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Recap : flashback 


It was 11:30 in the night and sanskaar was still not home and ragini was hell tensed . she was roaming here n there and then called sanskaar .


“ hello sanskaar where are u ?? n y r u so late .. any problem ???”

She  asked him tensely .

“ arre don’t ask yaar .. i’m so tired .. there was so much work today …..”

Sanskaar replied from the other end .

“ but when will u reach its already 11:30 ??”

She asked worried .

“ i”m here only outside …”

The bell rang . ragini openedthe door to find a tired sanskaar standing there with wall’s support . he looked at ragini and then went to his room and fell on the bed . ragini felt pity on him seeing him like that …. shewent near him and sat on the bed .


Ragini ( caressing his hair ) : bahut thak gaye ho ?? ( u r very tired na?? )

Sanskaar :: yup … gadho ki tarah kaam karaya aaj …. my whole body is paining ….

He said in a tiring and sad voice .

Ragini : awww my baby …. abhi i’ll shoo away ur pain ….

Saying she bent a lil and pecked his forehead  . he smiled .

Sanskaar ; oh rag.. u r so sweet .

He held her wrist and pulled her towards himself making her fall on his chest and took her in his embrace . ragini too hugged him tightly and they made love to each other  . after sometime sanskaar felt relaxed and easy . he tucked a hair strand behind her ear and looked at her lovingly .


Sanskaar : rag … u know today i need u very much but as our days are fixed i was not able to say something but u .. u understood me without even saying … i love u soo much ….

He said placing a kiss on her forehead . she smiled .

Ragini : i love u too …

She too kissed him on his cheeks . he smiled and took her in his embrace .

Ragini : voh sanskaar …. actually i want to request u for something ?? will u agree ??

Sanskaar : wht happened rag ?? is everything fine ??

Ragini : yeah actually … i don’t have enough money now to pay the electricity bill .. so will u pay for this month also ?? i’ll pay for the next two months ……

Sanskaar ( annoyed ) : how is this possible ?? last month also i hv paid the bill …….

Ragini  : sanskaar i love u so much .. cant u do this much for me ??

Sanskaar : ( smirked ) pyaar ??? ( then loked at her n told clearly and loudly ) rag… kis duniya mein jee rahi ho ?? in a city like Mumbai no one loves anyone else …… they just love themselves ……

Ragini ( her eyes welled up listening to all this ) : sanskaar what we did just now .. wasn’t it our love ??

Sanskaar ( smirking ) : so u want to get the value for wht u hv done ???

Ragini ( shouted ): sanskaarrrrrrrrrrrrr ………

Her face became red in anger and she said trembling .

Ragini : if i want to get the price na , so in one night  i can get more than u cant even earn in one month ….

Sanskaar ( shouted ) : if u know the value of ur body then wht the hell r u doing here /??????

Ragini ( shouted ) : sanskaarrr …..

She looked at him with disbelief … the tears were not stopping from her eyes . she covered her face with her hands and burst out crying .


“ how can he insult me like that ………. how ????” she thought .

Few minutes later he came n sta near her ..

Sanskaar ( in a serious tone ) : rag … today only in afternoon i paid the electricity bill .. see here’s its receipt…

Ragini didn’t responded and kept sobbing in that position .

Sanksaar : our company has done some deal with ur company n for that matter today i came to ur office .. i wanted to surprise u that’s y didn’t told u anything …. there only i overheard ur and aunty’s talk and went to pay the bill without telling u . i had Rs 10000 for emergency which i transferred to aunty’s account coz uncle’s operation was more important that time ……

Ragini looked up at him . she was still not able to believe him .


Ragini : then y were u insulting me like this ???


Sanskaar ( very softly ) : ragini , i’m very selfish….. ( first time he took her full name in their relationship ) i don’t want you to be an equal partner in carrying out just the expenses of this house  with me , but i want to make you a part of my life .. an equal part ………. that’s y i wanted u to realize that we both r incomplete without each other  .. we need each other … come lets complete our incompleteness by giving our relation a beautiful name ………….


He stopped and then continued looking straight into ragini’s eyes …..




Ragini ( wiping her tears ) : sanskaar … i hv told u earlier also that i cant marry now .. i hv to make my career now …

Sanskaar ( a lil loudly ) :  what career and for whom?? ( he continued in a trembling voice ) career is that journey which never completes and which has no end . its a blind race in whicha person runs for his whole life but still till the end he  can not believe that he has won …its an incomplete thirst which will always be there no matter wht …………………

Sanskaar came near ragini and held her shoulder .


“ ………. i n u hv to marry some or the other person one day , but will be able to forget each other ?? we hv given each other the gift of love and gave ourselves to each other .. will we able to give that to someone else ??? if not , then wouldn’t that mean that we r cheating on them ???”


“ sanskaar ..” ragini’s lips trembled . she didn’t have answeres for sanskaar’s questions .


“ rag , i don’t want to be with u in a live in relationship but i want to be with you in a REAL RELATIONSHIP .. where its not u and me .. its WE .. we wont live half half but together we’ll live with other to the fullest ……..” sanskaar choked while saying .. he didn’t knew wht to say now .


Ragini looked at him and only found love , trust and affection in his eyes .. he immediately hugged him tightly keeping her head on his chest . her silence was giving answers to all sanskaar’s questions . sanskaar hugged her back and kissed her hair … both started dreaming about their upcoming beautiful life ………………………………………………………………..






 yeah yeah so that was it…. MY NEW YEAR GIFT FOR ALL MY LOVELY FRIENDS ANS SISTERS!!!! ?????

Hope u guys hv liked it… I really tried to make best out of it… So please do comment ur opinions and reviews…… Till then keep rocking and smiling!!! ????


Okay so I want to tell all of you that from now till MARCH I’ll not b regular BECAUSE this month I hv pre boards… Then next month I hv practicals… N then in March its the FINALE… BOARDS!!!! Its my class 12th so I can’t take any risk…. I won’t get time to write so I won’t b able to update…. But but but STILL if possible I’ll try to give one or two chapter once in a while only IF POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! But I’ll give one chapter of SANGINI – A NEW BEGINNING! FOR SURE…… Hope you all will support me and give me ur good wishes n I promise that as soon as my BOARD EXAMS will b over I’ll give u so many chapters ( if you’ll b interested then also.. I mean u can lose interest that’s natural) so yeah if you’ll b still interested I’ll continue my ffs and even can start some new ffs only if u guys support me and would b interested!!!!!!!

Thank you all, till now for supporting me… Hope I get support from y guys after March also…….

N I’m really sorry coz I won’t b able to update please forgive me……. ????

Till then please wish me luck and do keep SMILING and Rocking!!!!! Love you all!!!! ???????????????


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