in his life. She exactly knew what he wanted and what his need was. She knew what he was going through so she is here – by his side, yet she gave him his space. How could he get so lucky?
He was filled with emotion he wanted to cry now… cry harder and harder wail like a child… wail as if there is no tomorrow but HOW COULD HE?? He was Shivaye Singh Oberoi … correction … ‘THE SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI’ who has built a wall around himself and buried his emotion deep somewhere. He cannot cry; even if he wants.
That is when she did something EXPECTEDLY UNEXPECTED… She made him lay on her lap and started stroking him gently and couple of seconds later she calmingly said locking her black doe with his grayish – blue “Crying does not mean you are weak Shivaye. Tears do not show you weak. Sometimes we need to let that salty water flow because it also takes the some pains with itself. If you let yourself from crying then it will burden you more and the pain will weigh more than it should. Today you have the opportunity to lose that weight. EMPTY YOURSELF SHIVAYE… FREE YOURSELF FROM THE PAIN… I am here only… with you… for you… ALWAYS” she then kissed him tenderly on his forehead and he let himself loose… HE CRIED… CRIED HARDER… HARDER AND HARDER… WAILING LIKE A CHILD – LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW… LIKE HE WANTED AND LIKE HE NEEDED TO…
How could he forget the lady beside him? THE ANIKA… HIS PANNIKA… the only one who has the capability to turn all unexpected-s… The only person who can break all the walls he created around him and force his emotions to breathe… and she proved it again that she is the one WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANT AND WHAT HIS NEED WAS… After so long, he went quiet, with a smile… because he was in the most comfortable place… HIS PANNIKA’S LAP… His eyes were closed indicating him to be in the world of dreams… whereas she dosed off pulling him in her embrace which he tightened even in his unconsciousness… This was all seen by two pair of tearful eyes which had different emotions pain, hurt, happy, proud and the most important SATISFACTION…

Scene 7
*Somewhere in the dark*
We can see someone dialing a number with a grave expression. After the call the person says, “Enough of your freedom Tej Singh Oberoi, time for your pride to break” with an expression of fury and disgust.

Scene 1
*Dining Hall*
Whole Oberoi mansion is unusually quiet. Dining table is filled with food and whole family (except Tej and Jahnvi) is eating silently… There was no charm like before but here someone had a new twinkle in his/her eyes. He/she was watching the wall clock time and again as if waiting for someone…
Suddenly, we hear a loud shriek… BILLU JII..!!!!!
Whole family including Shivaye turned towards Anika who is horrified watching the door… When the family members turned to see, they saw a girl of 30 at the door badly injured… Oberois were almost grounded (except for AniRiSou)… They all come in sense hearing Pinky’s horrified voice, “Ahanaaaaa!!!!!!”
Shivaye runs towards the door and prevents the girl from falling. He picks her up and runs towards his room. Om calls the doctor and Rudra turns cold watching the girl like this but calls Tej after composing.

Scene 2
*Outside ShivIka room*
Doctor comes out of the room. Before he could speak a word or ShivOmRu ask anything he was fired with questions by TEJ SINGH OBEROI…
Tej: Doctor what happened to her? Why is she so injured? Why was she stumbling? She seems so weak what has happened to her? Why you took so much time inside? Is she fine? (Asked breathlessly) on not getting answer he frustratingly shouts SPEAK UP DAMN IT… WHY ARE YOU SILENT?? And Shakti was the one who had to calm him down. Here Tej instantly calmed hearing Shakti, “Bhaisa, please calm down, she is unwell and might wake up”. Tej then asked politely completely unlike himself “Will you please tell us what has happened to Ahana?” one could clearly feel the desperation in his voice. Shivaye backed up Tej “Please doctor, we are sorry for bade papa’s behavior he is just tensed. Just tell us is all okay?” and Tej also apologized…
On the other side the doctor was out of his voice watching THE TEJ SINGH OBEROI like this… Not only him but AniRiSou’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets watching him so. They do not know who this girl is but it is sure that she is not unimportant. The woman who can keep all the Oberoi males on their heels cannot be someone random.
It was something worth watching… even than a blue moon.. DID THEY JUST HEAR, THE SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI SAYING ‘PLEASE’ AND ‘SORRY’ IN A SINGLE SENTENCE… and… THE TEJ SINGH OBEROI APOLOZISING. They almost stick flat to the floor but this was not the end… This was the beginning of NEW SHADES of THE NUT HEADS OBEROIS…
The doctor finally coped with the shock and spoke, “No Mr. Oberoi, she is not well. She has been in an accident due to which she has hurt her head. But you must take care of her in this state”
Om: “State?? What state doctor”
“She is pregnant” when these words left his mouth he felt a sharp air pass only to REALIZE that THE NUT HEADS OBEROIS are already inside the room with the lady. Tej was in the left whereas Shivaye was in the right.
AniRiSou were feeling that all the Oberoi males have been exchanged somewhere. Not only that, they were out of the words when they heard THE CALM AND SILENT SHAKTI SINGH OBEROI SHOUTING AT THE WORKING STAFFS. He was ordering the staffs unlike his character. Rudra was managing… wait!!! MANAGING THE APPOINTMENT TIMINGS??? The questions he was asking were so unlike him… And Om is selecting pop music CDs??? … DAMN… THE WHOLE OBEROI MALES WERE SO UNLIKE THEIR PERSONALITY… “WHO IS THIS GIRL” questioned their brain together.

Scene 3
*Inside ShivIka Room*
Ahana slowly opens her eyes only to see whole family there. She tries to get up and Shivaye helps her. She notices three new faces and smiles at them… Whole family sighed in relief watching her smiling but suddenly she frowns. “Tej?” she calls, Tej Singh Oberoi runs to her asking what she want, that is when he becomes pale when she asks “Where is Jaan, Tej?” Watching him silent she frowns more and sternly asks “WHERE IS MY JAAN, TEJ???”
AniRiSou were dumbstruck watching the girl talking like that that too THE TEJ SINGH OBEROI… and HE IS QUIET… Not getting answer from him she shouted of the top of the voice “GET OUT!!!” and Tej went out without a single word. Her eyes were red with anger and she was really furious.
AniRiSou had noticed pinky nudging Shivaye something and the look on O’Bros’ face and their scared face was noticed by their respective wives. THEY WERE SCARED… and by now AniRiSou concluded that OBEROI MALES WERE SCARED OF THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN NAMED AHANA.
Ahana rolled her eyes and noticed someone standing isolated. Ahana saw her and called “Doll?” AniRiSou were shocked to hear this tone. They could not believe that this was the same woman who was angry some moments before. Within no time Priyanka stood in front of her bowing her head as if scared. Ahana shook her head and said “Why is my doll upset? Did your brothers trouble you?? ”
“Bachha??” she called to which Shivaye stood as a student stands when a teacher calls his/ her name.
Before she could ask anything, Shivaye defended himself like a child, “I didn’t do anything Maa. This might be done by Rudra”.
“Chotu??” she spoke to which Rudra whined “I didn’t do anything Maa, Promise” he said childishly.
“Hnmmm… Munna??” before she could complete her word Om hurriedly said “No Maa, I have done nothing… I am really innocent these ShivRu are very mischievous so it must be them”.
Shivaye: No Maa… I didn’t do anything… sachhi… (He said pinching his throat childishly)
OmRu: Me too *pout*

Scene 4
Their fight continued for almost two minutes.. Prinku who was fed up by her brothers’ fight shouted “STOOOOPPPPP!!!!” Prinku went and lay beside Ahana wrapping her arms around her and said “Maa! Lori”. Hearing her, the O’ bros jumped on the bed together to sleep beside their Maa but they ended up piling up upon each other. There was a war between the brothers and the question was “Who will sleep at the other side as one side was captured by Priyanka”. The brothers were fighting like cats and dogs whereas Ahana was giving they-will-never-change look to them and rests of the Oberois were giggling.
This was again a shock for AniRiSou. Not only males but Priyanka was also different with Ahana… They understood that whole Oberois were different with Ahana esp. ShiOmRuRinku who call her Maa, and they actually are her babies.
Ahana: (Looking towards dadi) they still fight like kids and you all enjoy huh!!!? Dadi smiled looking them and left the room smilingly followed by Pinky and Shakti.
“Now be silent; Bachha, Munna, Chotu… won’t you introduce me to your wives?” but no… these idiots are busy fighting.
“Ufff… these boys are good for nothing. Anika, Gauri, Soumya… come here” said Ahana motioning AniRiSou to come closer whereas on the other hand they were shocked on how does she know their names. O’ bros who were fighting now went quiet when Ahana said so.
“Do you know us?” asked Soumya innocently and Ahana smiled at that and nodded yes. “I not only know you Soumya I know Anika and Gauri too” said she whereas the ladies gasped hearing her casual tone. “But this Baggad Billa never told me anything about you” said Anika in a complaining tone hearing which Ahana was amused… “BAGGAD BILLA??? You call Bachha, Baggad Billa?? hahahaha and what about Munna and Chotu??
“Arrey…Maa!!! You know, Soumya bhabi calls Rudra bhaiya – CRY BABY and Gauri bhabi calls Om bhaiya – JATAA-DHAARI” said Prinku jumping down from the bed in an excited tone as if a kid was explaining an interesting incident to her parents.
Hearing this Ahana went hysterical… She motioned towards AniRiSou and hugged them laughingly… “No one could be better than you guys for my kids… Stay happy and I know you guys will surely keep my IDIOTS happy” said Ahana teary eyed. Anika then REALIZED that Ahana is standing on the cold floor. “Maa, you are really weak, and doctor had advised us to keep you away from cold, so you should not stand in the cold for long.” Gauri assisted Anika and made Ahana sit carefully on the bed. Ahana smiled heart fully then lied on the bed and spoke “Munna! Arrange a maid to take care of me” and went on a deep slumber.

Scene 5
All the youngsters move out of ShivIka room and stand in the hall where all elders except Jahnvi were sitting quietly. As soon as they came Tej jumped from the sofa and questioned about Ahana’s health. Shivaye assured him and Om informed other members about hiring a maid.
“OH MY MAATA! What has happeneds to you guys? Are you all okeys? Why to keeps maids for her when whole familys members are theres?” said Pinky expressing her disagreement. “Pinky is right kids, maid is not necessary” added dadi agreeing. Shakti too nodded and reasoning Ahana to feel lonely. All the elders started discussing who will take care of Ahana without listening to the youngsters that is when Om interrupted them “It is Maa’s order.” Said he and all the elders went on silence and nodded affirmatively without a single question. They all of the sudden agreed which yet again shocked AniRiSou at the power the girl had on the Oberois.
Scene 6
THE MAID HUNT begin, many women were seated and were being interviewed. They were interviewed by Tej himself. He was rejecting girls within seconds saying “She will not be able to take care of my Ahana”. He was rejecting every girl within 20 to 30 seconds and after 5 hours seven girls were selected. They again had to go through many questions by each male. Not only that they had to perform various tests too like cooking, joking, singing, test on her creativity, her boldness, on how humorous she is… etc… (This girl who will be selected could literally open her own business… I wonder is she to be maid or to get married hahaha)
Whole mansion was in Oberoi’s head. Shakti was cleaning the table himself, Rudra had brought a different chair and placed it in the dining. Whole decorations, setup and everything in the mansion was changed. AniRiSou still had no idea about this new girl, they wanted to know but no one was free. They were helping too but still were confused and even dumbstruck watching THE SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI arranging mat on the floor.
After about 7 hours of hard work all the works were done. AND THE LOOK WAS MAGNIFICIENT…
The Dining room which was really furnished was nowhere same. It was luxurious before but now it had simple village look yet it was like a palace. They were having a feeling that this mansion was no more an Oberoi mansion but some Royal Mansion in any village. The setup that was being done was like the setup of any village area… extremely simple YET ROYAL…
NOW, even maid was selected, Shikha. She was educated and versatile; health conscious, strong, humorous, diligent, optimistic, creative, good cook and even athlete YET SIMPLE… (Let’s file her name in the Olympics… would bring Gold medal in versatility hahaha). She used to wear a burkha hiding her face. When the males asked about this she said that she is not allowed to unveil herself as per her custom.
Scene 7
*Terrace *
We can hear someone talking on the phone, “Phase 1 of the plan successful, I’m in the mansion officially… We will soon start Phase 2” says the voice and the call is cut…

~~~A week later~~~
Scene 1
*Oberoi Mansion*
We can hear the clock striking 12 in the midnight. We see a woman slowly opening the door and a man stealthily entering inside. The woman then shows him the way and he vanishes in the dark…
Scene 2
*Next morning (Garden)*
“DADIIII..!..!!…!!!” called the gardener loudly. All the family members come out only to see a letter written with blood “I’m back AHANA. This time you won’t be saved”. The moment Ahana reads the letter she stumbles but someone prevents her from falling. Turning her head she hugs the person and says shivering “He’s back Jaan, he will take my baby away…”
“No one will take you anywhere sweetheart. I will never let anyone do so”, said the person who is revealed to be……….. JAHNVI SINGH OEROI… (WHAT??? What you thought where was she??)
Jahnvi slowly calms Ahana and signs Gauri to take her to the room. Gauri then diverting Ahana’s mind says, “Maa, let’s go. You have not taken proper rest today” and takes Ahana to the room.
Scene 3
*Ahana’s Room*
Gauri makes Ahana sit on the bed and wait for Shikha to bring Ahana’s prescribed soup. Shikha enters and handovers the soup to Ahana. “Go and have food Gauri. You look unwell too” says Ahana. “No maa…” Gauri tries to defend herself but AHANA KRISHNA SURYA’s single glare shut her up and Jata-dhari’s tigress becomes a fearful cat (bheegi billi).
After Gauri moves Ahana tries to drink the soup with her shivering hands but a hand stops her… Motioning towards the hand she sees PINKY SINGH OBEROI and SHAKTI SINGH OBEROI standing there. Ahana spoke smiling at Shakti, “What happened dad? Didn’t you have your food?” Pinky’s eyes welled with Ahana’s ignorance.
Ahana again tried to drink soup but her hand was not steady. Pinky tried to touch the spoon but the moment she did so, the spoon fell on the floor. “I’m sorry Mrs. Oberoi…”said she and called the maid “SHIKHA! Bring a spoon and feed me” Shikha came running with the spoon and started feeding her whereas Pinky and Shakti moved out with tears. Before moving out Shakti turned back and said, “I am leaving today Ahana will return after 2 years… Bhaisa will be here for you. I’ll miss you” and he heard her saying “You are the best, papa. A best brother, a best friend, a best guide and a best parent, papa. I’ll miss u too”
Scene 4
The moment Pinky and Shakti came out of the room Pinky brust out… She was dying with guilt. The mistake she did was killing her now. Even after so many years her daughter is not ready to accept her… Ofcourse, why will she? It was her mistake to insult Ahana. It was her who threw her own daughter out. It was her who tried to harm her to throw her out. She was the one who never accepted her as a daughter and now when Ahana has accepted her not to be her mother, it is now hurting her.
Scene 5
^^^ Past…^^^
Ahana was adopted child of Shakti. She was actually daughter of his friends Krishna and Kamini Chandravanshi. Krishna and Kamini died in an accident. After their death Shakti adopted Ahana as he was always close with her. Pinky never liked Ahana because she was just a burden for her. Ahana was 5 when Shakti adopted her whereas Shivaye was only of 2.
Tej and Shakti’s father Kailash Shingh Oberoi loved Ahana a lot. He use to see his mother’s glimpse on her that is the reason he used to call her MAA. After his death too Tej never wanted her to call him as bade papa so he told her to call him by his name. That is the reason her decision was really valued by Oberois. She was mature and intelligent and analytical since her childhood. She use to solve problems with ease like Kailash Singh Oberoi’s mother did. It was the reason Shivayealso started calling Ahana ‘Maa’. Shivaye use to be baby for her and she was his Maa.. After Om, Rudra and Prinku were born Shivaye made them address Ahana as Maa. Pinky tried hard to separate her from the family but she was unsuccessful everytime.
Shivaye loved Ahana a lot. When Pinky asked him not to cal Ahana Maa as it was her (Pinky) who was his maa, Shivaaye’s answer shocked her “No! You are not maa. You are ‘mom’, mom”. It was once Shivaye stole some money from Shakti’s bag so that he could gift his dad for birthday, Pinky found the money missing and hit Ahana really bad using the absence of the family. Ahana knew it was by her baby brother so she kept quiet. Pinky was hitting her but stopped hearing Shivaye’s scream. Shivaye had been out to bring goft for his dad but when he saw his ‘Maa’ getting hit by his ‘Mom’, it was the first time Shivaye spoke rude.
“Maa!!” shreiked out Shivaye. He pulled Ahana and applied ointments. Ahana was wounded but Shivaye was pained. That incident shook Shivaye really bad. He didn’t speak with Pinky for almost a month but eventually did because of Ahana. Pinky always thought that Ahana will snatch what Shivaye deserved and hated her, but Shivaye could never sleep without his Maa. All the youngsters were behind Ahana everytime. Here on the other side Jahnvi loved Ahana like her own daughter. She cared her and understood her. That is why Ahana started calling Jahnvi as Jaan (which is actually JAHN but pronounced as Jaan).
Pinky left no stone unturned to humiliate Ahana. Slowly, everyone except TejVi would see her fault. It was 10 years back Ahana met Prof. Suryavanshi Vardhan Rao. They started liking each other. One day a goon was seen trying to enforce her. Prof. Vardhan saw this and rescued her but all her clothes were ruffled and torn. She fainted in his arms and Om saw this who was returning home with his friends. He met Vardhan and tried to take her but because Om was drunk he asked to drop both and he took them to Oberoi mansion. When Pinky saw this she created a scene there and it took no moment for Vardhan to understand why Ahana refused his proposal. Tej picked Ahana and placed her in the room whereas Vardhan left, but Pinky kept blabbering all the nonsense.
Scene 6
^^^Past Continues^^^
The very next day Ahana left the Oberois as it was now enough for her. She beared every blame on her but now she was questioned in her character. SHE LEFT… that is when the family got to know something which shook them and Pinky was burried inside the ground with guilt.
“You did so good mom. You took my Maa away from me. Are you happy now? Ohh why not… you must be jumping inside now…” said Shivaye with venom and Pinky was loss of words hearing her son so vulnerable. “I so badly want to go to my Maa but she made me promise to be a wall to the family. I’ll have to take care of the family. I’ll surely make my Maa proud.” and left the hall. THAT IS HOW THE GREAT WALL OF SHIVAYE WAS BORN…
“You did not do good chhoti maa, you insulted her everytime. You don’t even know what she has gone through. She never told any family members about your beatings so that you would not be blamed. Whenever Shivaye was angry at you she always told him, ‘Never insult Mrs Oberoi Bachha… She is your mother’ but you ruined it all” said Priyanka opening her heart for the last time. AND THAT IS THE UNFAITHFUL DAY WHEN A CHEERFUL AND JOYOUS GIRL WAS NO MORE AND AN INTROVERT, SOCIO-PHOBIC PRIYANKA WAS BORN.
“You blamed maa for what she never did. Do you even know what happened yesterday? She was being molested by a goon and Prof. Rao saved her. Do you know who did that? It was the guy from Shivaye’s college, chhoti maa. He tampered Shivaye’s answer sheets after exam with his brother’s. Maa was not satisfied by Shivaye’s marks so she made the dean check them again. It was the same day you all got the results and blamed her for spoiling Shivaye, just because she came late with him. She had not been to roam but to dean’s home to talk to him and made Shivaye do a re-exam as his paper was not found. All of you scolded Shivaye knowing results and then celebrated the next day when you got to know that the result was changed but nobody noticed how did the result changed in a day? ” cried out Om making everyone gasp at the information. THAT WAS THE DAY FUNLOVING OM CHANGED AND AN ISOLATED DRUG ADDICT WAS BORN.
Scene 7
~~~Past Continues~~~
*Oberoi Mansion*
Rudra who had been out on the educational tour had returned with a smile which didn’t last long because of the happenings in the Oberoi mansion. His bags fell and he was motionless. Pinky waited to hear some more from him because she knew what she did was not forgivable, but she was shocked when Rudra smiled at her and said in a blunt tone, BLUNT OBEROI TONE, “Don’t worry chhoti maa, I will talk to bhaiya and O” and went. He was just some steps away when Pinky hurtfully asked him “Why? Won’t you punish me Rudra?” and what he said after some moments of composure, confused everyone. “I do, I do want to punish you so bad but I can’t chhoti maa. I have to fulfill my promise, promise to stand by my brothers and help them recover, and I know punishing you will hurt my bhaiya (Shivaye)rather than making him recover which I don’t wan’t. I will make my Maa proud by standing beside them every time and the day she will return, she will be proud of me” and he went leaving the Oberois watch his retreating figure trying to understand the inner meaning of his words.
“Promise me Chotu… you will not let the relationship of Bachha, Munna, Doll and You change… You will always remain the same. You are the only one who can handle them Chotu… Never let anyone weaken your relation… I’ll be back if needed but NOW you have to be the spine for your siblings and support them recover” echoed Ahana’s voice in the back of his head as he remembered that he had to fulfill a promise made to his Maa whom he met at the entrance.. AND THAT IS HOW A SHY AND COMPOSED RUDRA DIED AND FLIRTY, CRYBABY AND ALL-TIME JOKING RUDRA WAS BORN…
SHIVAYE’S WALL PROTECTED HIS BROTHERS, PRIYANKA WAS SCARED TO TRUST ANYONE EASILY, OM WAS UNABLE TO GET HOLD OF HIMSELF but these three didn’t let Rudra change after whatever happened. They wanted Rudra to live his life and stay happy; same like he became after his return from the tour, but they were unknown to the fact that IT WAS RUDRA WHO DID’T LET THEM BREAK, IT WAS RUDRA WHO CHANGED HIMSELF TO KEEP THEM UNITED, HE KILLED HIMSELF AND TOOK A NEW BIRTH SO THAT HE COULD KEEP THE PROMISE HE MADE TO HIS “MAA”… AND THAT WAS HOW ALL THE YOUNGESTERS CHANGED… … …
^^^ Past ends…^^^
Pinky wails hard remembering her own deeds and was ashamed of her own self. She took so long to REALIZE her mistakes that she was now no longer in the wish list of Ahana….

Phase – 4 Plans, Plots and Conspiracies
Scene 1
*Ahana’s room*
All the youngsters entered inside and found Ahana sitting all gloomy. She looked as if scared. Youngsters planned to change her mood. “Maa… come, let’s see our old album” said Om, trying to pull her out of her thoughts. “No Munna, I want to see the album after I left” He went to bring the album. There were 9 big albums and 30 reel tapes. “What are these?” asked Ahana amused to which Om replied, “Rudra’s recordings in the tape and pictures in the album. We wanted you to feel each and every moment after you came. This duffer always recorded every single thing and kept it with himself so that the day you return, you won’t miss any of those days. Each tape has the recording of 2 months. And these are the albums of those long years. It was his idea only.”
Ahana looked at Rudra with a proud expression and motioned him to come to her. She hugged him tenderly and he hid his face in her womb. She planted a tender kiss in his temple and said, “You didn’t let me down Chotu. I am proud of you. Thank you for fulfilling your promise”. Rudra let his tears flow feeling content of himself. For the first time he felt he got everything in the world. But it was not only Ahana who was proud of him today. All the Oberios (Youngsters inside the room and Elders outside) who heard Ahana talking gasped when the realization hit them. After a long 5 years they understood what the meaning of “RUDRA SINGH OBEROI’s words were that day…”
“Okay then, now let’s see the pictures” said Ahana lifting their mood and they got busy smiling, laughing and pulling each other’s legs. Rudra described every picture. He told her about how ShivIka fought; their water fights, how Shivaye was named millions like SSO, BAGGAD BILLA, CALCULATOR SINGH OBEROI, TADIBAAZ, TADIBAAZ SINGH OBEROI etc. He told everything including ‘THE AWWW’ moment, the paani-baazi moments and others too whereas Shivika were highly embarrassed.
Here Gauri told how Om saved her from Kali Thakur and married her, Om was in guilt of hurting his wife but “Mistakes are done by humans, Munna. I am proud of you. You saved a girl’s dignity.” These words of Ahana made him feel great. This was the time Gauri knew that he is now over of his guilt. She remembers how every time she wanted him to overcome it but the guilt was eating him up. Even after 1 year of marriage he was killing himself but these words from his Maa pulled him out of the guilt forever. And now everybody knew that Omkara is no more drowned in the same feeling. He hugged Ahana and she blessed him all over again showering her love.
Ahana gave a look to Priyanka after all went silent. Prinku blushed at the sight because she knew what was coming next. “By the way Doll, I’ve heard that ‘Your Veer’ pampers you a lot” teased Ahana. Priyanka blushed all pink and said, “Maa, Veer loves me so much.” And she was cut by Rudra teasing “Yeah! Yeah! We know that very much Prinku. But it is so true that Prinku and Ranveer is the God made couple. Only Ranveers can handle her” and making her blush now all red. All went in the fist of laughter except AniRiSou as they did not understand what he meant.
“What do you mean Dumbbell Oberoi?” asked Soumya to which Om replied, “Actually Soumya, Prinku had a classmate during school named Ranveer Singh, her crush – actually her first crush. He was such a nerd (for this he received a glare from Prinku) but their story was left incomplete as he left school. After he went, we got to know that he was ALL TIME MAJNU of our Prinku who use to be her secret admirer hayeeeeee. Later on, during college life, there was another Romeo also named Ranveer who was interested to make our Prinku his Juliet. Now after 15 years of her crush with RANVEER, she finally found RANVEER SINGH RANDHAWA to marry. Thank God that she is going to marry him now otherwise, I don’t know how many ‘Ranveers’ was left to see. But somewhere I think she is so obsessed with this name that if she would have married that Rehan, then Ranveer would have been her son’s name” All were rolling on the floor with the final line and Prinku was having many expressions. She was throwing fire balls through her eyes but was really very embarrassed.
It was midnight so finally they wished Ahana a good night and went to sleep with smile. But they were unaware that their conversation has been heard by two people, one outside the window and another behind the pillar with a wicked smirk on their lips.
Scene 2
*Priyanka’s Room*
Prinku entered her room and went to washroom to freshen up. In the mean time a person entered the room and closed the door. He lied on the bed leisurely waiting for Prinku. She came out with her wet hair open and water dripping from them. He was mesmerized to see her whereas she was unaware of his presence because of the dark. She went to the window and stood there with a smile and he froze watching her beauty glowing in the moonlight. He, unable to control himself, moved towards her and back hugged her hiding himself deep in the crook of her neck
She got alert but how could she not recognize the touch of her love… “What if somebody sees us Veer?” she asked unflinched. “No one will see us Plum. All the disturbances are brothers, but now all are busy with their respective wives. So now no calls from any of the brothers either it’s your or mine. And by the way HAPPY TRIPLET ANNIVERSARY WIFEY” said he, and tighten his hug smelling her deeply which clearly depicted how much he missed her. “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUBBY” she said with her voice filled with love and overflowing emotions staying in the hug. They stayed like that, Priyanka stroking his hair and he was hiding in her crook more and more.
“By the way, how did you enter?” asked Priyanka in a soft voice and he smiled sheepishly against her skin and she took no time to REALIZE that he is using his ACP trainings, to enter her room through window which is on the 3rd floor of the mansion. They stayed there like that for half an hour. “I should go” said he in a dry voice that showed his longing for her. She stopped him and watched him for a moment then took his phone and messaged someone and smiled softly at him. “It’s so bad Veer, you are leaving your wife on the day of your anniversary, it is only 3rd year of our marriage and you are doing this I wonder what will happen in the upcoming years” she said dramatically making him feel lucky to have her.
“By the way Veer, why do you always call this day as TRPLET?” asked Priyanka. He took her to the bed and lied down, then pulled her making her lie completely over him making her compete with beetroot “Today was the day I saw you for the first time 15 years back during our school. 7 years later, I proposed you to be my girlfriend, even though you rejected me in the beginning I can’t forget that it was the day I expressed you how much you mean to me and on the very day and FINALLY we got married 3 years back” said he counting the years he waited for her.
“Wasn’t it like any filmy drama? But whatever it was my dream was fulfilled” asked he after some moment of pause.
“Our marriage”
“Yes it was. I wonder how I would handle myself if you would have not been there.” She said with a sigh as she remembered how her colleagues played prank on her by locking her in the cemetery house of Berehampur, where she had been as an Intern in a project. It was her luck that Ranveer was there as security personnel of the same NGO project. He was passing by the place when he heard her voice. Recognizing her voice he entered inside through the roof but to their fortune or unfortune, there was no ladder and they were locked inside whole night. Next morning when a villager opened the door he saw them inside the room and created a big drama due to which they had to marry the very same moment. It was later revealed that the prank was played by those girls who were jealous of her as Ranveer was only interested in her. She came to the present and hugged him tighter and he equally responded stroking her hair.
Ranveer saw her lost and he knew what she was thinking. He knew how to divert her. A naughty smirk was dancing on his lip which was unnoticed by her. “By the way, I don’t mind. In fact I’m eager to change as soon as possible” said he bringing her back to her sense. “What?” she asked confused to which he replied “My name as today I got to know how obsessed you are with it” and she knew he had heard everything that they were talking. “It doesn’t matter. And why to change now when you already have the same name” she spoke as if unaffected but who was she kidding. Her heart was running a marathon and the moment she didn’t face his eyes he knew that it worked. “Arreyyy I want to change the name so that we can bring another Ranveer as soon as possible. Do you know how badly I want him to come??” she saw him confused then widens her eyes realizing what he actually meant. She blushed from her head to toe and all red like fully ripen pomegranate and in a fraction of seconds he flipped pinning her beneath him. He pinned her hands sideways to stop her hide herself burring inside his embrace and caressed her right cheeks with his left ones so that she won’t be able to turn her face and huskily said “What do you think?” and she could do nothing except close her eyes and blush and she felt his body vibrating with laughter.
Scene 3
*Oberoi Mansion*
We can see a man entering inside a room with a bang before the girl inside close the door after changing into Burkha which looks exactly like Shikha. The girl shuts the door hurriedly and hugged him. The man took off the burkha and kept it aside and pulled the girl into a passionate hug which the girl reciprocated with equal passion.
“Do you remember your reaction when you saw me here for the first time in this get up?” and started laughing whereas the girl pouted. Hahaha it was so funny and you know you were looking like a tasty Rasgulla like you are looking right now… whom I want to eat with a single gulp… he said flapping his lips and moaning as if he is devouring the taste right now…
The person entered Girl’s eyes popped out of her sockets watching her here like this.
“What happened sweetheart?” said the person taking off the Burkha. “What the hell are you doing like this?” hissed the girl closing the door hurriedly. “Hey! Relax…You are reacting as if this is the first time I’ve come here. Did you forget I come here every night” said the man moving towards the cupboard. “But why you came here like this? What if anyone would see you and me together?” asked she panicking. “I came here like this because if by chance anyone saw me they will think me to be Shikha so it will not be any issue” said he assuring her which he finally assured that nothing such would happen after a long 1 hour discussion.
“Now what will be the next step?” asked the girl calming down. “We will stay quiet for some days so that nobody doubts you. Shikha is here to take care of everything” said he. “SHIKHA??? NEW MAID!? Are you insane? She is not kept here to do this stuff. What if she get caught?” Said the girl and the boy replies, “Yeah I know, she is here to take care of a pregnant woman that is why I have not given her much work. She will only keep me informed, rest will be done by myself” said he and discussed something.
Scene 4
*Oberoi Mansion*
Everyone spent their time laughing taking and pulling each other’s legs. In a frequent, a month passed and the youngsters would pass their day reciting the past events. Youngsters would run to their respective works and return as soon as possible. They would be with Ahana as much as possible. Shivaye would come direct from office and lie on Ahana’s lap. She would massage his head. He would go and freshen up. Om would go nowhere but to Ahana the moment he would return from his art gallery and take a nap like childhood. Rudra and Prinku would return and race to reach Ahana. They would place themselves in the either sides of the bed and talk a lot. On the other side, every night a woman would open the door and help the mysterious couple meet daily. He would come from nowhere and vanish in the thin air. Ahana would spend her days watching the videos and albums.
Oberoi mansion was once again lively. Everything changed except for Ahana’s cold behavior towards Tej but the most unexpected change was seen in THE TEJ SINGH OBEROI. He was behaving like a teenager. He was trying to make Jahnvi feel special every now and then. Making her feel special was what he was enjoying but she didn’t reciprocate him because she was now scared, scared that if she softens for him now she will have to experience another heartbreak. She kept on reminding herself that she is just in the mansion till Ahana becomes well because after that she will leave the family forever.
“You don’t need to show these false affections Tej. Please don’t play with my emotions. Just to get close with Ahana again, you are using me as a ladder. Please don’t do all these. I am fed up of everything too. And don’t worry I’ll move out of this mansion the very next day Ahana will be fine” she said breaking Tej’s heart into millions. Here, Tej was pained to see Jahnvi scared eyes whenever he would come. Yes she was there when he broke down but now she has distance herself from him. He was filled with guilt knowing that Jahnvi has lost her trust upon him but he knew that he have to work hard to get her. He had to get his love back.
He went to the day of Ahana’s arrival.
Scene 5
“Where is Jaan, Tej?” Watching him silent she frowns more and sternly asks “WHERE IS MY JAAN, TEJ???” this question shook him because Jahnvi had left him a day back. Ahana told him to get out of the room and rejected to meet him. He tried hard but she didn’t even spare a glance at him. He tried and tried but she was not ready to see him. “Don’t show me your face Mr. Oberoi, I don’t want to see your face because you are responsible for my Jaan’s departure.”
He doesn’t care if anyone ignores him but Ahana’s ignorance use to stab him a lot. It was long 4 days of her arrival and she didn’t talk to him which was enough for him now. He had to do something. She was not only ignoring him but was ignoring her health too. So, THE TEJ SHINGH OBEROI did something unexpected. He went out suddenly. Gauri saw him going out but the tension she saw in his face made her tell about him leaving to O’ Bros. Ahana smiled hearing this and everyone was apalled to see her.
“Maa? Why are you smiling?” asked Soumya and she said, “You will get to know it. (Turning towards O’ Bros) Follow him and record whatever happens there or keep me live in the video”.
Brothers went behind Teja with the video live and they all gasped watching him go towards Jahnvi’s private farmhouse and meeting her. “Come home Jahnvi” said Tej and all looked at him in disbelief hearing his bossy attitude. “badi maa won’t come, because she was hurted a lot this time” said Anika defeated and everyone agreed. “If you think so, then you guys don’t know either Tej or Jahn” said Ahana with confidence in her voice.
Everyone was confused for a moment but what happened next almost made them to slip into coma… THE TEJ SINGH OBEROI WAS KNEELING DOWN AND BEGGING JAHNVI TO RETURN BACK HOME. Watching him so Jahnvi was horrified and the only question she asked was “Is Ahana okay? Take me to her…” and Tej drove Jahnvi back home.
All the youngsters were in shock. They knew that Tej could do anythig for Ahana but they had no idea that Tej could go to this extent for her. After they left from Jahnvi’s farm house, all the youngsters looked towards Ahana as if they saw raining from The Sun.
Scene 6
*Oberoi Mansion*
“Ahanaa!!” cried out Jahnvi entering inside Ahana’s room. “Sweetheart, what have you done to yourself? You look so weak.”
“I’m fine Jahn as you are back; now will be perfect too” said Ahana with tearful eyes. She looked towards Tej and slowly whispered “Thank you Tej” which was barely audible but Tej felt out of the world as she didn’t call him Mr. Oberoi he smiled fully after so many days and hugged her. But she didn’t reciprocate, which was noticed only by TejVi. Ahana fake-ly smiled and lied down and closed her eyes, leaving THE TEJ AN JAHNVI SINGH OBEROI in tears. After that day Ahana would always behave normal in front of others but she was still cold towards Tej. Jahnvi use to notice him and tried her best to cheer him up. She supported him and encouraged to get Ahana back, making Tej re-think whether he was wrong punishing Jahnvi? Is she the same Jahnvi who had cheated him.. or was he wrong… Tej was getting confused everyday but there was something he had noticed, Jahnvi would support him but she was no more the same woman.
Scene 7
That is when he decided to find out the truth of THAT day. He started searching but during the time he got a call after some days and got to know something that took him off guard.
“HOW OUL YOU???” asked Tej furiously pulling Ahana in the middle of the hall. Everyone was shocked as that was the first time Tej had ever raised voice on Ahana. Ahana got to know why Tej spoke like that she was well aware of what he is talking about.
“I’ll not leave him, how dare he hurt you…” shouted Tej dangerously making everyone in the hall shiver. He motioned to go but stopped when Ahana asked “With what right Tej?”. “I have rights because you are my daughter damn it” shouted he making her clear that he was in no mood to debate, but little did he know that he will be left speechless. “He has the right over me Tej. He can hurt me, beat me and even throw me from the stairs causing my accident Tej, you have no right to interfere between husband and wife” said Ahana with a clear look. “NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM MY DAUGHTER” he spoke in a dangerous tone but instead of Ahana, he was rooted in his place when she said, “Oh! So no one should even harm your daughter, but you can kill someone else’s daughter, isn’t it Tej?”
Tej was dumbstruck by her confrontation… he remembered his deeds, how he tried to kill Jahnvi and how he told his mother to stay away from HUSBAND AND WIFE MATTERS. “You know what Tej? He is better than you, at least he never tried to kill me” said she and everyone could see her pain filled eyes wetting her cheeks. Whereas Tej was numb to react anything… Everyone were shocked at the happenings but were relieved that Jahnvi was not there to witness all these, she had been out to bring Ahana’s medicines which was Ahana’s plan to keep her away from the confrontation… Tej looked at Ahana when the REALIZATION hit him.
His eyes were red and pearls of regret flowed. He knelt down with a thud and the family decided to leave him there for himself. Tej was filled with regrets. Now he started missing Jahnvi like hell but had no guts to go to her. He was missing how he used to recite his days with her. How she would suggest for his business. How he was her first person but now she is not same as she was and what stabbed him was treating him just for Ahana. But it was his entire fault. How cruelly he treated Jahnvi these long years, just because of a loss. But now when he looks in the days, he wonders, did Jahnvi really cheat him? Was she helping his rival ‘Mr. Kapoor’ that day? Let’s forget about she did or not… the question COULD HIS JAHNVI REALLY EVER CHEAT HIM? When he gave a thought he REALIZED what a blunder he did.

Phase 5 Revelations
Scene 1
*Ahana’s room*
Tej entered inside the room only to see Ahana in between the youngsters and youngsters pampering her. He stood out of the room unable to collect his gut to enter the room. Ahana saw him and called him inside, in a normal tone. Tej was really happy as she talked with him. “I want her back” said he for which everyone took a sharp breath in. But here, Ahana folded her hands and raised her right eyebrow and nodded affirmatively asking him to continue. “I want my old Jahnvi. The one who use to be a headstrong woman” he clarified. “So?” asked Ahana “Why are you here? Go to her.” she suggested. “I… umm… I can’t” he fumbled and the youngsters were shocked to see him shuttering… “She is scared… of me” he spoke in a choking voice. “Come here Tej” called Ahana and made him lie on her lap. “You know you are the reason of her fear, don’t you?” asked she to which he nodded childishly. “So, isn’t it your duty to bring her out of her fear?” he nodded again.
“But how?” he asked desperately. “Give her what you took from her” she continues watching his confused face continues “Give her HER old Tej who loved her. Give her the rights she deserves. Give her the feeling of being someone important to you” and everyone in the room saw him smile like a bright star. He now knew what he has to do.
Scene 2
*Dining hall*
Everyone were sitting and having dinner when suddenly dadi said “Tomorrow it is new year so we have kept pooja and like every year you all have to perform aarti in couple”. Hearing this Jahnvi went all gloomy which Tej noticed.
“I don’t think Jethani jii will perform this year. Every year she was performing this pooja all alone because Jeth jii doesn’t believe in all these, yet she did as a daughter-in-law of this house but now…” she was cut by Tej “She will attend this pooja Pinky, that too the way she actually deserves” said Teji and left towards the room taking a plate with some food for Jahnvi who went without eating.
Everyone were confused watching Tej but the moment they noticed Ahana’s heart full smile they knew that whatever will happen, will happen for good. But till they were confused on her words “Time for a new Tej”
Scene 3
*TejVi room*
Jahnvi was sitting in the balcony watching the stars. She was really not able to let go her thoughts. Busy in her thoughts she didn’t notice that her hand got cut because of the sharp edge at the table. Tej who just entered inside, saw her and pulled her out of her reverie. He put the food plate aside and aided her wounds without a word. She in the beginning was wiggling but he held her hand more tightly yet more firmly. She was not able to understand what was going in her own brain. She never left the pooja after she entered the Mansion as a daughter-in-law but was she ready for the pooja tomorrow? She has given all her rights up the very same day when she left the house and now she was here JUST for her sweetheart. How will she behave tomorrow? She was brought back from the world of her thoughts when she felt herself having a morsel.
She jerked and stood immediately only to be pulled again. “What the hell are you doing Tej?” asked Jahnvi annoyed. “You didn’t have your food downstairs, love. So, I’m feeding you” said Tej in calm and polite tone. “Don’t even think to resist otherwise I forcefully have to feed you” said he feeling her try to resist but her eyes moistened while she said “I know, you are really good at it. But don’t worry; I’ve now understood that I always took your happiness. So till the time I’m here I’ll not cross you. Then very soon I’ll go far away from you. So far that even my shadow wont trouble you” said she without looking at him and eating the food silently.
His breath stopped for a second hearing her defeated voice. He was dying because of guilt. It was good that she was not looking at him otherwise she would have seen tears in his painful eyes… He was now more determined to get her back. He cried when he went to the washroom to cleanup.
When he came out he saw her trying to sleep uncomfortably so he walked upto her and picked in his arms. She was startled with his behavior. She tried to stop him but he paid no heed. The bed was actually a single bed as he had once cut it to throw her out. He slowly placed her in the bed and tucked her to sleep.
He sat on the floor beside the bed and started caressing her hair. She was uncomfortable for once but then went to a deep slumber. He pecked her forehead deep and slept in the same position.
Scene 4
*TejVi room*
Jahnvi woke up next morning and found Teji sleeping in the sitting position. She then noticed that he had clasped his hand with hers as if with the fear to lose. She tried to unclasp her hand but he held her tighter and spoke in sleep “I’m so sorry love, please forgive me. I’ll do anything you say but please don’t leave me. Please Jahnvi please don’t go. I promise never to hurt you. I’ll even do whatever you want or like, I’ll change myself… but please don’t leave me…” he begged in his sleep and tightened the hold of her hand. Suddenly he started moving “NO! NO!! JAHNI NO… DON’T GO.. NOOOO!” he shouted and woke up with a jerk. Jahnvi immediately closed her eyes pretending to sleep.
She realized he slowly unclasped their hand, stood there staring her and then kissed… WAIT… KISSED HER FOREHEAD WITH LOVE and WISPERED “Good Morning love” and left. Jahnvi woke after he went out of the room and felt some wetness on her forehead only to REALIZE that he was CRYING…
Tej entered inside while Jahnvi was ready without any Jewelry but was confused whether to apply vermillion or not. Tej motioned towards her and stood behind her startling her. She was all of the sudden scared because Tej never liked these Vermillion and sacred thread (Mangalsutra) and now when she was about to apply it she thought Tej will hurt her again.
Before Tej could do anything she hurriedly spoke with closed eyes “I will not wear these, Just because today is pooja, I planned to apply this, but I was not sure, please don’t harm me.” And a drop of tear fell from her eyes in fear. Tej’s heart clenched and he felt disgusted of himself for scaring her so much that now his mere presence gives her Goosebumps. His eyes welled up threatening to roll down his cheeks but he controlled. He then took a pinch of Vermillion and shoved over her hairline coloring it. Jahnvi opened her eyes in shock and she came into her sense when she felt the touch of his lips over her hairline. “I am really Sorry love. I always hurt you, but please give me a chance. I want to cherish you and correct all my mistakes. He said letting his tears flow. Jahnvi was shocked as this was the first time he was speaking like this for her. Tej never shows his emotions except for Ahana and now when he did that she nodded in a Yes all appalled. “Let’s go!” he said in a hopeful voice and descended the stairs.
Scene 5
TejVi stepped down the stairs together and whole family were happy for that. Dadi passed the pooja thali to Jahnvi, but Jahnvi was not sure whether she should do it or not. AND SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENED Tej grabbed the thali on behalf of Jahnvi, made her hold it and he kept his hands above Jahnvi’s. Whole family’s jaws dropped watching the changed Tej Singh Oberoi. The family gave a look to Ahana who was finally smiling ear to ear as if she won an WAR.
After pooja, everyone were about to eat when suddenly, Ahana fainted and there was a loud shriek “PLLLLUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!” shouted the voice in the burkha he picks her and runs towards the room. The person now opens his burkha and he is revealed to be Prof. Suryavanshi Vardhan Rao. He shouts on the top of his voice “SHHHHIIIIIKKKKHHHHHAAAAAA!!!” Shikha came running inside and stood infront of him… “WILL YOU TELL ME WHY ARE YOU APPOINTED??” asked the Prof. angrily. To which she fearfully replied “To take care of mam” “And this is how you take care of her? I couldn/t make to visit her for 24 hours and she got fainted? Did I not tell you to keep the record of her health?” he asks with fire in his eyes. “Baba calm down, she is okay. It is all due to pregnancy” added Prinku.
Hearing the word Baba, Tej’s blood boiled for a second but he suddenly REALIZED something to be fishy so remains quiet. The very next moment whole family is shocked hearing a sound. “BHABI MAA!!” shouted Ranveer. “Bhai, bhai bhabi maa.. bhai… why is she fainted bhai…wake her.. please bhai…” said Ranveer in a worried choking voice.
“It’s all my fault Veer, I shouldn’t have allowed her to come here. ”
“Oh My Maata Ranveer, you are crying like a babies… Nothings will happens to your bhabi maas.” Said Pinky assuring Ranveer. “And Vardhan, don’t worrys. She has been taken care very well. Last night you didn’t come like other days and she was really angrys but later she was really happy after Jeth jii came downstairs” whole family stands confuse, with the behavior of Priyanka and Pinky.
That is when Tej demands an explanation for which they wait for Ahana to get up.
Scene 6
Doctor came and saod that she is all okay just too excited due to which she fainted. Everyone sigh a relief then, “Will you help yourself with the truth Pinky, Priyanka and Ranveer?” asked the hoarse voice of Tej Singh Oberoi.
“I’ll tell you” came an ocean-like voice of Prof. Suryavanshi Vardhan Rao. “What you saw today was the truth. Not the one you knew.”
“Two months back I got a call from doll from Veer. Veer and I are cousins. He called me saying that doll was not stopping her cries. I was nearby so called her to meet me and she complied. I was really happy because I had got to know that I was going to be a father, but watching doll so vulnerable I was taken off guard.that is when she broke down.” Said Vardhan and hugged Prinku sideways. “That night doll called Ahana and we planned to make you realize what you are doing and Plum.. I mean Ahana was sure that only she is the one who can make you realize your mistakes”. “Every night mom (Pinky) would open the door for me so that I would be with Plum. There are other things too that you all don’t know” said Vardhan eying PriVeer with a mischievous indicating their marriage who were giving an pleading look.
“How did mom end up helping you?” asked Shivaye the most curious question. “I and Plum were on the way to meet doll one day but we met her. She was asking forgiveness and Ahana did. After this Ahana asked her help to change Mr. Oberoi and she agreed because she even used to feel Jahnvi is ill-treated.” “As per the plan I placed Shikha as the maid so that I can take her place whenever required. It was always me whenever we had to go to hospital. I was actually not ready to leave her in this condition. So I made sure she takes her medicines and food on time and I was always helped by mom or doll. One day I was coming and almost dashed with Shivaye who was returning from her room after discussing abot all their crushes and obsessions” he chuckled on his own words and the youngsters gasped as he was around them but nobody ever noticed and went to see HIS PLUM followed by youngsters.
*Ahana’s room*
Ahana slowly opens her eyes and feels a layer of tears gushing down her cheeks. Shivaye and Om were resting their head on vardhan’s shoulders, Rudra and Prinku had their head on his lap and Ranveer had his hands clasped on her. She felt proud of Vardhan for being the best husband. She woke up an so did Ranveer. He hugged her and cried which woke others.
“Shhh Veer, calm down baby…” she cocooned him and stroke his back but Ravveer was in no mood to stop. “I.. (hic) I was…(hic) sca (hic) scared bhabi maa. Please take care of yourself…” cried out Ranveer and others admired their bond.
“Now all of you go and be ready, its time for food. You guys have not taken anything inside you.” Said Vardhan in an caring tone that made Ahana her feel blessed, but what happened made her fall for HER MAN once again. “No baba, we will sleep for a while” said Rudra snuggling more in his lap. “Yes baba, we are so tired. I don’t want to wake up now” said Om surprising Ahana as he do not make relations so fast. She then noticed Vardhan saying something to Shivaye through his eyes and who went silently after nodding affirmatively. Some moments later Shivaye came with trolley with foods. Vardhan made the sleepy heads get up and feed them with his own hands. Here Shivaye was showing trantrums and behaving like a child with Vardhan like he does with her and it made her love him more and more.
Ahana took a plate and fed Ranveer as well as AniRiSou who felt their emotions overflowing with the love they got from AhaDhan. AND THEY REALIZE THAT THEY WERE NO MORE ONLY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW OF OBEROIS BUT ALSO DAUGHTERS OF AHANA AND VARDHAN…
After food – “We are going home, Plum” said Vardhan and she nodded with a smile. They wrapped everything and proceeded to leave the mansion when they heard dadi’s request “Please son, stay here till Ahana’s delivery. We have spent 10 years of our lives without her and now when she is here during her pregnancy, we all want to cherish our VERY FIRST GRANDCHILD… infact THE GREAT-GRANDCHILD” Vardhan was skeptical first but just a look at his Plum made him decide to stay there. “Dadi, you all go inside, I’ll bring Plum’s soup. It’s time for her medicine” Dadi noded and took Ahana with her and everyone followed except for Tej who was stopped by Vardhan.
“Plum was really upset with you but the way you tried to rectify made her feel proud of you. Please don’t hurt your kids with your differences.” He said and moved but stopped at the door of kitchen and turned to Tej, “I don’t care how you are Mr. Oberoi, but if any of MY KIDS, either its doll, Bachha, Munna, Chhotu, Veer or Anika, Gauri, Soumya … ANY of them will be hurt because of you then I will show you what a father can do” and warned in a grave voice and went towards the kitchen. That is when Tej was yet again was proud of Ahana’s choice… and REALIZED how much his kids have suffered because of his differences. And he was now determined to end all their sufferings.
Youngsters were appalled to hear Vardhan, except for Prinku. They did not find Tej so had come to see why was he absent and got to know how much Vardhan loved them. They never knew he loved them like their maa did, Yes Prinku did tell them that is why they started calling him their baba but when they saw the proof themselves… THEY REALIZED THAT WHY THEIR MAA CHOSE ‘HIM’… BECAUSE NO ONE COULD BE BABA FOR THEM BETTER THAN ‘HIM’…

This Story is not about a couple or other… It’s all about…

~Amore Marine~

Pretty long eh??? Hope I didn’t bore you all and you liked it… Please give your feedback and let me know about your views…

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  3. This was soooo heart warming. Absolutely loved how Ahana united this family and all the sacrifices she made. I want to meet her in person. Please tell me her address 😉 😉
    No words to express the bonding between couples as well as between the family now.

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      Thank you so much Dhar… i’ll sure come up.. but just have been through some personal stuffs… read my other stories too…

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      TIME??? dont ask dear… it took almost 13 days completely to finish this… may be because of my job and all… but i really enjoyed writing this… and the best part is i am really happy to know that you guys liked it too

  12. Omg !!! It’s too good , amazing whatnot dis the best one nd it’s notall boring u said super drupper long I thought it will be boring nd I am amazed just cannot stop myself praising there is no confusion at all in ur os

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    Oh my God. This is surely something I wasn’t expecting to read. How can an OS be so amazing. This just had me in tears, most of the scenes. I loved the way you fairly divided all the couple scenes. The pure bind you portrayed b/w all and Ahana, I just loved it. I’m pretty sure you’re a literature student, ;). Love!

    1. Amore

      Hey anonymous.. congo… i am a literature student… i was pretty nervous thinking whether i did justice with all or not… but this pretty response have made me smile

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    This was so super amazing loved it totally

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    I m whole heartedly saying
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    U r saying right this story is not about couples or other
    Now it is needed to thank u to provide us such a beautiful OS
    It is de longest OS I ever read uptil now but believe me I was not feeling bored even for a second
    Thank u again for making it longgggggggg nd for justifying every character too
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