realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 3)

Hey guys im really very glad with the response and i know you wanted me to post another part asap but im really sorry i was busy with my assignments and studies exams will be approaching in a month and can’t study at the end moment anyway im posting a part now and yup if i get time if at all im free or bored studying that day i’ll post 2 episodes for sure now coming to story i know you all want me to reveal the past because of which sanlak and gang hate swara i’ll be revealing it in another two episodes you see everything has a right time sanskar will surely realise his mistake but when for that you’ll have to wait and will also reveal the reason why swara gets scared when someone come near her i mean why does she starts sweating ya i remember someone i guess anu asking me for the 1st episodes link im really sorry dear there is some problem with lappy im not able to post the link but you can search it there is search box on the right side i guess just type the title im sure you’ll it if still you dont get it i’ll again try posting the link i know a talk a bit too much na what do old habits die hard im sorry if im boring you people with my bak bak i’ll stop it now so lets begin with todays part

so it starts with the boys of the gang getting shocked seeing swara her head bleeding cut near her lips which is bleeding red marks (like someone has slapped her) on her face legs hurt because of the fall in the room her hands bleeding sanskars eyes get filled seeing swara in this state laksh too feels bad for her
now coming to swara’s condition she had no more energy left in her she was losing control over herself her legs becoming weak to even carry her weight she was going to fall backwards sanskar and laksh were going to rush to her but before they could even react two strong arms hold swara tightly by her waist tightly preventing the back fall swara has her eyes tightly shut anticipacting the fall now that person shifts his one hand to swara’s face that is he hold swara waist tightly by one hand and use his other hand and slightly taps swara’s face
person:(taping her face lightly) shona open you eyes what to you shona look at me
swara opens her eyes and looks at person
person:(making her stand) what happen to you (touching her face) who did all this
swara: aahhh (because of the pain)
person:(immediately removing his hand) im soory shona im sorry
swara:(who was all dizzy now faints by taking the persons name) arjun
arjun immediately holds swara and pulls her towards him by which her head bumps into his chest making his white shirt red by her blood looking at the blood arjun panics and lifts her in his arms calling her name
arjun:(holding basically carrying swara in his arms) shona shona wake up look at me shona nothing will happen please open your eyes just look at me once
arjuns eyes start filling up seeing his shona not respond to him meanwhile the college gets over and students start coming out seeing swara in such condition almost everyone was shocked because swara was friendly with everyone helped them whenever they asked for it infact everyone in the college liked her alot swara’s friends come towards arjun and swara
kabir: what happen to swara arjun
abeer: exactly she said she would be coming to the class but this how did this happen to her
arjun: i dont know anything damit when i came i found her in this condition but we have no time to speak about this tell me which way is the medical room we need to take her there immediately she need treatment
abeer: yup you are right come lets go
with that kabir abeer and few other friends of swara head towards the medical with arjun carrying unconscious swara
sanskar and his friends are still in shock they were confused as who this guy is and why was he soo concerned infact sanskar did not like arjun holding swara how did swara get hurt soo badly there were alot of question going on their mind at this moment finally sanskar breaking the silence spoke up
sanky: how did swara get injured soo badly
kavita: how would we know sanky
soha: ya ya kavita is right how would we know
sanky: shut up i know you did something kavita stop acting and tell me how did this happen how did she get hurt
kavita: trust me sanky i dint do anything someone else must have done something
sanky:(red with anger) kavita
all the girls get scared seeing sanky angry

sanky:(angry) kavita ragini soha deepi i only want the truth what did you guys do with her because it was only 10 minutes later that she reached her no one else could do anything other that you people so speak up else………….
the girls get even more scared and start telling what exactly happened in the room which is muted listening to them the boys get shocked both sanlak get very angry
sanky:(angry) how could you guys
lucky:(angry) seriously how could dint you even thick once before doing all this
kavita: but could i do sanky lucky she dared to slap me
sanky: so you did this she could have died you idiot
ragini: but she dint na
lucky: so you were waiting for her to die
ragini: no lucky but she slapped kavi lucky we all were angry i all this happened
sanky: so when your angry you treat a person like this is it worst that an animal
chirag: guys why the hell are we fighting among ourselfs right now we need to find a way to get out of this mess
karan: he is right guys what are we going to do if tells princi and dean sir
kavita: she will not
rahul: how are you so sure
kavita: one she is heart broken because of the bet and two because she is scared
amar: scared
soha: yes scared because you know when all this happen we could see fear in her eyes
amar: are you guys sure that she will not tell anyone anything
kavita: yup 100% sure
deepti: but guys i think we should go and check on her just for our relief
karan: alright lets go
with that sanlak and gang head toward medical room
they reach the place and find few of swara’s friends arjun princi and dean sir with few other lecturers and students standing outside the medical room few minutes later the doctor comes out
doctor: im sorry sir but looks like someone has beaten her in a very inhuman way and her head injury is quite deep she needs stitches her hands are hurt not that deep but does need stitches her leg has a minor fracture

everyone present there outside the room including sanky and gang get shocked listening to the doctor
dean: but how is it possible who can do this to her that too inside the college campus
now the girls of the gang start getting scared as to what will happen if sir finds out that they are bind this
doctor: only swara can tell us who did this to her she regain her conciousness in an hour
dean: alright you all students go to your houses
arjun and swara’s friends: please sir lets stay with her please
dean: but
arjun: please sir please i cannot leave shona in this condition please
dean: alright you guys stay
so now only arjun and swara’s few friends princi and dean are present outside sanky and gang are also present but they hiding so that they do not get noticed
an hour later
doctor comes out: sir swara is concious
with that everyone go inside the room where as sanky and gang stand outside the medical room near the door
dean: swara who did this to you tell us we’ll surely punish them
princi: yes swara you dont get scared just tell us who did this we’ll take action against them
swara just stays mum hence arjen goes forward sits on the bed and cups her face
arjun:(cupping swara’s face) shona tell me na who did this to you
sanskar starts getting jealous seeing arjun close to swara and calling her shona
swara still does not speak anything
kabir: swara if dont tell us anything how are we gonna find that person
swara:(looking at everyone present in the room)(to dean) sir i wanna go home
dean: but swara

swara: please sir (looking at arjun) arjun please take me home please
arjun: alright if you wish so
doctor: swara let the drip get over then you can leave
swara nods her head and closes her eyes
dean: students i think you should leave now
kabir abeer and few other friends: yes sir
swara’s friends start moving out of the room snaky and see them coming and go to the canteen finally everyone leaves now only swara arjun dean princi and doctor are left
dean: swara
swara opens her eyes: yes sir
dean: see swara your father was a good friend of mine and you like my daughter please tell me who did this to you dont get scared of anyone we are here
swara: sir you seriously think i would be scared i am mr arnav bose’s daughter im not scared of anyone
dean: then tell us who did this to you
swara: i surely will let you know sir who did this to me but not today tomorrow (determine face) i’ll tell you everthing tomorrow with proof
dean: alright

now the scene shifts to the canteen
sanky and his friends are seated around a table lost in their own thoughts
kavita:(breaking everyone’s thoughts) what happen guys why are you guys still tensed see i told you see will not tell anyone anything and thats what happened
rahul: thank god she did not tell anything otherwise you people would have been dead
soha: come on dude even if she takes our names she has no proof against us she cannot prove anything
ragini: ya right and i dont think she will open her mouth either
deepti: true im sure she is scared of us now
karan: yes i could see fear in her eyes
amar:(looking at sanky) what happen sanky where are you lost
sanky: guys she has got alot of injuries i dont think what you people did was right
lucky: yes guys dint you hear the doctor anything could have happened to her
kavita: come on guys she deserves this treatment you are forgetting she has done worst than dis to us remember
sanlak again thick about something and get angry
sanlak: may be your right she deserves this
kavita: you know i was thinking about this guy arjun he is soo hot and handsome guys
ragini soha and deepti: yes dude he is really hot
kavita: but how does he know this swara
when they are busy speaking arjun walks past them (i mean passes from front of the canteen) he is carrying swara and swara has hid her face in his chest

deepti: look guys
they all turn and look at arjun and swara all the girls get jealous of swara the boys are also jealous because of arjuns looks while sanskar is burning in jealously seeing swara so close to arjun
kavita: guys lets follow his and see what he does
sanky:(jealous seeing then so close) yup lets go
with that the entire gang follow arjun with out being noticed by him
sanky and gang hide behind a car just before arjun stop they stop at such a distance from where the can see and hear everything
arjun goes and stands beside his car and looks at swara whose eyes are closed and her head resting on his chest and slowly calls out to her
arjun:(looking at swara) shona princess
swara opens her eyes moves head a little and looks at arjun
arjun:(still looking at her) princess i’ll be putting you down now just for a few seconds i cannot open the door if your in my arms alright
swara nods her head but the next second she screams making arjun worried even sanskar panics by swara’s scream but does not show it to anyone
swara:(nodding her head) aahhhh maaa (she immediately places her hand on her head)(tears start flowing down her eyes)
arjun:(he’s still carrying her)(panicked) kya hua shona
swara does not say anything and continues crying here even sanskars eyes well up
arjun: sshhhh shona stop crying
arjun makes shona sit on the bonnet and stands in front of her
arjun:(wiping swara’s tears) sshhh princess it will be alright nothing will happen my shona is a strong girl na wait im coming
arjun goes opens the car’s door keeps swara’s bag gets a water bottle and comes towards her
arjun: here princess have some water
arjun makes her drink then wipes the little water which is under her lips and kisses her forehead
arjun:(kissing her forehead) you’ll be alright very soon princess

sanskar who is watching all this starts fuming in anger and jealousy anger because swara never let him get close to her and this guy swara so close to her infact kissed her forehead still she did not tell anything to him (guys though out the one month which sanskar and swara were together swara never let sanskar kiss her not even of her forehead or cheeks) and jealous of arjun that he was so close to swara and calling her princess and shona
arjun lifts swara by placing his hand around her waist and hugs her tightly (that means she is no longer sitting on the bonnet) swara hands are around arjuns neck and arjuns one hand is around swara’s waist by which he is lifting her and the other on her neck he is hugging her is such a way that her legs do not touch the ground
this scene was more that enough for sanskar now he is completely red in anger and jealously
finally breaking the hug arjun again carries swara like a baby (bridal style)
arjun: now come on princess give me your smile
swara smiles both arjun and swara’s forehead rest against each other they stay like that for a minute
sanskar has now become a pressure cooker which can blast any minute
arjun: chalo princess lets go home
swara: okay

with arjun makes swara sit in the car then he gets seated and they drive off
finally sanky and gang move out from behind the car
kavita: looks like they are really close to each other
ragini: ya guys dint you see how free she was with him but who is he
soha: might be her boyfriend
deepti: then what was sanky
sansky was was ready red with anger now lost it completely
sanky:(angry) shup up you people speak whatever comes in your mind na atleast think once before you speak idiot
lucky: its ok bro clam down
kavita: i hate to admit but im jealous of the blo*dy swara
sanskar now had more then just left from there got into his car and drove off
ragini: arey what happen to him
lucky: nothing too much drama for the day might be thats why and i think we all should also head back to our houses its quite late
everyone agrees with laksh and they all leave for their respected houses

okay guys thats all for now because i want to keep a little suspense so okay so i want suggestion as to who should play arjun so it will easy for us to imagine he’ll be 23 years old and a +ve character swara said that she would tell everything tomorrow with proof to the dean what proof do you think swara is talking about what step is she going to take next who do you think arjun is we saw swara is really comfortable with him she did not panic or sweat when he was near her what relation do you think swara shares with arjun did you guys like their bonding and did you guys like the way sanskar was jealous of their bonding
hope you like this part as well do give you feedbacks like i told seriously takes a long time to write hence please do comment

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