realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 6)


Hey guys really very sorry i could not post from last 2 days one im not keeping well and two was stuck with assignments but i’ll be updating now and now coming to the comments guys im happy with the number of comments but a fact that the comments are getting less as we proceed thats why please the silent readers as well comment you see it take us a long time to write all this and also i need your suggestions as well and if by chance you dont like anything let me know dont mind even if it is something negative
Okay so according to the comments you all want ragini to be +ve thats cool with me because i too wanted the same thing now coming to the next thing that is what will i reveal first purely based on comments more number of people want me to first reveal the past that is why sanky and gang hate swara so’ll be revealing that first but dont worry the next part i’ll reveal that swara is rich and who exactly she is and now finally coming to raglak see guys i dont know how many of your like their pair and how many of you dont (see this is the only serial i watch because my every day schedule is tightly packed hence get no time to watch tv and i watch this show cause that time i spend a lil time with my mom and since i started watching it i loved swasans bond so they are my only fav couple) enough of my talks here but as i said now since ragini will be +ve we’ll see some shades of her then you can decide if you want raglak or some else to pair up with ragini and laksh i hope thats okay with all of you hapoe i have answered everyones questions now lets proceed with the story

okay so now we’ll begin the story with a leap of 5 weeks why 5 weeks then here is the answer 3 weeks back their exams got over then they had a vacation of 2 weeks therefore that make 5 weeks see i dont want to stretch this exam thing and all it will get booring and nor do i want to describe what exactly they did in the vacations so but ya before finally starting i’ll wanna let you all know a lil piece of information see the and mba students had their exams in the morning and the medical students in the afternoon (why am i telling this u’ll find out soon) and right after the exams got over the next day swara disappeared sanky tried finding her but no use where did she go u’ll find out so finally lets begin
all students have assembled in the audi since it is the start of a new semester sanky and gang are already present speaking to each other anfter a few minutes swara enters with her friends she is wearing a baby pink colour shirt full sleeves (guys will reveal why she is wearing full sleeves later on) and white jeans she has left her hair open with a hair band kajal in her in big eyes and pink lip gloss she is looking extremely cute and beautiful as soon as she entered every once eyes are have shifted to her all boys are looking at her admiringly while girls are jealous she looks at everyone staring at her but without paying any attention she goes and stands with her friends there she notices sanky and his gang staring at her but she just ignores them here sanky is completely mesmerized seeing her and lost in her beautiful finally he comes back to the world when princi and dean enter
dean: good morning students
students: good morning sir
dean: i hope you all have enjoyed you vacations i know it was small but you need to remember it for your betterment
students: yes sir
dean: so today is the first day of your new semesters but today you will be having no classes apparently just the intros since a few teacher will be changed in each dep nor will you be having classes tomorrow but you have to come to college
all students get happy hearing no classes and confused as why they should come to college if they have no classes but the next announcement makes their happiness fly away from the door and windows
dean: i know you are happy with the announcement that you do not have classes today and tomorrow today enjoy as much as you want tomorrow is your results
all the students are shocked actually shock will be an under statement to describe their states
dean: well we know you all are shocked but this time your results have come out rather early and this time result is not going to be online nor will it be put up on the notice board this time your parents need to come and collect it personally
well after this news i think we all can imagine our PTA in schools now coming to the students this was like an heart attack as if they die right that moment they all start speaking among themselves
dean: silence students i know this shocking but we cannot do anything we have orders from above so tomorrow you all will come with you parents at sharp 11:30 and remember only parents both mom and dad no guardians will be allowed and if you dont get them then you’ll not be allowed to attend the classes i hope i have made myself clear and more thing before you all leave you dont have to worry as to how you’ll tell your parent because to make your work easy we have already send the messages to your parents now you all may leave
all the students leave the audi with shocked faces not knowing how to react after they leave a few classes take place but no one pays attention on the classes as it was not important and also because they were still in shock so finally their classes get over time to go home but before leaving swara and her friends go to the canteen and the next minute after swara entered sanky enters with his friends they 2 gangs are seated on 2 different tables (obvio) opposite to each other they can clearly who is talking what swara and her friends are taking while sanky and friends are still in shock
swara and her friend table
abeer: tho swara tell us were did you disappear right after the exam no calls nothing
this bring sanky and gangs attention towards them since they all wanted to find out about it
swara: woh i actually had some work abeer
kabir: what was so important huh that you could not lift our call or reply to our messages ja we are angry at you right friends
all friends (that is abeer kabir sahil mehek muskan anurag and barun): right
swara:(looking at all of then who have turned their faces) acha baba sorry (with that she hold her ears)
all her friends look at her cute face and forget their anger and they have a group hug
anurag: acha swara we forgave you but atleast tell us where did you go you were not in kolkatta right
swara: yup i was in america
hearing this sanlak and gang get shocked because according to them swara is poor
barun: america wow lucky you girl but why did you go there
swara: i told you guys na i had some work now please dont ask what work
sanky and gang were looking at each other while kavita was fuming in jealousy thinking swara visited USA and she could not even after being so rich hence
kavita: ya ya dont ask her anything im sure she will not be able to answer if you ask her question about USA you know lies to have i limit
while kavita was saying all this swara’s friends were fuming in anger when sanky was angry with her behaviour once she was done with her crap swara’s friends were going to teach her a lesson but
swara: guys just relax ignore her and her words
kavita: why swara getting scared that your truth will be out
swara gives no reaction
kavita: whta happen baby tell something na your getting scared you know you poor people should lie in limits
(guys the canteen is half filled and kavita is speaking all this loudly so that everyone hears her basically she is insulting swara in front of those people)
swara still gives no reaction to her words
kavita: what happen speak up dont you have a mouth to speak
sanky:(angry) enough kavita
lucky: lets leave guys
kavita: wait na sanky lucky these poor people need to be thought their limits (standing up from her chair) so what were you saying swara you went to USA huh seriously wait wait im sure your parents might have told you tell this rights to attract boys
swara closes her fist in anger because she does not want to do something wrong in anger
kavita: its so obvious na like parents like daughter cheap daughter and her cheap parents
that is for swara she moves towards kavita and gives her one tight slap seeing swara’s anger every single soul gets scared (since she is usually a very clam person) they all stand up
swara:(eyes red with anger) enough kavita not a word more against my parents i had already warned you
kavita: how dare you swara you know right im kavita gadodia you know my father right so you must also know that i can destroy you in minutes you blo*dy b*t*h and your parents
but before she could complete
swara:(angry) dont dont you dare and what were you saying you’ll destroy me forget about destroying you cannot even lay a finger at me last time i dint do anything does not mean i cannot do anything you still have no idea who i am dont make me become my real self if i do then i’ll make your life worst than hell you cannot imagine its consequence and what did you say kavita gadodia and your father mr shekhar gadodia yes i do know him very well dont have so much pride on your status it wont even take me minutes to get you on road yet again im telling you you have no idea who i am so stay in your limits take this as the last warning else the after consequence you’ll be responsible for it
with that swara leaves the canteen leaving everyone shocked almost after 10 minutes swara left everyone slowly started coming out of the shock swara’s friends and the other students left the canteen only sanky and his gang were present
sanskar was totally shocked to see this side of swara no one had seen it till date
amar: what was that guys
chirag:(stammering with fear) swa swara was looking so (due to fear he could not complete his sentence)
guys so seeing this side of swara sanky and gang are scared of her now
ragini: kavita you okay
kavita:(with fear) y ye yes
ragini: what was the need for you tell all that to her
kavita stay mum
lucky: god dude day by day we are getting to see her new sides and this one was soo scary
sanky:(thinking) ya so much confidence she said we dont know her who is she
lucky: dont know buts get back home im already very tired and tomorrow is hell day we need to prepare for it as well
everyone agrees with lucky and they leave for their houses
Next day 11:15 am
all the students are moving in with their parents right then 3 cars come to halt from the 1st car sanlak and uttara come out 2nd car dp ap rp and sujata and from the 3rd car ragini kavita shomi and shekhar walk out they all meet
white the youngters wave their hands at each other the elders greet each other
shekher: i hope you all have done well in your exams
dp: yes dont let our heads get bend in front of your teacher
shomi: arey they wont come lets go else we might get late
they all begin walking here sanlak the studs of the college who always play pranks and flirt are walking with their heads down same with kavrag after covering a little distance rp sujata shekar shomi kavragutt take a right and dp ap and sanlak take left
dp ap and sanlak reach the class and there are many parents seated on the benches and students standing behind their parents in tension dp and ap also get seated while sanlak are standing behind them and speaking to their friends all tensed 5 minutes later swara enters the class wearing a black tee with blue coat with 2 cute black flower near the collar and black jeans she has simple flower studs in her ears hair tied into a pony with a little hair falling on either side of her face same kajal in eyes pink lip gloss and minimal makeup since she does not need it yet again all eyes are no her must this time all parents are eyeing her more than the students swara notices this gives them a smile and goes to her friends parents greets and speaks to them now its been 30 minutes since all are seated but no clue about the teacher or dean right then shekhar shomi rp sujata kavragutt come near sanlak’s class with sad faces seeing this dp ap and sanlak move out of the class to speak to them
dp: what happen why are you all so sad did you get their results
ap: yes what happen shomi sujata
shekhar: they both kavrag just managed to scrape through
rp: even uttara’s result is bad this time she has come 3rd class (reason will reveal as we proceed)
dp:(looking at kavragutt) you all had prepared well right then why this type of result
kavragutt keep mum
shekhar: too much love they are getting know that why they get whatever they demand for right that why
rp: your right
ap: leave they’ll do good next time
shomi: what happen to sanlak’s result
ap: teacher has not yet come
dp: come you all also sit in the class itself
now everyone is settle all the elders attention is drawn towards swara who is sitting on the desk on the row in front of them speaking to her friends and laughing full heartedly while sanky his boy gang and the girls are speaking
sanky: what happen to you uttara you score good then this time
uttara: dont know bhai
kavita:(looking at swara) where are her parents
amar: whose
kavita: swara’s
karan: dont know she entered the class alone
kavita: good might be she dint do well in her exams thats why dint bring them let her get punished
right then the teacher and dean enter the class seeing them swara jumps from the desk but too date dean already saw her
dean: you wont change right swara
swara:(with a pout looking over cute) sorry sir
dean:(smiling) its okay to stand in your place
swara and her friends move and stand at their places swara is standing in front of dp and ap and sanlak are standing behind ap and dp (guys the class is step wise so even if you stand in front then next row person can see everything clearly because its at a more height)
dean: we are extremely sorry for the delay we know you all have been waiting for a long time but there was one students result which was checked again actually officers from up had come to check the students paper again we are sorry once again
all parents: its okay
dean: so this one student because of whose the delay was cause let me announce that students result in front of you all as her punishment then the teacher mr sharma will call your childs name you can come and collect their result from him so what say student stall we punish that student
all students: yes sir
kavita: i hope that student is swara who gets insulted in front of all
sanlak and ragutt look and kavita and nod their heads side ways
dean: okay (angry) then miss swara bose please come over here
kavita: see i was right
all the students look on in shock swara walks and stand next to the dean
dean: she is the one who caused the delay
swara looks at him in shock and surprise
dean: how could you swara you know only because of you those officers had to come from delhi to check your papers again
all the students are shock while swara now is confused
dean: confused huh then let me clear it my dear girl this time as well you have topped not only the state but the entire nation as well
now turn for the parents to get shocked along with the students while swara has a beautiful smile playing on her lips
dean: swara you have not only topped do you know your percentage it is 98.88% that means 99%
now every single soul have their mouths wide open while swara is smiling more brightly making her face glow
dean:(passing her report card) here see it your selt
swara:(taking the report card) thank you sir
while all are looking at swara ahe is looking at her report card when some holds her ear
swara: ouch
its princi and another teacher mrs khan
mrs khan: where were you swara i asked you to come to the class right
swara: ouch ma’am its paining lease leave my ear and i forgot that i had to come to the class sorry
mr khan:(releasing her ear) its okay my girl
princi: swara here take your report card
now its turm for all to come out of shock and get confused as to which report card is this now
swara looks at the other report card then looks at princi and mrs khan with a smile
princi: yes swara its your only
dean: so how much did she score
princi: perfect 98%
dean: congratulation swara
swara: thank you sir
dean:(looks at everyones confused faces) i know you all are shocked and confused shocked because of this girls (pointing towards swara) % and confused why 2 reports card let me clear it she doing her mba studies with her mbbs
all are shocked because no one knew about it
dean: yes you heard it right she completed her along with her 3 years of mbbs and now she is doing mba she has scored 99% in mbbs and 98% in mba she wrote her mba’s exam in the morning and mbbs in the after and still scored such nice marks we are proud to have a student like you swara
swara:(smiling) thank you sir (swara eyes have welled up a lil)
dean:(looking at swara) dont cry swara i know you miss your parents but im sure about one thing right now looking at you from heaven both might be really happy and proud to have a daughter like you who has fought against all odds in her life and reached this stage of life
swara:(eyes welled up) i’ll will not cry sir why should i and who said my parents are not with me i know they are physically not present over here but mentally they are always they live in my heart and always guide me help me out when im in difficulties they are never away from their and will be they promised to stay by my side and i know they always will
while all the other including swara’s friends are shocked because no one knew about this that her parents are no more
dean: i now your a strong girl swara but this strong i dint know now get back to your place swara and all the other may please collect the report card as mr sharma calls you
dean princi and mrs khan leave the class swara gets back to her place where all her friend and their parents are congratulating her and mr sharma starts distributing the report cards and speaks to the parents as well and here sanky and friend come out of shock and start speaking
sanky: her parents are no more
lucky: i cant believe my ears guys
sanky: thats the reason i guess she cannot hear anything against her parents
kavita: leave all that
sanky: shut up kavita dare you say anything about her now atleast keep quite for sometime
kavita: sanky im just telling how did she score such high marks
ragini: guys 99% and 98%
uttara: bhai did you know that swara is doing mba as well
sanky: nope no idea
while they are speaking here swara sits down on a chair takes out her mobile unlocks the screen looks at her parents and starts speaking to it and when she is going so dp ap rp sujata shekhar and shomi are listening to her but they cannot see the pic sanky and gang also listen to her
swara:(to the pic) ma baba see i did it again i again topped just like you wanted i promise baba i’ll become a successful doctor like you wanted me to became i will fulfil each and every dream you saw for me and your dreams as well which you left incomplete due to your death (tears fall of her eyes) i miss you ma baba why did you leave me alone your angel needs both of you i know you both are always present with me in my heart but i want to feel you its been 7 years since you both left me but all this is just like a bad dream i was just 15 were you so up with me that left me i use to trouble both of you alot right i promise i’ll never trouble you i’ll do everything you guys say ma i’ll even drink milk i’ll do no masti but you guys please come back ma baba just shake me and wake up just like this is a bad dream i again want to hold baba’s hand and walk which give me protection that no one can harm me and ma i want to sleep in your lap free from all tension but you both wont come back right why could you both are together na with eachother why would you care about your shona that she is all alone and you god you watch everything right then why why did you take my parents away from me why did you give me this punishment what did i do to deserve this i never asked anything from you accept one thing that i wont to feel my parents once i want to feel their loving touch just once but even thats not possible ma baba i love you and miss you both loads
saying all this to pic in the cell swara buts head down on the desk and continues crying unware that the maheshwari’s gadodia’s sanky and gang and swara’s friends heard everything everyones eyes are filled infact most of them are crying as well and if god heard her then might be he was crying as well
swara friends move towards her and barun keeps his hand on her shoulder swara wipes her tears and looks up to find her friends standing around her
barun: please swar dont cry we all are with you
swara:(hitting her head) arey barun dont worry i will not cry because you know my tears hurt my baba alot and i cannot hurt him i know i became an emotional fool for a little while but know i wont so dont worry no more crying now guys stop crying and smile
swara smile and makes her friends smile as well and they have a group hug gadodia and maheshwari’s are surprised seeing this
swara: guys lets go to the canteen im dam hungry
with that swara and her friends go to the canteen 10 minutes later sanlak get their report card both scored 60% and they leave to the canteen as well and when they enter swara leaves with her friends the elders are seated around table sanky and boys around another and the girls along with uttara on another the table are next to each other
right then a poor boy of around 8 years enters and goes near kavita
boy: didi im hungry please give something
kavita: hey you go away
boy: please didi i did not eat since many days
kavita:(angry and shouts) i said go away
the boy gets scared but still
boy: didi please (holds kavita’s hand)
kavita gets angry seeing the boy hold her hand and pushes him so badly that he falls on the ground and hurts his leg and elbow the elder and sanlak get angry seeing kavita’s behaviour sanlak were going to help the boy but kavita stops them the boy gets up and goes and stand near the canteens entrance swara has seen all this since she had come back to get her book which she left by mistake swara now goes and places order
swara: 3 noodles 1 cold drink and water bottle
she gets everything keeps it on one of the table in the canteen and goes to the little boy
swara: hello
the boy looks up at swara with scared eyes
swara: what happen i said hello you too should say na
boy: he hello
swara: that like it come
she hold the boys hand and gets him to the canteen makes him sit on the chair this yet again brings everyones attention towards her
swara: acha what is your name
boy: chotu
swara: wow chotu you have such a nice name
swara bends down and cleans the boys wound and starts bandaging it
swara: chotu it might pain a little okay (diverting the boys attention because he is continously looking at his leg) but you know what you should never leave your wounds open they cause infection you know those bad monsters come and attack they are very bad and see you first aid is done and you dint even feel the pain
the boy smiles at swara then swara places a noddles box infront of him and sits beside him
swara: here chotu you were hungry right have this
the boy gets so happy that he starts eating it as if he never had food
swara: slow down chotu else the food will get stuck
after sometime the boy stops eacting and looks at swara
swara: what happen
chotu: i’ll take this my sister also did not eat anything i’ll give this to her she become happy
swara: no chotu you complete this now
the boy comes the food then swara makes him drink water and makes him wash his hand
swara:(giving a cover) take this chotu this has 2 more boxes of food cold drink and water make your sister have it
chotu:(crying) thank you didi
swara kneels down i front of the boy and wipes this tears
swara: chotu no crying strong boys do noy cry okay
the boy nods his head in a yes and kisses swara’s cheek
swara: aww thank you
swara takes her wallet takes out a 100 rupee note and gives it to the boy
swara: keep this with you okay bye
chotu: bye
with that the boy runs away and swara friends come and stand in front her they had seen everything since they had come to search for her
kabir: what was that swara
swara: arey guys that boy dint have proper food from many day it was clearly seen on his face see we bye one silk and have it within minute that does not even satisfy our hunger thats why instead i so made him eat it food and look on his face was so good
kabir: but you could have given him money
swara: and what guarantee do you have that thhe money i give him will not be take by someone else
kabir: acha got your point but why did you give him money then
swara: so that he does not get screwed for money
kabir: your impossible to understand
mekeh: true but you also have a golden heart
a voice says something all turn towards him and get surprised
voice: that is why she is my swara
all turn and look at the person
swara:(smiling) arjun
swara runs towards arjun and hugs him tightly arjun too hugs her tightly lifts her and starts rotating after a few minutes puts her down but still hugging swara tightly masheshwari and gododia elders are surprised seeing their bond while sanky is again fuming in jealousy and anger
swara:(breaking the hug) what are you doing here you were going to come next week na
arjun: thought to surprise yo and you YK (remember guys last part i spoke this person how swara face lit up listening to his name) wanted to meet you that why came early
swara: YK where are they
a boy and girl come towards swara seeing them she gets really happy and hugs then the boy and girl’s back are sanky and gang hence the are not able to see their face
swara: how are you guys
boy and girl: we are good swar and you
swara: im awesome as always i think you should meet them now they are right behind you
the boy and girl seeing them everyone get shocked
gang:(shocked) YASH KAVYA
so end here on their shocking faces

so guys who do you think yash and kavya are how are they related to swara why are sanky and gang shocked seeing them sorry for no swasan scenes i hope you like this part it almost took 2 hours to type this hence leave your feedbacks and next part i’ll reveal the past please guys do comment

Credit to: alahna

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