Ready to fall in love- episode 1

LOVE YOU ALL i’m feeling so happy for ur comments tq so much fot liking my ff
Todays episode u all get to know abt pairs u know I wrote ecam very bad
Lets start

Person: swara
Swara smile.fades hearing his voice
Person: y r u smiling r u thinking abt ur LOVE
Swara: wo…nothing
Person: don’t worry from today no tears in ur life becoz from today ur no more.swara bose u r SANSKAR SWARA KAPOOR(guys i’m a big fan of swasan and raglak pair so I’m really sorry for ragsan and.swalak fans)
Swara: sanskar wo..actually…..
Sanskar interrupts her

Sanskar: swara I know u married me because of.ur.father so if u don’t want to stay with me u can go I won’t stop you
Becoz I won’t believe in.this.marriage and.all relationship as a frnd.I.will always with you(I forgot to write that sanskar doesn’t believe in relationship but he slowly fallen for her) if u want to go from go tomorrow itself or else I won’t send.u.forever okay

All the time swara lokks at him blankly
Sanskar: u.said u loved some one but didn’t said abt him his name I won’t force.u to.say when u feel comfortable then.u.can say if u want to say anything
Swara: where should I sleep
Sanskar: oh u sleep on couch and.I.bed okay
Swara nods abt to sleep on couch Sanskar stops her
Sanskar; i’m just kidding u sleep on bed
And.ha.take another blanket from cupboard.Saying this Sanskar layed on couch covered himself with blanket
After few minutes both swasan not getting sleep
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: hmmmm

Swara: can I ask one question
Sanskar: haa
Swara:wt u think abt women’s working after marriage
Sanskar: swara.come to.the point
Swara: ac…
Sanskar:.swara.I’m not going to eat u.don’t fear say it clear
Swara: can.continue
Sanskar: no now sleep
Swara makes.a.face but didn’t sleep( and till now raglak didn’t meet just ragini know abt laksh becoz he was rock star
At.same time some other place

A dark room is shown
A boy sat on his knees crying bitterly y this happen to me y? Y god wt wrong I did? Y u separate me and shona I loved her from core of my heart
Person: swara u MY life. Its my mistake I didn’t even tried to convince to ur parents i’m such a coward sry Swara I lost u. But I hope u will be always happy in ur married life.l love you Swara his words disturb by knock on door.he immediately wiped his tears makes him presentable he opend the door
Woman: laksh beta u looking so dull wt happen did u cried
Laksh : no mom I’m ur son sujatha’s son he will only make others to cry but he won’t
Laksh(in mind): ha maa I know only how to make others cry I know now seara also crying I’m very bad I hate myself.I don’t deserve word LOVE. His thoughts of chain disturb again
Sujatha: then wt happen
Laksh: nothing maa simply sleepy
Sujatha: okay then take rest good night.she hugged him and kissed his forehead and left from there Laksh again closed the door layed on bed again a tear escapes from his eyes
Some other place
A big gates is shown watch man is sleeping in front of gate a person covered with mask slowly entered in house and goes to back of house and slowly climbes the wall and entered into a room person remove the mask
Person: ( I think many of gused till now)offo god today I’m safe mom slept shabash RAGINI u done a great job

At swasan room;
Swara looks to snanskar’s side he was sleeping peacefully
Swara(in mind):Sanskar i’m sorry I won’t be a good wife to u.I loved u Laksh more than anything thing but I fate is very bad I turned around I know there is no mistake from u but I’m angry on u becoz of ur fear we separated once u should tried to convince MY FAMILY but u didn’t from now I have to hate u becoz I’m no more ur swara i’m some other girl now
SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI a tear escape from her eyes

Screen freezes on happy RAGINi face,sleeping Sanskar and teary face of swalak








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