realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 9)


Hola guys i dint know i could make so many people angry on me at once……………………great me hahaha sorry kidding well i dont know how many of you remember me and how many are angry i know i have made you all wait alot and im extremely sorry about it but actually on 29th i met with a dreadful accident finally being 18 i finally got my licence and was dam happy about it and had to go out for some college work and after pleading alot my dad finally allowed me take the bike it was quite late in the evening when i left from the place was busy speaking to my friend while driving dint notice the speed breaker and by the time i noticed it was too late i guess due to the sudden break i lost control over the bike and fell off or i should say i was thrown off but i guess i was fast in calculating the consequence and to prevent my head from banging against the road i got my hands in front but that was the worst decision i have ever taken i injured both my hands causing a fracture in my left and 17 stitches in my right hand injuring so much was not enough i guess i could not prevent my head it did get banged and i hurt my forehead as well as my leg a lil that minute was in too much pain but i could get no help since i was at the university road one of the silent area some how got up and drove back home you know i heard people say that when we feel you are to die you always remember the people you love the most that was my case as well i just wanted to see my mom and dad’s face before anything happens to me finally reaching home the only thing i remember is opening the door with a bang throwing my bag near the door itself and falling on the couch in the living area and my eyes were becoming heavy i did hear my mom call me but i had no more energy in me to even speak to her and thats all i remember what happen next no idea and finally when i woke up i was in the hospital and found out that i had been unconscious for 53 hours and i was on complete bed rest after that was allowed to go out and use my hand only to write my exams nothing else and mom took away my laptop and tab so that i dont use it hence could not post im really sorry about it once again but i could do nothing well mom has gone out today hence im getting time to post the last time i had written the whole got deleted could not save it and im writing all over again this update will be long or short i dont know will try to update a long on but if i cannot im really sorry you see im still in the stage of my recovery you see

Okay now coming back to the story i know you all want me to reveal the reason for arjun’s strange behaviour but that can happen only after some time so you need to have patience but will surely give lil clue as to why arjun behaves as of such max want swara-uttara bond thats cool with me but here i’ll also show swaragini’s bond i know what she did with swara was wrong but she knows that and is guilty as well hence their bonds development will be shown will show slow friendship and sisterly bond between them i hope you people are okay with it

Mri i love your suggestion will use it in some part not right now but will surely use it in some upcoming part and thank you for the comments reading them i always feel happy and have a smile on my face love ya dude
lata and keerthana same goes with both of you as well loved you suggestions
and all the other who have commented thank you so much love you all loads
okay once again sorry for the delay i hope i have answered your questions so i’ll stop my bak bak over here and without wasting time lets start with the story

Same night
dp rp and shekhar are sitting and discussing something right then sanlak and adansh (adarsh+ansh) enter
adansh go towards the elders while sanlak start moving towards their room but
shekhar: sanlak come over here we need to speak to you
sanlak go towards the elder and get settled
sanky: yes uncle
she: we wanted to speak to you about swara
sanlak:(surprised/shout) SWARA
rp: what happen ahy are you both shouting
sanlak: nothing
sanky: what about swara
she: oh ya how is her behaviour in college is she the same like we saw her today
sanky: no
she: no?????
lucky: he means she is not the same in college uncle
rp: then how is she
sanky:(dreamingly) she is very nice chachu very good at heart helps everyone around her never says no to anyone and forgiving as well
lucky and adansh notice him when he is speaking he has a smile on his face and is in some other world
sanky: and she is so bea………….
lucky:(interrupting) good
with that lucky hits sanky with his elbow which makes him come back to the real world
sanky: ya good
sanky looks at lucky and gives him a sorry face while lucky glares at him
rp: okay
dp: is she your friend
uttara ragini and kavita enter the scene
before sanskar or laksh could speak
utt: ha bade papa she is our friend
sanlak look at each other and then uttara
dp: is it
lucky: no papa she is not our friend
utt: but bhai
sanlak look at her and nod their head in no uttara keeps mum
while the rest keep on shifting their gaze from uttara to sanlak
sanky: wo actually papa uttara has seen us speaking to swara thats why she thinks swara is our friend
lucky: ha papa she is only our class mate
dp: okay now you people go and sleep its quite late
sanlak nod nad leave
In the corridor
sanlak were walking uttara calls them
sanlak turn and find utt rag and kav standing opposite them
utt:(standing in front of her brothers) bhai why did you lie to bade papa that she is not your friend infact she is your………………
sanky:(cutting her in between and covering up) listen uttara we had a small fight and right now telling anyone about swara is not right
utt: what fight bhai
sanky: thats not important just understand one thing that rioght now swara is only our class mate okay
utt: but bhai
lucky: uttara
utt: okay bhai
sanky: thats like a good girl now go and sleep we have college tomorrow
utt: okay bhai good night
sanlak: good night
uttara leaves towards her room
lucky: ragini kavita you guys still here
rag: ya actually dad wanted to speak to dp uncle also we knew bhai will come over here onlt thats why we stayed
lucky: okay
sanky: im dam tired going to sleep bye
kav: arey wait na sanky lets speak for sometime till we leave anyway that swara spoiled every1’s mood
sanlak get angry hearing this and sanskar closes his fist inanger before h could reply
rag: enough kavita why the hell are you always behind her what did she do
kav: rags you are my sister and taking her side
rag: exactly im your sister and listening to you i did so much wrong with her and im so guilty about it
kav: we dint do anything wrong its just that we did not know the truth and somewhere might be she deserved that treatment
sanky:(angry) enough kavita leave otherwise
lucky keeps his hand on sanky’s shoulder to stop and cool him down
rag: im sorry sanky for whatever she said
lucky: its okay ragini
rag: okay we’ll leave now bye
lucky: bye
ragini holds kavita’s hand and leaves from there
lucky: sanky cool down man
sanky nods and goes from there towards his room
sankar’s room
sanskar enters his room removes his blazer and puts it on the bed and stands in front of the mirror
sanky:(monologue) so many things happen today first revelation of swara being SAB daughter of arnav bose then her business skills whaat was that swara i eas shocked seeing what you did with mr sharma i thought somewhere around i had started understanding you but no you proved wrong just like you do every dam time you are so complicated to understand why and arjun he was in your office CEO of your company is this the only bond you both share or no no how can this be the only bond between both of you he said that he know you from your childhood than what is your relation with him is he really very special to you………………………more than me aahhhh god who is he to you
finally coming out of his thoughts sankar shanges and falls asleep thinking about swara

Next day
sanlak get ready for college and come down here in the living area dp rp shekhar adansh and ragkav are there
sanlak: good morning
all look towards sanlak: good morning
she: sanskar laksh beta when you are leaving for college please take kavita and ragini with you as we need to go to office early this project is very important for us hence i or ansh cannot drop them and the driver is on a leave as well
sanky: no prob uncle
they all hgead towards the dining area have their breakfast and leave for college and office respectively
sankar is driving laksh is sitting beside him and kavragutt on the back seat
they reach near the college almost in front of the gate but could not enter why?????????????
well the answer is there were many media people standing in front of the gate blocking the way for the students and staff to enter the watchman tried sending them off bit no use and to prevent them from entering the campus the gates were closed
slowly slowly more and more vehicles came obvi more students are there and now its nothing less than a traffic jam but the media are still not ready to move
in sanskar’s car
sanky:(horning) what the hell man are they even going to allow us enter
lucky: doesn’t look like
sanky: dam and we cannot even go back we are stuck
lucky: we cannot do anything but wait
utt: but bhai what are these media people doing over here
lucky: arey uttara they are obviously waiting for swara
utt: swara but why bahi
lucky: uttara swara is SAB remember
utt: oh yes
rag: and yesterday she did not give interview to anyone might be thats why they are waiting for her
utt: ohh
kav: its all because of this swara we are not able to enter the college i so want to kill her
sanlak ragutt get angry hearing this
sanky: enough kavita
kav: but sanky
sanky: i said enought i dont want to hear a word against her what problem do you have with her huh what has she done to you
kav: sanky we are not able to enter because of her only right
sanky: and why do you think its because of her
kav: because the media is waiting for her
sanky: exactly the media is waiting for her she did not ask the media to wait for her and another thing all this proves only one thing that how famous and powerful personality swara is
lucky: i agree with you sanky
kav: bu……………….
rag: enough kavia not a word keep quite
while kavita is fuming in anger sanlak and ragutt get busy speaking to each other
meanwhile among all then cars there is a mercedes (imagine whatever car you want) standing the person inside is getting really irritated and furious and takes the mobile and calls someone
a few minutes later cops reach near the college and start moving the reporters and put barricades and hence the students and staff now slowly move inside the college
sanlak park their car and move out and just then the same black mercedes enters and parks the car next to sanlak and the person comes out (by now im sure you all know who that person is yup that person is swara) all the students and staff present near the parking area keep on staring at swara as though she is some alien swara avoids all their eyes and starts moving forward as soon as she reaches near the gate her bodyguards surround her no sooner do the reporters see swara that they come and start shooting tons of questions at her but swara just keeps mum a few minutes later when the reporters realise that swara has not answered even one question of their they go silent and now seeing them all silent swara speaks
swara: firstly i dont wanna sound mean and rude but you guys have left me with no choice so if by chance i sound rude mean or hurt any of your sentiments im not sorry
all the reporters look shocking at swara
swara: yes you guys heard it right im not sorry and what the hell did you people think and come over here and this stupid drama what was it for just for a blo*dy dam interview then you all get one thing clear i am not going to give any interview yesterday i walked out without giving any interview i thought you guys must have understood not no thats not the case i understand you all are journalists and this is your work but blocking the entrance of the college not allowing anyone to get in whats all that you people even have an idea how many people you have troubled by this but who am i speaking to if you guys might have understood you might have never done this anyway just get one dam thing clear next time i see any of you around the college and if any situation like this arises again then that will be the last day of that new channel i will make sure that it is shut take this as a warning or whatever but never repeat it again
swara turns and starts working while all the reporters the students and lecturers are shocked except for dean
swara now is standing in front of dean
swara: im sorry for all this mess sir i never wanted all this to happen
dean smiles at swara and was to keep his hand on swara’s head but her bodyguards come in front but shows her hand and stops them hence dean caress swara’s hairs
dean:(still his hand his on swara’s head caressing her hairs) (to the bodyguards) dont worry im not going to do anything to her (to swara) i know swara you never wanted anything as of such to happen and there is no need for you to give me any explanation and by the way congratulation miss bose you once again won the title of best business women
swara smiles at dean nods her head and the next minute she hugs him snocking everyone present
swara: thank you so much (whispering only dean and swara can hear) uncle you know you just like baba i wish he was here today
dean: again uncle shona how many time should i tell you and where ever your baba is i know he is very pround of you he’ll be the happiest person
swara: sorry dad i just dont want to know about it but i love you so much and thank you
dean: aww my shona has become so big that now she is telling sorry and thank you to her dad not fair
swara: (pouts) dad
dean: dont pout shona you know na you look very cute when you do that and about your baba im sure he’ll be very happy and as far as you thank you is concerned no need of it because you are doing a very big favour on us
swara: not favour that my duty
dean: hmmm
swara: please dont be sad everything will be alright he’ll be fine soon
dean: hope so
swara breaks the hugs and once again gives a big smile to dean and blinks her eyes
(okay guys i hope you understand that from the hug the convo was only b/w dean and swaro no heard anything)
all are still shocking looking at dean and swara and some even have their mouths open as they all know how strict dean is but here swara huged him and he said nothing
swara: sir i have a request
dean: go on swara
swara: sir i want to be treated the same way as i was treated before everyone knew that im SAB please
dean: but swa….
swara: please sir here im only swara a student in this institute not SAB im SAB only for the business world and also these bodyguards wont enter the college from tomorrow i had to get them today as i somewhere knew something like this will happen
dean: okay swara you’ll be treated just like other students
swara:(smiling) thank you sir
dean:(to all the staff present) i want all the lecturers to treat swara the same way they use to before no partiality (holding swara’s ear) and if this badmash does some prank then you may even punish her
swara: haaw sir i never play pranks
(okay guys i forgot to mention swara is also a big prankster but she does no prank which hurt other only funny stuffs)
swara runs towards mrs khan and stands in front of her
swara: ma’am i right na tell sir i dont play pranks
mrs khan: ha wo swara i mean SAM aaa ma’am aaa
swara:(keeping her hand on mrs khans hand) ma’am please im just swara for all of you (pouts)
mrs khan:(smiling) ok swara i mean our small little devil
swara: devil?????
mrs khan: that devil who always plays pranks and makes everyone smile
swara smiles
sanskar:(thinking) even after being so powerful she is not showing it infact wants to be treated just like other and right now she aacted so childishly i cant belive she is the same one i saw yesterday
dean: okay now all get to your classes
everyone start moving towards their classes
the classes start as usual and all are behaving the same way with swara and swara is also the same attentive in class and playing a few pranks no one could believe that she is SAB
classes were going on when there was an announcement made that all the students need to assemble in the audi after the recess
finally its recess now all students started moving out of the classes
kabir: hey swar chal give us treat after all you won such a big award
swara: treat toh tujhe dane chahiye na mujhe
kabir: woh kyun
swara: arey after all i won an award you all have to treat me for that
kabir: oh hello you treat us not us
swara:acha fine baba you all have whatever you want from the canteen the bill is on me
kabir: miss kanjoos we dont waqnt canteen food take us somewhere out like a party
swara: not right now kabir there is an important deal that is going on after that i promise i’ll give you all a party
kabir: but
barun: okay fine swar but atleast tell us till when should we wait
swara: 2 weeks i promise after 2 weeks i’ll give you all a party
barun: okay fine
swara: okay but as of now please buy something from the canteen
all: okay
they start leaving toward the canteen but swara gets a call
swara:(checking her cell) guys you all go to the canteen i need to take this call will join you in short while
all: okay
swara: remember the bill i9s on me
abeer: yes now i can eat all i want
kabir: swar today your money is gone
swara:(smiling) noo prob now go else the bell will ring
swara’s friends leave and swara gets busy speaking on the phone
person: hello ma’am
swara: yes pia
pia: ma’am need to speak something important hope im not disturbing you
swara: not at all go on
pia: ma’am actually about the project and arjun sir well tried calli8ng you but you dint lift the call
swara: oh i was in the call
pia: ma’am actually yesterday the guidelines were not given
swara: but i had informed abhay to do that
pia: he forgot ma’am
swara:(lil angry) what
pia: ma’am i was not feeling well yesterday hence abhay took me to the hospital and totally forgot about it im really very sorry ma’am will not happen next time
(okay guys so abhay and pia are husband wife)
swara: hey thats okay and if you were not feeling well why did you came to office today
pia: ma’am alright now
swara: okay pia then do one thing call all the people who were present yesterday in the evening i myself will give them the guidelines
pia: okay ma’am
swara: fine get it done asap and take care of your health
pia: okay ma’am
swara cuts the call and starts walking towards the canteen when she fells a sudden pull
now swara is in an empty class room (no cctv im that class) she turns and looks at the person who pulled her
swara: sanskar
yes it was sanskar
swara: what happen
sanskar:(locking the door) i need to talk to you swara
swara: but i dont want to
she walks towards the the and is to open it when sanskar come and pins her against the door
swara: sanskar what the hell are you doing let me go
struggles to move away but sankar place his hand on either side of the door and blocks her way
sanskar: please swara just listen to me once please
swara pushes sanskar with all force and again tries to open the door but stop seeing sanskar on his knees and his eyes welled up with tears
sanskar: please swara just give me one chance to speak please
swara looks at sanskar and feels bad for him though she is strong but as matter of fact sanskar is the first guy from whom swara fell for and she love him truly and seeing him in such state dint make her feel good hence she too knees down in front of him
sanskar looks at swara with tears filled eyes
sanskar:(in a cracking voice) please
swara just nods her head
sankar:(holding swara’s hand) thank you much swara thank you for letting me speak
swara: thats alright what did you wanna say
sanskar: im sorry im really very sorry for whatever i did i know i know by my sorry nothing is going to be alright but please forgive me swara (joining his hands) please forgive me
swara keeps on looking at swara and sanskar not getting any response for swara starts sobbing silently keeping his head down
sankar:(broken voice) please swara im really very guilty i know what i did was wrong but i did all that only ecause of my love and care towards yash please forgive please i’ll do anything you say but please forgive me
swara: sanskar i told yesterday itself that i have forgiven you then why now
sanskar:(childishly) you really forgave me
swara: hmmm
sanskar: then can we be just like before
swara:(standing up) thats not possible
sanskar:(standing up as well) why not
swara: because i can never trust you again
sanskar: swara please
swara: listen sanskar whatever happen i know it was not your fault it was all because of the circumstances hence im not blaming you but we can never be together again
sanskar: but swara
swara: listen sanskar lets leave our destiny on time
sanskar: destiny????
swara: i know i dont believe in it but right now we both need time atleast i do so please
sanskar: please swara
swara:(irritated) enough sanskar you speak about this again then trust me i’ll even stop talking to you the rest is your choice
sanskar keeps looking at swara while she unlocks the door and walks away
sanskar: i know swara i know you angry but i also know thaty you love me and i love you too i love you swara i know it took me time to understand but now i’ll not let you go away from me i’ll make you fall for me once again
sanskar too leaves the class finally the recess gets over and all the students have assembled in the audi
dean: good afternoon students i know you all might be confused as to why you all have been called so we called you because you seniors of mbbs and mba are going to get their intership very soon hence now they have to concentrate more on their studies and like you all know the college fest and your seniors fare well is also near by so we need to appoint new president for the college and we took a decision on urgent basis we will appoint the president and vice president now rest can be done later i know you are still confused as to who are the candidates and discussing with the teacher we have chosen two from mbbs 4th year batch and mba 1st year batch
all are curiously waiting for the names
dean: so the students are as follows swara and vijay from 4th year mbbs and jai and siddhart from mba all four come up on the stage
the four students go up on the stage
dean: so tomorrow you all need to vote the person with highest votes become the president while the 2nd highest becomes the vice president now you may all leave
all the students leave except swara
swara: sir please i want to withdraw my name please
dean: thats not possible swara
swara: but sir
dean: remember swara you asked me to treat you just like other students that is what im doing so now no more arguments leave
swara: okay sir
swara leave then room and then attends her classes and finally leaves for office while sanlak too leave for their house

dp rp and adarsh come home at the same time even sanlak come
dp: sanskar laksh need to speak come to the hall
both nod and follow dp
sanskar: what happen papa
dp: we need to go to AKS
laksh: you mean swara’s office
dp: yes and i want you both to come withy
sanskar: but why us papa
adarsh: because you both know her better than we do thats why
dp: now go and get ready we need to leave in half and hour
sanlak nod and leave to their respective rooms
late they leave for AKS and enter the office where they meet other clients as well
peon: sir this way please
all nod and follow the peon and again get seated in the conference room while sanlak are sitting out the conference room in the waiting area
a minute later swara also come but does not notice sanlak
swara: good evening and im glad that you all could make it on such a short notice
client 1: but why did you call us miss bose
swara: well yesterday i could not give you all the guidelines of the project thats why
client 2: but miss bose we only have 2 days left to give the presentation then
swara: no worries you get a day extra
then swara starts explaining all the points she completes and is clearing doubts of some clients right then the door opens with a bang and abhay is standing there breathing heavily
swara: what happen abhay
abhay: ma’am can you come out for a minute
swara nods and leaves the room with pia following her
abhay: pia for now you handle all these people
swara: what wrong abhay
abhay: ma’am arjun sir
swara:(panicking) arjun what
abhay: ma’am please come with me
swara and abhay leave and go to the 26th floor running as the lift is busy seeing her running sanlak follow them
swara open arjun’s cabins room with a bang and finds it in a complete mess with all thing here and there glass pieces on the floor and arjun trying to hide himself under the table
swara moves towards the table and moves the chair but arjun gets scared and throws the glass in his hand towards swara but it does not hurt her since she moved away before
swara looks at abhay and tells something through her eyes abhay nods and leaves
swara then calls arjun who has hid his face between his legs
swara: arju
arjun moves his head and looks from where the sound is coming seeing him reach swara too sits on the floor a little distance from the table
arjun turns his face to the other side
swara: arju you’ll not speak to your shona
arjun:(still looking the other side)(childishly) no shona is very bad i’ll not speak to her
swara:(smile a lil) why what did shona do
arjun: shona dint come to see me from morning and did not even receive my call
swara:(holding her ears) acha baba shona is sorry please come out
she extends her hand towards arjun
arjun first looks at swara and then her hand
swara: please arju come out
arjun: first promise me that you’ll not leave me and go
swara: pakka promise
arjun smiles and holds swara’s hand and comes out
swara makes him stand and then carefully takes him and makes him sit on the couch
swara: arju what happen
arjun:(hugging swara tightly) shona he said he’ll take you away from me you’ll not leave me na
swara too tightens the hug and rubs his back too and fro
swara: no arju i’ll never leave you
abhay enter the room arjun does not see him since his back is towards him swara signals abhay something and then abhay fills the injection and give it to swara
mean while swara keeps arjun busy with her talk still hugging him and finally takes the injection and injects it to arjun without breaking the arjun
a minute later arjun doses off because of it and his grip over swara loosens talking this as a chance swara makes arjun lie on the couch and then starts speaking to abhay
swara: abhay i want all the detail of the person who called arjun by tomorrow at any cost
abhay: alright ma’am
swara: abhay drop arjun home i have a little work left
abhay: alright
abhay takes an unconscious arjun with him and leave swara to moves back to the conference room
sanlak how saw all this are very confused as to what happen and they to leave back to the conference room
here swara completes her meeting and she along with all the other clients too leave for their respected houses

okay guys im stopping over here so what do you think is the relationship b/w dean and swara and whos is ‘he’ that swara spoke to dean about what do you think is the reason for arjuns strange behaviour who is the caller what did he tell arjun that he behaved in such a way do you think swara will become the president and should swara again start trusting sanskar all theses questions will be answered soon
i know could give swasan scenes but a pakka promise next part will have lots of swasan scenes and will also show bond b/w swa-utt and swa-rag
hope you all like this part i know im updating after a long time do give your feedbacks

Credit to: alahna

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