realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 1)


swara bose : bubbly chirpy full of life lives her life to the fullest and on her own conditions but when it comes to decisions regarding her life then very serious and practical she is 21 years old a medical student topper of the college her parents arnav and khushi bose died in an accident when she was 15 years old arnav bose was the biggest businessman in asia and after his death swara took over as she use to visit her dad’s office every now and then hence leading the business to new heights she became mature over night after her parents death she is the youngest business women but never deals directly ( explain what is means as we proceed)
sanskar and laksh maheshwari : they are twin brothers both are very hot and handsome every girl wants to be with them they are swara’s classmates and dont like swara much because according to them swara is teacher pet and always tops the class and also for a fact swara is the only girl who never showed interest in them both are 22 years old dp and ap are their parents dp is a big business man in india hence they are rich and do hav a little attitude about both were okay in their studies
uttara maheshwari : a sweet cute girl cousin of sanlak sujata and rp are her parents 20 years old 2nd year student
ragini gadodia : a sweet cute traditional girl 21 years old 3rd year student good in studies daughter of shekhar and shomi gadodia shekhar is also a business man dp partner in business
kavita gadodia : ragini’s twin sister she is a lilttle -ve in my story same 3rd year student not that good in studies
these are a few characters of my story will introduce a few more as the story proceeds whenever needed sanlak swaragini uttara and kavita study in the same college KOLKATA UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE AND ARTS since dp and shekhar were business partners kav rags and sanlak know each other from childhood and they were kids ap and shomi had joked that when kids grow up they would get them married but kav and rag took it seriously and now even after years kav and rags think that they would get married to sanlak only

so lets begin swara and sanlak are 4th year medical students there was a bet between sanskar and his gang (gang included sanlak ragini kavita rahul karan soha deepti chirag and amar all the boys doing medicals and girls that he should trap swara in his love kiss her and then dump her at first he said no but later when his bro and friend provoked him he said okay from the beginning of their 4th year sanskar had been trying everything to make swara fall for him but nothing worked (guys sanlak dont know that swara is rich as she her showed off) it had almost been 4 months since he is trying den finally one day sanskar told swara that if she loved him she had to come to hill point or else he would jump from there (its sanlak and gangs plan) theses 4 months swara had slowly started falling from him and the thought of his death pained her beyond imagination hence she went to the hill top and confessed her love one part of the plan was done now the next and the last part the kiss sanskar tried kissing her there but swara backed of telling she is not ready for it its been a month since swara confessed her feelings but she never let sanskar get close to her because everytime sanskar would be close and when they are about to kiss she gets some flashed and gets scared starts sweating sanskar unaware about her fear was mad at her for this but still unaware had also started loving her but denied it each time if any1 asked him and in this 1 month swara had become good friend with laksh and uttara (uttara does not know about the bet)

At college
before college started swara and sanskar were seated on the terrace in each other embrace spending some quality time with each other (that according to swara but for sanskar he is just completing his bet as his gang is there watching them) suddenly sanky gets close to swara touches her cheek sensuously and the touches her lips with his thumb swara gets startled that minute and starts getting some flash backs and starts sweating she move out of sanskar’s embrace and stands up with makes sanskar angry
sanky: (standing up and holding her tight from her sholder) what the hell is wrong with you swara everytime i come near you you move away from me
swara: aahhh sanskar your hurting me (looking at his hands which are holding her sholder tightly)
sansky: and what about me you have always hurt me infact i think you dont love me at all
swara: no sanskar your getting me wrong
sanky: (laughing) wrong huh fine leave no use talking about it you dont care a dam about me
he jerks her by which she goes a few steps backwars and sanky starts leaving swara hold his hand with her shivering ones
swara: (holding his hand) sanky please stop please dont go please im sorry (holding her ears) sorry
sanky: if dont want me to leave then let me kiss you if not im leaving forever
swara: but sanska…………..
sanky: you only have 2 options to choose from swara
swara: sanskar p… pls try to understand
sanky: its alright swara i know i have no importance in your life anyways bye
as he was about to leave swara: fine
sanky: fine thats means i can kiss you

swara just nods her head in a yes sansky come towards her and hold her waist and starts leaning towards her lips swara clutcher on to her kurti tightly finally sanskar touches his lips to hers and starts kissing her swara eyes start welling up but as she cannot go anything she just closes her eyes tightly (guys this not because swara is helpless or weak its just that after her parents death sanskar is the first person who is so close to her some where he has started becoming her life and seeing him sad was something swara never wanted to see) sanskar continue kissing her but swara does not take part in it after a few minutes due to the lack of air he breaks the kiss swara opens her eyes both look into each others eyes then swara hugs him tightly
sanskar thinks god she loves me so much it is clearly seen in her eyes and i did all this just for a stupid bet he starts feeling guilty she trusts me so much what will happen when she finds out about the bet she will be completely broken what do i do his thoughts are broken by a call on swara’s cell
swara: (answering the call) ha kabir (he tells her something) okay im coming
swara to sanskar: sanskar listen i need to go my friends are waiting for me i’ll se you later bye love you
sanskar nods at her with that swara leaves asa soon as she leaves the gang comes out
karan: so sanky how was the kiss
rahul: ya man tell us as well since we had turned our head your brother did not let us see
kavita: arey guys leave all that dint you see how readily she agreed for the kiss
ragini: no kavi dint you see she did protest
kavita: arey baby all these are tricks yo wont understand blo*dy despo
soha: ya kavi your right she is such a b*t*h
sanskar was not able to hear all this : guys enough lets go we need to go the audi princi and dean will be there anytime

sanky and his friends enter the audi where swara and friends are already present swara looks at sansky and gives a smile but gets no reaction in return right then the dean enter
dean: good morning students
students: good morning sir
dean: alright i just wanted to remind you all that your exams begin next week that means you have only 6 days before your exams i hope you have not forgot it and have started preparing for it this goes to both the medical as well as the art stream students we want good results this year now you may leave
after this announcement many students are shocked and one such group was sanlak’s group who had totally forgot about the exam because of their so called plan against swara
chirag: guys iss plan ke chakkar main we totally forgot about our exams
amar: ha yaar what do we do now
rahul: now we all are dead
deepti: (looking at swara and her friends) look how happy they are
all the gang members look at swara and her gang
karan: its obvious na she is the topper and she helps her friends in studies so they are happy
kavita: but what if she does not top this year infact fails this semester
san-lak-rag: (shocked) what
all together: how is it possible
kavita: simple sanskar today during the lunch break dump her infront of every1 in the college
sanky: (shocked again) what
lucky: (shocked as well since he has become good friend with swara) kavita have you gone mad
kavita: yes she will be heart broken hence wont give her exams and why are you guys getting shocked this is what the bet was about right
karan: this way she will not be able to no
soha: and no one will taunt you guys
chirag: i think they are right
ragini: but guys
kavita: rags remember what i told you
ragini: (remembers something) i guess you are right go on
kavita: so we’ll meet up during the break bye guys
with that everyone lets to their respective classes

so what do think will sanskar tell swara about the bet knowing that swara will be heart broken what will happen when swara finds out about the bet will she give her exams how will it affect her future to know you’ll have read the next part hope you like the story line

Credit to: alahna

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