realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 8)


Hey guys im back well i know you all are pissed and angry at me but like i said i have my own reasons for not posting and that is my exams which were to start in may have been preponed i had my first exam yesterday and was busy preparing for it i know i said i’ll be regular with the updating but found out only 5 days before the exams started that they have preponed it nothing less than a thunder falling us you know hearing it so was busy with preps hope you all understand
thanxs rabia for understanding and not talking me in a -ve shade well i just gave that explanation because i dint any1 misunderstanding me and thank god you dint feel bad or offended šŸ™‚
hmm now coming to the comments and questions thank you soo much for the number of replies really glad now the question well guys sanskar is not bad at heart he did feel bad for whatever he did with swara it waqs just his love for yash and a lil ego prob and finally when the truth is out he is guilty we all know ego spoils every dam thing now coing to arjun yup you guessed it right there is a reason for arjun’s strange behaviour i would not say he is possessive about swara but surely there is a reason for this mysterious behaviour and like you guys know me i wont tell you the reason let it be suspense will reveal it when time come and about arjun and swara’s bond it will grow more stronger its just the beginning and swasan will take time to thet them together after all now sanskar need to put effort in convincing her and guys im sorry im not able to give the links of the previous episodes there is prob with my lappy and by the comments i gotta know that you people want me to reveal that swara is rich hence will do that in this part but guys this will only reveal another shade of swara there are yet more shades to be revealed

so lets begin
sanky and gang along with swarjun reach the parking lot
yash: kavya you go with your parents i’ll come along with sanlak
kavya: okay ragini kavita you both come with me
ragkav: okay
yash: (looking at swarjun and their hand which are still intertwined) swar how will you come
swara: dont worry yash i’ll come with arjun in his car
yash: but i dont think arjun is in a condition to drive (all look at swarjun and their hands sankar is burning with jealousy) he has not even left your hand for a single minute
swara: no prob i know how to drive
kavya: swara how will you drive see how firmly arjun has held your hand and you cant drive with one hand (teasingly) and i dont think arjun is going to leave your hand today
hearing this sanskar who was already burning is jealousy is now completely red fist his hand to control the rage inside him
sankar: (monologue) what the hell he is cling on to her hand like some treasure and even swara is not telling him anything and this kavya i guess she has lost her mental balance being in coma i dont think arjun will leave your hand today what is that suppose to mean does swara love arjun…………………… no no how is that possible she said she loves me but if now………………….no this cant happen i know i did wrong with her but im guilty i cant lose her
while sanskar was in his thoughts he was bought bach to the world by yash’s voice
yash: you come with us
swara: no yash i’ll manage
yash: please swara for arjuns sake
swara looks at arjun and nods her head
swara: okay lets go
with that everyone get settled in the cars kavya her parents kavita ragini in one car and sanlak yash swrarjun in one car and the rest in other cars
sankar was driving laksh beside him swarjun and yash in the back seat with arjun between yash and swara
arjun has kept his head on swara shoulder and is sleeping still holding her hand tightly while swara is looking outside the window and sanskar is stealing glances at swara every now and then
finally they reach kavya’s house
swara: (placing her hand on arjuns cheek) arju wake up
sanskar gets angry seeing swara so close to arjun
arjun opens his eyes and looks at swara
swara: we have reached come lets go inside
arjun nods and all go inside where kavya’s parents welcome them then all sit together and start chit chatting while all then while sanskar is busy looking at swara
kavya’s mom: come kids i have put out the food come have it
thay all move to the dining area and start eacting while here swara tries feedind arjun
swara: arju have your food na
arjun: no shona im not hungry
swara: no have a little atleast
arjun: no i dont want to
swara: fine then even i wont eat
arjun: why you have it
swara: no

arjun: acha fine i’ll have it but you have to feed me
swara: okay cool
swara starts feeding arjun and arjun to feeds her but guys arjun has still not left swara’s hand
while they both are busy speaking and feeding each other unaware of all the others present eyeing them some are happy some jealous and some angry
kavya: (whispers) they both look so cute together totally in love
sanskar again starts fuming and remember a similar incident in past
flash back
sanskar had a fight with laksh and was sitting in the canteen swara enters and sees sannky sitting alone
swara: what happen sanskar
sanskar: nothing
swara: you can share it with me
sanskar: (irritated) but i dont want gto
swara: okay fine your wish
she turn to leave but sanskar holds her wrist swara turn and looks at him
sanskar: im sorry swara i shouldn’t have at you but
swara: its okay sanskar i understand
sanskar: then please sit with me for some time
swara smiles and sits next to him
sanskar: woh woh actually i was irritated that why i shouted at you
swara: its okay sanskar you dont need to give me an explanation i understand
swara place her hand on sanskars and gives him a smile
sanakar: (monologue) she understands me without me telling her anything how does she do this
swara: where are you lost
sanskar: no where actually i had a fight with lucky and now he is angry even im angry
swara: hes your brother sanskar and know you cannot stay without him go speak to him
sanskar: why should i let him come to me
swara: ego huh dont let that come between you relation
sanskar: its not ego

swara: then……………………i know your hurting yourself more by not speaking to him so please go and speak to him
sanskar: (shocked) but how do you
swara: does not matter first speak and clear the fight
sanskar: but how he already left for house
swara: then call him im sure is also restless just like you
sanky calls lucky and speaks to him and clears all the mess after cutting the call
sanskar: thank you so much swara you know your the best
swara: that i know tell me something new
both laugh together
swara: did you have something or filled your tummy with fight itself
sanskar: im not hungry
swara: why so
swara places noodles on the table and asks sanskar to have it
swara: here eat some
sanskar: no mood
swara: stop behaving like a kid and have it
sanskar: acha im kid now toh i’ll surely not have it
swara: acha baba your not kid i am but now have something
sanakar: NO
swara: sanskar you’ll spoil your health please have a little
seeing no reaction swara hold a spoon full of noodles near sanskars lips sanskar looks at it and then at swara and here swara makes a cute puppy face seeing sanskar immediately melts and eats the noodles seeing this swara gives a bright smile to sanskar
sanskar: you very well know how to handle me na
swara: woh toh i know
swara continues feeding sanskar while he is totally lost in admiring swara
flash back ends

and here everyone else also completes their food
kavya: guys lets play some games what say
karan: but what
rahul: how about truth or dare
all: cool
they go to the hall make a circle and sit down and spin the bottle it stops at ragini
kavya: okay rags truth or dare
rags: truth
kavya: do you love someone
rags:(looking at lucky) yes
all are shocked listening to this except kavita
kavya: who
kavita: only one question at a time guys
they again spin the bottle stops at swara
yash: toh swar truth or dare
swara: dare ofcourse
yash: okay hmmm what dare should we give her
kavita: kiss some guy present in the hall
swara and all he others look shockingly towards kavita
kavita: what it is just a dare
yash: oh swar you dont have to do that
kavita: why swara got scared
swara: swara bose is not scared of anything and im sure you know that
yash: what do you mean
swara: nothing let me complete my dare
every1s eyes are towards swara and sanskar so in his heart is praying that swara kisses him but then swara kisses arjun on his cheek leaving sanskar all red in anger and jealousy
kavya: awww how cute both of you look together made for each other type
yash: true you know guys when i was in USA arjun stayed there with us his day never started without hearing swar’s voice nor did it end without her voice they both used to be connected with each other 24/7

while sanskar gets even more jealous swarjun smile at each other
swara: time to spin
they spin the bottle and it stops at arjun
karan: truth or dare
swara: truth
all look at swara
karan: but arjun has got to choose right
swara: he is not in a condition to do any physical task hence truth
karan: are you okayy with it arjun
arjun:(looks at swara) when my princess has chosen it for me how can i have any problem
sanskar:(monologue) princess my foot how dare he
karan: okay from when do you know swara and what does she mean to you
arjun: i know swara since she is 3 and i was 5 and about what she means to me she is my everything my life totally depends on her
kavya: wow thats a long time
they spin the bottle again stops at swara once again
kavya: turth or dare
swara: hmm truth
sanskar: what will you do if someone breaks your truth

all look at sanskar and understand why he is asking this except kavyash
swara: if truth is once broken its very difficult to get it back its something like an egg once you break it no matter what you cannot fix it again
sanskar: but what if the person is repenting
swara: whats the use repenting after breaking a person to the basic
sanskar: but then that person did not know the truth he did because of a misunderstanding
swara: misunderstandings can be cleared by speaking to the person why dint you do that instead revenge was a better option right
all are looking at swasan and here kavyash are not understanding anything
yash: guys what are you both talking about
kavya: ya please be clear we cannot understand anything
yash: did anything happen between both of you
swara: no yash nothing like that
swara’s cell rings
swara: guys i need to take this call please excuse me arju i’ll be back
swara goes outside and is speaking to someone on call its been 10 minutes swara has still not come back
yash: where did she go
arjun: wait i’ll go and check
sanskar acts like he got a call
sanskar: hello………………….ya just a minute

guys i’ll be ack and dont worry arjun i’ll send swara im anyway going out you take rest you are not feeling well na
with that he moves outside and here swara is still speaking unaware that sanskar is behind her
swara:(on phone) i dont care i want it by tomorrow do what you you want to do but tomorrow morning i need it i hope i have made myself clear
person: okay ma’am
swara cuts the call and turns to fin sanskar
swara: what are you doing over here
sanskar: i came to call you every1 is waiting for you
swara: i was just coming
she starts walking towards the door when sanskar holds her wrist
sanskar: swara i want to speak to you
swara jerks sanskars hand
swara: but i dont want to
sanskar holds swara by her shoulder
sanskar: i said i want to speak to you means i want to speak to you
swara: and who are you to order me
sanskar: im not ordering you swara just requesting you
swara: let go of me sanskar i need to go
sanskar: why whats the hurry
swara: leave sanskar
sanskar: no

sanskar dargs swara to the back of the mansion
swara: why did you get me here
sanskar: because i need to speak to you and you are going no where till i complete
swara: and what makes you think that i listen to you
swara starts walking but sanskar pulls her and pins her to the wall
swara: what the hell leave me
sanskar: no
swara struggles to move away from sanskar but no use
sanskar: please swara just listen to me once
swara crosses her arms near her chest
swara: fine speak
sanskar:(happy) really thank you so much swara im sorry for what all i did with you it just because of a misunderstanding im really guilty please forgive me
swara: fine i forgave you now let me go
sanskar: that means we can be just like before
swara: that can never happen you cheated me you played with my feeling and now you are telling me we’ll me just like before are kidding me or what
sanskar: but you said you forgave then why
swara: yes i said i forgave you and now you are a closed chapter in my life
sanskar:(teary eye) please swara dont say that im really very sorry
swara’ cell rings once again
swara: ya arju
arjun: where are you shona
swara: im coming 2 minutes
arjun: come fast princess im waiting
swara: yup coming

swara cuts the call and looks at sanskar who is boiling with anger
sanskar:(angry) who is this arjun
swara:(confused) what
sanskar:(angry) why is he always with you and soo close
swara: none of your concern
sankar:(hold swara tightly by her shoulder) it is my concern damit answer me who is he
swara:(shouts) he is my friend now leave me
sanskar: friend right then why is he always so close to you and why did you kiss him how can you and that day he also kissed you and today the whole time he was holding you hand why
swara: he can do whatever he wants
sanskar: what do you mean by whatever
swara: whatever means whatever
sanskar:(angry) why he is your boyfriend
swara: i dont need to answer you
sanskar: yash said you use to speak to him everyday why dint you tell me about him and were you dating him when you were with me were cheating on me
swara:(smirks) right this is how much you know me and if think i was cheating you then please do think i dont care
sanskar: swara thats not what i meant
swara: i said i dont care now leave me
swara pushes sanskar and goes inside
sanskar: dam what did i do i again made her angry
sanskar to goes inside
yash: where were you swara
swara: important call
yash: okay where is sanskar

sanskar enetrs
sanskar: im here
kavya: lets continue guys
swara: actually kavya i need to go now we’ll make a move
kavya: whats the hurry swara
swara: important work we’ll catch up someother time
kavya: okay
swara: arju lets go
yash: wait but how will you go
sanky: i guess we all should move as well our parents will be waiting
yash: ya okay so swar you come with you we’ll drop you on the way
swara: no yash driver has come we’ll go with him
kavita: driver
swara: lets go arjun bye kavya bye aunty uncle
kav and her parents: bye beta
swara and arjun leave and 5 minutes later the entire gang leaves as well

next morning
in MM
both gadodia as well as the maheshwari family are present in the hall
dp: where are sanlak
sanlak: we are here papa
dp: you are again late
sanlak: sorry
ap: ji why did call everyone
shomi: ya any problem
dp: no nothing like that
shekhar: we need to tell you all something
ragini: what happen papa
dp: you all remember we told you about the business award function
ap: yes
shekhar: you all remember right its today
shomi: yes we remember
shekhar: okay so get ready quicky because we need to be there by 5 pm
shomi: okay no prob
dp: and one more thing
ap: what ji
dp: after the meeting we have a meeting and all the people who are share holder need to be present over there
shekhar: and like you all know each one of you holds a share in the company and hence you all need to be there
dp: sanlak adarsh (dp eldest son) and ansh (shekhar elder son) only you will come with us inside while the rest of you can wait outside if needed we’ll call you (the family is a bit old minded where they think that ladies should not interfere in office work)
all: okay
dp: okay now you all go
since it was sunday they dint have college hence everyone were busy preparing for the function
at around 4:50 they all reach they venue and enter as soon as they enter dp rp shekar adarsh and ansh get busy speaking to clients the ladies along with uttara ragkav are speaking to the other ladies and sanlak are with their friend (sanky and ganh are all rich and all their father are businessmans)
host: good evening ladies and gentlemens please be seated we’ll begin the function
all get settled in their seats dp ap rp sujata shekhar and shomi around one table and sanlak ragkav uttara ansh adarsh pari and diya (parish daughter) around another table
adarsh: who do you think will get best business man of the year award
ansh: just like the past years SAB
sanky: oh ya bhai did you find out who this SAB is
ansh: nai sanskar no one know who he is
adarsh: all the deals are done indirectly dont know why he does not come in front
laksh: so you guys have no idea about him
ansh: actually no one has an idea about him during the USA award function that was one week ack he won the best business man of the year award we thought might be he would come but it seems he did not attend it
sanskar: so that means his business is in USA as well
adarsh: yes his business is well spread around the entire world and only few of his employs know who SAB is
sanskar: hmm interesting
host: good evening ladies and gentlemen i welcome you all for this spectacular evening so lets begin with the awards
with that they begin giving awards dp and shekhar’s company that is maheshwari and gadodia co pvt ltd also win an award
host: so now it is time to present the most awaited award of the year the title of INDIA’S BUSINESS TYCOON 2016
all are very nervous and some have their fingers crossed
host: sir please do the honour
announcer: so ladies and gentle man please give a around of a applouse to india’s best business tycoon
the surrounding in the hall is full of tension

please welcome the youngest business tycoon not of india only but also USA and many other countries SAB MISS SWARA ARNAV BOSE
all are shocked at this announcement because they all thought SAB is a male but they come out of shock and start clapping
right then the hall gets filled with bodyguards in black and girl starts walking towards the stage everyone is trying to see her but cannot due to the guards and finally gets on to the stage the girl that is our swara ofcourse is wearing a black gown till her knees hairs tied into a bun with a little falling of her face rings in her ears watch in one hand and the other just has a mouli light make up kajal enlighting her big dove like eyes and pink lipstick she is looking just like an angel from heaven al the boys are staring at her anyone can fall for her finally swara receives the award all the camera are focused on her because its the first time the world knows who SAB is while swara eyes are sparkling and has a trillion dollar smile on her face she is just shining like the most percious diamond in front of all the other business tycoons
all start clapping but some are still in shock and to be said the most shocked are sanky and gang
sanskar is shocked as well as mesmerized seeing swara
sanskar:(monologue) oh god she is looking so beautiful i cant even take my eyes of her and she is SAB SWARA ARNAV BOSE i cant believe it
swara: (in a straight voice) good evening everyone i world like to thank the business board for this award and its a honour receiving its everyone dreams of getting this award and having achieved it im really happy and satisfied and i would not take the entire credit because it goes to my staff as well
announcer:(with jealousy) so miss bose you have finally come out and revealed you identity why were you hiding from such a long time and you are very young do you think you’ll be able to manage this position
swara: well there is no need of me answering this question but since you have asked then let me make it clear i have not been hiding each deal the company does is my by wish theres nothing that takes place without my approval if you not seen me thats not my problem and secondly if i can handle the position i thought you might have got the answer till now after all you as well a business man and if im not wrong i that is my company has defeated you alot of times by now and about future you’ll get to know with time (swara tells all this straight like a business women without any emotions)

now the announcer is all embarassed while all the other are stunned by her reply
swara: okay then thank you once again for the award and enjoy the evening
saying this swara gets down the stage and within seconds she is completely surrounded by her body guard they protectively start taking swara towards the exit all the media and people are dying to speak to her once but no use and finally swara leaves the hall
over here sanky and gang and their parents are still in shock because they had seen swara in the college and never imagined her to be SAB
ansh: sanskar what happen why are you so shocked
sanskar: she is swara
ansh: that i know announcer just told na
laksh: no bhai she is our class mate
ansh and adarsh:(shocked) what
laksh: ha bhai
all the elders come towards sanlak’s table
dp: sanskar laksh did you both know that she is SAB
sanskar: no papa we had no idea in fact we are as shocked as you are
dp: this gorl is something else only she is handling both her studies as well as the business so nicely
shekhar: after all we should not forget she is arnav bose’s daughter
rp: yes bhaisa did you she she has the qualities just like her father
dp: hmm true

the elders leave and sanky’s friends come towards them
chirag: sanky did you see swara
amar: ya man she is richer than all of us + sucessfull + very powerful
soha: guys i think we did a wrong thing by taking punga with her
deepti: right sanky did you not know even once that she is SAB
sanky: no guys she never told me anything about her family nor about this business and all
lucky: im shocked man no wonder she saved yash and kavya so easily
ragini: but the way she presented herself today was really very impressive
kavita: but guys she
ragini: please kavita not again
while everyone is busy speaking the next 10 best companies get messages regarding the meeting which is to take place in the next half an hour and the address is given
rp: bhaisa we need to leave else we might be late for the meeting
dp: yes lets go sanlak ragkav uttara adarsh ansh come lets go we are getting late
all leave the hall and start moving towards the destination where the meeting is to take place
after about 25 minutes they reach AKS group of industries
they enter inside the office
lucky:(looking around the place) wow this place is so good does not look like office at all
guys the office is very modern each department is divided floor wise there are about 26 floor and each person is very friendly be it a new comer or the most senior post person no egos the environment of the office is very happy like each person enjoys doing their work each person that is from the staff to the watchmans to the peons everyone together is a big family
karan: ya dude look at them they are so happy doing their work
rahul: infact enjoying it
ragini: i have never seen anything as of such before
while they all are speaking a lady around 25 years old come towards them
lady: hello sir hello ma’am welcome to AKS im pia swara ma’am pa
all: hello

lucky: oh so this is swara’s office cool man
amar: and we thought she is poor
pia: please come with me we are getting late for the meeting
pia leads the way and all follow her finally they reach in front of the conference room which is on the 25th floor
the conference room is entirely made of glass and there is another cabin right next to it which is even more bigger than the conference room while the conference can accommodate 25 people the cabin can accommodate double it that is 50 people easily asw of now the cabin has been turned just like a waiting area with couches so that every1 will be comfortable
voice: pia
pia and all others turn and look towards the voice
pia: yes abhay (one of the employ)
abhay: did you see sir
pia: no any prob
abhay: yup i had to speak to him
pia: anything important
abhay: yes it is
person: what is it abhay
abhay: sir i was searching for you actually
person: one minute
the person comes forward his face is hid with file hence no one is able to see him now the person is in front of abhay and pia he moves the file and his face is seen he is none other than
sanky: arjun
yes he is arjun
lucky: what is he doing over here
sanky: who knows
lucky: might be he works with swara
arjun looks at everyone and then
arjun: pia get every1 settled they major holders of each company in the conference room and the others in the cabin dont forget to leave 5 chairs for the investors they’ll be here any minute
pia: alright sir

arjun: abhay you come all with me we need to welcome the investors and also you can speak to me on the way
abhay: okay sir
arjun and abhay start walking towards the elevator
arjun:(turns) pia make fast shona will be here any minute and you know she does not like delays in her meeting
pia: yes sir
arjun and abhay leave and here pia gets every1 settle all the ladies + a few guys in the cabin where as sanlak adarsh ansh dp rp shekhar and few other business man in the conference room while all the main that is the owner and MD’s are sitting on the chairs around the conference table the youngsters that is sanlak and are guys are seated in no the couches in the conference room
lucky: bhai ya what an office
ansh: i swear man this girl is seriously very sharp the way the environment of office is dam good
adarsh: true till now i have never seen people enjoying their work so much
sanskar: (monologue) thats why she is my girl
lucky: bhai how is her work
adarsh: she is dam good though she never herself came for any meetings but she use to send her employs and if AKS is there no other company can win a contract
sanky: oh then how do you know that it is swara who is behind all meetings i mean how can you say that swara knew all about the presentation
ansh: thats because before any meeting her employs would be speaking to someone continuously and like swara said that no deal takes place without her consent so isn’t it obvious that the person that her employs speak to is swara
sanky: hmmm

right then arjun enters the conference room with 4 men who are in their early 40s or 50s
they get settle on their seats
arjun: hello gentle men im arjun singhania the CEO of AKS we’ll begin the meeting shortly swarawill be joining us in a minute or 2
arjun leaves the cabin while all the others keep speaking to each other
2 minutes latere
every1’s attention is drawn outside the cabin were swara is speaking and walking towards the conference with arjun and abahy on her either sides she is still in the same gown she had worn for the award function still looking breath taking
finally swara enters the conference room and every1 stands at once seeing her which shocks all three swara arjun and abhay
swara walks towards her chair and stands in front of it while arjun and abhay also go to their seats
swara: please be seated there is no need for standing
everyone gets settled except swara
swara:(straight voice) so lets get to the point by now you all know who i am but still let me introduce myself im SWARA ARNAV BOSE MD of AKS well i dont think any other info is needed for the deals so lets begin
firstly i will be giving a brief about this project it gonna be the biggest project of the year and hence todays presentation is mainly for the investors since if you are investing then you need to have complete faith in me and the company and like you all know there are 9 other companies present with us that is because one of the company will in partnership with AKS in this project so lets begin with the presentation
the projector is oned and swara begin with the presentation even though it was a brief one swara goes deep inside each point and explains what exactly she means while all the others are stunned awestruck and speechless at the way she is presenting everything
finally the presentation gets over

swara: okay so here i end the presentation now it is you decision if you are in for this project or out
mr roy: please miss bose who would say no to such a project
mr kapoor: only a fool would say no im in for the project
mr sinha: yes miss bose we have complete faith in you and will be honoured to work with you im in as well
mr thakur: nor am i a fool hence im in as well will seriously be a honour working with you
mr kapoor: must say your just like your father in the matter of business
all the investors continuously praise swara
swara:(smiles and nods her head) well thank you so much and the final presentation will be after 2 weeks after which we’ll begin the project so shall see you after 2 weeks
mr sinha: ya sure
swara: arjun will give you the other details (looks at arjun) arjun
arjun nods his head and the investors leave the conference room with him
swara looks at all the others seated in the room and they all are looking at swara with a questing look like what are we doing over here
swara: well i know you all thinking what is your role in this project then like a said one company will be in partnership with AKS in this project and which company it is will be decided in the coming 3 days
dp: but how
swara: well i’ll be giving all of you all file regarding this project and you need to make a presentation on it and present it the best one wins and that company will be in partnership
mr sharma: but you have already told us about the projest and we all know it now any1 can steal your idea and you wont even know
arjun enters the cabin when mr sharma was speaking
arjun:(to abhay) this man is so dead today
abhay: i know sir ma’am was already angry and now this
swara:(smirks) do i look like a fool mr sharma
mr sharma: no

swara: exactly i dont look like a fool nor am i do you im so stupid to give my entire presentation in front of you all not knowing whos actually gonna work with me then let me make it clear this is 1/4 presentation of the deal we are doing that mean 3/4 is still remaining and without no one can do anything about this project
all get stunned listening to this because all thought that this was the entire project
mr sharma: but how is this possible
swara: why not
mr sharma: because i myself checked th
swara: what happen continue
mr sharma:(scared) no nothing
swara: nothing fine i’ll continue what did you think that you’ll enter into my office check the files and would i not even get to know about it
all look at mr sharma
mr sharma:(scared) n no no i dint do anything like that
swara: really abhay
abhay: yes ma’am
abhay gets the laptop in which there is a video in which it is clearly seen that mr sharma entered the office checked some file then went to the security room and hampered with the cctv footage video
seeing all this mr sharma starts sweating badly
swara: what happen shocked well i have another shock for you
swara passes a file to mr sharma he reads that and gets shocked and starts sweating even more badly
mr sharma: how did you find out about this
swara: well you forgetting who i am and im sure you know what will happen if this news comes out
mr sharma: you cant blackmail me
swara: blackmail well i dont think im doing anything as of such what did you think that you’ll do some small deal with the company and have permission to enter the office and then check files and cctv footage……………………….i dont think so
mr sharma: please i’ll do anything dont involve the police
swara: okay

she gives him another file
swara: sign this
mr sharma reads the file a gets the biggest shock of his life
mr sharma:(angry and shouts) what the hell im not signing this have you gone mad
swara stands and place both her hands on the table and bends a little looking directly into mr sharma’s eyes
swara:(in a hallow voice) dont shout even i can do that and you have no idea what all i can do and what extend i can go hence in your limit
all persent in the room get scared
mr sharma:(scared) please dont do this
swara shows the watch which she is wearing and taps on it with her finger
swara:(tapping) you have 2 minute decide your signing this or you want the footage to go to the police and the file to the media
swara sits down on her chair and starts typing something in cell uninterested of all the other staring at her
2 minutes later
swara: (putting her cell aside) time up mr sharma what did you decide
mr sharma: i i i’ll
swara: comeon its not a bad deal that i offered its better than getting your company shut and ruining yourself completely
mr sharma: you cant shut my company
swara:(smirks) dont challenge me i’ll show you what i can do
swara takes her cell and does something and the next minute mr sharma gets a call
swara: receive it and put it on speaker
mr sharma does so
mr sharma: hello
person: sir this is raj
mr sharma: yes raj
raj: sir all the shares value have fallen down suddenly and the contracts are being withdrawn
all look shocking towards swara who is still in doing something in her cell
swara: raj your sir will call later cut the call now
the call gets disconnected
swara: do you want some more proof of what i can do
mr sharma: no i’ll sign
swara: good then go ahead
mr sharma:(takes the pen in his hand)(whispers) how can you be so cruel
swara: i heard that you think im cruel………………………………….hmm its a yes as well as a no
no because you are still 20% owner of your company
all the other present in the room: what
swara looks at all of them
swara: oh ya mr sharma first give all of them the good news and then sign
come on

mr sharma: from today swara is going to be 80% owner of sharma and sons
all look shockingly at swara as to how is it possible
swara: sign now
mr sharma signs the papers and hands it over to swara
swara: next time before doing any such cheap tricks dont forget who your dealing with yes im cruel when it comes to business this time i have spared you by giving 20% owner ship next time thats not gonna happen never forget im SWARA ARNAV BOSE you may leave now
mr sharma and his family leaves the office
swara: you all dont have to get tensed i did that to him because he cheated and i hate cheaters so since one of you will be working with us do not repeat the mistake mr sharma did else you all know the consequence
all nod their heads
swara: so we’ll be meeting after 3 days for the presentation abhay will give you the files
with that swara and arjun leave the conference room and abhay gives every1 files all are still in shock of whatever happen minutes ago hence take the files and leave while here in the other cabin where all the ladies were seated are still in shock and speechless seeing swara handle and speak with such boldness in front all men seated and being the only girl in the room while some where stunned at her attitude some were jealous
outside swara’s offfice
rp: bhaisa did you see what she did
dp: ram not here lets go home and speak about it
shekhar: dp is right lets go home and then speak
all the elders leave home with the girls while the youngsters that is sanlak adarsh and ansh are sitting in a cafe a little far from swara’s office
sanky: what was this guys i have seen this shade of swara
lucky: you know there was a time when i was literally scared of her
adarsh: she is a true business women
ansh: is she the same in college as well
sanky: no
lucky: if she would have been the same then we would have been dead
ansh: what
lucky: nothing
adarsh: lets go home we are getting late
with that they as well leave home thinking about swara

so guys like i promised i have given a longer update hope you like it
well i read a few analysis glad you people are liking it thank you so much means alot
so here i unraveled another shade of swara and revealed that she is rich i hope you liked the bold and business minded swara hmm so there are yet more shades to be unraveled which we’ll do when time comes
well i know there were less scenes between swarjun and swasan but i had to reveal this shade of swara thats why
so guys sanskar knows that he likes swara infacts loves her but still is a little confused so do you want me to make him realise it fast or should i take time and ya do you want me to show the bond between swara and uttara and a new bond forming between swara and ragini in the next part
hope you liked it do give your feedbacks please do comment

Credit to: alahna

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