realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 5)


Hey guys i know you people want me to update the next part asap even i think that i’ll do it but thats not happening i have my college then assignments and studies i need to be prepared for my exams before they start after all its about my future and career and taking a risk on it is big NO NO im sure you all understand my situation but i still promise like i said if im bored studying and free that day for sure will update another part as well
okay thats enough about me now coming to the story great response thank you so much guys ok so some wanted swara to slap sanskar and punish the girls but i dint want that because as we all know every action has an equal and opposite reaction (newton’s law ;)) if swara would do something then that would have a reaction i mean the gang would do something then again swara reacts then gang and it goes on so we would basically be stuck in revenge itself next thing you people wanted swasan scenes i’ll give few swasan scenes today and also how sanskar faces swara how will he apologies that still has time because as said sanky and gang hate swara because of something so before he apologies i need to reveal the reason of their hatred and clear their misunderstanding that swara is innocent which i’ll do in the next 2 episodes glad you are liking the bond between swara and arjun (all besties share the same kind of right like they come to our house and behave like its their our parents are their parent and so on i toh share this kind of bond with my besties he behaves in the same way im sure all the other besties as well share same kind of bond) guys i might be getting you people bored but im writing this its only because i do not comment i mean reply to your comment i dont get time you see but i make sure to read each and every comment and dats why before i begin with the story i write this up so as to let you know that i do read you comments each and everyone of them and i hope im answer the questions you ask them as well now enough of my bak bak lets begin

So today it starts with sansky and gang speaking about something before arjun and swara move out of deans cabin
Ouside dean’s cabin
lucky: what just happened inside i cannot believe it
karan: yup dude even after having proof against us she did not do anything
kavita: im sure she is planning something big
sanky:(thinking) no kavita nothing can be worst then what all she told rustication , police complain , informing our parents and the biggest bomb giving the video to the media if she would have done any of these thing we would have been dead our lifes our careers everything would have been destroyed but she dint do anything as for such
ragani: infact she even asked dean sir not to take any action against us
lucky: but what happen 9 months back and what happen today how can a person have two face
sanky: thats exactly what im thinking
their conversation are disturbed by the opening of the cabins door they see swara walking out of the room with arjun’s support who is holding her by her shoulder
swara looks around and sees everyones eyes at her she gives them a glance and starts walking but right then sanlak come and stand in front of her blocking her way seeing theis arjun who was already furious at then burst at them
arjun:(angry) what the hell is your problem haven’t you done enough that you are again standing in front of her blocking her way
lucky: we want to speak to her
arjun:(even more angry) but she will speak to any of you
sanky: and who are to decide that
arjun: whoever i am thats none of your concern but remember you are no one to her stay away from her otherwise”
sanky:(angry) who are you to decide what i am to her and what i am not and otherwise what huh
arjun takes a step forward but swara holds his hand and stops him
swara: stop it both of you will you we are standing in front of dean’s office
arjun: but shona he
swara: let it go arju it does not matter for my sake
arjun nods and holds her hand tightly seeing this sanskar gets jealous
swara:(to sanskar) mr sanskar maheshwari what he said was right you are no one to me get that straight and please dont create a scene over here
sanskar gets upset hearing he mean nothing her
swara yet again starts walking but again sanlak along with the gang come and stand in front of her
arjun:(angry and frustrated) what now dint you people understand she does not want to speak to all
swara looks at arjun and nods her head in a no
lucky: please swara once let us speak after that we will not disturb you
swara: fine only 5 minutes
lucky: thank you so much
swara: its alright now shoot
sanky: why dint you take any action against us i mean you could have easily taken revenge from us
swara:(smiling) is that what you actually want to ask
all look at swara confusingly
sanky: yes
swara: seriously dude i know i dont know you but for i fact i know this is not the question you wanna ask so get to the point and shooy it out you only have 4 minutes left
sanskar looks shocking at swara as how well she understood him that this actually was not the thing he wanted to ask
sanky: alright i wanted to ask that question as well with another question
swara: so tell me the other question as well then i’ll answer both
sanky: what happen 9 months back and what happen now today how is it possible i mean how can you have two faces
swara’s answer stunned everyone
swara:(smiling and noding her head side ways) okay to answer your first question i did not take any action against you people because that would spoil you future your careers and that would not only affect you but your parents as well i dint want that short and simple i hope you understood
and coming to your second question how can be two faced i do no have two faces this is me the way im standing in front of you this is who i am and coming to what happen 9 months back that was not my fault you people misunderstood me i did try speaking to you all but no use you were too involved in you egos and planning a revenge on me and now i am not giving any justification on happen 9 months back i care a dam what you people think about be but one day the truth will come out and that time i’ll see how you all will face ourselves that will be your punishment
sanskar laksh ragini and the others are still looking shockingly at her and her words are going on in their minds
swara: now if your done with you questions im leaving
swara and arjun start walking away but then arjun suddenly turns and walks up the gang stand in front of them
arjun: after this i dont want to see any of you around her and if next time anything like this happen to her you will see the worst of me she is my life i can do anything to protect her take this as a warning
saying this arjun walks back to swara holds he shoulder by one hand and her hand by the other and starts walking while sanskar here is fuming with anger and jealousy
lucky: sanky what did she just tell what if she is right that we have misunderstood her
ragini: it can be true lucky because you see she has never been rude to anyone infact she helps people around her
soha: hmmmm true
deepti: leave about us we only see her during the recess you guys tell us what you think
karan: as far as i remember she done nothing wrong with anyone
rahul: that means what she was telling was true that we misunderstood her
lucky: what do you think sanky
sanky: i dont know but i could see honestly in her eyes i have always seen honestly in her eyes but she has done something wrong then how is it possible
hearing this kavita gets angry
kavita: she is just faking guys if she is so good then why did she give that warning order to us
sanky:(angry) because thats for her safety and what the hell is wrong with you did you see the way you have hit her banging her head against that metal shelf seriously hitting her with rods and then kicking her with you heels on wow dude bang on
all the girls get scared of sanskar’s anger
kavita: wo wwo sanky i……. i
lucky: what i kavita how could you people become so in human
sanky: she could have died damit
lucky: exactly she could have died and ragini you i atleast dint expect this from you
ragini: wo lucky ………….. im sorry
sanky: sorry our motive was only to break her but you people tho planned to kill her itself
amar: but nothing worked she is standing in front of us even more stronger
lucky: true i have never seen a girl stronger than swara
karan: ya man if something like this would have happened with me i would not dare raise my voice against that person
ragini: exactly if someone would have dumped me like this i would be soo broken i would have left this college itself
chirag: and those injuries i would not have come out of the week for a week or 2
sanky: indeed she is dam strong very difficult to break her (in mind) that is way she is my swara
right then dean and princi come out of the cabin
dean: you people are still here
all turn towards him
karan: sir we were leaving
they were about to leave but then
rahul: sir please dont tell anything to our parents
dean: if it was in my hands i would have definitely tell your parent but that girl with whom you did so wrong does not want your parents to know about this
princi: that is why we are quite as well now leave
the gang leaves with surprised shocked and guilty faces
here in the call swara and arjun are seated next to each other talking happily a while later the gang reaches in front of the class and look at swara who is smiling happily
sanky: you girls go to your class now collect your hall tickets we’ll meet after that as it is college gets over after this so we’ll leave home
girl: okay bye

with that the girls head towards their class and the boys enter their class continuously looking at swara finally they go their seats and get seated and here arjun gets a call
arjun:(looking at his mobile) shona its an important call i’ll come back in few minutes
swara nods with that arjun leaves the call goes outside and attends the call here the teacher enters the class
teacher/lecturer: listen students i want all of you to be seated according to you roll calls i’ll be back in five minutes with your hall tickets by then be settled
the teacher leaves the class after that and students start moving here and there searching for the place where they have to be seated swara somehow moves out of the place where she is seated and starts moving toward the the place she has to sit but due to the hurt in her leg is not able to hold her weight on her legs she is fall but at the nick moment sanskar moves forward and hold swara tightly by her waist and is continuously staring at her innocent cute face
swara finally opens her big black dove shaped eyes and looks at sanskar holding her here sanskar is lost in her beautiful eyes swara then stand up straight by holding sanskar’s shoulder and removes her hands from his shoulder and waits for him to remove his hands from her waist but here sanskar is lost in his own world swara having no more patience in her removes his hand from her waist with a jerk this brings sanskar back to the world seeing swara jerk his hand sanskar gets sad
swara: thank you
before sanskar could tell anything swara again starts moving she holds the desk beside her takes it support and starts walking but still is not able to it could clearly be seen that she is not able to walk and how much pain she is in
sanskar sees this and moves towards her and holds her shoulder swara looks at him and next minute she jerks his hand away and
swara: i do not need your help stay away from me
she yet again starts walking taking baby step but sanskar turns her around and holds her hand tightly he is holding her hand at the same place where kavita had hurt her and due his grip on her it starts bleeding swara feels the pain but does not show it and struggles to free her hand from his grip but all in vain instead his grip only becomes more tight on her all the while sanskar is only looking at swara’s face a minute later he feels something wetting his hand he looks down at her hand and finds it bleeding he removes his hand from hers instantly and
sanky: im sorry i dint know………….. how im sorry
swara just ignores his words and is about to move but sanskar places his hand in front of her and stops her from moving
sanky: listen swara your hand is bleeding come with me we’ll go to the medical room and get its first aid done
he moves forwrd to hold swara’s hand but she stops him
sanky: swara please i know your angry at e you hate me but right now all that is not important please first get your first aid done
swara: and who told you that im angry at you and i hate you please stop giving such importance to yourself alright
sanky: fine i’ll not but your hand
swara: listen mr sanskar maheshwari you do not need to care for me i can take care of myself you are no one to tell me what i should do and what i should not
with that she removes the stole which is around her next and ties it oh her hand to stop the bleeding
abeer: swar why are you standing from such a long time come i’ll yake you to your place
with that she walks past sanskar with abeer’s help and gets seated at her place after she leaves sanskar removes his hanky from his pocket wipes the blood in his hand and to goes to his place which is next to swara on her left
while all this is happening there is a pair of eyes on then and that is laksh who has seen everything and is feeling bad for his brother
abeer: okay swar you sit here and if need anything call me and where did arjun go
swara: he got a call he’ll back
abeer: ok i’ll get back to my place before the teacher comes
swara smile and abeer goes back to his place her sanskar and rahul are speaking to each other but sanskar’s concentration is on swara rather than what ythey are speaking about he is continuously looking at swra from the corner of his eyes without being noticed after a few minutes arjun comes to the class and searches for swara he finally spots her and moves toward her and gets seated next to her (so they are seated something like this sanskar on the left swara in the center and arjun on the right) sanskar does not like a bit that arjun is seating next to swara now his entire concentration is only on swara and arjun
arjun: arey shona why did you come over here
swara: woh we had to sit according to our roll call
arjun sees that sanskar is seated next to her he gets angry because of it but then looks at swara’s cute face and lets go of his anger
arjun: okay fine but you could have atleast waited for me to come i would have taken you to you place why did you take so much pain
swara: i did not take any pain abeer helped me
arjun: oh okay
arjun notices that her stole is on her hand (guys swara is wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans and tired the stole on the sleeve itself)
arjun: shona why have you tired your stole on your hand
swara: (in mind) if he finds out that my hand was bleeding he’ll get angry
arjun: shona what happen
swara: nothing
arjun: okay why did you ties it around your hand
swara: wo wo ya i was feeling hot so i removed it from my next and tied it on my hand
arjun: stop lying shona you know you cant so dont try it
swara: okay im telling but should not get angry (arjun nods in a yes) my hand was bleeding thats why i tied it
arjun:(worried and angry) what your hand was bleeding how can you be so careless come lets go to the doc
swara: chill arju its alright now see its not bleeding
arjun: no shona come lets go to the doc
swara: okay arju we’ll go but after i collect the hall ticket teacher may come any minute
arjun: okay fine
swara: by the way what took you so long to come and whose call was it
arjun: it was YK
swara:(listening to that swara’s face immediately lights up) YK what did he yell how is he
arjun: chill shona your so excited he is alright and what he told i’ll tell you later we are in the class now lots of people around us
swara:(pout) okay
arjun: shona you look so cute when you do this
with that he raps his arms around her and give her a tight side hug sanskar who has heard their entire conversation and now seeing this is burning with jealousy
and here swara and arjun are speaking to each other continously pulling each other leg joking laughing full heartedly this make sanskar irritated and even more jealous a few minutes later the teacher enters

lecturer: arjun dean sir is calling you
arjun: me but why
lecturer: no idea
swara: arju go might be something important
arjun: but shona
swara: go arju
arjun: okay you take care i’ll be back in few minutes dont go anywhere
arjun leaves the class
lecturer:(showing something) these forms have a few questions please fill them fast and then collect you hall tickets
all the students have been given the form and everyone start filling it here when swara and sanskar are filling it while writing their hands nudge against each other (sanskar is a right handy and swara is a left handy) they look at each other and there is an eye lock which is immediately broken by swara sanskar feels bath about but then both again get busy filling the form swara is the first one to finish it
swara: ma’am im done
the entire call turns towards her
lecturer: so fast swara have to checked it
swara: yes ma’am i have
lecturer: ok

she takes the form form from swara checks it everything is perfect so she gives her the hall ticket but swara could not move out hence decides to wait for arjun tom return in the class itself here the other students have alot of doubts while filling the form hence they ask for the teachers help but since everyone is asking different different question she is getting frustrated
lecturer: stop it all of you keep quite swara i need you help
swara: yes ma’am
lecturer: i’ll help the students this side and you help the students towards your side
swara:(because she has a helpfull nature) alright
lecturers: okay so you people one by one go to swara she’ll help you out
swara starts helping everyone fill their form and finall now it sanskar’s turn she turns towards him
swara: what help do you want
sanky:(showing something on the form) im not able to understand this what am i suppose to write here
swara starts explaining what exactly he should write but sanskar is too lost in her to listen to anything swara finally find him staring ay her and moves her hand in front of his face
swara: oh hello where are lost did you understand what i said
sanky:(coming out of his dream world) woh i i
swara just shakes her head side ways and swra move her hand forward and places her palm in front of his but sankar does not understand what she wants to tell
sanky: what
swara: give me your pen i’ll fill it my pens ink is different from your
sanskar gives his pen to swara in this process their hands again come in contact with each other which give a sparking affect both look at each other but then swara starts filling the form asking a few thing to him finally done with it she gives him the form now all have got their hall tickets meanwhile arjun too comes and all the students start leaving
then finally everyone get back to their houses

Sankar’s room
he is seated on the bed and looking at his handkerchief which has swara’s blood and keeps on thing about all the incident that took place today finally he removes his cell and keeps looking at his and swara selfies and finally stop at a picture which is only swara she is looking cute in a yellow top as innocent as a child with no worries at all and keeps on looking at it he cares the screen of this mobile and his eyes are shining because of the tears slowly welling up in his eyes
a few minutes later laksh walk in sanskars room and find his brother lost somewhere hence goes and sits next to him its been 10 minutes since he is sitting there but seeing no response for sanskar laksh finally peeps into his phone and finds sanskar staring at swara’s pic and caring it he stays um for a few minutes then finally breaks the silence
lucky:(placing his hand on sanskar’s shoulder) what are you thinking sanky
sanky:(finally coming out of his thought looks at laksh and immediately keeps his cell inside his pocket) nothing nothing at and when did you come
lucky: 15 minutes back and sanky try hiding it from me i saw you seeing swara’s picture
sanskar shocking looks at laksh
lucky: dont get shocked i was sitting next to you from such a long time but still you were lost in your own world thats why i peeped into your phone now tell me what were thinking
sanskar does not say anything and just gets up from the next and starts moving towards the window when
lucky: you love her dont you
sanskar just freezes right there and walks upto him and stands in front of him
lucky: come on sanky im your brother i know we are of the same age but till im 5 minutes elder to you i do understand you dont keep anything inside you just let it out
sanky:(no longer able to hold the silence speaks) i dont know laksh if i love her or not but today after seeing that video after seeing her condition there it pained pained beyond limits i just could not see her in the condition when she said i am no one to her it was like thousands of swords piercing my body at once in the class room when i held her hand that gave me so much piece but the next moment when she jerked it it looked like my heart beats would stop seeing her blood in my hand the pain it gave me i cannot even describe it when i saw her with that arjun speaking so happily laughing with him i felt so irritated and annoyed and when he hugged her i wanted to strangle him you know laksh whenever our hand touch each other it gives a different kind of sensation which cannot be descried this feeling is totally different i have never felt it before its totally unknown to me but i want to find out about this
lucky:(smiling) ok we’ll find out about you feeling but not now after exams you sleep now stop thinking all of this we need to prepare for our exams from tomorrow good night
sanky:(smiling) good night
laksh leave the room sanskar goes back to his bed lies down again keeps looking at swara pic in his cell and finally doses off

okay so im stopping over here today hope you all like this part i’ll try uploading the next part as face as possible i hope you like the little interaction between swara and sanskar lots more ahead and also like laksh and sanskar’s bonding and sanskar finally trying to understand his unknown feeling
now i have a few questions for you all
do you want me to first reveal the past because of which sanky and gang hate swara or do you want me to reveal to the gang the swara is rich and who exactly she is
do you want ragini +ve or -ve i personally want her to be +ve because i do like the bond between them but then you people tell me +ve or -ve
do give your feedbacks if liked it or not please comment

Credit to: alahna

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