realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 2)


Hey guys really happy with the response im getting im sorry could not reply to the comments busy with college you see but i have read each and every comment and trust me it has give a lot of encouragement and ya i’ll try updating every day now enough of my bak bak lets begin with the story

Time passes soon and now its lunch break sanlak and gang meet up in the canteen
kavita: so guys ready to execute the plan
all gang members except sanlak: yes
kavita:(looking at sanky) what happen sanky and lucky you too why are soo upset
sanskar was lost in his own thoughts thinking about swara’s smile the way her eyes sparkle when she is happy her childish behaviour his first kiss (guys sanskar might be flirty but this is his first kiss as well) he thinks how different she is from other girls
kavita:(shaking sanky by his shoulder) sanky
sanky:(coming back to the original world) ya
karan: where are you lost bro
deepti: exactly we are speaking from such a long time but no response by your side
sanky: no nothing like that i was listening to you guys
kavita: are you sure sanky
at that time swara enters with her friends laughing
soha: look swara has come (pointing towards her)
the entire gang turns and see swara laughing and doing kiddish things
sanskar monologue: god she is soo happy look at her doing all these stupid stuffs even after growing up how am i going to tell her about the bet even after knowing that it will break her into pieces how am i going to break her heart god please help me i dont want to do this i wish i had never accepted this bet

rahul: arey yaar where are you lost again sanky
sanky: no where
kavita: so shall we start the plan remember sanky you first need to make her say i love you so that everyone present here can here it okay
lucky: kavi that will be a bit too much
chirag: nai yaar lucky is important
amar: yes if we have to break her we need to do this
kavita: so lets start sanky call her here
sanky: guys this is not right i’ll speak to her alone and break up not in front of everyone
lucky: yup guys sanky is right im with him in his decision
kavita tells something in ragini’s ear which makes her jealous and angry
kavita to rags: see rags i told you na lucky has started falling for that swara now you gotta help me convince them else you’ll lose you lucky forever
ragini: (jealous) why do care so much we are just going to follow the plan thats it
lucky: but rags
deepti: guys fast we have only 10 mins left
all gang members except sanlak: come on sanky call her
sanky:(angry) i said no guys i’ll speak to her alone
kavita: why have you actually started loving her
karan: yes sanky tell us
sanky: no guys i dont love her but
kavita: then call her

sanky: okay fine SWARA SWARA
swara turns toward sanky and his gang
sanky: i actually i…… i need to speak to you can you please come here for a minute
swara tells her friends that she’ll meet them in the class and heads towards sanky
swara:(smiling hole heartedly) yes sanky
sanky: swara actually woh i actually i wanted to…….. te tell that i wih i
right then swara’s cell ring she looks at the callers name and gets happy
swara: sanky just give me a minute i need to take this call
sanky nods with that swara goes to a corner and starts speaking to the person happily sanky looks at her smiling and again gets losts in his thoughts
sanky’s thoughts: just look at the way she smiles she just looks like an angel when she does so whenever she smiles her smile reaches her eyes making them sparkle her eyes convey the way she is pure and honest her eyes show how much she loves me and how much she trusts me but me what am i going to do break her into pieces these eyes in which i see unconditional love for me now are going to show immense hatred for me in the next few minutes hatred the mere thought of her hating me is killing me from inside i cannot bear to see her hating me what should i do someone please help me
sanky’s thoughts were broken by the bell ringing all the students start getting back to their classes lucky and the gang who where seated on one the table come towards him
kavita: what the hell sanky why dint you speak to her
chirag: yup bro you had such a good chance

soha: but you lost it
rahul: damm dude
lucky: its okay guys
rags: what do you mean
lucky: i mean see if we would have made sanky humiliate swara infront of everyone present one here then she would have good and we guys bad
karan: lucky your right
deepti: so what do we do now
rags: we need to speak to her today itself because tomorrow is the last day of college since we have holiday and college will be reopening only 5 days later for exams
lucky: so let sanky speak to her alone
kavita: not at all she will manipulate him
lucky: but kavita
kavita: lucky did you forget what swara had done
lucky remembers something and gets angry
kavita: lets do one thing only we guys will be present and sanky you dump her in front of us alright

amar: that sounds like a plan
lucky:(angry because of something) lets take her to the store room on the ground floor there is no cctv camera there nor does anyone vist that place
rags:(happy because lucky is planning against swara) thats awesome
kavita: alright then we will wait for you in the store room sanky dont forget what happened in the past you get swara and come alright
sanky:(knew no use arguing and also angry about something) alright
with that laksh and gang l,eave and canteen and few minutes later swara goes to sanskar
swara: im sorry sanskar it was an important call
sanky:(angry but pretends to be normal) that alright
swara: then lets go to the class bell has already rung
sanky: no i need to speak to you
swara: we’ll speak after the class
sanky: no i need to speak right now
swara: fine go a head
sanky: not here come with me
with sanky holds swara’s hand and takes her to the store room
before entering the room
swara: sanky what are we doing over here
sanky:(angry thinking about something it’s the same thing because of which laksh too got angry) you’ll find out soon
sanky knocks at the door soha opens it with that sanky drags swara in soha again bolts the door
swara looks around and finds sanky’s entire gang present in the room then looks confusingly at sanky
sanky: what happen swara
swara: whats going on sanky why did you bring me here
rags:(since she is jealous) aawww baby dont get scared you’ll find out soon
kavita: so please have a seat and enjoy a small act by us
(note guys there is one reason because of with sanky and his gang hate swara alot)
soha: come on sit
karan: okay so you wont sit is it then dont balme us now
karan goes towards swara and pushes by which swara fall and hurts her hand when she tries getting up again rahul pushes her again hurting her more sanskar who saw all this was feeling bad for her but did not react
rahul: now just sit over here otherwise wont be good
swara looks up at sanskar but he just turns his head to the other side
kavita: so lets begin the skit guys

sanskar’s gang performs a skit which shows how swara ran to hill top and confessed her feeling for sanskar then a few parts of their on one journey and finally their kiss on the terrace seeing all this swara was shocked and confused as to how all of them know about this because according to her this was the time she spent alone with sanskar now finally the gang enacts about their bet and how sanskar accepted it swara’s eyes start welling up she looks at sanskar who has no change in his expression finally the gang ends the act
kavita: so swara your so intelligent by now you must have guessed that all this was just a bet
amar: what happen swara still in shock
chirag: come on guys give her some time to come out of such a big shock
lucky goes towards swara and makes her stand holding her from her shoulder
lucky: come on baby speak up cry we want to hear you do that
rags: what did you think sanky will love you no never
kavita goes towards swara touches her cheek: poor girl
swara all the while was just staring at sanskar finally she removes kavita’s hand from her cheek and walks toward sanskar and stands right in front of him
swara:(teary eye) is this true
sanskar just looks at swara

kavita: come on baby is is true
swara: speak up damit is this all true (tears start flowing down his eyes)
sanskar is not able to see swara in tears but still does not do anything
swara:(holding sanskars collar) was your love confession those 4 months the moments we spent together only because of the bet you kissed me only to complete the bet
seeing swara hold sanskar collar the entire gang come and stands around them
swara:( still holding his collar and tears flowing down her beautiful eyes) (full angry heart broken and shouting at the top of her lungs) answer me damit answer me
sanky: (releasing his collar from swara’s hold and holding her by her shoulder) yes this was all for a bet i never loved you and will never love you and today in front of everyone all my friends i dump you

with that he pushes swara i little backwards but swara loses her balance and falls down hurting her leg badly snaskar seeing this moves a step forward but ragini stops him by holding his hand laksh goes towards swara makes her stand again by holding her shoulder
lucky: what happen swara is it paining (holding swara’s sholder more tightly) you know what you deserve worst that this
with that he pushes swara making swara fall once again and hurting her leg even more badly swara has tears rolling down eyes continuously sitting in the same position
swara: why did you guys do this to me what have i done
amar: what have you done
soha: are you serious
swara: (some how stands and goes towards sanskar and stands in front of him) why did you do this sanskar i actually loved you why did you play with my feeling why
lucky: and y should we answer you
rags: right we played with you feeling because we felt like
chirag: now stop crying baby (goes close to swara)

swara: stop right there
deepti: why you kissed sanskar this morning only
karan: why not others give us a chance as well
rahul: yup dude we all are waiting (everyone start laughing except sanskar)
all the guys that is karan rahul chirag and amar start moving close to swara swara starts sweating
swara: sans…… sanskar stop them
karan: come on dude give us a chance as well
chirag: we will not disappoint you
amar: i know we are not as good as sanskar
rahul: still lets us prove na
swara: sanskar laksh please stop them
sanskar is getting angry both sanlak want to stop their friends but something is stopping them from doing it
kavita: come on miss despo it not a big deal for your from a small middle class family you kiss them they’ll give you some money in return go and give it to you parents (hearing this swara starts boiling with anger) you parents specially your mom must have taught you how to trap rich guys na (that swara more that enough for swara)
swara:(her eyes which had tears till now were red with anger) enough kavita not a word against my parents
everyone present in the room get shocked by swara’s anger infact they het scared seeing her eyes all the 4 guys immediately back out and move away from swara
swara (to sanskar): you know what im ashamed that i love someone like you i hate my self for once loving you
kavita: shut up swara im sure this also your mother must have only taught you
before she completes there is a shearing sound that echoes in the room yes it is swara who slapped kavita
swara:(anger on the peak) i warned you kavita not a word against my parents no a word
each and every person present in the room was shocked and scared of swara’s anger
kavita: how dare you slap me how dare you slap kavita gadodia
swara:(holding her hands across her chest) what will you do huh
sanlak rags and the entire gang are shocked seeing swara like this
kavita:(angry) i’ll show you what i’ll do sanky lucky amar chirag rahul karan move out of the room no questions after they move out bolt the the door soha
the bays do as said the stand outside the room while the girls are inside the room 10 minutes later kavita ragini soha and deepti come

sanky: what were you guys doing and what was that sound
kavita: nothing dont ask anything now lets go to the canteen
sanky: buy
kavita: sanky
lucky: but guys
kavita: please guys lets go to the canteen i am hungry
after a little convincing sanky and gang went to the canteen there they started chit chatting joking and having their food 10 minutes later swara come the boys of the gang get shocked seeing her her head bleeding cut near her lips which is bleeding red mark (like someone has slapped her) on her face her legs hurt because of the fall in the room and her hands bleeding sanskar eyes got filled seeing swara in this state laksh too feels bad for her
swara had no more energy left in her she was losing control over herself her legs becoming weak to even carry her weight she was going to fall backward sanskar and laksh were going to rush to her but before they could even react two strong arms hold swara bt waist tightly preventing the back fall

so there you go guys a long one indeed actually i did not want to drag bet revealing to the next part hence gave it in one go so who do you think this guys is who saved swara from falling we saw both sanskar and laksh got angry thinking about something what is it why does sanskar’s gang hate swara what will swara do in future will she be broken or will she become more strong to know that you have to continue reading please guys give your feed back they really matter alot takes a lot of time to write hence do comment hope you like this part as well

Credit to: alahna

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