THE REAL SOULMATES (sukor) Episode 5

So guys i m back aftr a long break thnx for all d love and comments nd really sry for nt replying to them bt i assure u guys will surely reply this tym so let’s begin

Recap: sukor meet for d second tym at rajvanshi mansion and r fighting Ranjana comes and hugs Suraj Chakor is totally confused as she still does not noe hu Suraj is exactly

Ranj: suraj beta hw r u meeting u aftr such a long tym
Suraj: everything is going on really well chachi hw r u chachi and aftr vivaan left………… Leave dt hu is dis girl chachi she is saying dt dis house is hers
Ranj: suraj beta she is vivaan’s wife
Suraj was shocked listening to dis nd he ws vry angry with himself dt he behaved wid her so badly he was regretting for wt he hd done she was already suffering from such a big trauma nd he was so rude with her
Ranj :bt she is jst like our daughter nd by the way ramu take their luggage to their rooms,as soon as i knew dt u both were coming i set ur rooms go nd freshen up nd come for lunch
Bt suraj ws in no mood to rest he jst wntd to
make up for his mistake asap so he calls shikhu and tells him to bring something (revealed later)

Chakor room
Chakor comes back to her room after finishing
all d work nd was surprised seeing a beautiful bouquet of red roses her fav flowers she picked it up from her bed and saw a chit in it which hd SORRY written on it she soon realised hu cud hv
sent dt her beautiful lips curved into cute smile
Suraj ws observing all dis standing outside Chakor’s room nd felt an altogether diff level of happiness seeing dt smile on her face

Suraj ‘s room
Suraj ws walking abt d room reminiscing abt
Chakor’s enchanting smile at dt vry moment
Chakor stormed into d room nd threw d bouquet on d floor with a loud thud nd her face ws red wid anger ?

Suraj ws shocked at Dis Reactn Of Hers Bcoz A Moment Before She Ws Smiling Seeing Dt Flowers Nd Nw Wt Happend Wid Her in such a short time dt she became so angry
Chakor (still fuming wid Anger ):wt d hell do u Think Of Urself ?
Suraj :wt happend wt did i do i mean if You Didn’t Like D Flowers Den U cud Hv Said That You Didn’t Hv To Throw D Flowers like dis dis is vry rude
Chakor :u think i m alone my husband hs left me so i m open for anyone to Try On me!!!!!!!!!
Suraj(shocked nd angry ):hw cn u even think Like Dt My Intention To give u flowers ws to try on u i jst wntd to tell u sry nd U thought dt i……
Chakor:if ur intention ws to Jst tell me Sry For Wt Happend den u Cud Hv Said That You Didn’t Hv To Write Behind The Chit Dt u Felt Sry For Wt Happend Wid me kkk i don’t need anyone’s support Nor Anyone’s Sympathy I Cn Take Care Of Myself nd she went away
Suraj kept staring at her nt in anger bt in awe and Admiration for dis brave hearted girl he ws totally impressed by her nd ws now more determined to seek her Forgiveness For His Mistakes

Precap :suraj tries Another Way To Say Sry To Chakor Nd A New character is going to b introduced (any guesses guys)

Thnx a lot guys for reading this ff nd pls do give ur suggestions nd also tell me if ur getting bored love u all?

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  1. Hi annabeth, I’m happy you’ve updated the story, it’s one of my favorites.
    Awesome update! poor suraj, one moment he was so happy to see her smile and the next moment she was fighting with him ;). He’s already started falling for her, so he’s not angry 🙂
    Do you plan to let Chakor realize that he’s a nice guy soon or will that happen later?

  2. Sukorian

    nice after a long time u write again I like this way of happenings n Chakors anger I dont need anyones symp. She is Independent n Suraj very impressed bx her

  3. Annabeth

    Thnx a lot guys for ur support nemo nd sukoria nd nemo slowly Chakor will realise dt Suraj is a nice guy

  4. Loving this FF !! Please update next part soon…

  5. Wow amazing ff and is the new character imli

  6. Sukorlover

    Awesome, you write it after a long time. Poor suraj; chakor misunderstand his gesture. Waiting for next

  7. Shreya.

    Thank god annabeth finally u r back…u know wat I missed u nd ur ff alllooot…ur ff is my fav one….nd thank u Soo much for dis amazing part…loved it…no ideas abt d new character dr…hope chakor nd Suraj will realize their love soon…waiting for d next part..

  8. Annabeth

    Thnx a lot varshu tippu nd sukor lover for ur appreciatn nd love? nd tippu u r right d new character is imli though I really don’t like her right nw bcoz Suraj hs become jagatpita bcoz of her totally hating d current sequence in udaan ?

  9. Annabeth

    Thnx alot shreya dt is really sweet of u it really means a lot ?will try to update d next one asap

  10. Thnk god u came back.whtever i lov ur ff.i can’t xplain how much m feeling happy.thnk god i didn’t mis it.thnku so much for this lvly next soon if u can.

  11. Annabeth

    Ya sure i will try to post soon aanya nd thnx a lot ?

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