realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 11)

Hola guys its alahna back again if your thinking how all of a sudden well that’s because some knew that I had my internals going on and guess what I got all my papers and I scored out on out in all except for one in which I lost 3 marks but I guess its all cool and im very happy because of it hence this part is like a treat to all my readers so lets get started
It was quite late in the evening when swara was in her study busy in some files totally forgetting about her surrounding right then there was knock on the door to which she lifts her head and shakes her head smiling
Swa: come in arju you don’t need permission
Arjuns gets inside and closes the door behind him and smiles and swara and stands next to her to which swara lifts her head and looks at his face frowning as he was continuously staring at her
Swa: what
Arj: kya what did I do
Swa: why are you staring like im an alien
Arj: well not an alien but how did you know it was me
Swa: well that is because there is no one who will disturb me when im in the study get it mr best friend
Arj:(laughs) is it miss best friend
Swara smiles seeing him laughing stands next to him and side hugs him
Swa: yes it is (looks at him) you okay now
Arj:(pecks swaras hairs) im absolutely fine shona
Swa: its been so many years arju and you still are not able to get over it……………i……..i sometimes feel so helpless that i……………..
Arj:(cuts her in between)(breaks the hug) I know shona but its also a fact that its not your fault right (makes her sit on the chair and kneels infront of her) and also that there is a lot of improvement in me so worries right and by the way I got to know that someone has became the president huh

Swa:(lifts her imaginary collar) well isn’t it obvious
Arj:(hits his forehead with hers and smile) yes too obvious and what about the party I guess maam is in no mood to attend it isn’t it
Swa:(slaps her head) oh shooks I totally forgot about it
Arj: I know madam and its already 7 past 30 so you better get dressed fast
Swa: aii aii boss
Both laught swara was moving out when arjun sees her heand which is bandaged
Arj: shona (swara turns) what happen to you hand
Swa:(closes here eyes and open) I got hurt this morning
Arj:(standing in front of her with a stern look) again why the hell don’t you take care of youself and how the hell did you get hurt huh
Swa: its not a big thing arju its……….its just that when I was closing the door my hand came in between and now im absolutely fine
Arj: par
Swa: arju im getting late will hear you lecture later bye

Swara runs off from there while arjun murmers something under his breath and too leave here in swaras room she closes the door behind and pants
Swa: uff god im saved today if at all arjun would have found out anything……………nahi nahi shona hes not going to find out any thing (looks at the clock) god im getting late lets get dressed
Swara opens her wardrobe and looks for a dress finally she picks up one puts and walks into the bathroom a few minutes later she walks out wearing a pale peach color one piece which come up to her knees wiping hr wet hair through which small droplets of water were falling she comes and sit in front of the dresser dries her hairs and finally makes them into a dutch braid low messy bun applies khol liner and mascara to her eyes making them looks a big more bigger and beautiful applies naughty nude lipstick to her lips and finally completes by putting on pair of beautiful diamond earring and a single chain elegant bracelet putting on her white heals swara finally walks out of her room taking her cell keys and clutch Getting into the car finally she drives to the college
25 minutes later swara reaches the college as soon as she enters each pair of eyes present there get splintered towards swara at first swara finds it perplexing but then confidently walks in she finds her friends seated at a corner table hence walks up to them while on the other hand sanskar who was wearing an oxford blue shirt having two top buttons open which gave a glimpse of hard toned chest sleeves folded a little with a pair of black jeans his hair gelled up in a messy look all in all looking extremely handsome spunky looked at swara and it seemed like the world had stopped for him though she was looking quite simple yet she looked beautiful elegant aesthetic suave and sumptuous in her own way
Right then laksh who was into his cell came and bumbed with sanskar
Lak: auch sanky where hell are you lost huh………………lets get in we are already late
Getting no response from sanskar laksh looks at sanskar and then follows the direction his brother is looking and finds swara there laughing and speaking to her friends to which laksh smiles and then shakes sanskar jerking him back to the world
Lak: oye romeo get back
Sanslar looks at laksh and brushes his hand through his hair and abash smile having being caught
Lak:(chuckles) chal

With that the duo walk in they too get involved with their friend but still sanskar kept on looking at swara from the corner of his eyes and this time being careful of not being caught by someone
The party was going on in full swing everyone is enjoying talking to each other playing the few games which were organized and the music too was in full fore when all of a sudden the music goes off to which a few bewail and whine
Veer: chill chill chill guys hope you all are enjoying the party (a few hoot) but now enough of talking and games lets begin the real party I guess its time for some moves so come on grab on your partners and get on the dance floor so lets rock the floor to night
The music starts playing and a few couples get on the floor and start dancing swara friends try getting her on the floor but she does not agree and sends them poff when all of a sudden veer appears in front of her
Vee: can I have the pleasure to dance with the beautiful girl
Swa: well I don’t think that’s a good idea V…………. (veer gives a questioning look) im sure you don’t want your break up before actually getting into a relationship (points towards a girl though her eyes) go ask her atleast today
Vee: how did you know that i
Swa: cause its quite obvious now go
Veer nodes with a smile a leaves while swaras friends come over to her a drag here along with them onto the dance floor she dances along with them chortling tittering and laughing while on the other hand sanskar who was also on the dance floor looks at swara and a smile appears on his face looking at her enjoying but at the same time there was also a lil sadness within him that it was not him who was making her laugh and smile right then swara notices something and a frown forms on her face looking at the source sanskar who was looking at swara looks at the change of expression on her face and looks in the direction she was looking but finds nothing but a few students chit chatting while here swara excuses herself and starts walking towards the exit seeing which sanskar follows here while laksh who see sanskar leaving the party follows him
Sanskar who had just come out of the party hall starts looking for swara here and there but wasn’t able to find her when laksh calls out to him from back
Lak: sanky what are you doing out here leaving the party
San: who lucky I saw swara moving outside and came behind her but don’t know where she disappeared all of a sudden and looked around everywhere but am not able to find her
Lak: acha okay chill she must be around somewhere her lets search for her together we’ll find her hmm
San: hmm
And both get searching for swara

While here swara sho had come out of the party hall looks at the source or rather the person because of whom she came out waling lifelessly towards one of the blocs in the college she calls out to the person but the person jusy gives a dam its like that person could not hear anything and continued walking seeing no response swara increases her pace that’s when she reaches the terrace and looks at the person who was standing on the terrace wall looking down swra yet again shouts out the persons name but alas and right when the person was going to jump swara runs and pulls the person and fall down the person she then stands and makes the person stand and gives her a tight slap making her (person) come back to the world all shocked
Pers: (shocked) bhabhi………………………..(crying)
Swa: what the hell were you doing uttara do have any idea what would have happened if I wouldn’t have reached on time huh
But uttara tells nothing except for looking down and crying
Swa:(shakes her holding her shoulder) why are you silent now huh speak up what happen did ebven think what would happen if something had happened to you your mom dada bade ma bade papa and above all your two brothers sanskar and laksh both love you to infinity and back na did you even think what would their conditions be looking at their baby sister fighting for live or rather dead (uttara looks at swara tearfully) answer uttara (shouts) answer me dammit
Utt:(cries and shouts) toh what else could I do bhabhi what else could I do I don’t want to live ma papa bhai everyone will start hating me once they find the truth and then………………then everything would be finish this worldf will make fun of me all will hate me so its better if I finish myself before it or bearing seeing their hatred for me
Swa:(cups uttaras face) uttara let me tell you onething no matter what the world thinks or tells about you as much as I know your brothers they will not give a dam to it infact they will fight with each and every person who would try to hurt you and what is that that happen which is leading you to take this step in your life huh
Uttara keeps looking at mum with tears flowing down her eyes
Swa: wont you tell me what happen remember you had told me that im like your sister infact you do consider me as your sister so wont you share it with me
Finally all the strings of emotions uttara was holding breaks off and she falls on knees crying woefully loudly and abysmally swara gets daunt and whammy she gets shocked and surprised looking at a wretched and dolorous uttara crying melancholy just going by her heart she sinks down to uttaras level and the minute she does that uttara tuens and hugs swara tightly crying more loudly and inconsolably while swara just keeps patting her back alleviating by humming soothing words After a few minutes uttara countenance and clams herself a little
Swa:(breaks the hug) tell me uttara what happen
Uttara starts telling swara the reason for her stupid step along with sobbing listening which swara gets shocked (reason will reveal later) finally completing uttara yet again starts crying loudly while swara tries to compose her but both freeze to their places listening a voice
Voice:(shocked) what

Both turn and find sanlak standing at the door of the terrace all shocked looking at them swara and uttara stand while the duo start walking towards them finally reaching in front of them they both keep looking at uttara without blinking their eyes even once finally not able to stand the silence uttara voices out her voice
Utt:(whispers)(tearfully) bhai……………..
Both look at her blankly
Utt:(crying)(scared) bhai…….bhai I know what ever I did is wrong and…………….and you are very angry on me but……but I did not do it purposefully I…..i don’t know how it happen im im sorry bhai please forgive me please don’t hate me im sorry
She knees down holding both her brothers hand when someone holds her harshly and makes her stand and gives her a tight slap shocking and jerking swasanlak back to the world
Utt:(shocked) rag……..ragini di
Rag:(angry shouts) whatever you have is not forgivable uttara do you have any idea what will happen if all this comes out they will throw you out of the house do you know what people will tell chi im even feeling ashamed to think about it and you……………….(holds uttaras shoulder tightly and shaking her) how could you even do it huh
All the while uttara keeps crying tears never stopping flowing down her eyes she looks at her brothers once but is not able to understand their emotions or reaction hence starts crying more while ragini tightens her grip on her hurting her
Utt:(crying) ahh di you are hurting me
Rag: and what about the thing you did huh do you have any idea how much you would be hurting everyone in the family how could you be so stupid uttara……………………..
While ragini keeps on scolding uttara and uttara continues to cry ragini was going to slap uttara and sensing on reactions from sanlak swara finally loses her cool and walks towards ragini and pulls uttara away from her separating both of them
Rag: swara you please stay out of all this its in our family you don’t have to interfere
Swa: enough ragini I kept quite from that time since it was your right to scold her for her mistake but now you are going overboard so enough (to sanlak) and you both what the hell is wrong with you guys huh speak up something or might be what I said uttara was wrong and I should have let her died right
Sanlak:(shout) swara……………..

Swa: angry huh what the hell are you guys doing now this is the reason she was going to commit suicide thinking of your this reaction I know its her fault but keeping mum not telling anything to her and giving silent treatment is not going to work and also (looks at ragini) balming her again and again and taunting her is not helping dude get a life she is atleast accepting that she is at fault so now be her support and not weaken her and making her think of something stupid
Both sanlak realize their mistake and go towards uttara and hug her tightly
San:(breaking the hug) pagal hai huh what the hell were you thinking when you thought of taking your life dint you even think about us once what would have happen to us chachi chachu ma papa and all huh (slightly hits her head) never think about such stupid things ever in your life we will always be with you
Utt:(hugs sanskar)(crying) im sorry bhai please forgive me im sorry
Lak: haww not fair you both forgot me not happening
San: drama queen
Lak: bhai im a male not a female to him a king not queen
Both sanutt chuckle adnd open their arm asking lak to join them which he immediately complies while here swara calls someone and tells something and cutting the call she looks at the three sibling smiling and adoring their bond all of their moment breaks when someone calls swara
Per: swara maam
All look at the person
Swa: yes uday (one of swaras bg) did you fing any information
Uday: yes maam
Gives swara a file and she goes through it while sanlak uttrag keep looking at her
Swa: I have got all the pics as well a lil information
She walks towards them
Swa: before I tell anything I want to know if you all are in for this plan to expose the actual behind uttara this step since she herself told us that she just heard them speaking so it means she has no idea who the person is and if at all anyone she not okay back off right now
Lak: ragini you go I don’t want any problem for my sister
Rag: par laksh
Lak: leave
Raginis eyes start filling with tears seeing the person she loves so much have no trust on her she know she should not have shouted at uttara but it was just that as soon as she heard all this she panicked and said all that in panic and shock she starts leaving with heavy step when
Swa: wait ragini
Ragini turns
Swa: I know you never wanted to shout at uttara it was just because of your anger and laksh I do feel you should give her a chance and ragini do you have enough trust on me and all of us that you would hide all this from everyone including kavita if yes then join in
Rag: I promise I will not tell anyone anything
Lak: par
Utt: bhai its okay let di join usplease
Rag:(walks up to uttara) im sorry uttara (careses her cheek) it must be hurting a lot na im really sorry
Utt: its okay di I understand just like bhabhi said
The suitation becomes awkward for swasan and raglak sine they all know the truth that there is apparently no relation between swasan while uttara was all anware abot it here swasan look at each other an a eyelock takes place between them breaking the moment swara speaks
Swa: okay so this guy (points towards uday) here is uday and he’ll be in with us in this plan and uday I want you to be around uttara always from now keeping an eye oh her as well tae a few people along with you and keep an eye on those people as well so the plan is that we (she starts explaining the plan) okay
All: okay
Swa: so lets get going now its already quite late we’ll execute our plan from tomorrow
All nod

Utt:(hugs swara) than you so much bhabhi if you wouldn’t
Swa: its alright uttara but ever think of doing something like this again in you life and now go and rest and everything will be alright soon hmm
Uttara nodes while sansar keeps looking at swara with a smile feeling proud of his choice and the person she is later all bid bye to each other and leave towards their respective houses
It was a new morning with new hope and new determinations for everyone it was 8:55 in the morning and the students in the college were rushing towards their classes to attend their classes here in swasans class swara was sitting along with her friends chitchatting while sanskar was with his friends when the lecturer enters (the same one who gave project in the last part I said so lets call him barath)
Lec: good morning students
Stu: morning sir
Lec: okay all of you settle down according to the groups we made last class since im going to take the forst two hours so you people can discuss about the project now since I will not be taking the class and will be giving you the topics now so be seated with your groups
All comply and get seated with their groups swara moves towards her group and they were seated in this order rahul laksh swara sanskar veer ishaan while the lecturer gets three bowls and keeps them on the table
Lec: okay I hope all of you are settled so now you all can see three bowls in front of you all so these are the 1s which consist the topics of your project lie you can see there are three bowls here the one to my right consist topics related to cancer research the one to my left consist topics related to genetic research and one in the center consist general research topics so now one person from your group will come and pick a chit from each bowl and will get back to your place and once all of you have all three chits you can open and look into the topics am I clear
One student: sir what about two more topics
Lec: well I was getting to it so two topics will be selected by you guys you can select anything research and make your presentation on it okay
All node
Lec: so the one who are seated at the end come and collect a chit for your group one by one
The students start moving and collecting chits one by one here in swasans team rahul moves and pucks one chit from each bowl and comes back and handover the chits to swara
Lec: hope all of you have got you chits open them up and start with your projects
Swara opens the chits one by one and also gets her planner out of her bag
Swa: okay guys so our topics are in genetics schizophrenia and bipolar genetic research , in cancer gynecological and cystic fibrosis research and in general brain tumor MS and pediatric neurosurgery
Lak: what the hell each one has two or three sub topics itself as a topic and plus two more how the hell are we going to get them done
Swa: chill we will have to manage we have no other go reme,ber
Ish: what about the other two topics swara
Swa: ummm I was thinking how about bionic eyes and ALS for the other two topics for the other two if you guys are okay
San: hmm that’s alright but you right its not that easy to get notes about them and we have three months that’s it and we have so many topics
Swa: I understand so lets start from today itself and lets begin with ALS like we all know als means amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and it’s a neurodegenerative disease well I guess that is all we know so now each of will research or particularly find information about different topics under this one topics so those will be it causes forms its disorders and functioning building blocks treatment methods and drugs used and lastly the cost
Swa: rahul you’ll find the causes ishaan its forms laksh disorders sanskar how does it function veer drugs used and I’ll look into the treatment method and building blocks so try getting as much as info you can through books net or whatever and then we all can discuss together
Vee: there is a problem swara there are not many loos in library and even if ther are we will not be able to get that much info so now what
Swa: umm well I have a few books with me…………………how aboutb you all come over to my place after college so we can discuss more then
Ish: that would be cool
Swa: so its okay with you all right
All nod
Swa: okay so try getting asd much as info you can now and we’ll see the rest in the evening
All get into finding info on their cells and saving it when a students enter the class an tells something to the lecturer
Lec: swara go the dean is calling you
Swa: yes sir
With that swara walks out the lecture gets over and it was recess time when all students were enjoying eacting and chit chatting while swara had not yet turned out she just disappeared finally recess got over and the next class started when swara enters the class along with siddhart
Swa: may I get in sir
Lac: yes swara
Swa: sir I have an announcement to make
The lecturer nodes and moves aside
Swa: okay guys so we have an inter college fest which is going to held well there is not much time in our hand left so we just wanted to know if any of you is interested in singing or dancing or any other actives to come forward give your names and we want some volunteers so whoever is interested you can come to the audi after the last hour and we’ll select the volunteers………………………..thank you sir

With that swara leaves the class soon the day passes by and the classes get over now it was time foer all to get back to their houses a few who were interested in taking part in the fest move towards the audi one group among them was sanskars group who move towards the audi
Here in the audi all were registering their name for different events when swara gets onto the dice
Swa: okay guys the people who have come to give their names as volunteers please move to my right and those who have come for dance or singing or anything else move to my left and give your name to siddhart and move out we will be calling you guys tomorrow
While siddhart was taking down the names swara sits on the dice in one corner leaning her head against the wall closing her eyes holding her hand on which she had got hurt sanskar who was her sitting in the corner away from all eyes walk towards her without any1s notice he stands in front of her and keeps looking at her face
San: you again didn’t have anything right
Swara snaps opens her eyes and looks at sanskar
Swa: none of your concern sanskar
Sanskar knees in front of swara
San: it is my damm concern swara just looks at your self what have you done doing something does not mean you skip your food you can give lecture to everyone but when it comes to you everything is forgotten right
Swa: done if yes then please leave im in no mood to fight
San: nor am in
Sanskar passes a box to swara
San: have this now
Swa: I said im not hungry don’t you get it please just leave
San: no not until you complete it
Swa: ugggh fine you sit her I’ll leve
Swara tries to stand but sanskar pulls her back on the floor and locks her between his arms
San: don’t force me swara else you better know what I’ll do so just shut and have the food
Swara tries pushing sanskar back but sanskar overpowers her by locking her fingers with his the minute their fingers get locked but look into each other eyes it was just like they could look into each others soul while sanskars eyes held happiness sadness hope and most importantly love swaras eyes were quite unreadable but still one thing which her eyes conveyed was that they still held love for sanskar when all of a sudden swara breaks the eyelock and pushes sanskar with force and starts walking past him that hurts sanskar but he say nothing
While here swara who was walking was all lost thinking has sanskar really changed why does he affect her so much even after the hurt he cause her she does not notice a stick kept on the floor and steps on it which gets disbalanced and she was to fall when sanskar comes and hold her buyt in the process she sprains her both eep looking at each other when swaras shout breaks the moment
Swa: ouch……………
Sanskar makes swara stand properly and lifts her when swara tries to protest sanskar gives her one sharp look and asks her to shut which mums her
He takes her to the back stage and makes her sit on a chair and knees in front of her he takes her leg removes her shoe carefully and places her leg of his thigh when swara tries to withdraw it he hold her leg tightly

San: clam down swara im not going to eat you I just don’t understand why do you never let me get close to you even when I touch you you fling and propel I know there must be reason for it but now im doing nothing to you just let me see you leg please I beg you
Swara looks at sanskar whose eyes show just hence she backs off and lets sanskar do whatever he is doing while sanskar was bust treating her leg she was all lost in her thoughts and looking at sanskar once he was done he places her leg gently on the floor and stands and walks off while swara keeps looking at his retreating figure confusingly
He comes back in a minute or two with the box he had given her and again sits in front of her pulling a chair he opens the box and gets the spoon in front of swara mouth while just keeps looing at him
San: have
He pushes the spoon a little more towards her mlouth and having no other go as well as being hungry swara finally gives up and starts having her food having done with her food swara has a little food stuck near her lower lip which sanskar removes by his thumb to which swara moves back a little
San: sorry who there was food so
Swa: its okay
While sanskar nodes he was happy inside because this was the forst time after all the mess they both spend a little time together and swara was not that cold with his as she was now he had promised himself that he would win swaras trust back and make him fall in love with him all over again and this time forever
Swa: we should get going its quite late they might be waiting for us
San: okay lets go
Swara stands but stumbles a little to which sanskar immediately holds her hand and pulls her towards him by which she falls on him she lifts her head and looks at him both their heartbeats were running fast swaras hand was placed on his chest near his heart she could feel his fast heart beats sanskar makes swara stand properly
San: sorry I didn’t want to touch you but you were to fall soo
Swa: its okay and thank you
San: your welcome
Swa: lets go
Both start walking but swara has a little problem walking she hisses in between and keeps searching for some support sanskar not being able to see his girl in pain moves and stands in front of her stopping her from waling more
San: there is no support you can take and if keep on waling like this you’ll hurt yourself and as much as I know you you wont let me lift you so please atleast hold my hand so you get a little support please else you;ll hurt you leg even more
He forwards his hand
San: please
Swara looks at him and then holds his hand while sanskar to intertwines their fingers together and wrops his other hand around her shoulder protectively and starts walking he was indeed very happy today seeing change in swara both walk towards the audi when sanskars group who sees them coming together and like this were all shocked along with swaras friends there few students who very happy as they really adore their pair and a few jealous
Okay guys so im stopping here hope you guys like this part well right now im getting late for my college so I cant write must so do let me know how this part is and what so you think was the reason behind uttaras behavior for the first time a wrote a swasan scene in present part of my story hope you like it and ha do let me know a guy you want opposite uttara I mean the face and ragini is turning positive like I said hope you are liking it

And now a very important note to a few of my readers well I know that I don’t interact with you guys a lot and im sorry for that but now I have a news for you guys so tomorrow that is Tuesday 11 april I would be coming online at around 3:30 or the max by 4 or 4:15 pm so whoever wants to speak to me and ask anything can come online so I would be waiting and ha this time I’ll pakka come online so you can shoot in your questions and I promise to answer so see ya guys soon

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