realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 7)


Hey guys im back after five days and as a matter of fact i know you all are really mad at me well your comments surely say that you all are irritated and angry its justified i know but trust me i did not do that on purpose i had a reason for not posting past these days its cause remember last time i had posted i told im not keeping well well my health took a sudden turn over and i fell more ill had too much pain and typing i could not do that at all as said it takes almost 2 hour to type sometimes even more and i type continuously because once i stop i know i’ll not type again and the condition i was in typing continuously was no where a choice and plus i had a few tests going on in college was busy with that as well so could not post well please dont think im giving any excuse but just telling the reason why i did not post and im really very sorry since i made you all wait alot
Now coming to the comments really very happy with the number of comments seriously gives alot of motivation and to all the silent reader who have commented (sorry im not writing anyones name) thank you for commenting and im from karnataka to be specific bangalore and yup i know right now kavita is -ve its needed but dont worry later on she’ll as well turn +ve swasan reunion will take time but will surely happen and raglak as i pair lets see what happen and how they become a pair and about swara and arjun’s bond dont worry your gonna see their bond becoming even more strong
hey guys i know i said all type of comments are welcomed -ve or +ve and i read all comments there was one comment by rabia and this is what it said hey there is misconception because as per law a person cannot do 2 degrees at the same time if he or she does and it comes in the eyes of the law then his or her both degrees will be cancelled and in india only CA students get the privilege of doing ca along with any bachelor degree only not even master’s are allowed so to say but dont give any wrong message and i can because im a law student this fact i hope you dont mind so answering this comment no rabia i dont mind but telling im giving a wrong message thats something i guess i would mind firstly guys this is a story not real life so in a story anything is possible its our imagination no one is leading their life the way the story is proceeding i guess i mean come on anything can happen in a story killing blast revenge love even the law can be according to us anything that we imagine so please do not take the story so seriously and secondly well im not a law student but i have studies civics till 10th so have a little knowledge about law then news channels and news papers have also added a little more to the knowledge and well i know that you are speaking about the indian education act 1959 according to which no student can do 2 degrees simultaneously but then im sure that you know that according to UGC a student can pursue a degree and a diploma at the same time though distant programming that is doing a degree on regular bases and diploma at distance mode thats correspondence so if at you are telling that im giving wrong message by telling swara is doing mbbs and mba together then i’ll change mba to pgdm which will cause no offence to the law since pgdm is a diploma course that is the only difference between mba and pgdm that mba is a degree and pgdm is diploma other than that they are equivalent so basically im clearing out that i have no intentions of giving any wrong messages to anyone so guys swara is doing mbbs and pgdm together okay no offence to your comment rabia but this is just my answer and justification to your comment im sorry if you find me rude
well guys i hope i answered all the questions so now lets begin with the story
a boy and girl come towards swara seeing them she gets happy and hugs them the boy and girls back are towards sanky and gang hence they are not able to see their faces
swara:(breaking the hug) how are you guys
boy and girl: we are good swar and you
swara: im awesome as always i think you should meet them now they are right behind you
the boy and girl turn seeing them all get shocked
gang:(shocked) YASH KAVYA
sanky and friends along with their parents freeze while swarjun yash and kavya look at their shocked faces
swara: yash they are really shocked seeing you you need to make the first move in this situation go
yash: okay
yash moves forward and stands right in front of sanlak both sanlak just keep staring at him the remain so for a minute but the next minute yash engulfs sanlak into a hug a tight one indeed but sanlak dont reciprocate hence yash breaks the hug
yash:(breaking the hug) what happen aren’t you guys happy seeing me
sanlak keep mum
yash:(turns towards swara) i told you swara they have moved on the dont need me come lets leave
yash turn and starts walking he has only taken one step before he could take another he is turn around swiftly and there chattt chattt
yes its yash who got slapped by sanlak on his cheeks all come out of the shocking world and look at sanlak with shock since they slapped yash and as of yash’s condition he was holding both his cheeks and wondering what the hell just happened but this chain of thinking was stopped by a tight hug to which yash immediately reciprocates yup sanlak and yash are hugging each other they stay in the same position for minutes and still not letting as if if they do so then the moment will just disappear
kavya: guys even im here how mean none of you are looking at me
finally sanlak yash break the hug and turn towards kavya and give her a smile ragini moves forward and engulfs kavya into a hug and minute later they break the hug with that yash and kavya move forward and meet all their friends as well as their friends parents
sanky: you guys are alive but how
lucky: exactly we thought you both are dead
yash: we both dint die that day
sanky: what exactly happened that day and where you both from such a long time
yash: will tell you everything but first lets get seated (turns towards kavya) kavya your still weak sit down
they all place chairs forming a big circle all elders and the youngster sit together to listen to what exactly happened 9 months back yash was ganna tell them but before he could tell anything these was a noise which grabbed everyones attention and the gang moved towards the place from where the noice came
meanwhile here swara and arjun
swara: arju i think we should leave now
arjun: but shona dont you want yash to know what all his soo called friends did how they treated you aren’t you going to tell them
swara: no way im telling him anything arjun
arjun: why not
swara: because all i wanted was kavya and yash get back to their gang and if i tell anything about what happen in these 9 months their friendship will definitely break
arjun: but how does that even matter to you its good if their friendship breaks
swara: no arjun how can you say that
arjun: shona you dont always have to be good i dont know if your telling yash everything or not but im definitely going to tell them
swara: no arjun your not going anything as of such their friendship will break
arjun:(a lil angry) i dont care
swara: first of all stop getting angry and secondly answer a question of mine how would you feel if our friendship breaks
arjun keeps mum and a minute later swara realises what she said and looks at arjun whose eyes are filled with tears ready to flow out any minute and his hands shivering swara gets tensed seeing arjuns state and curses herself mentally
swara:(in mind) what the hell is wrong with you swara how could you tell that to him when you know it consequence god what am i going to do know
swara’s chain of thoughts is broken by a noise she looks in front and finds arjun on the floor on his knees shivering and shaking badly sanky and gang who heard the noise come towards then with swara’s friends following them
swara kneels down in front of arjun who is still shaking badly and calls out to him
swara: arjun
arjun gives no reaction
swara: arjun please im sorry please look at me
still no reaction by arjun’s side while all the other stand confused as to what is happening
swara:(cupping arjun’s face) arjun im sorry i’ll never say that again please speak to me okay shout at me but say something
arjun yet again gives no reaction
swara:(holding arjun by his shoulder and shaking him) arjun arjun say something damit dont stay mum please spaek up ARJUN
still no reaction and here sanky and gang and swara’s friends get confused as to what is happening
swara:(im mind) he wont speak up and that can be risky for him i need to get him speak to be but how……………….im sorry arjun but this is the only way left (to arjun) fine so you wont speak up na arjun cool with me im giving you a minute more you decide your speaking up or not else i swear i’ll really go far away from you where you cant even find me
swara waits for a minute and then stands up only to be pulled down again
arjun holds swara’s hand with his shivering hands and pulls her down and immediately hugs her as tight as he could while swara to immediately reciprocates and here tears start flowing down arjun eyes which he was controlling till now he is silently crying but not letting his voice come but due which his already shivering body starts starts shaking more badly swara who senses this places her one hand in arjuns hair and the other hand on his back and starts rubbing it (i mean moving her hand upward and downward) sanskar who was angry till now is now burning with jealousy and anger while all the other are still confused as to what is happening
swara:(rubbing arjuns back to clam him down) shh arjun its alright nothing happen see im with im going no where
swara tries breaking the hug buy arjun does not allow her to do so and hugs her even more tightly
swara: arjun
arjun: hmmm
swara: leave me
arjun:(childishly) no
swara: please baba im not going anywhere leave me
arjun:(childishly) pakka you wont leave me
swara: pakka
swara and arjun break the hug but then immediately arjun holds swaras hand as if he would let go of her hand swara would disappear
swara smiles at arjuns behaviour then cups his face with one hand since he is holding her other hand and starts wiping his tears
swara:(wiping arjuns tears) arjun stop crying like a kid you are 23 now come on now give me that cute smile
arjun:(innocently) shona you’ll never leave me na
swara: never
arjun: you know shona the thought of you going away from me itself kills me
swara: im going no where arjun do you think your shona can live without you
arjun: obviously not if im not there then who will you irritate (smiles)
swara:(in mind) thank god finally he smiled
all where looking at swarjun while some were jealous of their bond some were angry as well meanwhile swarjun stand here still arjun is holding swaras hand tightly
swara: arjun lets go home
arjun: okay
they were about to leave
yash: wait swara
swara: what happen yash
yash: please stay back for sometime
swara: but yash arjun
yash: please swara i need to tell them the truth otherwise i dont know when i can tell them please for sometime
swara:(looking at arjun) is it ok with you arju
arjun nods his head in a yes so now all are seated on the chairs swarjun sitting next to each other and arjun still holding swara’s hand while sanskar is sitting opposite to them
lucky: so what exactly happen that day
each person keeps on telling their point of view of what happened in the past
swara sanskar laksh were all in their 3rd year and yash was madly in love with swara which is what yash and all his other friends thought but in reality it was just infatuation but one fine day yash decided to propose swara it was after their class when swara was about to leave yash stopped her in classroom only sanky his gang and few of swara’s friends were there
yash: swara one minute i wanna speak to you
swara: yes yash
yash: woh actually i………….. i lllo
swara: you what
yash: woh i………….. i……………. i
swara: yash please be quick need to go to the library
lucky: come on yash you can do it
yash: i……………. i
swara: yash are you going to say anything other than i fine leave it i’ll speak to you later bye
swara was about to leave
yash: i love you swara
swara stands shocked at her place while two others are sad as well one is sanskar and the other is kavya
swara:(shocked) what
yash:(moving forward stands in front of swara) i love you swara i love you alot from the first day of college will you be my girlfriend
swara: no
yash: why not do you already have a boyfriend
swara: i have a boyfriend or not none of your concern but i dont love you
yash: why why cant you
swara: see yash i sorry if i have given you any false hope that you thought we both can be in relationship but trust me i have never thought about you in that way i dont love you i can never
swara turns to leave but yash hold her hand and stops her and goes down on his knees
yash: please swara atleast give me a chance please
swara gets her hand out of his grip
swara: im sorry yash but it cant happen i cant give you a chance i dont love you nor will i ever love you
with that swara leaves the class with her friends and here yash is completely broken
(guys yash is sanlak’s bestie from childhood he is an orphan and hence stays in mm with sanlak both treat him just like their brother)
all try speaking to yash but he does not listen to anyone and leaves the class
lucky: its okay bhai leave swara was never worth you
karan: ya dude you’ll find a better girl than her
kavita: exactly i dont know what you liked in her forget her we’ll find another girl for you
rahul: exactly man there are so many hot chicks in the college you can get any of them
sanky: yash say something dont stay this way
ragini: ya dude please
yash: leave me alone for sometime no one follow me
yash leave the class while all the other are in the class except kavya who went behind yash without being noticed and few minutes later a boy comes
boy: who among you is sanky
sanky: me why
boy:(giving something) a guy asked me to give this letter to you
sanky:(takes the letter) who gave this
boy: i dont know
the boy leaves the class and here sanky opens the letter and starts reading it all get shocked
sanky: yash this is yash’s handwriting
lucky: then read it fast sanky
saky: okay (sanky starts reading the letter)
im sorry sanky lucky and all the other but i cannot live without swara you guys know right that after mom and dad’s death if it was not you guys and your family i would have been dead today i know i was alive and got alot of love from you guys like a brother but the first time i saw swara it gave me a different felling and as days passed i started falling for her and i dont know when she became my life and now she said that she does not love me and will never love me she is not even ready to give me a chance i for me ots impossible to imagine my life without her and hence im ending my life because anyway i’ll die without her if possible forgive me
your brother yash
after reading the letter everyone was shocked and they dint know how to react and started searching for him in the entire college but could not find him anywhere
ragini gets a call
ragini: hello
person: ragini kavya here
ragini: kavya where are you whose number is this you know yash
kavya:(cutting her in between) ragini listen i went behind yash and he is here at the hill point get everyone and come over here quick
ragini: what okay
ragini informs the gang whatever yash told and they leave
here at hill point
yash is standing at the dead end of the hill
yash: why god why did she do this she is not even ready to give me a chance now only one option is left for me that i die
kavya:(from a distance shouts) no yash dont do that
(guys by now you might have understood that kavya is in love with yash)
yash:(turn and looks at kavya) kavya what are you doing over here
kavya:(stepping forward) i came behind please dont do anything stupid please come back
yash: no i cannot live without here
before kavya could say anything yash jumps off shocking and and here sanky and friends also reach and see yash jumping
all together: YASH
they all run forward and at the end of the cliff and look down but cannot see anything other then trees since there is a jungle right down they all are crying and keep shouting yash name but no response and here for kavya it was like her whole itself stopped she dint know how to react
kavya: no he cant do this he cant leave me alone
all look at kavya she starts running here and there calling yash’s name all are shocked + confused seeing her
ragini:(hold kavya) whats wrong with you kavya stop
kavita: dint you see he just jumped
kavya: no he cant do that he cannpot i cant live without him
ragini: what do you mean
kavya: i love him he cannot leave me
she jerks ragini and starts running here and ther calling yash’s name all try to clam her down but no use
karan:(shouts) stop kavya yash jumped might be he is no more
kavya: no no
kavya starts moving toward the end of the cliff and shouts yash name and before anyone could say or do anything kavya too jumps off the cliff
everyone:(shocked) KAVYA
they move forward but yet again cant find anything and they call the police and they start searching for kavya and yash
2 days later
police: im sorry i think your friends are no more
sanky: hoe can you say that did you find their bodies
police: no we dint but
lucky: then how can you say that they are dead
police: its been two days since they jumped from the cliff is obvious that they are hurt and i dont think anyone can survive after jumping from such a height and about their bodies there is a jungle down might be some animal ate them
all are shattered hearing this and hold swara responsible for everything and from that time they hated her
flashback ends
sanky: we searched for both of you for 2 days but dint find you guys where exactly where you who saved
yash: well i dont know what exactly happened but when i open my eyes i was in the hospital over there i saw swara speaking to the doctor
all look at swara
sanky: will you tell us what exactly happened
swara thinks about something
after swara had left the class she had called her guards and told them to keep an eye on yash and when yash reached the hill top swara was informed about it she too reached the place when yash had jumped she was at a distance hence sanky and friends could not see her while sanky and friends were shocked swara had send her mens to the jungle to search for yash and when they were doing so kavya too jumped after a few hour minutes before the police arrived swara’s mens had found both yash and kavya and they were rushed to the hospital
flashback ends
sanky: swara how did you find yash
swara: when i left the class i had asked one of my friend to keep an eye on yash and as soon as found that yash had jumped me along with a few friends entered the forest and started searching for them and few hour later found them and got them admitted in the hospital
sanky:(angry) then why dint you tell us
lucky:(angry) do even know what our condition was then
yash: dont get angry on her she did not tell anything because i asked her not to tell anyone anything
sanky: but why
yash: because
after yash and kavya were rushed to the hospital their chances if survival was very less
yash gained his concious and heard doctor and swara’s talk
swara: doc how are they
doc: see swara i wont give you any false hope both are very critical chances of survival are very less
yash was confused thinking who are both
swara: how many percent doc
doc: well 20-25% for yash and 15-10% for kavya
hearing kavya’s name yash was all shocked
doc: well kavya has already slipped into coma and as of yash we need to wait for sometime
yash:(weak voice) sw aa ra
swar and doc turn towards yash
swara: yash your alright doc see he is concious
the doc starts checking yash
yash: what happen to kavya
swara does not say anything because of which yash starts shouting and his condition starts deteriorating
doc: swara tell him everything else his condition will worsen
swara nods and tells yash about what happened after he jumped and how kavya too jumped and was badly injured and how she slipped into coma after the operation and also told him their chances of survival was less listening to this yash had tears in his eyes
swara: you take rest yash i’ll inform your friends and come
swara turns and starts leaving but right then yash starts shouting with pain hence she immediately rushes to him the doctor checks yash
doc: swara he needs an operation right now and he too may slip into coma after the operation and if dont do it asap then he will not survive
swara: okay doc go ahead with the operation
the doc and other staff leave to prepare for the operation few minutes later yash was being taken to the OT
yash: swara
swara: yas yash
yash: swara please promise me that you’ll not tell anything to my friends
swara: but why the deserve to know it
yash: if i die during the operation then tell then but if i slip into coma dont tell them anything i dont know when i’ll wake up i dont to give them any false hope please
swara: but yash
yash: please swara promise me please
since yash had to be taken to the OT and he was not ready to go in till swara promises unwilling swara promises yash
swara: promise
with that yash was taken to the OT his operation was done but he slipped into coma both yash and kavya were alive but in coma
flashback ends
sanky: but why yash do you know how we felt we the police told us that you both are dead
yash: im sorry bhai but did not want to give you people false hope that why and its not swara’s fault its only because of her that me and kavya are alive today
all look at swara with guilt not know what to tell
sanky: what happen after that
swara starts telling what happen
after the surgery the doc come out of the OT
swara: doc how is he
doc: im sorry swara but as i told he has slipped into coma
swara: do you any idea how much time it will take for them to come out of oit
doc: im sorry but the condition they both are in nothing can be told
swara: doc any other option
doc: well there is one
swara: what
doc: dr mark
swara: you mean the surgeon in USA
doc: yes might be if he treats them their chance of coming out may be more
swara: all alright
doc: but how will you get them US
swara: dont worry i’ll get it done
after that swara got both of them admitted in USA and dr mark treated them
flashback ends
sanky: how did you manage to get them admitted in USA
swara: thats not the concern
lucky: but
swara: i dont wanna speak about it
sanky: okay what happen after that
yash starts speaking
yash was in coma for 4 months and then 4 months later gained concious doc informed swara and she immediately reached USA
swara: yash you alright
yash: yes i am and where are we how is kavya
swara: well we are in US and kavya is still in coma
yash: swara do sanskar laksh or anyone else know that im in coma
swara: dont worry no one knows anything about you and kavya they think that you both are dead
yash: thank you soo much
swara: thats not a prob your welcome
yash: swara please take me to kavya i want to see her
swara: not now take rest we’ll see her in the evening
later in the evening swara takes yash to kavya he see her and his eyes get filled with tears and then swara makes yash realise his love for kavya
swara: look yash this is love i know you said that you love me but what happen just because i said no you jumped you wanted to end your life but you did not even think for once what others would feel you say sanskar and laksh are your brothers right then why dint you think about them even once before giving up your life
yash:(guiltily) im sorry swara
swara: its okay yash but do you know that kavya love you
yash:(shocked) what no she does not love me
swara: then you did not understand her she really love and its true love and i knew this from before i have seen the way she adores you when you speak and when you were proposing me she was there i saw her eyes filled up with tears but still she did not say anything stayed right there just to see you happy but when i disagreed to your propose and you left the class upset sghe to moved out of the class behind you and followed you everywhere and when you jumped off the cliff she literally became mad and finally not being able to digest the fact that you are no more she too decided to end her life yash this is called true love she truly loves you yash
yash listens to this and then starts remembering all the past incidents where kavya always supported him and how she always use to stare at him and finally realises that kavya actually loved him
swara: yash do you want to speak to your friends now atleast
yash:no swara
swara: but why
yash: not until kavya gains her concious
swara: okay as you wish
then 5 months later kvya too gained his concious and by then yash had completely fallen for her and even confessed his love as soon as she was up she too excepted it happily and then they got back to india
flashback ends
kavya: thank you swara its only because of you that we both are together and alive
swara:(smiles) its okay
someone place a hand on swara’s head swara turns and find a couple standing behind her and the lady has kept her hand on swara’s head
lady: thank you beta
man: you have done a very big favour on us
kavya: mom dad
she goes to them and hugs them
kavya: swara (pointing towards the lady and man) this is my mom and this my dad
lady: thank you so much beta for saving our daughter
swara: your welcome aunty and your daughter is my friend so i can atleast do so much for her
man: beta you have done a big favour on us is there anything that we can do for you
swara: yes there is one thing please dont separate yash and kavya they love each other alot
man: ok beta
kavya: thank you so much swara
kavya hugs swara swara too wanted to hug her back but could not since arjun was holding her hand a minute later kavya breaks the hug
swara: i think we (swara and arjun) should leave now
kavya: no swara please please come with us we all are going to my house to spend little time together
swara: what will i do at your place kavya and more over arjun is not well
kavya: swara you said na im your friend so please come and arjun can take rest in the house
yash: come on yaar swar please come na
kavya’s parents: yes beta you too come
yash: (to the gang) guys tell her to come na
gang: come swara
swara looks at the gang and all have their eyes down due to guilt of what they did with her they all remember swara’s word which are now echoing in their ears ‘day the truth come out that time i’ll see how you all will face ourselves that will be your punishment’
swara: okay lets go
all the youngsters leave the canteen and walk towards the parking lot

okay guys im stopping over here my fingers are paining typing and im sorry once again for the delay actually yesterday a few of my friends had come home and i dint get time to write and this part is basically only revealing what happen 9 months back and why sanky and gang hated swara sorry for no swasan scenes but next part you’ll their scenes
so why do you think arjun reacted in this way and never let go of swara’s hand do you think swara should easily forgive sanskar now that he is guilty
i hope you like this part please give your feed backs and dont worry from now i’ll give regular updates please do comment

Credit to: alahna

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