“Sanskaar was best in every matter . he’ll always take care of ragini but was very serious on money matters . he wont do any compromise regarding that matter . he believed that when girls can make the boys cook so they can even take the responsibility of running the house . ……………………………”










As soon as ragini entered her flat she switched on the ac and lied down on the bed . It was so hot outside and moreover so much congestion and pollution .. it was intolerable . Thank god AC is there otherwise it would hv been so difficult to live in a city like Mumbai !


Ragini thought as she rested on her bed .


Then suddenly she got up with a jerk and opened her purse to see the electricity bill . Rs 4500 and the tomorrow was the last day to pay the bill . She was hell tensed and with AC in the room she was  sweating . today was 20th . She had money till morning but then her mother called her in the office and told that her father was again admitted in the hospital  . now it was again difficult for her but as a doting daughter she chose her father ( obviously ) over the bill and transferred Rs 10000 in her mother’s account . now there was not enough money with her to even spend the last 10 days of the month so how could she even think of paying the bill .


Sanskaar has not came till now . his room’s door is also closed. Should i ask him to pay the bill ?  ragini thought . But no .. sanskaar was very adamant and if he has told something he’ll not disobey it . he stood at his words no matter wht happens …


As it was decided earlier , sanskaar took his responsibility of taking care of half of the overall expenses . not less and not more . last month he jas paid the electricity bill and this time it was ragini’s turn . she knew that he’ll never agree to pay this month’s bill also .


She looked at the watch , it was 9  in the night n he never returned before 9:30 and sometimes he’ll return at 11 . That day also it was 9 inn the night when she was sitting on the bench at Marine Drive !




“ Hey rag , wht r u doing here ??”

A voice from back suddenly shocked her . she turned back to find her old engineering classmate , Sanskaar standing there with his million dollar smile .


“ wht r u doing here ??”

Ragini asked him  without replying to his question .

“ arre yaar , i’m here from last 2 years ..bass  wasting my time n energy working as a software engineering on a company ..” he said looking at sea .. ragini could feel pain in his voice . he then looked at ragini and asked “ aren’t u also wasting ur time n energy in a company for 3-4 lakhs package ??”

He chuckled . ragini nodded her head .


“ no .. not at all .. i’m not wasting my time n energy … just WORKING in a company for the package of 3.5 lakhs” she smiled as she said n the tension  sadness on her face started disappearing .


“ ahh lucky girl … varna look at me i don’t even eArn this much after wasting my time n energy that when the locals are at strike i can hire a taxi and go”

He shrugged .


“ hmm .. soo u hv also came to marine drive to pass this night haan ???”

Ragini asked  looking up at him with her big orbs .


“ i also ????” he looked at her confused but then chuckled as he got the meaning . “ so u r also  here to pass this night haan ? ? thats nice .. abb toh maza aaega jab mil baithenge do deewane”


He laughed holding his stomach and sat beside ragini .


While laughing  tears formed in his eyes which he wiped and said in a cracking voice .

“ ma – papa took loan to educate us with so much hopes . i thought that i’ll make their every dream come true , but i didn’t knew that Mumbai , the city of dreams is nt for completing ur dreams , its just for breaking every single dream u have seen for yourself .. for ur parents .. for ur family …. u know how much its difficult for even getting  proper food at one time also after paying the rent of 1 BHK ! there is no sign of savings ………..”


Ragini could feel his every word . sanskaar was saying but the words were her’s . he was just repeating her story , the same pain of her’s he’s repeating … last year in a car accident her dad got handicapped du to which he lost his job and when she got the job , her dad was relieved that now she’s there to support the family .. but she couldn’t send enough money to her parents that they could carry out the daily expenses .


The night passed while talking to each other . after that they both met several times . they could understand each others pain as both were going through same situation  . they both became best friends  and became very close …… then one day sanskaar asked her ..

“ rag , i was thinking that we both should together take a flat on rent by which e both can save some money ….. umm … only if u dnt mind ..”


Ragini didn’t answered so he brought her back to her senses ..


“ what r u thinking ?”

“ sanskaar .. its a very big decision i can’t take it so easily and in such a short notice …”

She said hesitating .

He looked at her for sometime ad then said ..

“rag.. don’t worry at all .. trust me .. i’ll ot even touch u ithout ur permission ……….”

“ n i’ll never give this permission to u …”

She said pouting cutely .

“ n i’ll never ask for this permission ..” he too pouted like ragini , but then said in a serious tone , “ but yeah … if u want we can marry also coz i like u from the college days ….”


“ no ways … i cant eve think of marriage righ now .. first i hv to get settled . i hv to complete ma – papa’s dreams ..”

She said in a clear tone .


But living in a city like Mumbai it was becoming difficult for them to live in their limited salaries so one day ragini told sanskaar that she’s ready to share flat with him .

Then they took a 2 BHK  flat in which one room was for ragini n the other one for sanskaar . they divided every expense equally among themselves , they even decided that one day ragini will cook the food and the next day sanskaar will.


After that ragini’s life was coming back on track .. they used to go to beaches n movies on weekends and she could send enough money to her parents . she was very happy now . first she thought that Mumbai can do nothing good to her but nw she was in love with this city ad with SANSKAAR also ……..


One day , it was Saturday and they hv just returned from a party where they were chosen as mister and miss perfect ! they were really happy …. she was feeling on top of world when he again proposed her going down on one knee  . she immediately hugged him tightly , he too hugged her back .. though she didn’t wanted to marry now but she trusted him and gave herself to him completely .


He took her in his embrace and slowly slid his hand on her bare back moving upwards to her neck .. her hands were on his chest . they have a deep eye lock .. he looked at her lips and then her eyes .. she blushed and closed her eyes .. he took this as green signal and brought his lips closer to her .. finally their lips met each other and they had a passionate and blissful kiss .. he picked her up in bridal style not breaking the lip lock and took her to his room and both fell on bed with he on top of her still kissing each other madly .. she opened the buttons of his shirt and he opened the strings of her dress revealing her front to him .. she pulled out her shirt .. he broke the kiss and started kissing her neck and shoulder and everything turning her on and her moans and her nails which she was digging in his skin was turning him on .. finally after the kissing session they both covered themselves with blanket and made love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now both were so happy that there happiness knew no bounds .. they both used to work hard 5 days of the week and went out on weekends and spent their nights in each other’s embrace .everything was fixed . all the expenses were equally distributed and even they used to make love only on weekends ..


On the other hand  ragini’s dad’s health was becoming worse day by day . now n then he was been tAken to the hospital . ragini was trying her level best to save but couldn’t save enough . every month the electricity bill was bt 4000-5000 which both ragsan would divide among themselves equally . but one month her dad was so unwell so extra money was to b sent to her parents . she was worried how’ll she survive in this month . so she decided to talk to sanskaar .



“ sanskaar , actually i don’t have money this ime so please u pay the whole electricity bill .. next time i’ll pay ..”

She requested him .


“ but v had decided that we’ll pay equally .”

He said stopping her in between .


She hadn’t expected this type of answer from him .she looked at him and could see the whole worldliness on his face . tears started forming in her eyes . she asked him in a cracked voice , “ cant u do this much for me ???”


Sanskaar took her in his embrace and caressed her hair .

“ okay okay … now don’t cry baba … i’ll pay his time u can pay next month ..”

She nodded .


Sanskaar was best in every matter . he’ll always take care of ragini but was very serious on money matters . he wont do any compromise regarding that matter . he believed that when girls can make the boys cook so they can even take the responsibility of running the house . ……………………………




But this time she was helpless this time … she had to send Rs 10000 for dad’s medication after which there was no money left for paying the electricity bill …


Screen freezes on ragini’s  tensed face …………………



So will sanskaar help her or will it be end of their relationship ??? will the city of dreams shatter ragini’s dreams or will help to build her dream castle ?????????? stay tuned for knowing sanskaar’s reaction and future of their relationship ……………………………………

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