Ready to fall in love- episode 3


Hello all.
Sry becoz there is no raglak scenes in last episode I’m little busy with my exams today aslo very small update ( swasan and Ragini are in mumbai and Laksh is Kolkata)

Swasan room
Swara smiles sadly
Sanskar: I think yesterday night ur too busy with ur work
Swara looks him questioning face
Sanskar: I mean crying
Swara: from many days only tears r my best friend
Sanskar: may be from many days but I think from today its ur end friendship with ur tears. Till when u will think abt ur past it damage ur present and future
See I know ur parents strict towards u. But now onward I’m with u our family with u maa hai,uttara,adharsh bhai u can share anything with us see I’M saying u this because frm yesterday u r my responsibility that person should cry he left u he missed such a golden chance try to forget it is not easy but try it feels very better and ha get ready fast and have ur breakfast and take rest

Swara: wo actually……
Sanskar: now get redy fast
Swara nodes sanskar walks to door but turs back again
Sanskar: swara can I ask one question
Swara nodes
Sanskar : is he is from here only ah
Swara( tears): Kolkata
Sanskar: sry swara if…
Swara: it’s okay sanskar
She goes to washroom
Sanskar went down

Sujatha:( knock door) Laksh beta wake up u become lazy day by day
Laksh opens door ( smiles) good morning maa
Sujatha( concern): Laksh u looking so pale wt happen beta
Laksh: nothing maa I didn’t get sleep
Sujatha: okay then take rest today
Laksh: no mom I have singing consent tomorrow in mumbai so I’m going today afternoon flight
Gadodia mansion
Ragini( to herself): I thought u r very great person but no u roaming with attaching a good person mask but don’t fly that much I will definitely put u behind bars( her words cut off by someone)
Person: oh Ragini u going to bar without me person pouts
Ragini: oh come on dad if I want to go bar go and ask mom she will send I baarrr
Shekar: no but abt whom u r talking
Ragini: nothing papa leave it
Shekar: tomorrow is Sunday any plans frnd
Ragini: no frnd
Shekar : okay any imp work
Ragini: no frnd
Shekar : perfect then I would like to send u somewhere
Ragini(in mind) : uffu Ragini kaha phs gayi dad will definitely send u some relatives escape
Shekar : wt r u thinking now
Ragini: nothing omg frnd I just remember now I have an important meeting tomorrow so I can’t u know how important it is she keeps on blabbering suddenly shekar kept a paper infront of her

Ragini took that paper actually It’s not paper it is ticket ya Laksh consent ticket
She is jumping like a kid tq dad tq so much I love you frnd
Shekar : wt the need for this all.u have an important meeting tomorrow u know how important it was to u so don’t worry I will go drags ticket from her hand
Ragini: dad plz plz I don’t have any meeting plz frnd she pleading him cutely
Shekar : if my frnd asks this much cutely how should I will deny
Ragini: but wt abt sumi
Shekar: u don’t worry I will convince her
Ragini: u the best I love u frnd
Shekar : love u too frnd okay then come down fast have ur bf don’t go out without having bf okay
Ragini nodes
At kapoor mansion
Sanskar came to dinning area adharsh and uttara already present
Adharsh : wah sanskar beta jaldi utgye
Sanskar: stop it bhai ( swara comes there she wore a baby pink plain saree she looks so cute sanskar stares at her completely lost in her)
Uttara : bhai we know bhabhi looks beautiful plz don’t eat her with ur glaze sanskar feels embarrassing
Sanskar : Uttara ki bhachi tum bi shuru kiya
Sanskar : maa say her to stay away from bhai she also becoming like him only naughty saying this he throws a glass of water on her
Uttara: (shouts) : bhaiiiii sanskar runs from there Uttara chasing him
Ap : sanskar leave her

Sanskar : maa u always support her saying this he turns his face he saw swara with tears. Sanskar staring her thinking deeply Adharsh Uttara and ap also follows his plaE trio get shocked
Adharsh(concern): $wara wt happen
Swara: nothing I wish always my parents and brother should be like this with me but they always busy with their own world
Adharsh: arey swara u forget u wish become true we r ur family only now smile. Swara smiles
Sanskar(in mind): finally she smiled arey sanskar: maa I’m going to office
Ap : breakfast
Sanskar : I will do on office don’t worry saying this he pinches Uttara cheeks hard Uttara winches in pain
Sanskar runs from.there shouting bye chudail bye maa,bye bhai, bye swara he steps out from house
Swara felt so happy seeing siblings bond

That’s for today
Successfully completed episode 3

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