realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 4)


Hey guys really happy with the response thank you so much when i started writing i had no idea that you people will like it so much but you are hence im really very happy and i know im updating late sorry for it actually it was my besties birthday yesterday and like every year i spend my entire day with him and then we had to go out with friends and partied till late night stay over at his place i would have updated at night itself but could then i was dam tired and after that problem with internet anyway im updating it now sorry once again for the delay ok when i asked who should play arjun got a lot of responses parth samthan , karan wahi , karan tacker , gautam rode , dheeraj dhoopar , kushal tondon , amit tandon , mishkat varma , ayaz ahmed , shakti arora and i dont know how many more and trust im the most confused soul right now…………okay so if we go on the votes parth samthan has got the highest and i have read other ff’s on this page many have used parth samthan as character and i dont wanna use him in this story as well so the next highest is karan tacker i guess thats why he’ll be arjun i dont know how many of you are gonna like him playing this role but guys this is only on votes i mean there were 3 people i guess who wanted him to be arjun and if you dont like him imagine who ever you want because its just imagination rite anyway now lets begin with the story

it starts with arjun’s car entering the gate there a beautiful big mansion pearl which colour with some beautiful designs carved into them on the right side and big garden with lot of trees flowers glass opposite the mansion that is to the left of the car the mansion looks beautiful from ouside and full of security from ouside and inside arjun moves out of the car and once again lifts swara in his arms and walks inside the mansion as they enter they reach the living room as soon as ther entered the living room the servants/workers seeing swara and arjun gather around them
kaka (the oldest and trustable worker) : what happened to swara bitiya arjun baba
swara: nothing kaka im fine
kaka: but these wounds
arjun: (understands thst swara does not want to speak about the incident hence avoiding it) nothing kaka she fell down dont worry she’ll be alright you get juice for her she is a little weak
swara: (smiling) arjun please take me to my room
arjun: sure princess
they head towards swara room finally after climbing up the stairs they reach swara’s room which is off-white and sky colour (i personally like that colour alot and that my rooms colour as well that why) on one wall of the room there are alot of pics of swara with arjun and with her parents finally around places swara on the bed and looks at her who is lost in her own world of thoughts
arjun: kaha koh gaye hai where are you lost
swara:(coming out of her world) no where
arjun: really
swara: hmmm
arjun see that swara is sad and not that bubbly one who he had left and gone so to change her mood
arjun: swara
swara: h
arjun: woh actually i need to tell something
swara: then ytell
arjun: first promise me that you wont kill me
swara:(looking at arjun) why nwould i kill you arju
arjun: because
swara: because
arjun: you have grown fat i mean your so heavy my hands have started paining lifting you from such a long time
swara: (understood that arjun wants to change her mood)(fake anger) ARJUN
arjun: arrey im just telling the truth why you getting angry
swara: telling the truth huh waith
swara pick up the pillows and starts throwing at him
arjun: arrey moti lag jaye ga
swara: mai moti na wait
swara continues throwing more pillows while arjun is running around the room
swara: i was princess till now and now moti wait now i’ll show you idiot you na
with that she stands put loses her balance because she has hurt her leg she was going to fall but at the nick moment arjun gets hold of her hand and pulls her towards him preventing the fall he again make her sit on the bed
arjun:(angry) what was the need for you to stand huh you have already hurt yourself is that not enough that now you are doing this
swara: im okay arju
arjun:(still angry) okay look at yourself you have bandage every where and your telling me that your okay do you even have an idea what was my condition when i was saw you all injured in the college (a tear rolls down his eyes)
swara: (wiping his tears) dont cry arju please im sorry (she hold her ears)
arjun: (removing her hand from her ears) on one condition i’ll forgive you tell me who did this to you and what exactly happened
swara: i’ll tell you everything arju but not today tomorrow
arjun: but
swara: no but wut i’ll tell everything tomorrow but please dont ask me anything now
arjun: ok shona i’ll not ask anything but please take care of yourself shona if something happens to you i will not be able to live i’ll die that monent
swara: shhh arju stop these emotional talks you know right i dont like the
arjun: okay
swara: toh what did you say im moti huh
she starts hitting his with pillow after sometime arjun too picks up a pillow and is going to hit her but
swara: hoh arju you are going to hit me can’t you see im already injured (fake tears) see ma baba this arjun was gonna hit me how mean he is
arjun: bus ha drama queen enough of your drama
swara: mai drama queen ja arjun im not speaking to you
arjun: sachi
swara: yes sachi
arjun: thank god now i’ll be safe of this bak bak
swara looks angrily at him seeing her angry cute red face arjun immediately melts and hold his ears
arjun:(holding his ears) im sorry shona i was just joking you are not fat i am you are not drama queen i am nautanki and i was not gonna hit you sorry na please maaf kar de
swara make a face and turns her head to the other side
arjun: shona please im sorry please talk to me my day does not start nor ends without listening to your voice you know na acho wait
arjun starts doing sit ups telling sorry shona each time he does that swara looks at him and starts laughing
arjun: finally hasi toh now can i stop doing sit ups im already tired
swara: ha idiot stop (she opens her hand indicating for a hug)
seeing swara herself inviting him for a hug he immediately runs to her sits opposite her and hugs her tightly they remain in the same position for a minutes finally breaing the hug
swara: arju now go home mom and dad (arjun’s parents) might be waiting for you
arjun: but shona
swara: arju i have been meeting you but for mom and dad you are coming back after 8 long months go meet them even i need some time alone
arjun: okay im going but if you need anything you call me then and there and are you going to college tomorrow
swara: yes i am after all i need to answer a few people
arjun: then i’ll be coming with you to college
swara: but arjun
arjun: shona im listening to you na then you too need to listen to me
swara: okay fine
arjun: cool be ready in the morning i’ll pick you up
swara: okay bye
arjun: take care (gives a peck on her forehead) love you bye princess
with that arjun leaves swara come how moves out of the bed bolts the door goes to her cupboard and picks 2 dairy and goes back and sits on the bed
one dairy has a black and pink leather covering while the other has silver and golder covering swara pick the silver and golden leathered dairy and picks out a pic for it yes its her parents picture she looks at it and her eyes start welling up and she starts speaking to the pic
swara: (teary eye) ma baba he does not love he did all this only for a bet you know na ma he is my first love but he……………… what did i do ma to deserve such a behaviour
she places the photo back in the dairy opens the dairy where the book mark was kept last and starts reading it
this is what is written in the dairy
princess all relationships are based on trust if there is no trust in a relation then there is no relation and some times small misunderstandings call also shake trust in these relation when you truly love some one then you need to have complete trust in them and if the person who love breaks your trust on him than let him go if he is actually meant for you he’ll get back to you i know you’ll not be able to trust that person again but if his love is true and you both are meant to be then no matter what happens he will gain and win back you trust and love on him and if cannot do that then you were never meant to be with him do not waste you tears over such people baby even if your heart is broken into pieces its okay cry as mush as you want but once your done crying over it never cry again over the same matter this heart break will only give you a lesson and make you more strong take a lesson from it and move on do not cling on to it
sometime people might break us into pieces and think that we are weak but me and you baba know our princess is not weak our shona will fight back and show to those people and the world that she is SWARA ARNAV BOSE who never gets scared of challenges and no one can break her
shona baby never have hatred for anyone in your heart if someone has done something wrong with then teach that person a good lesson but then and there and ignore him you know shona hatred is a stronger feeling than love and do not give such importance to anyone in your life do not think of taking revenge and all because that will destroy you life as well and we do not want that for our little angel
we want our angel to spread love and happiness not take revenge and hate someone beta sometimes forgiveness is the key to getting goodness in others do not forget that
me and your baba are always with you in every situation just close your eyes and peep into your heart we are right there at the purest place we trust you princess that you’ll never do anything wrong to anyone always keep smiling because me and you baba love our angels smiling face not the sad one we love you our angel your are our life do not cry your baba does not like tears in your eyes it pains him beyond limits face every situation smiling you ma baba and their love will always be with you
(by now you guys might have guessed that this dairy is written by swara’s parents for her)
swara keeps the book mark at place closes the dairy and hugs it tightly and cries
20 minutes later
swara: (wiping her tears)(looking at the wall where her parents pictures are ther) i will not cry now baba you do not like my tears na i will not cry now and ma i have cried enough over this i will never ever cry for this again (childishly) just like you said i removed all pain at once and now no more crying i will again become the the bold and story SWARA ARNAV BOSE and that a promise
she picks up the other pick and black leather dairy and writes something in it (will reveal later) then places both the dairies back in the cupboard and lies down on the bed and few minutes later sleep takes over now this princess is sleeping peacefully under the peaceful word of her parents and somewhere around under their protection though her parents where not with her physically hut mentally they were always with her always guiding her and showing her the right path

Maheshwari Mansion
sanskar’s room
sanskar is pacing around his room tension clearly seen on this face he is continuously thinking abut swara and arjun’s closeness which is disturbing him alot right then laksh enters his room
lucky: what happen sanky why are you so tense what are you thinking about
sanky: (lost in his thoughts) swara
lucky: swara????
sanky: (coming out of this thoughts and realising what he told) nothing tell me what are you doing over here any work
lucky: nothing you left college very angrily thats why came to check on you
sanky: okay
lucky: so tell me what exactly were you thinking about swara
sanky: swara why would i think about her
lucky: stop lying to me sanky you know you cant now tell me what are thinking
sanky: fine did you see she was soo free with that guy they both were so close to each other and she too had no problem with him and when i was in a relationship with her i mean when i was faking to be in relationship she was never close to me infact she never let me get close to her she always use to avoid it on the terrace that was our first kiss for which i had to blackmail her before that she never allowed me even kiss her on her forehead or her cheeks and this guys kiss her and she did not tell anything did you she the way he was hugging her so close to her he was
by the time sanskar completes telling all this he is red with anger and jealousy
lucky: sanky are you jealous
sanky: are you mad lucky im just telling that i thought jealous and me of that arjun please
lucky: okay if you say so and ya i know they were really close to each other looks like they know each other from a long time the concern in his eyes was clear for swara and somewhere around i could when see love for her in his eyes what do you say
hearing the word love between swara and arjun sanskar got even more angry
sanky: i dont know anyway im sleepy im going to sleep you to go and sleep
lucky: sleepy so early
sanky: why any problem
lucky: no fine good night
sanky: good night
lucky leaves the room sanky and gets thinking (does swara actually love that arjun but she said she loves me na then how can she love him) he keeps on thinking so on then after sometime he finally goes and sleeps

Next day
sanky and gang reach college and look around if swara is there but do not find her anywhere (swara come early to the college thats why) they ask a few students if they have seen swara but everyone gives the same answer no did has not come and they dont think she will come all gang members were happy that swara is finally scared of them and did not come to college which means there is no trouble unaware of the trouble they are gonna land in sometime sankar was both happy and sad happy that his friends will have to face no problem and sad because he wanted to see swara after sometime all of them leave for their call as they will be give their hall tickets
meanwhile at swara house she gets ready and is waiting for arjun
swara: god its already 9 where the hell is this arjun
arjun: im here princess
swara: you are late arjun now come lets go last
arjun: ok baba sorry that im late lets go
arjun goes near swara and lifts her
swara: arjun i can walk
arjun: ya ya i know and injure you leg more by walking docor said 1 week rest
swara: but arju
arjun stares and swara hence swara just keeps mum he takes swara towards the car makes her sit and drives of to college few minutes later they reach college
arjun comes out of his car and carries swara again and starts walking
arjun: so where do you want me to take you madam
swara: to dean sirs office please
arjun: alright madam
both smile at each other and enter dean’s office where princi is already present
swara: may we come in sir
dean: swara come in
swara and arjun have a seat in front of dean and princi
dean: swara like you told me yesterday i have called all the lecturers for the meeting next hour but tell me what are you going to do and who did this to you
swara: thank you so much sir and sir who did this to me and why am i doing this you’ll find out in some time
dean: okay so what next
swara: sir i want you to call sanskar laksh kavitha ragini soha deepti karan rahul amar and chirag along with me to your office 15 minutes after the 2nd hour bell
dean: but swara whats your plan atleast tell us
swara: sir trust me im doing to do anything wrong
dean: i trust you swara that why i did this
swara:(to arjun) arjun the 15 minutes span we have make sure all the teachers reach the audi and and lock the door so that no one can come out
arjun: dont worry about that
swara: sir i’ll leave for my class now i need to collect my hall ticket i’ll see you in the 2nd hour and thank you so much for helping me
dean: your welcome
yet again arjun carries swara and walks toward her class and there in the class lecture is going on sanky and other guys of the gang are least bothered about it having fun and chit chatting and one voice grabs everyones attention yes it swara’s voice
swara: may i come in ma’am
the entire class looks at swara all the boys of the gang are shocked seeing swara because they thought se will not come sanky again got angry and jealous seeing arjun carrying swara
lecturer: swara come in how are you my dear
arjun walks in with swara
swara: im alright ma’am
the lecturer looks at arjun with questing looks
swara: ma’am this is my bestie arjun
arjun: actually ma’am she has hurt her leg and she cannot walk thats why i have letter from dean sir that i can stay with her in the class
arjun make swara is on chair and hands over the letter to the lecturer she looks at the letter and permits arjun to stay in the class with that arjun goes and sit next to swara the lecturer continues with the class while swara is busy listening arjun is disturbing her and sanskar is fuming and rest of the boys of the gang have still not come out of shock finally the class gets over and lecturer moves out of the class
5 minutes later
sanky and the entire gangs eyes are on swara and arjun
swara:(whispering in arjun’s ear) arjun go now and check and make sure the door is bolt and make one security guard stand there so that no one opens the door alright
seeing swara so close to arjun sanskar is not able to handle himself
arjun: alright princess you take care i’ll be back in 10 minutes
with that arjun leaves sanky and gang head towards swara but before they could even reach her swara’s friend block their way and start speaking to her
(all of swara friends and arjun know that whatever happened with swara it was done by sanky and gang but swara asked them not to react hence they did not do or tell anything)
10 minutes later
arjun enters the class right then there is an announcement (each call has a speaker)
good morning students this is the principle kavita ragini soha and deepti reach dean sir’s cabin now
sanky and the other boys of the gang get thinking as to what must have happen and there the girls in their class are dam scared and start walking out of the class
2 minutes later there is another announcement
this is dean sanskar laksh karan rahul chirag amar and swara come to my office now all the other students remain inside you class remember i have an eye on all of you
all the boys eye swara and silently walk out of the class and arjun goes lifts swara and starts walking the girls who are waiting outside deans office get shocked hearing swara’s name because they thought swara did not come to college today finally the boys reach outside dean’s office and start speaking
kavita: whrn did swara come
karan: half hour back
ragini: guys im getting scared
soha: me too
amar: god know why sir has called us
chirag: what is swara has told everything to him
deepti: then we are dead i feel like crying right now
rahul: shit if dad finds out he’ll kill me
kavita: guys stop it stop being so negative nothing will happen one im sure she has not told anything to dean sir and two even if she has she has no proof against us just act normally otherwise for sure we will get caught
lucky: she right guys
when they are speaking arjun and swara come the entire gang looks at them avoiding everyone there arjun pases through them and knocks at the door
dean: come in
arjun makes swara sit on the chair and stands beside her
princi: the others come in as well
the entire gang comes in and stands in front of dean
dean: so swara now tell us
swara: sir you asked me yesterday right who did this to me then the entire gang is standing in front of you (pointing her finger towards sanky and gang) these people are responsible for my condition
sanky and gang stand there in shock because they where not expecting this
kavita: what the hell why are you blaming us we did not do anything sir she is lying
entire gang except sanlak: yes sir she is lying
dean: swara are you sure they did this
swara: yes sir
soha: sir dont listen to her she is lying
rahul: she is lying
ragini: swara why are you doing this to us what did we do to you please dont blame us for something we have not done
karan: yes swara we all are like you friends please dont do this
kavita: we know you hate us thats why you are doing this right
swara:(smiling) where were you guys after lunch yesterday
everyone is shocked by this question
amar: woh we are were in the class
swara: sure
chirag: yes we were in the class
swara stands up while arjun hold her hand
swara: im alright arju i can stand please pass me that
arjun leaves swara’s hand then searches for something in her bag and hands it over to swara
swara:(handing that thing to dean and princi) sir this is the register of our that is 4th year mbbs and 3rd year b.coms you can check they were not ther is the class and if still dont believe you can ask any of their classmates
dean and princi check the registers and look at the gang while they all are scared shocked and tensed now
kavita: so what that does not proof anything and yes yesterday we were in the canteen after lunch
swara: oh but right now your friends said that they were in the class
kavita: might be they forgot (to dean and princi) sir please trust us she is lying we have not done anything
swara: oh i see you have not done anything
kavita: yes we have not done anything and what proof do you have that we have done this to you
swara: proof okay so now you want proof huh fine i’ll give you proof
now the entire gang is even more shocked they thought that swara will be broken here she is standing in front of them even more stronger than before
swara: (looking at arjun) arju our special arrangements are done na
arjun nod and places and projector on the table and a screen in front of it he then pulls the couch and chairs and keeps them in such a way that everyone can be seated freely and watch whatever is gonna be displayed
swara: so guys come have a seat i’ll give you proof sir please
dean: come all of you sit
with that swara connects her laptop to the projector and then starts playing something seeing which everyone is shocked and arjun starts boiling with anger yes its the video of what happen in the store room swara pauses it after sanskar and boys move out of the class
swara: so how was part one of my proof
while dean and princi are eyeing them with anger arjun moves toward the boys in anger swara moves forward to stop arjun and in this process since she has got hurt she loses her balance
swara: ahh maa
swara closes her eyes and when she finally opens it she finds sanskar holding her one hand and arjun the other she looks at both of the then jerks sanskar hand stands straight with arjun’s help
swara: arju this is not the time to get angry and if you get angry like this im sending you out of the room
arjun: but shona they
swara: arjun sit down quietly
arjun nods his head and sits down
swara: you guys to sit down lets start the next part
the gang settle down with heart full of fear that what is gonna happen next swara again plays the video of what happen after the boys move out so this is what happened
kavita: so you’ll slap kavita gadodia huh wait i’ll show you its result
with that kavita starts slapping swara while soha and deepti are holding her
then finally kavita holds swara by her hairs and bangs her head against the metal book shelf due which swara hurts her head and falls down
kavita: (kicking swara) get up what now huh
by force she makes her stand and all of then that is kavita ragini soha and deepti start hitting her with rods in the room while all swara could do was shout finally now able to bear more swara falls on the ground but this does not stop them they start kicking her
ragini: guys thats enough if she dies we’ll be in trouble lets leave
kavita: ya if this b*t*h dies then will be in problem lets go guys
before leaving kavita one final time hits basically stand on swara hand with heels in such a way that it makes a cut on her hand and finally they leave the room leaving the wounded swara behind
swara now once again stops the video her eyes are welled up arjun sanskar and laksh too have tears in their eyes looking at what exactly happened in the class while the other boys are shocked to see this sight of the girls the girls have their head bowed down while the princi and dean dont know how to react
swara:(wiping the lone tear with escaped down her eyes) so you want more proof
arjun gets up for his place in fury but swara holds his hand and nods in a no while sanlak and gang are eyeing each others shocked faces
swara: yes i have one last proof i have done this only because they do not tell i have morphed all this
with that swara plays another video where the girls have told they did with swrara to sanky and other boys in the cantenn finally the video gets over dean and princi turn toward sanky and gang
dean: what the hell is all this how can you people do this with her
princi: shame on you people
dean:(turning to swara) swara decide whatever punishment you want to give them we’ll support you
swara: i first want to speak to them can i
dean: sure
swara walks with arjun’s support and stands in front of sanlak and friends
swara: shocked as to how all this happen well let me explain the (turning toward sanskar) you remember mr sanskar maheshwari (sanskar looks at swara) when you called me to speak to you i got a call i know i was away from you but not that far that you guys will scream and speak in an empty canteen and i cannot hear anything well i agree i did not hear everything but then i heard a little by which i got to know something is wrong thats why when you people were busy speaking a place a camera in the canteen at the entrance from where the entire canteen can be see because i got to know you so much atleast that i know you would return back to canteen only after whatever drama you are doing and secondly i place a spy-cam inside in locket which i was wearing yesterday which recoded you entire drama i mean the act that you did for me and i had also switched on the video mode in my cell and place it in such a way inside my bag that it records everything and when i entered with you i slowly removed my bag and placed on the shelf near the door without you people noticing me from where the entire room is visible hence the rest of it was recorded in my cell and there i have the entire video of whatever happened with me
everyone present in the room are shocked except arjun because he knows his bestie if she has a doubt then she can go to any level to catch him/her
swara: so mr sanskar maheshwari i have a questions answer me if you can fine made me confess my love for you which disgusts me now and all for a bet but is this how you treat a girl is this the punishment of loving you
sanskar stays mum looking at the floor
swara: no answer alright so sir i give then whatever punishment i want right
dean: yes you may if you want i will rusticate all of them
everyone looks up in shock
swara: rustication not a bad idea but sir dont you think it will be a small punishment
you (swara pointing her finger toward karan rahul amar chirag laksh) i can put you guys behind the bars for molesting me for 4 years without any bail no matter who your dad is and then your career is over leave about doctor you want even get a job as a ward boy and you mr sanskar maheshwari for trapping me into all of this your their partner you too will go behind the bars with the and you guys kavita gadodia ragini gadodia soha khan and deepti raj you guys will go behind bars for physically abusing me and ya helping these guys molest me atleast for 5 years i guess so what say should i file an FIR i already have proof
sanskar laksh kavita ragini and all the other look up shocked at swara
swara: what happen why you guys looking so shocked you know what i hane a better plan first let me tell your parents
(swara to ragini and kavita) your parents must also know na how exactlly are the sanskari traditional good cultured girls ragini and kavita are im sure you parents dont know this side of your what say
ragini:(crying) please swara dont do this please im sorry for whatever happened but please dont tell anything to ma papa please
swara: i cried the same way yesterday ragini
(swara to sanskar and laksh) and you both sanskar and laksh im sure your dad does not know that you are sanky and lucky in college let him also know na
(swara to the rest of the gang members) and let your parents know as well i have all your parents mobile numbers i can send it now itself here check if the numbers are right or wroung
swara hand over a paper to ragini she checks shekhar number and gets shocked the rest of them aswell check their parents numbers and are shocked because they are right they all look up at swara and are more than shocked to see her so bold and strong
swara: sanskar laksh your dad mr durga prasand maheshwari and ragini and kavita you dad mr shekhar gadodia are nominated for best business man of the year award na what if this video get to the media and im sure you know the media this new will spread like fire leave about the award your dad’s will get no deals after this you know that na the entire world will see how you people are
now everyones eyes are wide with shock while all the girls are crying because if their parents find out about this they are soo dead and the bays almost on the verge of crying
ragini:(crying) please swara please dont please im sorry
soha:(crying) yes swara im soory
deepti:(crying) even i are sorry
ragini pulls kavita in front: even she is sorry kavita
kavita: sorry
sanlak karan rahul amar chirag: we are sorry
ragini: please dont tell our parent please we all sorry (saying this she falls on her knees and was going to hold swara’s legs)
swara: stop ragini
gives her hand to ragini so that she can stand ragini hold her hand and stands up
swara: dont worry i was anyway not gonna tell your parents (all shocked look at swara) im sure you parents have given good up bringing to all of you and they’ll be hurt if they find out about this and i never want that
arjun: but shona
swara: (nods her head in a no to arjun)(to dean) sir let them go
dean: are sure swara
swara: yes sir let them go
dean:(to sanky and gang) you guys may leave
shocked sanky and gang were moving out right then
swara: one minute
everyone turns towards her she picks a paper from her bag and moves toward sanky and his friend
swara: you guys have done so much to me i too need to give a return gift na
everyone thinks that she is going to hit or slap them hence the freeze at their place but swara moves her hand forward and gives them and paper sanky takes the paper and looks at swara questionly
swara: thats you return gift this time im leaving all of you does not mean im scared or i trust you guys that paper is a warning letter from the court thats something similar to an FIR
all look shockingly at swara
swara: i’ll explain your names are already registered in the police station and proof is also with that is these videos are with police but worry they will arrest you but the next anything happens to me you 10 will be their first suspects they no one can save you from the arrest and no bail as well
swara turns and moves towards arjun dean and princi while sanky and gang eye her with shock for some minutes then finally leave
dean: swara what dint you get them punished
swara: sir if i do that their careers would have been finishedand i dint want that and thats why i got all the teachers locked in the audi so one finds out about all this
princi: you have a very heart my child
arjun: but shona if they again
swara: no arjun they will not do anything and mom said forgiveness is the way to get goodness in a person and that i did
(to dean) sir please dont tell anyone about whatever happened over her let it be between the 14 of us and can i leave
dean: sure
with that swara walks out with arjun supporting her by holding her sholger and her hand

finally im done i guess the longest one till now infact my fingers have started paining so guys i hope you like the bold and strong swara god after writing so much i have no questions whish i ask you guys anyway i posted a long one because of the delay and hope you like this part as well please give you feed back do comment

Credit to: alahna

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