Reality check: OS (all must read) by snow white

Hello guys I’m not very new here it is just I’m posting for the first time….

Because I got registered few days back….I don’t know why but registering problems were occurred and finally almost 2 weeks back I got registered..

This is not any love story or something, It’s just that I want to share my views in form of os…I hope you all will also like this trial…

A news bulletin of 8pm going on, as usual all the daily news and some latest news are telecasting.

When the news caster going to leave, he then made an announcement

News caster: ladies and gentleman in few minutes you all are going to watch the most awaited talk show “ REALITY CHECK” .…so keep watching abc channel..

Clock strike 8:10 pm

The most awaited talk show started…It’s not that the talk show is starting today, the reason is that Today in the show two famous personalities going to come, one is owner of famous social work foundation Sanskar Maheswari and another famous NGO runner Swara Gadodia

Show started…anchor welcomed both people

Anchor: welcome sir… welcome ma’am

Swasan: Thank you..

Anchor: sir, ma’am as you both know that why today’s show held on what account to be discussed

swasan nodes..

Anchor to viewers: ladies and gentleman today we are going to talk and discuss on a very major issue of recent happenings of world.
That is who the victims of rape, torture, s*xual harassments, cheatings, each and every evil stunt of our society

Anchor: whenever we read a story or went to movie we all come across situations like showing a girl as weak creature, bearing tortures of evil mankind, so a question arises…is this tortures are only meant for girls???? Only girls become victims???Are boys in safe zone having no problems???let’s ask about this most haunted question to Mr.Sanskar

Anchor: So sir can you give your pov (point of view) about this that boys are in safe zone?? Why torture is shown only on girls??

Sanskar: No not at all, according to me boys are also not safe in every situation, people think if the child is boy then there is no need of worry, but they are highly mistaken and I think their this one mistake even leads to death of a single boy…if someone misbehaved with a boy child in school then parents said that “you are boy and man don’t afraid of anyone or they may scold him that you ashamed us by getting beatings from random person” why?? Why parents think like this?? If boy is a man he should not get afraid? We must think that he is also a human being, he too carry some emotions, fears. 

Anchor: Miss Swara what will be your answer on this??

Swara: I think mr sanskar is right, nobody is safe in this world, and can you imagine, in stories,novels,daily soaps, films 90% of storyline dragged and shown torture on girls only, they get raped, kidnapped, abused,accused…becomes victims of domestic voilance, having no self respect,I want to ask those film makers those writers, that “if you want to show reality than show the proper reality” , because girls are not only the victims even boys also become victim.. they are also raped, they are also kidnapped, even husbands are also tortured,some of them also get cheated by their wives having extra marital affairs with other men, some girls are maintaining relationships only for numerical figures in boy’s bank account, but then also why you show only girls as victims?? Why not boys??? 

Sanskar: miss swara is saying right, I’ve read many stories that girls were forced in the work of prostitution and writers said that this is the reality, then they should show that boys are also forced in this profession, if girl’s mother is pr*stitute, then there are many boys who are also the children of a pr*stitute, they are also forced in this profession to satisfy the needs of rich women, then why only girls??Why not boys???Are they any robots deprived of emotions???

Anchor: you are saying right, in today’s world I’ve seen boys are more unsafe then girls, but I think world only knows how to show torture on girls.

Anchor: Sir Ma’am, I want to ask that all talks about gender equality then what are your views about that thing??

Swara: sir I think people don’t know the meaning of gender equality because when talking about happiness they talks about both gender but in terms of torture they tag only girl ….I mean what the hell??? Can’t they see today’s girl is more powerful than a boy, she can even defend herself but no mostly stories shows that she is getting beatings by her husband, raped by her own husbands, but what she got in the end??

“A SIMPLE SORRY” Is this “SORRY” heal her pain?? Is this “SORRY” makes her forgot her dreadful past?? Is this “SORRY” gives her lost charm and hopes??? HELL NOOO, I think those writers should have shame on themselves about their thinking and writings .They are showing


Sanskar: sir I’m agree with you, being a boy I know I can’t imagine a girl’s pain, but I also having a sister, if her husband tortures her than I will never allow her to go back to her, but nowadays people only want fantasies, they are showing lust obsession a boy is having for random girl…..I think if they want a reality check then I think they have to leave their fantasies

Swara: people say pr*stitutes’ faces a lot but they even knew about their lives?? I will tell. you know sir they are living a peaceful life, having families husband kids and regularly doing their business and about these people, these writers are writing rubbish and talking about reality. I think once they have to search about them (Guys it’s true and I’m having proper information so don’t think that I’m lying or saying rubbish)..

Sanskar: and people talking about red light areas, but don’t they know that these type of works are going on in high profile houses. swap parties are there. (swap parties are such parties in which husband wives exchanges with other husband and wife) calling girls. This is all common.

Anchor nodes in agreement

Anchor: sir in today’s world you can easily see a young girl is marrying to small child or small girl marrying to old man, what is your views about that thing??

Sanskar:actually in this case both are victims, but here also as said only girls pain is reflected, people feel pity saying her life is spoiled but his life also spoiled,but none think about boy,think of from that boys perspective….what his situation???

Swara: torture is common to small child wheather they are boys or girls, there are many cases when small boy is harassed by his elders uncle or aunt, then why torture is copyrighted only to girls?? Why stories reflect only girl’s pain but not boy’s sufferings?? Writers who writes by showing girls pain are mostly girls themselves…..

can’t they think what happens to them if they are in that situation….??what their feelings towards their sooo called rapist??? Will they also love him if he try to heal her pain after crushing her soul????

Sanskar: according to me In real life no man will accept girls who got raped, even our society tagged them as culprits for mistakes they didn’t done….they are victims but tagged as culprits, one man out of hundreds may accept but that also under some expectations, but I am feeling pity of those writers who write that hero accept a raped victim whole heartedly and healing her pain with his love…nothing more hilarious then this right????

Problem arises when they say this is reality. These writers are thinking their beautiful dream as a reality. pity on these type of writers, filmmakers.

Swara: I want to say one thing to people around us who mostly living in fantasy world, please open your eyes victims are not only girls but also boys are victims, but don’t know why writers are concentrated only on girls pain?? What pleasure writers are getting by showing girl as WEAK,VULNERABLE , showing her in too much pain, why HER tears makes writers and readers happy??? If HER tears give them happiness then why not HIS??? I’m also a girl and to be very true I’m having high self respect, I can’t even forgive a person who put a single finger on me then how can people made girl for accepting a person who raped her??? How can she forgive him???how can she forgot her own screams for help?? In real no girl will forgive her destroyer….no girl love her blo*dy RAPIST.

Sanskar: I just want to say that boys are not monsters like the way showed in films, stories. Unlike in stories in reality they are facing a lot in this society, they are also abused, they also harassed, they are also human beings they have emotions and felt pain, When talking about gender equality then show this equality in everything,every aspect,every situation.don’t show everytime girls are only one’s undergoing pain even boys are also victims for situations, it’s just we are not aware of boys problems because thay are not coming into light, don’t show that boys have no heart or humanity, never show like whenever they want they can grab a girl and fulfill their lust by forcing her.Even some boys also forced by girls but none aware of it or none take it seriously..

Anchor: Thank you very much Sir ma’am, you both done a great job today by telling us about this, may be some will get to know what real reality is and starts thinking about gender equality which means that both should be equal in every situation under every circumstance.

Anchor: ladies and gentleman you must be seen many things around you on which you thought girls as victims and boys as culprits which is not always true, but sometimes tries to see behind the curtain also, it will change your perspective regarding situation along with true face of society.

Thank You


saying that the show ended and next day in newspapers it was revealed that yesterday’s episode of that show got a huge response by giving conclusion


Guys it’s not a love story or anything that in the end I will show swasan together not every story needs support of hero and heroine, I know I was harsh in many points, but please stop showing too much torture on girls and showing them as weak creatures and stop giving monstrous side of boys,


kindly check on reality before writing and showing, because life is not a beautiful dream so that real world can run on fantasies and show reality of an situation or an event after having proper proofs and information rather than showing fantasies and showing them as reality, don’t mix fantasy with reality.

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  1. Bela


    The message is bold, clear and bitingly honest. Depiction on Indian TV is something which could have been true a decade ago, but with modernisation, we see that NOONE, not even a child in a womb is safe, irrespective of gender. Thank you for such a beautiful OS.

  2. Asha

    snow white sissy i loved your writing very much , the every sentence you used to convey the message through this story was awesome and meaningful for me. I wish you should continue writing more stories like this. i will be waiting.

  3. Seebu_s

    awesome…i agree every bit…not only girls but also boys are getting harrased…and rape is not a small word that all writers r making it so common…but some ppl are there in real life who accepts rape victims…not all but truly some r there…i seriously loved it…n yes writers should check reality….

    1. Snow-White

      thankuu sooo muchh for liking 🙂 yeah im agree some accept them.. i didnt deny too that thing i just wanted to show too ppl that plz come out from fantasies.. because this world is beyond dream world.. where u dont know even about your safety in next minute…becoz in childhood we liked prince and princess stories but when we come into reality than there is no prince or i said every coin has two sides but writers showed only rape victim accepted by a hero than what about the other side?? when he didnt accepted her 🙂

    2. Simi

      I agree with you

  4. Shipra

    Omg it is soo true…men suffer as much as women do but unfortunately they remember about this only when a sensitive woman related issue is discussed….i have seen many time that when an incident of a man being raped comes on our news feeds….men are usually like “Wow i wish it was me” or “How can a man be raped”…laughing emojis as likes. Even when a sensitive issue of child abuse was being spoken about…child abuse being done on a male….people find it funny…..and movies and stories these days just make these types of harassments as funny and romantic…..a guy gets harassed, it is a matter to laugh…..a girl says no to a guy and he resorts to stalking, it is romantic…no i am not talking about trying to convince in a decent manner….trying to prove that they are actually good enough…I am talking about those creepy things like following her without her notice,harming every person of opposite gender they talk to,trying to get intimate without consent….all this is wrong and we are very well aware of that but while we consider them as entertainment there are some people who take inspiration from this. Rather than showing a fantasy world for entertaining people they should rather show the reality…that in real all this is not right and is actually a crime. Men are tortured as much as girls. But people take it soo lightly. If they suffer domestic violence they are not men….if they are raped then they are not victims but actually lucky…men should not cry….all this is completely wrong!! Both men and women related issue should be taken seriously and a fantasy world where u can get away after doing anything should not be shown.

  5. Shamaira

    It was amazingly inspirable was such concept for which I don’t have words.I just kinda love and respect ur thoughts and salute ur thinking.

    1. Snow-White

      thank you sooo muchh for liking and appreciating my little effort :).. it means alot..

  6. Awesome and truly said ???

    1. Snow-White

      thank youuu 🙂

  7. Mavo

    Hey… It was awesome Yar I loved it… Honestly u just opened my eyes as I’m one of the Writer who wrote on such things but seriously from now on I’m gonna make sure I don’t write about lust, rape and all this… Thanks for the wonderful os dear love it… ??

    1. Snow-White

      thankuuu sooo muchh for liking my this effort.. 🙂 and u r most welcome :)…

  8. Mavo

    I’m feeling bad and ashamed now… Sorry everyone because I wanted to give good things for read not such things… I’m so sorry and from ​now on no lust, rape and this kind of Stories from my side

    1. Snow-White

      im glad that u realized your mistakes.. and dont worry everyone learns from their mistakes…its just sometimes they want a little push or someone’s guidance.. 🙂 no need of sorry u accepted your mistake in front of all thats a very big thing which needs a lot of courage 🙂

      1. Mavo

        Thanks a lot for this little push and guidance

  9. Aarushi_99

    I totally agree with you..
    I have never liked reading a story where a girl gets raped and then falls in love with the rapist or gets a lover that accepts her even after her getting raped.. it just happens in fairytales..
    Most of the stories show that the main female lead doesn’t have any flaws in her and she’s so mahan to forgive everyone who hurts her and also forget that and even the male lead is just perfect! NO! That’s what I mainly don’t like about TV Shows, every single organism in the universe has flaws, but the writers don’t understand that.. *sigh*
    I don’t remember seeing a show where, the girl doesn’t have any problems and where the man needs help! It’s always girls who need a man to help them out! Don’t they have enough brain to solve their problems themselves WITHOUT a man’s help!? Can’t a man ever get some help from the woman in solving his problem or will it hurt his EGO?!
    Ok I’ll stop right here, or this comment won’t ever end..!?
    Anyways, I just LOVED the concept and the message you are giving through it! Hope many TU readers and writers read this!
    Take care!?

  10. Mica

    huh! all must read 🙁 what is that ???? but yeaaaahhh!!!! all must read na.. it’s just beautiful to read…..agree with you that every gender have same problem with different circumstance. and about this LOVE STORY OF RAPIST, i couldn’t hold myself to yell 1000000 % agree.

    But i’m feminist na, so i have different point as you….
    i have ever been join journalistic during my college day, i/we should collected information about prostitution world which made me come to know the differences between them
    Woman pr*stitutes come in many different level, from slum area, low class hotel until high class level.
    Man pr*stitutes come only on high class level as their customers are high class women.
    We all know that for slum area and low class hotel lvl, most of the reason is economic reason.
    but for high class level, there are 2 reason, being forced (human trafficking) or for LIFE STYLE. for some point, being gigolo it’s less to get forced than woman pr*stituted.
    so, for me about this prostitution worlds, THEY ARE DIFFERENT….

    to be victim of s*xual harassment, NOWADAYS, BOTH GENDER HAVE SAME PROBLEM
    it’s not only girls but boys also as our world is become more crazy nowadays.
    i ever heard a news there was a boy getting raped by a crazy gay when he was trying to pee on a dark open place.
    there was a case also, a gay raped more than 156 children (boys) as he ever got raped by his uncle on his childhood. Even online pr*stitutes of this gay gigolo happening nowadays.
    So, i can only say wish all children to be safe.

    About RAPIST LOVE STORY, omg!!! i couldn’t agree more with you…
    Being girls, we have tooooo much problem to handle in this patriarch world system.
    No matter how much people say about emancipation, but DISCRIMINATION still there in every way, and RAPE is the worst nightmare to girls,
    So, FORGIVING RAPIST is something we shouldn’t do or think about…
    again i say, don’t make a story which made us to be senseless to girl’s pain.
    Can we imagine as many readers love to read LOVE STORY OF RAPIST of their FAVORITE COUPLE, when someday they saw a rape case news, and they thinking “Why the rape victim doesn’t forgive the rapist, fall in love to him and live happily kinda on the story of my favorite couple ? ” .. God ! i don’t want this happen.

    But about A hero accepted a rape girl’s victim, even though it’s only kinda fairy tale, i still can take it, it’s kinda inspiring na,…. it’s kinda a HOPE that maybe there is a real hero for them someday….
    uughhhh.. sorry too much blabbering……but still for me as a feminist, there is diferences between those 2 gender na… 🙂

    1. Snow-White

      Hey mica i think u didnt understand my point every country has different problems u told related to your country i told which ive seen in my country but it doesnt mean that only girls suffered all suffered i just said dont show girls as weak person.. and the way u explained i didnt said something wrong.. about prostitution if i said than i didnt blabber non sense i said what i got to know.. and female prostitution is not on lower level its on high level also.. i just said boy r not always bad.. u may be a feminist supporter but it dosent mean that we ignore torture on boys.. ive heard maid’s son have been tortured/raped then should we ignore this thing? My this os means that stop showing girls as weak and stop showing boys always bad.. and evry person is having their own way of thinking i didnt said something wrong or bad.. and the way u explained is looking like as if i said a very wrong thing that u need explaination to prove.. sorry to be harsg but every country is not the same.. i dont know what is going on in europeon countries or ameria or england i just know what is going on in my country and yeahh regarding what i said for boy or girls its common every where.. im also feminist supporter but it doesnt mean that i stop thinking about the torture on male members..

      1. Snow-White

        And both r different but tortures happens on both of them in different ways i only wants to say this..being feminist supporter i will never allow to torture male membera or to show torture on them.. for me feminism is to have self respect and self confidence to protect your self and to not get weak

      2. Mica

        hmmm…seem even you misunderstood me.. i’m not saying that you were wrong.. it just on some point, we have different thought, just it.. reread again my first comment please..
        for example, prostitution, i explained that women prostitution come to lower level to highest lvl…(same as you, right ?) i just added that men prostitution mostly only on high lvl as their customers mostly high class women.
        (for me, that kind of lvl make it SOME DIFFERENCES)

        again about unsafe (being rape victims) REREAD again na, can you read that even about the story of maid’s son getting raped kinda SAME as my story ?, so which one going wrong between us ? seem OUR COUNTRY face the SAME problem, right ?

        I KNEW you want to show that BOY not always BAD, i just want to say that still for some point, being BOYS are more comfortable to live in this earth as even society, the patriarchal value and history MOSTLY ON THEIR SIDE than we are, GIRLS.
        the DISCRIMINATION we should going through, the society rule which somehow underestimate girls..and everything,,,,
        If only because of we raised on different country made you somehow get missing link withmy point, i dunno what i should do then.. as i believe we faced the same problem nowadays….

  11. Tamil

    I agree with you

  12. Phoniex

    I can’t agree more with it. Whatever you have said is so right. More or less every part of society is victim no one can say that the particular section of society has no victim within it. And most importantly it is above gender national racial bound every where it’s is same.

  13. Mahisha

    I agree with you

  14. nice dear

  15. NDSG

    Totally agree snow_white ??????

  16. i totally agree with u…n pls also write os on value of marriage relationship…now a days in every fiction people are making fun of marriage..

  17. well said..

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