reality behind the trap (swasan os by rabia)

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A big hotel shown.. Most expensive hotel…. Most beautiful interior.. and much more… the hotel is off 20 stories….

Suddenly 3 cars came in the premises of hotel in which 2 cars is off guards while the main car is off none other than the youngest arrogant business tycoon of India and also abroad.. the man is none other than Sanskar Meheswari.. the sole heir of Meheswari Empire… family lives in abroad and he came to the hotel for a stay of one week due to some meetings because his house is under renovation…

He walks inside like a greek God with full attitude and arrogant look…. Girls on reception and nearby drooling upon him but he didn’t care…

Sanskar directly goes towards his sweet.. which is always booked for him… when he was going someone saw him and calls someone…

Sanskar was in his sweet working on his laptop… he goes towards washroom when he shouts in anger.. because washroom’s tap is leaking..

Sanky calls his security head..and ask him to call the manager…

Sanky: jamesss manager of this hotel in my sweet within 5 mins..

James: okay sir..

His room knocked he opened and found the manager of hotel is standing…

Manager: yes sir any problem??

Sanky: what the hell is this your hotel’s service?? The tap is leaking inside the washroom..

Manager: impossible…

Sanskar fumed in anger: how daree uu… u r trying to say that im lying??

Manager calmly: I didn’t meant that sir..

Sankar with anger: than what do u mean?? Hann… he walks towards the manager.. while manager walks back..

Sanky while gazing manager’s name plate: soo mis swara gadodia.. u r saying something…

(yes the manager is none other than swara)

Swara while going backward: sir don’t come near mee we always check your sweet completely before your arrival..

Sanky with a smirk: why should I not come to u?? r u getting afraid of me??

Swara hits the wall: sir be in your limits..

Sanky fumed in anger: who the hell r u for telling me about my limits…

Swara: the manger of this hotel…

Sanky goes towards her and pins her tightly against the wall..

Sanky: once again u talk to me in higher pitch the next moment u will regret…

Swara while struggling to free herself shouts: mr sanskar meheswariiii just leave meee…

Sanskar fumed more and kissed her harshly.. while swara first become numb but later start protesting…. she finally pushed him and gave him a tight slap..

Sanky stumbled and glare her with a red shot eyes..

Sanky: how dare u to slap meee..

Swara with same vemon: just shut upp….. and storms out of the sweet..

Sanky breaks the Lcd in anger…

Sanskar: miss swara gadodia u will have to pay for thiss….and calls someone…

On the other side swara runs towards her office…

Swara with teary eyes: blo*dy jerk.. I will kill him..

She calls someone…

Swara: this jerk is getting on my nerves tell me what the next plan is before he will die with my bare hands…


Swara: okay…

Swara was also stays in the hotel because her family lives in other city.. she is having her own room in the hotel…

Same at night…

Swara was sleeping when her door knocked…

She was in half sleep got up and opened the door… but her eyes pop up after seeing sanskar standing in front of her with evil smirk.. she get scared.. and was going to close the door but sanky pushed the door and gets in..

Swara fall down on the floor..

Sanky: u dared to slap mee naa soo its time for the return gift…

Swara got up and tries to run but sanskar pulls her mercilessly towards him…

He throws her toward the bed…

Swara getting scared: don’t come near me..

Sankar while smirking: why???

Swara was going backward when sanskar pulls her by holding her legs…and came on top of her…

Swara was struggling to free herself but sanky already locked her hands and legss… due to continues struggle swara’s hand hit the lamp and it fall down which is the only source of light in the whole room and now only room filled with swara’s screams and sobs…


Next day sanskar goes out from swara’s room with a winning evil smile.. nobody saw him coming and going because the call he done in his room was for that only that the side in which swara is having the room should be vacant..

While in the room swara was crying sitting in the corner.. her body is full of marks… hair messy.. all in all she was in a miserable condition.. Suddenly her cell phone rang..
She wiped her tears..

Swara: hello??

O.S: r u okay?? Why were u sounding low..

Swara while controlling nothing just a headache u tell when we going to implement our plan..

O.S: tonight..

Swara: okay..and hang the call..

Swara: sanskar meheswari tonight u will pay for whatever u done with me…


Night at the restaurant of hotel.. sanskar was sitting with foreign delegates and some other businessman like siddharth mittal ….he is also a famous businessman like sanskar….for some meeting…. While swara was checking if any customer is having some problem.. she was hiding her pain..

Sanky saw towards swara and smirks evilly.. swara saw sanky and her eyes fill with hatred…

Later after the meeting and dinner sanky goes towards his sweet… he entered and turned on the lights…

And become shocked on seeing swara standing there with a gun in her hands..

Sanky: what the hell u r doing here?? And drop this gun now..

Swara with anger: not soo soon mr. meheswari first pay for your deeds…

Sanky while coming towards her: look after killing me also u can’t run because my body guards will catch u..

Swara: I don’t caree.. but I will kill u by hook or by crook…

Sanky withour getting caught comes near her and in a swift on second she was in his arms facing her back to his front and gun was also in sanky’s hand

Sanky while gritting his teeth: u dared to point guns towards me naa??

Swara kicked him by using her elbow.. and tries to snatch the gun from his hands… and in this process trigger pressed..

And bullet hit to sanky…and in the meantime sanky’s guards came in after hearing the gun sound..

All guards took swara on gun point.. while sanskar was laying in the pool of blood…

Suddenly someone came in while clapping…

Wow swara what a brilliant performance I must say u completed the plan very gracefully.. and my revenge also got over from sanskar..

Swara being shocked: u told me that he is involved some illegal business like human trafficking and supplying girls after kidnapping

Voice: hahahahhaaa…. Not at all sweety he was the most honest businessman.. I just took revenge from him because he rejected my sister and she did suicide…

Swara become furious grabs the voice collar..

Swara: u blo*dy siddarth mittal.. I will kill u..

Siddarth mittal: while jerking her hands from his collar slapped her hard that her lips start bleeding…

Sid: u blo*dy **** be in your limits u wants to kill me naa but u can if u will be able to save yourself in the murder case of sanskar meheswarii… but why r u feeling bad he is the one naa who raped u last night..

Swara become shocked: h…ooo..www.. do…oo.. u.. know…www??

Sid while winking: I was set a camera in your room sweety

Swara got teary eyes.. but she fumes in anger and slapped him hard….

Sid eyes turn red and he again raised his hand to slap her but his hand hold by someone..and he also got a hard punch…

Sid stumbled and looked towards the direction there he found sanskar standing and shooting daggers to him.. sanskar again punched him hard… he punched him for 3 to 4 times and later his guards holds sid

Sanskar with anger: howww daree uuu too touch my wifeee???

Sid while stammering: ww..iiiifff..eeee??

Sanky while wiping the corner of swara’s lip which is bleeding and caressing her cheek which is having a finger prints…

Sanky: yess wifeee swara sanskar meheswariiii.. while side hugging her tightly…

Sid: butt u raped her last night??

Sanskar while smirking: u fool u thought that u r making a trap against me but in fact u yourself getting caught in our trap..

Flashback 1 month back….

Swasan got married in a private function but they didn’t disclosed this news till now.. the hotel in which swara acts as a manager is owned by sanskar only..

Sid was having a sister niharika… which was obsessed with sanskar but sanskar don’t know about her… she lied from her brother about thiss that sanskar also loves her.. because he knows sanskar well… sid talked with sanskar but he rejected on which niharika become mad and she done suicide… and on which sid decided to take revenge from sanskar…

Sid knows swara because once swara worked in his company.. and also a frnd of him… soo he locate swara and came to know that swara is a manager of one hotel and where sanskar meheswari also having a sweet… he made a fake story sanskar sanskar was doing an illegal business he also killed his sister etc.. on which swara become shocked because swara knows sanky well.. both knows each other because their fathers were best frnd…

Swara told everything to sanky on which sanky said that they can’t trap sid without having any proof soo doo as he said…

Sid don’t know that sanky owns the hotel… he without telling swara gave money to one person in the hotel and fixed the camera’s in swasan’s room..

Swasan knows about this because that man is of sanky…

Soo whatever done in swasan room between swasan was just to make sid confirm that both were not having link… or swara is ditching him..

And in swara’s room swara intentionally broke the lamp and all the screams were just acting.. for making sid believe…that both hates each other..

Both swasan wants to know the real reason behind sid this trap soo they acted perfectly in front of him and now he is in their clutches…

Flashback end…

Sid: uu blo*dy ppl u ditched mee I will not leave u..

Sanskar gave him another punch: shut your blo*dy mouth…

And later police took sid with him with all the proofs against him..

He was not only wants to kill sanskar for his sister’s revenge but also wants to kill him for the project who worth 600 cr. …

Later swasan were alone in sanky’s sweet..

Sanky while embracing swara: jaan r u alright…

Swara: hmmm..

Sanky broke the hug and cups her face…

Sanky: tell me the truth..

Swara gets teary eyes: I shot u..

Sanky while wiping her tears: it was just an act swara..

Swara: I know but seeing u laying on floor in pool of blood it makes me shiver.. I know that was a fake blood your murder was also fake but… starts crying bitterly.. but I can’t imagine u like thiss…

Sanky hugs her tightly again: ssshhhh… while rubbing her back.. its okayyy.. nothing happened naa just forget everything as a bad past…

Swara just node but still sobbing..

Sanky thought something and smiles naughtily..

Sanky: swarrraaa don’t u thing we should do it in real which we acted last night??

Swara become confused and broke the hug

Swara: what do u mean..

Sanskar: I mean this by saying thiss he kissed her..

Swara first become shocked and later after realizing what he means she also reciprocated…

next day they checked out from the hotel..

After 4 days.. swasan marriage were announced worldwide…

And both lived a happy peaceful marriage life

The end….


Guys this is my last update before my exams new concept and the net update of love between swasan will be after my exams because I tried to update at least its one epi but sorry I can’t … I will be back don’t worry butt now I have to study sooo grant my leave 😉 and pray for mee thankuu too all of uu and luv u all

Allah Hafiz


  1. Anshupriya


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    By rabi Di all d best 4 ur xams hpy new yr n d os was awsum amazing superbbbbbbbbbb…………………………………. Luv u n ur writing skills
    Come back soooooooooooooon

  2. Pooja26


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    awwwww rabia i will gonna miss u badly…..
    do come soon na……
    all d best for ur exams…..
    do well….. 🙂 🙂

    ya superb,amazing….. os !!!!
    lovely one……. 😉 😉
    swasan forever …… 😉


  3. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi amazing surprise when I read great Sanskaar raped Swara I was totally shocked but I have a doubt that it can n an act and my guess was correct
    And about exams all the best For that and read well sleep well and exam well 👍👍👍😘😘😘😉😉😉

    • Nagamanasa


      |Registered Member

      Di From the expierience of previous stories of urs I guessed in the starting itself that swasan r acting u know…Hehe now I am also good in guessing *said praising

  4. parul

    superb os rabia dr will miss u n ALL THE BEST hope u do well in ur xams so, do well n come back soon

  5. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Aww its awesome di…..when i read itself i found swara is sanskar’s wife or lover…..its amazing di

  6. aliya123

    bye…byee….taaaataaaa……….miss u …..all the best fr exam….
    i was shocked…sanskar raped swara gosh., a second i was cursing sanky bt it was a act…too good

  7. SRSL


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    Rabia dii even my exams are starting…😭😭😭*feeling to cry like a baby…hate exams..kitni gandi cheez hai exams…does nt let us live in peace and will surely make us RIP……whenever I read your stories for me its like shock pe shock marle…instead of dance pe chance marle…..this was Awsm..

  8. Mynalove


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    a os from Rabia di
    but this time i knew that something was not adding up between swasan
    but this concept was just amazing

    and no bye from my side

    see you soooooooon

    all the very veryyyyyyyyyyy best for ur exams
    rock the papers and come back soon

  9. Anurta


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    Awesome dii😀😀😀😀 But I’ll miss u so much di ……😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 but I know bcz u r leaving for two months will miss u so much……
    Come soon plz….
    All the best for ur exams rock the exam hall with ur intelligence……
    And the os is superb duperrrrrr……😘😘

  10. Srusti


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    Di it was superbbbbb when I am reading this OS first I was shocked when sanskar raped swara then I thought u 😊 r queen 👑 of shockings I think something is there and my thoughts r also correct when reading flashback what to say of this ff u given shocks mein shocks but I liked it a lot don’t worry di I wil be waiting for ur ff if u have free time u write it and at last all the best 😊 for ur exams and do very well di

  11. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…loved it. After reading many of ur ffs, i m able to put everything in place from the starting…ur ffs r like Abbas-Mustan movies.

    Come back soon.Will be waiting for d ffs Rabiii….

    • Rabia



      Hehehhee vyshuu i never copy ideas from any movie in actual i eant to write this os as an english movie red eye but later i changed the idea and it comes like this 😁😁😁 but i even dont know abbas mustan and hardly watch indian movies i mostly watch english movies that one also mysterious

  12. Shifa96


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    It’s awesome di..even I may not be active in TU this month but will wait for your updates after exams..till then take care and all the best for your exams..
    Allah hafiz.

  13. Amore


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    Loh!!!!… Yar OS me bhi ghuma dia… par abb adat ho chuka hai.. guess kar lia tha maine k ye log natak kar rahe honge…

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